Thursday, January 15, 2009

Colloidal Silver Cures the Deadly MRSA Superpathogen (So Why Are the Bureaucrats Trying to Destroy Your Right to Use It?)

Colloidal Silver Cures the Deadly MRSA Superpathogen

(So Why Are the Bureaucrats Trying to Destroy Your Right to Use It?)

CNN has finally reported on the MRSA superbug epidemic (see CNN news video at this link).

They’ve revealed to viewers that a new study published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association says there are now more than 94,000 potentially deadly MRSA infections per year in the U.S., and that MRSA now kills more people every year in the U.S. than AIDS.

What they have not told their viewers is that the safe, all-natural cure for MRSA has been known for over 20 years. Of course, it is colloidal silver.

The (All-Natural) Cure for MRSA : Known for 20 Years

Of course, the cure for MRSA has been known for over 20 years. It was discovered by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD during his groundbreaking research on electrically generated silver ions at Syracuse Medical University back in the mid-1980’s. But because the cure – tiny particles of mineral silver known as colloidal silver -- is completely natural, the FDA has quashed any mention of the findings.

In fact, the FDA has even gone so far as to pass a ruling in 1999 stating that colloidal silver is “ineffective” for infection-fighting purposes, and is “misbranded” if its infection-fighting powers are mentioned on labels or in advertising. This, even though colloidal silver has a bona-fide 90-year history of medical studies going all of the way back to the 1920’s demonstrating its startling effectiveness against infectious illness and disease.

New Medical Studies Prove Colloidal Silver Works

Thankfully, four brand new studies from medical universities in different parts of the world have demonstrated that colloidal silver is the flat-out, no-holds-barred cure for MRSA.

You can read about these little-known studies here, along with fascinating information on how colloidal silver is already being used in European hospitals to prevent surgery patients from contracting MRSA infections while hospitalized.

You’ll discover that European hospitals are light years ahead of the game when it comes to preventing and treating MRSA infections. For example, they give hospital patients special gowns made out of a newly invented cloth material that has tiny particles of silver woven into it. And they even have a machine that sprays a fine micro-mist of colloidal silver throughout hospitals, thereby killing colonies of MRSA before they can infect humans.

Protecting the Turf of Big Pharma

Why won’t the FDA and the AMA let the American public know about this astonishing cure for MRSA, even as 90,000 Americans a year are becoming infected with this potentially lethal flesh-eating pathogen?

The answer is simple: They are protecting the turf of Big Pharma.

You see, the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that is completely dependent upon the vast majority of people being brainwashed into the idea that only prescription drugs can help them cure their illnesses. And the FDA and AMA are the enforcement arms of Big Pharma.

So the FDA makes war against natural cures, while the AMA makes war against natural health care practitioners. Between the two of them, they make sure the multitudes remain fixated on the orthodox medical community as their sole source of help for their health and medical problems.

What’s truly sad – nay, pathetic -- is that these organizations would rather allow people to die in agony from a disease that orthodox medicine can’t cure – such as MRSA -- than to let the public know there is a safe, natural cure available.

MRSA now infects over 94,000 Americans each year and kills nearly 20,000 of them, surpassing even deaths from AIDS! You would think the medical bureaucrats would be shouting from the rooftops, telling the public about colloidal silver’s astonishing ability to decimate the MRSA pathogen.

But no. Instead, their blind loyalty to big pharma overrides every human (and humane) consideration, and they work to relegate colloidal silver into the ashcan of history, instead.

Enter the EPA…

To make matters worse, the Environmental Protection Agency has now entered the fray, claiming the right to regulate silver products – including colloidal silver -- as “pesticides.”

They claim that if colloidal silver gets into the nation’s waterways and eco-system, it could wipe out “ecologically sensitive” microorganism the environment depends on. Therefore, they say, colloidal silver manufacturers need to register their products with the EPA, which requires lab testing and environmental impact reports costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

In essence, EPA is angling to put colloidal silver distributors out of business for good by making it too expensive to legally make and sell colloidal silver.

Of course, in spite of EPA rhetoric to the contrary, silver has been abundant in nature for millions of years. And it has never been shown to harm the environment. Even when silver that has been taken from the environment and sliced into tiny particles through the process of electrolysis in order to make colloidal silver, and then returned to the environment through sewage systems or other means, it has never been demonstrated to cause any harm.

