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A “Test Case” to Shut Down Colloidal Silver Distributors?

A "Test Case" to Shut Down Colloidal Silver Distributors?

A company called Utopia Silver has been one of the most respected colloidal silver distributors in the United States for many years. Now the FDA is pushing the Texas health bureaucrats to shut them down, using them as a "test case" (see article below by Tony M. Isaacs titled "A Trial Down in Texas May Be Vital to Us All") so they can have the precedent they need in order to justify shutting down other colloidal silver distributors across the U.S.

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A Trial Down in Texas May Be Vital to Us All
Tony M. IsaacsBy Tony M. Isaacs
December 21, 2007
Events appear to be marching slowly but surely towards a trial in Texas which may have major implication for all of us regarding our freedom of access to dietary natural health supplements. The conflict began as result of an FDA complaint five years ago that seeks to set a precedent for how much control the FDA has over all natural supplement companies. It pits Utopia Silver, a small natural supplement company and maker of colloidal silver which I consult to, against the Goliath of the FDA and the World Pharma lords the FDA serves.

Much like the Alamo defenders in days gone by, this small company and it's supporters of health freedom are pitted against a corrupt giant determined to impose it's will and stifle freedom - and, just like the Alamo and the struggles that followed, the outcome may effect the freedom and future of millions.

Five years ago, about the same time that the FDA began renewed targeting of colloidal silver because of it's effectiveness as a natural anti-biotic and rising popularity - and not coincidentally as a threat to the profits of Big Pharma and mainstream medicine - the FDA sent an email to the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS ) essentially complaining that Utopia Silver was making medical claims which, in the eyes of the FDA turned their supplements into drugs. The TDSHS then brought the complaint to the Officer Texas Attorney General (TAG).

It has since been determined that among the targeted objections are: having medical terms such as cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, etc., posted anywhere on the website; having any medical terms in a search engine, and the posting of testimonials from customers who had taken any company products and defeated or improved any medical condition.

Such restrictions appear to be clear violation of the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) of the Constitution of the United States of America, especially the prohibition against posting testimonials and speaking the truth about how people believe that dietary supplements have helped them.

If the FDA is to have their way, a person seeking a natural dietary supplement for any medical condition would not be able to go to any website which offered vitamins, minerals, natural supplements or any other alternatives to mainstream medicine and be able to find that term in a search of the site or mentioned anywhere in the site. Neither would they be able to find testimonials from anyone who had used an alternative to FDA approved drugs and medical procedures.

Last spring, the Assistant Texas Attorney General in charge of the case, Raul Noriega, first agreed and then reneged on an oral agreement that would have settled the case. When asked why Noriega's only response was that he was told by higher ups to proceed to trial despite the prior agreement to settle.

Last summer, TDSHS employees paid three visits to the Utopia Silver offices and lab locations, and asked to make inspections. The first time, two TDSHS officers paid a visit. One identified himself as an "inspector" and the other as an "investigator". The owner of Utopia Silver, Ben Taylor, asked to see credentials so he could make a copy. When they refused he turned them away.

The next day they returned, accompanied by two Texas State Troopers, and said they had a warrant. When Taylor demanded to see it, they again refused, saying he could go to Austin if he wanted to see it and threatening to arrest Taylor if he did not comply. At that point, Taylor began placing a phone call to the local sheriff, and the TDSHS employees and State Troopers beat a hasty retreat. It was later determined that no properly executed affidavit ever existed.

Two days later the TDSHS empoyees returned for a third time, just ahead of a Sheriff's Deputy. Taylor told them that since he was expecting the deputy to be there that morning to take statements about their activities day before, he would talk to them after he spoke to the deputy. He told the two TDSHS men to wait outside until the deputy took statements from four employees who had witnessed what had transpired the previous day.

In the middle of the first statement," said Taylor, "the investigator came in asked to speak to the deputy. The deputy followed him to the lobby and I followed right behind. The TDSHS man asked if I was going to comply with the warrant for an inspection. I again told him that I would talk to him when I finished with the deputy." He then proceeded to say that since I was refusing his inspection," Taylor continued, "would I sign a document stating that I refused inspection, and I said no and they left. After that, we finished giving our statements to the Sheriff deputy and so far they have not been back."

Most recently, they have continued to stonewall and refuse to answer questions or otherwise attempt to make clarifications requested by Ben Taylor in accordance with the presiding judge's request for both sides to work together to try to work out an agreement. When Utopia Silver asked why they were being singled out for such actions and nothing was happening to similar companies, Assistant Attorney General Noriega said that "someone" had decided to make Utopia Silver a test case. After he made the statement, he was interrupted by the TDSHS officer, who, according to Taylor "proceeded to hem and haw on that point, obviously not comfortable with that statement having been made by the Assistant Attorney General."

While the Texas Attorney General's office may try to contend that this is merely a state action "to insure the safety of the citizens of the State of Texas", the truth is that in Texas the state attorney generals are commissioned as officers of the FDA and there is no denying that the investigation into Utopia Silver began as a result of an FDA complaint.

The outcome of the trial could have huge implications for thousands of similar companies as well as for the many millions of U.S. citizens who choose to use natural dietary supplements.
Although not publicized until today, already many individuals and organizations are aware of this FDA led outrage and are anxiously waiting to see how it unfolds. Among them is an associate of Aaron Russo's who has indicated that they want to include the case in an upcoming documentary.

Before all is said and done, there are likely to be many more interested parties join the fray in support of Utopia Silver and the issues at stake in the case. It could well be that the Texas Attorney General and those who are really behind the lawsuit may find that Utopia Silver has more friends and supporters than they have imagined possible.

The Texas Constitution
Article 1 - BILL OF RIGHTS

Every person shall be at liberty to speak, write or publish his opinions on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that privilege; and no law shall ever be passed curtailing the liberty of speech or of the press. In prosecutions for the publication of papers, investigating the conduct of officers, or men in public capacity, or when the matter published is proper for public information, the truth thereof may be given in evidence. And in all indictments for libels, the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the facts, under the direction of the court, as in other cases."

The FDA 'protects' the big drug companies and are subsequently rewarded, and using the government's police powers they attack those who threaten the big drug companies.