That’s because, when returned to the environment, the tiny, electrically charged micro-particles of silver found in colloidal silver tend to very rapidly bond with other substances in the environment, such as minerals, salts and other natural substances (this process is called “agglomeration”). This bonding process in effect neutralizes silver’s toxicity to microbes, and essentially returns the silver to its natural state.

EPA ignores this simple, high school science, and claims the right to “protect the environment” from imminent doom by regulating silver under its archaic FIFRA pesticide regulations. (For more on this issue, see the blog posts at this link, and this link, and this link.)

If you’d like to help in the battle to save colloidal silver from EPA regulation, you can let the EPA know what you think about their plan to regulate silver products – including colloidal silver – at this link.

Attacked from Many Angles

As you can see, colloidal silver is under attack from many different angles today.

The news media won’t even mention it, except derogatorily from time to time. The FDA passes regulations claiming it is “ineffective,” and threatens huge fines against anyone who touts its well-known antibiotic qualities. The AMA persecutes natural health care practitioners who use it. And now the EPA now claims it is so effective against microorganisms, they need to regulate it as a “pesticide” to prevent it from harming “ecologically sensitive” microbes in the environment.

Amazing, isn’t it?

One has to wonder why this is happening, considering colloidal silver phenomenal, proven ability to decimate many of the most infectious superbugs such as MRSA that now plague our nation and the world at large.

But you don’t have to look much further than big pharma and the drug industry if you truly want to understand why this safe, simple and often miraculously healing substance is under such vicious attack.

Learn More…

You can learn more about colloidal silver’s astonishing effectiveness against MRSA by reading the in-depth report at

If you are just beginning to learn about colloidal silver and it’s incredible infection-fighting properties, you might want to look into obtaining a copy of the brand new, studio-quality 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets Video (comes in both DVD and VHS formats) while it is still available inexpensively. Just go to

For more extensive information on colloidal silver – including three full chapters of colloidal silver dosage information -- check out the newly updated, 547-page colloidal silver usage guidebook, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, available at

Finally, to learn how to make your own safe, pure and completely natural micro-particle colloidal silver – quickly and easily, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home for only pennies per batch -- check out the following web site:

Considering the fact that the bureaucratic attacks against colloidal silver are growing stronger by the day, and that colloidal silver may therefore soon not be available commercially, owning the means of colloidal silver production is probably the smartest thing you can do right now. That way, if the bureaucrats succeed in taking colloidal silver off the market, you can always make your own, quickly, easily and inexpensively. It’s extremely easy to do, as this short, three minute video demonstrates.

Take Back Your Power!

Dr. Bob Beck, Ph.D, was one of the world’s most ardent advocates of colloidal silver usage. Before he died from heart failure at the age of 77 in 2002, he tirelessly lectured around the country on colloidal silver and other natural healing modalities, urging audiences to “Take back your power!” from the perverse medical Gestapo that has become so deeply entrenched within the orthodox medical community over the past twenty years.

Today, it is more important than ever to learn how to “Take back your power!” After all, the orthodox medical establishment has finally lost control of serious infectious illness and disease. Indeed, studies show you are now more likely to contract a deadly infection inside of a hospital while surrounded by doctors than outside of one. Yet the orthodox medical community continues to insist they are the only ones capable of taking care of your health and medical problems. And they have the entrenched bureaucracies of the FDA and AMA at their beck and call to enforce their will upon you.

But the fact that more than 90,000 Americans each year are now being infected by the deadly MRSA superpathogen -- and that there is that there is a safe, natural way to put an end to this deadly epidemic and the medical bureaucrats won’t even tell you about it -- should be a clarion call to any thinking individual. It is clearly time to start taking matters into your own hands, for your own protection.

You can start by visiting some of the web sites above, and educating yourself. Learn how to protect yourself and your family. Learn how to start “Taking back your power!”

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Anonymous said...

You write some very persuavive comments regarding the use of colloidal silver. However, it is known to accumulate in the muscles, tissues and bone marrow. It is indeed toxic to bone marrow and destroys it. It can cause kidney damage and anemia also. Many people take it long term not knowing that it is only ever supposed to be a short term solution. Silver in any form is a heavy metal, a substance that is not natural to the human body. If used long term it can cause serious illness. Experiments done with animals have resulted in death. I won't be surprised if you remove this comment from your blog. However, my concern is only for the safety of the general public and I don't see colloidal silver as the 'safe' alternative it is promoted as. You should lay out all the information about it, not just the promotional side.

Steve Barwick said...

To the anonymous poster:

You have made so many patently false and misleading statements in such a short paragraph that I'm not sure where to start.