"People think that the FDA is protecting them. It isn't. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day."
--Dr. Herbert Ley, Former U.S. FDA Commissioner
The author, Tony Isaacs, is a natural health researcher and author of books and articles about natural health and alternative remedies including Cancer's Natural Enemy as well as song lyrics and humorous anecdotal stories. Currently, he is working on a major book project due for publication in 2008 and is developing a website called The Best Years in Life for baby boomers and others who want to regain lost health and live longer, healthier and happier lives the natural way.

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Why Oprah Can’t Put a Responsible Colloidal Silver Advocate on Her Show

Ever since Oprah featured the so-called colloidal silver “blue man” on her show, a number of people have written to ask me why I haven’t contacted Oprah and asked to be allowed to go on her show in order to give the “other side of the story,” so to speak, about colloidal silver and its many benefits.

You can rest assured, I certainly will be sending her a copy of my new 500-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual (soon to be published by Life & Health Research Group, Inc.) along with a request to go on her show and set the record straight on colloidal silver usage.

However, I don’t expect to hear back from her. As well-meaning as Oprah may be, and as much as she may want to host a fair and balanced television show, the decision over whether or not to have a responsible and articulate colloidal silver advocate on her show is really out of her hands.

Limited Control

Why? You may not realize this, but television celebrities have only limited control over which guests they can have on their shows. They have even less control over what can be said on their shows. The truth is, in many cases a television show’s commercial sponsors (i.e., the companies who run their expensive commercial advertisements on the show) have more sway over the show’s contents than the host of the show does.

That’s because these big advertisers spend tens of millions of dollars annually to run their product advertising on those shows. And it is those millions of dollars in advertising revenues that pay the bills for the show.

Oprah’s salary, for example, is paid out of that advertising revenue. The broadcast time for the show is purchased from the major networks with that advertising revenue. The expensive sets and props are paid for with that advertising revenue. Transportation costs and lodging for all of her guests are paid for out of that advertising revenue. All of Oprah’s “giveaways” (free cars, anyone?) are paid for with that advertising revenue.

In short, that ad revenue pays for everything. Without it, the show could not be broadcast. So there is no way on earth the show’s producers are going to allow anyone or anything on that show if it conflicts with the message the show’s advertisers are trying to impart to its vast television audience. Mainstream America is only allowed to hear what the show’s advertisers want them to hear.

Sponsored by Prescription Drug Ads

The bottom line is that a good portion of all major network television programs are sponsored, at least in part, by prescription drug advertising. So there is no way Oprah or any of the other popular television shows the so-called “blue man” has appeared on recently can feature people on their shows who will stand up and present evidence demonstrating the fact that colloidal silver is frequently more effective, and actually much better for your health and well-being, than prescription antibiotic drugs.

Even if I were to offer to give away free colloidal silver generators to everyone in Oprah’s audience, or free copies of my new Colloidal Silver Secrets video (, I’d never get on that show.

Why? Because if a responsible and articulate colloidal silver advocate were allowed on her show, a good portion of her commercial sponsors (i.e., any drug company sponsors) would drop her show in a heartbeat. They simply would not stand still for anyone to appear on the show and discuss, for example, the four latest clinical studies proving that colloidal silver kills the deadly antibiotic MRSA infections.

In short, they would not allow anyone to appear on that show and point out that a safe, natural alternative to prescription antibiotic drugs exists, and that it can be made for 36 cents a quart, in the comfort and privacy of your own home with a tiny device called a colloidal silver generator, and that it can heal deadly infections better than many prescription drugs.

How I Learned “He Who Pays the Bills Makes the Rules”

When I was a young freelance writer just starting my career about 30 years ago, I wrote a magazine article for new parents on how to make your own baby food at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared baby foods. I interviewed experts for the article and learned everything there was to know about making safe, healthy baby food in your own kitchen, with a simple blender and a few other kitchen implements. And in my article, I explained that it would be ten times more nutritious to feed your baby healthy foods you had made yourself from scratch, than for the youngsters to be raised up on commercial preparations that are pumped full of sugar and salt and chemical preservatives.

When I finished the article, I sent it in “over the transom” (i.e., an old freelancer’s term meaning it was submitted without having been commissioned by any particular publication) to the ten largest magazines covering the subjects of new mothers, raising babies, and parenthood in general. And my article was quickly rejected by all ten magazines.

Fortunately, one of the editors who had rejected my article wrote back complimenting it very highly. She stated that if I wanted to submit additional articles to her magazine on topics that didn’t conflict with the magazine’s commercial advertising sponsors I should feel free to do so, as she liked my writing style a lot, and she appreciated the depth of information I provided.

I wrote back and asked her, “What do you mean when you say I should submit articles that don’t “conflict with your magazine’s commercial advertising sponsors?” And this kind editor responded by telling me to get a copy of her magazine, and go through it very carefully looking at all of the advertisements. So I did. And I found that a good 30-40% of the ads in that magazine were for commercially prepared baby foods, such as Gerber’s. I was slowly beginning to understand why these magazines had rejected my article on how to make your own baby food.

She further explained that her magazine made millions of dollars a year in advertising revenue by running those advertisements for companies that manufacture and sell commercially prepared baby foods. And she revealed that it was the money made from those advertisements that paid everybody’s salaries at the magazine, and allowed them to have nice offices and perks, and occasional pay raises, etc. So the magazine simply could not print any articles that would conflict with their commercial advertising sponsors, or they would risk losing the sponsors, and thus losing all of that money.

That’s why my “how to make your own baby food” article was rejected by every single parenting magazine I submitted it to. Even though the article was well-written and informative, and the readers of the magazine would have benefited greatly from learning how simple it is to make your own baby food at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared baby foods, no magazine wanted to incur the wrath of even one of their advertising sponsors by publishing it.

It is Exactly the Same With TV Shows And Television Networks

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much exactly the same with television shows and their networks. It is the commercial sponsors of the shows – i.e., the advertisers -- who have the real power to decide what can be broadcast, and what can’t.

For example, we all think Oprah decides who is going to be on her shows. But that is only true to a certain extent. She can have any guest she wants, as long as that guest’s basic message does not conflict with the messages being promoted by her commercial advertising sponsors (such as drug companies).

If Oprah, or any other big television star for that matter, rebelled against an advertising sponsor and did a show on a topic that might cause one of them to suffer loss of sales from their advertisements, that sponsor would in turn pull millions of dollars worth of advertising revenue away from the show, and give it to some other competing show that is more willing to “play ball,” so to speak.

Another Dirty Little Secret

Another dirty little secret most people don’t realize is that from time to time, commercial advertisers strongly “suggest” to a show’s producer that a certain story needs to be covered.

In other words, if there’s a story that would benefit a commercial advertiser, that story is brought to the attention of the show’s producer. And the show’s producer is, shall we say, persuaded to run that story.

You can bet your bottom dollar the show’s producer is going to do whatever it takes to please the advertiser. If there is any way possible, the story being “suggested” by the advertiser will be run. And the slant given to that story will be designed to bring maximum benefit to the commercial advertiser, who, of course, will be running his commercial advertisements during the breaks while that highly beneficial story is airing.

Now, Simply Follow the Money

So when people ask me, “Why are all of these big network shows, like Oprah and the Today Show, and others, running this blue man story?” I answer very simply, “Follow the money.”

Or better stated, ask yourself “Cuo bono?” (i.e., Who benefits?).

The blue man story is beneficial to absolutely no one but the major drug companies. Why? Because this story makes colloidal silver look bad. It frightens the average mainstream American away from using it.

After all, colloidal silver is one of the main all-natural competitors to the prescription antibiotic drugs being produced by the major pharmaceutical companies. And big pharma is not about to allow a substance that can be made for 36 cents a quart with a simple home colloidal silver generator interfere with the sales of their expensive prescription antibiotic drugs.

The manufacturing and sales of prescription antibiotic drugs is a multi-billion dollar per year business. And the big drug companies are not going to let anything get in the way of those kinds of profits.

Drug Companies on the Ropes?

The reality is this: the big drug companies are reeling from the effects of a long string of medical journal reports revealing that their prescription antibiotic drugs are no longer working against even some of the most common pathogens, such as staph.

Thirty years ago, for example, it took very little penicillin to kill a serious staph infection. Then the staph germ began to mutate, and started becoming resistant to penicillin. Soon, it took many times the normal dosage of penicillin to kill a serious staph infection. And now, penicillin no longer works at all against staph.

So the drug companies had to come up with stronger forms of penicillin, which they called ampicillin and amoxcillin. And both of these worked great against the mutating microbes, for awhile. But now these drugs too are becoming increasingly ineffective against many microbes, including staph.

In fact, today, even the strongest form of penicillin – methicillin – is losing the battle against staph. That’s what all the talk in the medical journals regarding the deadly MRSA infections is about. You see, MRSA stands for “methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureaus.” In short, even powerful methicillin can’t kill these deadly staph infections any longer. Tens of thousands of people are now dying of these infections annually. In fact, annual deaths from MRSA infections recently surpassed annual deaths from AIDS infections! And the drug companies are scared.

One More Big Problem for the Big Drug Companies

On the other hand, four recent clinical studies have demonstrated that certain forms of silver -- including colloidal silver -- absolutely slaughters staph. Even the deadly methicillin-resistant form (MRSA) is killed by silver!

You can read about these four studies by looking through the Blog Archive on this page and finding my previous article titled, “Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA Infections.”

What’s more, these new clinical studies have demonstrated that silver kills a number of other antibiotic-resistant pathogens too!

The drug companies are well aware of the fact that over the past 20 years colloidal silver has gone from being a fringe “nutritional supplement” used by a relatively small handful of people across North America, to a major powerhouse of a supplement with an estimated 10 million users across North America.

In short, people are flocking to colloidal silver usage in droves, and walking away from antibiotic usage, particularly as antibiotics continue to lose their power over a wider and wider number of deadly pathogens.

Think Blue Man “Freak Show”

That’s why the corporate-controlled media is now playing up the so-called colloidal silver “blue man” story. And that’s why even Oprah has had to feature him on her show, along with the Today Show and a half a dozen other shows from the major networks.

They are parading the poor guy around like a carnival sideshow freak. And in his zeal to gain his 15 minutes of fame, he seems to be oblivious to the fact that he is being used.

The major drug company advertisers on these television networks have insisted that the blue man be trotted out over and over again, on every network. They want mainstream America to think “freak show” any time they hear about colloidal silver.

The bottom line is that they want to bring to a screeching halt the explosive growth in the sales of colloidal silver. But only time will tell whether their “blue man” strategy is working.

Make Your Own High-Quality Colloidal Silver for Pennies

If you can see the handwriting on the wall, then you know this is all part of a larger campaign to eventually ban the sale of colloidal silver – a campaign that started back in 1999 when the FDA wrote their notorious “Final Ruling” on colloidal silver, which in effect stopped distributors from telling their customers about the profound infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver.

Distributors of colloidal silver products had to remove phrases such as “natural antibiotic” or “infection-fighting agent” from their labeling. And the FDA has since that time even extended the ban to conventional advertising, issuing threatening “compliance” letters to colloidal silver vendors who dare mention the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver in print advertisements or on the internet.

What’s more, only recently, Health Canada, the Canadian equivalent of the FDA, began a campaign designed to take colloidal silver off the market in that country. And the FDA is beginning to make noises about re-visiting their 1999 “Final Ruling” to see if its strictures against telling Americans about the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver need to be toughened even further.

That’s why I urge you to put the means of colloidal silver production into your own hands by getting a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator today. With a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, you’ll be able to make all of the colloidal silver you want, any time you want, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for about 36 cents a quart.

You’ll never again have to pay exorbitant prices for bottled colloidal silver from health food stores and internet vendors. And when the FDA finally tightens the noose on colloidal silver vendors, you won’t be affected in the least.

Why? Because when you own the means of colloidal silver production, you own it for life. You can make gallons and gallons of the stuff. And you can make it so inexpensively, you can literally afford to give it away to sick neighbors, friends, co-workers, church members, or whoever is in need. (Many of our customers do exactly that. We even have customers who are missionaries operating in the deepest reaches of South America and Africa, who have selflessly dedicated their lives to helping heal thousands of natives of serious infections. And they are able to do so because our line of high-quality colloidal silver generators allows them to produce all of the colloidal silver they could ever need, any time they need it.)