Perhaps at some point I'll write a whole new blog post dissecting your shrill claims and demonstrating the misleadiing nature of each one.

Suffice it until then for me to say that the key to safe colloidal silver usage is in the dosage. Even the EPA acknowledges a safe DAILY dosage level for human use of colloidal silver, and those official EPA figures are fullly utilized in the formula revealed in the FREE downloadable "Safe Dosage" report found on the Silver Edge web site at

Search through the blog posts for my article titled "Is Colloidal Silver a Dangerous Scam?" and my article "Is Argyria a Side Effect of Colloidal Silver Usage?" for more information on this subject.

The bottom line is that every substance on earth is harmful at some dosage level or rate of usage. If you take one aspirin a day, you can cure a headache or perhaps even prevent a heart attack. If you take ten or twenty, you can cause bleeding stomach ulcers, infections and ultimately death. If you take one iron tablet a day, you can increase your red blood cell and oxygen count. If you take ten a day, you can end up with rusted organs, heart, kidney and liver disease and stroke.

It is pretty much the same with colloidal silver. Small to moderate amounts boost health and immunity, and for many people it helps restore vitality. But overly large doses taken over long periods of time can cause severe problems.

Nevertheless, even the so-called "colloidal silver blue man," Paul Karason (see my four or five blog posts on his case), who admits to having ingested up to 20 ounces a day of very high concentrations of colloidal silver for a period of three years, had absolutely no kidney, liver, blood, or heart damage when he was run through a battery of tests by Dr. Seth Uresky of St. Luke's Hospital in New York, and his results were revealed on the Today Show with host Matt Lauer (see my post "Colloidal Silver 'Blue Man' Returns to Today Show'"). According to Dr. Uresky, all of his tests were within normal limits, in spite of his grossly excessive usage of colloidal silver.

You say silver is known to accumulate in the muscles, tissue and bones. So does every mineral on the face of the earth. We are literally MADE out of those minerals. Where were you in basic biology class?

You say silver is not "natural to the human body," yet it is concentrated in a variety of foods, particularly wheat and other grains, and edible mushrooms too. And it is even in the drinking water in small amounts. So the body gets small amounts of silver all of the time through food and water. And it sends it throughout the body and uses it for a variety of natural purposes. So if it is not "natural to the human body" I don't know what is.

The studies on dogs showed that if you INJECT the poor animals intravenously or intramuscularly with large amounts of silver nitrate, silver protein or other caustic, chemical forms of silver, you can indeed induce toxicity and even kill them from the overdose. But the amounts of silver injected into the dogs over a relatively short period of time were vastly beyond anything that could be expected to do anything other than cause harm. The entire idea of the experiements was to see how much silver it would take in a relatively short period of time to kill a dog by inducing toxicity.

They could have done the same experiment with huge amounts of iron, chromium, copper, vanadium, selenium or any other mineral found in your body, or in your daily multi-vitamin mineral supplement, and achieved the exact same results.

Sorry, but your shrill cries against silver just aren't warranted. 2.2 million people each year suffer from serious adverse effects from prescription drugs, and some 100,000 Americans each year flat out DIE from the unwanted side effects of properly prescribed prescription drugs. I've never heard of anyone dying from colloidal silver usage, even if they abused its usage. Your arguments hold no credibility with me.


Anonymous said...

I used colloidal silver that I made in my white clothes, right in the laundry because I have iron in my drinking water from my well. My white clothes started turning yellow. Washing them once with silver made them noticeable white. About 4 months ago, I also had mold growing around my bathroom window. I sprayed sliver on it and wiped it away with a paper towel. In 4 months the mold has not grown back, although there was mold growing where I have not sprayed. I believe that this is a way to scare people into not taking health issues on yourself. I just found out that the Heart Doctor Specialist had prescribed a prescription med to my mother 3 years ago. This is the drug that is RAT POISION and you guessed the FDA approved this. Well my mom had a heart murmur and this doctor told her that she needed to thin her blood so that she would have problems with her heart. Needless to say that this RAT POISION total destroys the vitamins she need to have a healthy heart. Now in 3 months they will determine if she has to have open heart surgery. I believe the FDA is on the side of the drug companies taking their money all the way to the bank as people suffer with their loved ones watching them CRAP like this. I will continue to make my silver and any other thing that the FDA does not approve. So if I turn blue at least some STUPID DOCTOR AND THE FDA DON'T HAVE THE CHANCE TO KILL ME TOO!