You see, the colloidal silver generator represents one of the last bastions of freedom against governmental interference in the colloidal silver marketplace, and particularly against government interference in your right to make your own decisions about your personal and family health care issues.

I urge you to check out the web site at and read our story.

Then check out our entire line of high-quality home colloidal silver generators, and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

More Comprehensive Information on Colloidal Silver

And if you need more comprehensive information about colloidal silver usage before you make your decision, please consider getting a copy of the brand new studio-quality 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video (available in both DVD and VHS formats) while it is still on sale for under twenty bucks.

You can read more about it at

This is the very information Oprah will never – in fact, can never – allow on her show. But rest assured, when you’ve finished watching this comprehensive and eye-opening one-hour video, you’ll know more about safe, sane colloidal silver usage than all of Oprah’s millions of viewers put together.

The anti-colloidal silver propaganda machine is now in full swing. But the true facts about the profound healing and infection-fighting benefits of colloidal silver are available if you really want them.

So don’t let the propaganda barrage scare you away without hearing the other side of the story. Find out what Oprah can never let her millions of mainstream American viewers know about the healing power of colloidal silver. Do yourself a favor, and get a copy of the Colloidal Silver Secrets video today! You’ll be glad you did, I promise!

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The Colloidal Silver Blue Man and Argyria, Revisited

The Colloidal Silver Blue Man and Argyria, Revisited

This article on the so-called “blue man” by the good folks at SOTA Instruments just goes to show that what I have been saying all along about colloidal silver is true: the key to safe and sane colloidal silver usage is in the dosage.

According to the article, the so-called "blue man" was apparently taking upwards of 20 ounces a day, and at one point was adding baking soda and/or salt to increase the concentration. Yes, apparently for years on end. This is WAY too much colloidal silver to be taking daily, for such long periods of time.

In my opinion, this kind of reckless colloidal silver usage is the direct result of all of the colloidal silver web site operators out there claiming that it is impossible to contract argyria from "properly made colloidal silver," and that you can drink all you want and never have any side effects. But the truth is, it is strictly a matter of ingesting more mineral silver on a regular basis than the liver and kidneys can expel. If you drink more colloidal silver than your normal channels of elimination can handle, your body will store the excess silver, and, over time, will push it out to your skin, which is your third major organ of elimination. And when the sun hits it, it will "tarnish" your skin.

Using colloidal silver with in MODERATION and with common sense is the key. Just like mother used to say, "All things in moderation." We all know this, almost innately. Yet for some reason when it comes to colloidal silver usage some people become absolutely obsessed with the idea that more is always better. They seem to think that if an ounce a day is helpful, then 16 or 20 ounces a day must be incredibly helpful. It amazes me, because these same people probably take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, and they have probably received significant benefit from it. Yet they wouldn't think of taking the whole bottle of vitamins and minerals every day. Common sense alone would tell you that there will be significant problems if you take such an excessive amount of vitamins on a daily basis. Yet it never occurs to them that drinking 16 to 20 ounces a day of colloidal silver for weeks, months or even years on end is excessive.

Again, I believe this is because of the plethora of misleading information that can be found on the internet. One well-known colloidal silver advocate used to write that when colloidal silver doesn't work for you, the problem is not that it didn't work, but that you simply aren’t taking enough. How could he possibly know this? He advocated taking as much as 16 ounces a day or more. When I interviewed him at a health show about eight years ago, he bragged about drinking a half a gallon of colloidal silver the night before. Interestingly, after reports surfaced that his advice had caused at least two people to contract argyria, his web site disappeared from the internet. He apparently took it down. He has apparently also moved out of the country. But a number of colloidal silver vendors continue to post his articles to their web sites, advocating these unnecessary and excessively high levels of daily colloidal silver intake.

I have been a long-time dedicated user of colloidal silver, ever since it helped save my wife's toes from amputation nearly 13 years ago, and helped me resolve a long-standing case of chronic fatigue syndrome that would frequently leave me debilitated for weeks and sometimes even months every year. So please don't mistake what I am saying here as being negative toward colloidal silver. What I am negative toward is misleading information about colloidal silver dosage.

The bottom line is that we have to keep all of this in perspective. There are many other beneficial all-natural substances out there that can cause harm in excessive dosages, yet we don't eschew the use of these substances. We just take them in moderation and with common sense, in order to take advantage of their healing benefits.

As I stated in a previous blog entry:

You've got to realize that there is no substance on earth that does not have very real side effects when used in excess. For example:
  • Sugar: Diabetes, pancreatitis and heart disease are very real side effects of excessive usage of sugar.

  • Iron: Cirrhosis of the liver and heart failure are very real side effects of the excessive usage of iron supplements.

  • Calcium: Kidney malfunction, calcification of soft tissue within the body, cellular toxicity and impaired immune function are very real side effects of excess usage of calcium.

  • Vitamin A: Muscle pain, fatigue, irritability, depression, schizophrenia, fever, liver damage and anemia are very real side effects of the excessive usage of Vitamin A.

  • Water: What's more, DEATH is a very real side effect of the excessive usage of...water (it's called "drowning").
None of those side effects justify being afraid to use the substances mentioned. Why? Because the key phrase involved in each one is "excessive use." When used in moderation, these substances are not only benign, but helpful. When used in excess, they can cause serious health consequences.

It is exactly the same with colloidal silver. If you use it in moderation it is completely harmless, and in fact extremely beneficial for boosting immunity and warding off infections of all sorts. It even helps the body heal from chronic degenerative diseases such as lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and a host of others that often are caused by underlying hidden infections.

But if used in excess daily over long periods of time, the result can be argyria, or skin-staining. It is a harmless, but cosmetically unappealing condition resulting from silver particles being pushed to the skin (the body's third major organ of elimination) at which point they oxidize (or tarnish) from exposure to the sun.

Out of the estimated 10 million users of colloidal silver throughout North America, only a very small handful have been naive, ignorant or ill-informed enough to take such excessive quantities over such long periods of time to result in skin-staining. It is ridiculous to blame the substance for the misuse by the person. That's kind of like saying water is terrible for you because several thousand people a year die in it due to drowning.

For anyone interested in learning about safe and common sense colloidal silver usage, please visit and download a copy of the FREE special report titled “What's the "Safest" Daily Dosage for Colloidal Silver?” which uses the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) own figures to determine how much colloidal silver is safe to take daily, based upon your weight. Just use the link in the located in the upper left-hand corner of the home page.

Also, if you want to learn even more about the safe usage of colloidal silver, Life & Health Research Group has recently placed their one-hour, studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video on sale for under twenty bucks. If features myself, Steve Barwick (aka Spencer Jones), author of the newly updated and soon-to-be-released 500-page book The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, being interviewed relentlessly by television personality Kristyn Burtt on just about every aspect of colloidal silver usage you can imagine. Check it out now at

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Is Colloidal Silver a “Dangerous Scam”?

A recent blog post by an individual who brags about his “irreverence” referred to colloidal silver as a “dangerous scam.”

He then went on to recite a litany of the same tired old canards about colloidal silver usage that have been repeated ad nauseam by the self-styled natural health debunkers and “quackbusters” who despise natural healing of any kind, i.e., “colloidal silver usage will turn you grey”…“colloidal silver usage will damage your nerves”…“your body has no biological use for the mineral silver”…“colloidal silver is modern-day snake oil,” etc.

The Truth Is Quite Different from the Hysterical Claims

The truth is, these myths and hysterical claims about colloidal silver usage have been disproven many times over. And today, even
big business and big medicine are jumping onto the colloidal silver bandwagon.

New studies are demonstrating colloidal silver’s ability to
cure deadly antibiotic-resistant MRSA infections. And numerous clinical studies are documenting the incredible infection-fighting power of silver in a wide variety of applications.

Plus, thousands of experienced colloidal silver users attest to its awesome therapeutic qualities and health-boosting benefits. Here are just a few:

Even the prestigious Wall Street Journal has
written about the starring role being played by silver in the fight against germs and the ongoing campaign to stop the spread of infectious illness.

Yet the myths about colloidal silver usage are constantly repeated by detractors who are for some reason absolutely obsessed with scaring people away from using this safe and powerful natural antibiotic and immune-boosting supplement. (See
this article for 8 prevalent myths and misconceptions about colloidal silver you've probably heard in the past.)

Apparently, in the tortured minds of these individuals, the only good health remedies are the synthetic chemical-laden cocktails called drugs, which are passed out to the masses like candy by the medical establishment, and which have been documented to cause over 100,000 unnecessary deaths per year. But the natural healing substances given to us by God – which basically have
a 0% death rate -- are called “dangerous scams,” while prescription drugs are almost always reverently referred to as “life-saving,” regardless of whether they are, or not.

The Bottom Line on Colloidal Silver Usage

The bottom line is that colloidal silver usage is about as dangerous as taking vitamins. If you take vitamins in a normal, common-sense dosage range, you'll be just fine, and you’ll likely achieve significant health benefits as well.

It's the same with colloidal silver. If you take it in a normal, common-sense dosage range, it really does help dramatically with health and immunity, particularly if you are already immune-compromised, which generally means you have a hidden, deep-seated infection your immune system has been unable to clear.

I've used colloidal silver now for nearly 13 years. It has never harmed me in the least. I have only benefited from my use of this powerful natural infection-fighting and immune-boosting agent.

Colloidal Silver and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In fact, as a
former victim of chronic fatigue syndrome, there have been many times in the past when I could not even get out of bed and walk to the bathroom without becoming exhausted. These debilitating periods of overwhelming fatigue could go on for days, or even weeks. They were commonplace, and they basically ruined my life. But since I first started using colloidal silver nearly 13 years ago, I have not had a single serious chronic fatigue “crash.” Not even one.

The bottom line is that colloidal silver really does mitigate infection, boost immunity, and help the body heal itself. There are a myriad of studies demonstrating this fact, many of which are discussed in detail in my 547-page book,
The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual published by Life & Health Research Group.

Or, for a more general overview of the many healing benefits of colloidal silver, see the brand new, 60-minute
Colloidal Silver Secrets video, available inexpensively in both DVD and VHS formats.

The Simple Key to Safe, Beneficial Usage of Colloidal Silver

The simple key to safe, beneficial usage of colloidal silver is taking the correct dosage based upon your body weight.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken the time and effort to publish the safe daily lifetime dosage range of colloidal silver for humans, which simply means the amount you can take daily for a lifetime without causing any harm to your body.

For a FREE 16-page report explaining how to calculate your own safe daily dosage level using the EPA's own figures, and based upon your own body weight, simply go to You’ll be happy you did, I promise!

Helpful Links:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Colloidal Silver and Mouth Sores

Colloidal Silver and Mouth Sores

My wife and I have been having some very extensive cosmetic dental work done, including new porcelain crowns in place of our older, metallic insert crowns. And in the course of this process, we noticed something our dentist has been unable to adequately explain, i.e., dozens of tiny, crystal clear blisters and sores have appeared on the insides of our lips directly after having the temporary plastic crowns put on while waiting for the new porcelain crowns to be made.

Our dentist is a relatively young lady, but she has an extensive education in cosmetic dentistry, and extensive experience in it to boot -- so much so, in fact, that she holds a teaching position in cosmetic dentistry at one of the most respected medical schools in southern California. Yet she has never seen these clusters of blisters and sores appear in any of her hundreds of other patients.

After consulting with her colleagues, the only conclusion they could reach is that perhaps my wife and I are both allergic to either the plastic used to make the temporary crowns, or the glue used to hold them onto the teeth. Whatever it is, something invariably causes these tiny blisters to form on the inside of our lips directly after each time the plastic temporary crowns are put in -- usually within three or four hours of leaving the dentist's office.

The dentist of course is extremely concerned about this. And she has given us a number of commercial liquid medical concoctions to swish around in our mouths in order to help stem the slight nagging discomfort caused by these blister clusters, and to help heal them.

Colloidal Silver to the Rescue!

Of course, we eschewed these chemical-laden liquid prescription drugs in favor of using colloidal silver. After all, silver is one of the most popular and effective remedies on the face of the earth for healing skin conditions and burns.

In fact, for decades now the medical community has been using a special silver-based cream called Silvadene on hospitalized burn victims in order to help soothe the pain, trigger healing of the burnt and blistered flesh, stimulate growth of brand new flesh, and stop infection from setting in during the healing process.

Indeed, before the advent of Silvadene cream, more burn victims died from the subsequent deep-seated infections that would set in after their skin was burned, than from the damage caused by the burns themselves. What’s more, before the advent of Silvadene, scarring of the skin of burn victims was much more severe than it is today. So silver's role in healing burns has been a life-saving one, to say the least. And because of silver's innate ability to stimulate growth of new tissue and reduce scarring, it has also been a cosmetic God-send for literally tens of thousands of burn victims.

But Can Colloidal Silver Heal Blisters?

That's why we went straight for the colloidal silver when we received these unusual clusters of blisters after our dental treatments. We knew if the soft flesh on the inside of our lips was blistering, then something the dentist was using was likely causing a slight burning reaction to the flesh.

To resolve the problem, we simply began taking an ounce of 10 ppm micro-particle colloidal silver (which we make with our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator) and swishing it around in our mouths for about 60 to 90 seconds at a time before swallowing. And we repeated the process about three or four times a day.

Fortunately, this simple process has done the trick magnificently each time we've had to use it. In our experience, the clusters of tiny blisters began to pop after the second or third use of the colloidal silver. Then, by the second day, the skin under them began to heal like magic. And by the end of the third day, you couldn’t tell the skin had been blistered at all.

Because of the extensive amount of cosmetic dentistry we've had done over the course of the past few months, we've each had to endure this process twice now. But each time the use of colloidal silver has worked like a charm. So if you ever end up afflicted with clusters of tiny blisters and sores on the soft skin on the inside of your lips after a cosmetic dental procedure, be sure to keep in mind that the best remedy we’ve found is safe, simple, all-natural colloidal silver.

Where to Get More Information on Colloidal Silver

Of course, we're not doctors. So please don't take any of this as being prescriptive in nature. We're just reporting on how well it worked for us. Always check with your own doctor first.

But if you would like additional information on the phenomenal healing qualities of colloidal silver, be sure to take a look at the brand new 60-minute studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video, now available inexpensively in both DVD and VHS formats at In this fast-paced video featuring yours truly, you’ll learn about dozens of unique and highly effective ways to use colloidal silver to boost immunity, fight infection, and prevent the spread of infectious microorganisms in your family and around the home.

FREE Information on How Much Colloidal Silver to Use

You can also go to to learn more about making your own fresh, high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver like we do for only pennies per quart with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator -- the world's #1 best-selling colloidal silver generator. And while you're there, be sure to download the FREE 16-page colloidal silver "safe dosage" report. Probably the #1 question we get from readers is "How much colloidal silver should I use?" This FREE report gives you the Environmental Protection Agency's own figures for calculating your safe, lifetime daily dosage range of colloidal silver intake based upon your body weight. It's an invaluable resource, and best of all, it's absolutely FREE.

Introducing: The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

Finally, if you’re interested in more comprehensive information on colloidal silver usage, be sure to get a copy of the newly updated 500-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, due out later this month from Life and Health Research Group, Inc. This blockbuster volume contains over 39 in-depth chapters on colloidal silver and its usage, including two in-depth chapters offering specific dosages for dozens of specific diseases. Plus you get a synopsis of every major medical study conducted on colloidal silver from 1897 to the present, demonstrating exactly why colloidal silver has been known as the world's most powerful natural antibiotic since its inception over 100 years ago.

And there’s much, much more. You'll find numerous in-depth interviews with experts, comprehensive analysis of recent clinical studies, historical colloidal silver usage reports, an extensive section of quotes on colloidal silver usage from a variety of respected health authorities, a chapter for the electronically-oriented demonstrating step-by-step how to make your own colloidal silver generator, and dozens of helpful hints and tips on a myriad of effective ways to use colloidal silver internally, externally, and on your pets, plants and around the home. In short, it is absolutely encyclopedic in scope. And it will soon be on sale through Life & Health Research Group, Inc. at 1-888-846-9029, or online at So give them a call and reserve a copy today!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Colloidal Silver and the Demon Boil (Carbuncle) From Hell

Colloidal Silver and the Demon Boil (Carbuncle) From Hell

Several years back I had a boil on my right side -- the only boil I can ever remember having in my entire life -- and it became severely infected. It was so painful I couldn't lay on that side of my body in bed at night. And I had to wear loose fitting clothing during the day because anytime clothing pressed against it, this nasty demon carbuncle really let me know it was there.

No big deal, though. I had my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. So I brewed up a couple of one-quart batches and began drinking about four or five ounces a day of micro-particle colloidal silver, in hopes of staunching the infection and relieving myself of this painful "thorn in my side." But for some reason it didn't work. I later learned that the body sometimes begins to "wall off" these subcutaneous pockets of infection, making it very difficult for anything ingested to get at the infected mass. Even prescription antibiotics won't help in many cases.

So I went to see my "primary care physician." I put that term in quotes, of course, because this gentleman is my primary care physician in name only. It's what my medical insurance company tells me to call him. In reality, I am my primary care physician. He is just the guy in the white smock with the "M.D." behind his name who I go to when I have a health challenge that I'm not quite sure how to handle.

Anyway, to make a long story short, he took one look at the infected boil and said it would have to be surgically lanced, then drained, cleaned out and sewed up. And he warned me in his typical somber doctor's tone that it would "probably come back later, because they usually do." Then he calmly explained that he would have to repeat the surgical procedure again, whenever the boil reappeared. "It's probably a staph infection," he explained, "and they are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. So if I don't get it all out during the lancing and cleaning, you'll probably have to go through this again."

That didn't sound too reassuring. My interpretation of his diagnosis was this: "I don't know any more than you do about making infected boils go away and stay away. But I sure won't mind slicing this one open, draining the pus and sewing you back up again, just to see what happens next."

So acting in my capacity as my own primary care physician, I pulled rank on him and much to his chagrin, politely declined his offer. I really didn't feel like letting this guy stab me, slice me, drain me, scrape me, sew me up and then do it all over again – possibly over and over again later down the road. If he couldn't exorcise this demon carbuncle for good, I wasn't about to let him touch me with sharp implements.

So I went home and thought about it. I realized that for some reason the colloidal silver I had been the drinking extra large daily doses of for the previous few days simply wasn't making its way into the infected boil. But what if I could get the colloidal silver into the boil from the outside? Could that possibly work?

I thought about trying to make an isotonic solution of colloidal silver and injecting directly it into the boil. But my feminine side won out, and I decided against it. Although I am experienced at injecting myself – many years ago I had to give myself injections of a drug called adenosine monophosphate for an unrelated health condition – I still don’t like needles.

Then something flashed in my mind: I suddenly remembered how my mom had used an old-fashioned poultice made out of moist bread to draw a large sharp splinter of wood out of my leg when I was a child. The wound had become infected because the wooden splinter was lodged deeply under skin and could not be pulled out with tweezers in the typical fashion. So mom made the poultice, and then taped a plastic sandwich baggie over it just before I went to bed. She said it was an old Irish remedy she had learned from her mother. And guess what? By morning the deeply embedded wood splinter had been drawn completely out, along with a lot of puss and a little bit of blood, too.

So would it work for my infected boil? I tried it that very night, and got zero results. By morning when I awoke, the boil was just as large and nasty looking and painful as ever. Maybe I used the wrong kind of bread. I don't know. The only bread I remember having in our home as a child (and now I’m really dating myself) was Wonder Bread -- the bread that "builds strong bodies seven ways." If you're old enough to remember that, then you probably like me...older than dirt. Anyway, by this time the darn infected boil hurt so much I thought it would burst and spray pus all over the side of my bedroom wall. It was deep reddish purple, and by this time it actually hurt just to move.

So what could I do? Was there something else along the lines of a poultice I could use to heal this painful infected boil? I sure hoped so, because I didn't want to go slinking back to my "primary care physician" after turning down his very generous offer to slice me open. If there was any way to potentially avoid the surgeon's knife, even for something this relatively small, I was certainly willing to give it a try.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that a healing clay powder I had read about called calcium bentonite (available in most good health food stores) was said to have some very strong "drawing" properties when moistened and used as a poultice. It dawned on me that perhaps I could use moistened clay in place of the bread to begin drawing the buildup of infected pus from the boil. But what about healing the staph infection inside the boil? The despicable little microbes causing the infection were inside this walled off carbuncle, probably reproducing like mad. I not only had to do something to draw out the angry, red-hot build up of pus, but I had to kill the infection once and for all, too.

That's when it dawned on me. I could use colloidal silver instead of tap water to moisten the clay! And if iontophoresis occurred between the clay and the infected interior of the boil, the whole problem could be solved. In laymen's terms, iontophoresis means the transfer of a substance (i.e., in this case, the tiny silver ions in the colloidal silver) from one body (i.e., in this case, the moistened clay) through a layer (i.e., the skin) and into another body (i.e., the interior of the walled off infected boil). I still don't understand the technical details of the process. But medical researchers use the process of iontophoresis all of the time to carry substances through the skin and into the body, as a method of delivering a medication they don't want to inject.

But would it work in this case?

At bedtime, I mixed a small amount of 20 ppm micro-particle colloidal silver with the powdered clay, until it became wet enough to be used as a poultice. Then I gingerly molded it over the boil, and had my wife tape a large bandage over it. And I went to bed. By the next morning, the inflammation from the boil was down about 25% or 30%. was working!

I made a new clay and colloidal silver poultice that morning, and wore it throughout the day. And then I changed it again that night. And once again, by the next morning, the inflammation had receded by at least 50% more.

It took two more days of wearing the clay and colloidal silver poultice for the boil to completely heal. There wasn't a sign of it. And it has been over three years now, and it has never reappeared. So I was able to avoid the surgeon's knife, and heal myself once again, thanks to the amazing infection-fighting power of colloidal silver, combined with some healing calcium bentonite clay. Most importantly of all, I didn't have to eat crow and crawl back to my so-called "primary care physician" to resolve the health challenge. That's one of the beauties of colloidal silver. It works so phenomenally well for so many different things. But sometimes, you have to be patient and discover the right way to use it, for the specific health challenge you are facing.

For more detailed information on successful colloidal silver usage, see the brand new, 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video, now available inexpensively in both DVD and VHS format at It is chock full of usage tips and tricks like the one above, and will give you an education on colloidal silver usage unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Plus, you get to see yours truly being relentlessly peppered with questions on colloidal silver usage by lovely television personality Kristyn Burrt.

Also, for a FREE downloadable 16-page report on general daily colloidal silver dosages, based on the Environmental Protection Agency's own "safe daily dosage" figures, go to and download it.

And if you really want some comprehensive information on colloidal silver usage -- including two in-depth chapters of specific dosage information for specific diseases, and a complete history of clinical studies on colloidal silver from 1897 to the present -- then please consider arming yourself with the newly updated version of The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, which now weighs in at a whopping 500-pages and is truly encyclopedic in both scope and detail. Read more about it at

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Travel, Hotel Rooms and Colloidal Silver

Travel, Hotel Rooms and Colloidal Silver

My wife and I drove over to Nevada this weekend to look at some real estate, and as a consequence we ended up staying in a casino hotel room because that was the only place decent rooms were available.

Now I'm not a big fan of hotel room stays of any kind, for a number of reasons, first and foremost among them being my belief that hotels simply circulate the air from one room to another through the heating and cooling systems. This means the air that the guy in the next room has been coughing into all evening because he's come down with a bad case of bronchitis is pretty quickly the same air you'll be breathing in your room, and the guests in the neighboring rooms around you will also be breathing in theirs.

What dawned on me this weekend is that casino hotels in particular amply demonstrate my theory about hotel air systems being carriers of germs, viruses and other potentially infectious microbes. And if you've ever stayed in a casino hotel room, I think you'll probably agree. Here's what I'm talking about: Even when you ask to stay in a non-smoking room, the air coming out of the vents and into the room will inevitably carry the faint, lingering smell of cigarette smoke. Why? Because it's the same air from the casino floor, where so many of the patrons are smoking. And it's also the same air from the rooms in the hotel that allow smoking. If it weren't, you wouldn't smell the faint smell of cigarette smoke coming from the vents in your non-smoking room.

So What Does All of This Have to Do With Colloidal Silver?

Of course, the air being circulated throughout the hotel is being run through a filtering system at some point. But filtering systems are notoriously unreliable. And that is even more so true when the hotel maintenance staff fails to replace the filters as often as they should, whether out of laziness or in order to cut costs.

In short, if you can smell the faint smell of cigarette smoke coming in through the air vents in your non-smoking hotel room, then obviously enough smoke is getting through the hotel air filters to make a difference in the quality of the air in your room.

And if that is so, then it stands to reason that some of the bacteria and viruses being coughed out by people who come down with colds or upper respiratory infections such as the flu or bronchitis while they are visiting the hotel is also being circulated from room to room, just like the cigarette smoke.

What’s more, if there is any fungal growth in the hotel’s ducting and venting system, you are probably breathing in some of the spores from that, too. Yecch!

Colloidal Silver to the Rescue!

Now I know that's not a pleasant thought. But it's true. And that's why I never fail to bring a bottle of colloidal silver with me whenever I travel, and especially if I know I'm going to be staying in a hotel room. This past week, even before my wife and I left on our trip, I was already feeling a bit rundown, and had the sniffles. So I'd been drinking two or three ounces of our homemade micro-particle colloidal silver each day for the three days prior to leaving. And by the time we had to embark on our trip, I was feeling pretty much up to par again. The sniffles were gone. And my energy levels were high.

Nevertheless, I wanted some added protection, not only because I knew we'd be staying in a hotel room, but also because we would be out in public and around a lot of people over the course of the entire weekend. Besides, out here on the west coast there is a pretty nasty bug going around right now that causes an incessant cough before it leaves you bedridden for a couple of weeks with an upper respiratory infection. And sure enough, one of the real estate agents we met with was so afflicted with this particular upper respiratory infection that he could barely stop coughing long enough to finish a full sentence. On the second day of our visit, he was so sick he could not come back over to the property he was showing us, and could only speak to us briefly by phone.

So I was glad that before leaving on our trip, I had filled a small plastic nasal squeeze spray bottle with a 10 ppm concentration of micro-particle colloidal silver, and brought it with me. These are the same tiny plastic nasal spray squeeze bottles you can buy at just about any good pharmacy for about 99 cents. They are usually filled with saline solution, and used by people with nasal allergies.

Here's What I Do:

I simply remove the little nozzle from the bottle, dump the saline solution out, wash the tiny bottle thoroughly, and then rinse it thoroughly. Then I fill it about halfway with colloidal silver. (Note: If you fill it too full, the colloidal silver won’t atomize properly when you squeeze the bottle. And you’ll end up sniffing a big stream of colloidal silver up your nose instead of the fine, atomized spray you want to get up into your sinuses and down into your lungs so it can do its work against any pathogens you may have breathed in.) And I take this little squeeze spray bottle with me whenever I go on out-of-town trips. That way, if I start feeling rundown, or if I start getting the sniffles, I can simply pull it out and sniff a good stiff blast or two of colloidal silver up each nostril.

That's exactly what I did this weekend, three or four times a day, for the entire time we were away from home. The circumstances warranted it, and so I took maximum advantage of the protective infection-fighting power of colloidal silver.

And guess what? As usual, it worked like a charm.

In spite of being cooped up at night in a musty smelling casino hotel room, and in spite of being around a gentleman for several hours who obviously had a very bad infection and who couldn't quit coughing the entire time we were with him, I have managed to escape infection myself. That, even though prior to the trip I'd been feeling a bit rundown and had the sniffles.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I just won't be without my colloidal silver. I only use it in moderation. Never in excess. But it's been a Godsend in so many different situations over the past 13 years that it would take an entire book to document them all for you. Which reminds me: If you are looking for some comprehensive information on colloidal silver usage, you might want to take a look at the free information on my web site: And while you're there, please download a copy of our FREE special report on safe daily colloidal silver dosages. This 16-page report uses the Environmental Protection Agency's own figures to help you calculate your safest daily dosage range for colloidal silver usage, based on your own body weight, which is important because you always want to take the right amount for your body.

For even more comprehensive information on colloidal silver usage, see the new one-hour, studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video, available inexpensively, in both DVD and VHS formats, at Or better yet, at the same web site, you can learn more about my newly updated 500-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, which I am happy to say is now the #1 bestselling book on colloidal silver usage in the world.

Finally, whatever you do, be sure to take your colloidal silver with you whenever you travel. You can bring enough to drink an ounce or so a day in a small glass storage bottle. Or you can do what I so frequently do and put some colloidal silver into one of those little nasal spray squeeze bottles, so you can simply sniff colloidal silver nasally several times a day, particularly any time you feel you could have been exposed to a potentially nasty bug.

If you travel, you know as well as me that you are always coming into contact with sick people. Whether standing in line at the hotel check-in counter, waiting for a seat at the restaurant, browsing in the local shops, sitting next to someone in a theater, or meeting with others in an office environment or conference center, there is always someone who is sniffing and sneezing or has a hacking cough. And these days, you simply can’t afford to take any unnecessary chances. Colloidal silver provides you with a dramatic level of protection you simply cannot get from any other natural product.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Big Business and Silver-Based Antimicrobial Products

Big Business and Silver-Based Antimicrobial Products

On my web site,, you'll find a lengthy article titled Big Business Moves Into Silver-Based Antimicrobials in a BIG Way.

It is essentially an extension of an article I wrote many years ago, in which I pointed out that big business had taken note of the huge trend toward the use of colloidal silver among people who are interested in natural healing, and they wanted to capitalize on silver's popularity as a natural infection-fighting and antimicrobial/antiseptic agent.

At the time, I pointed out that big business was getting ready to integrate silver into a variety of everyday household products, in order to give these products antimicrobial qualities. Since that time, this is exactly what has come to pass. Today, you can buy clothing with tiny silver particles impregnated directly into the fabric. For example, Sharper Image has silver-impregnated footwear to help prevent foot odor (which is chiefly caused by bacteria), and the U.S. Army has been issuing troops in overseas locations silver-impregnated socks to help cut down on cases of athlete's foot and "jungle rot."

You can also buy toothbrushes with tiny particles of silver embedded into the bristles, which helps cut down on bacterial contamination on what is essentially the filthiest implement in your entire house. And you can even buy bed linens with silver particles impregnated into the fabrics, which helps keep them fresh and bacteria free much longer after a washing.

Heck, the world famous Samsung Electronics has even come out with a washing machine that injects a small amount of colloidal silver into the rinse cycle, to help keep your laundry fresh and clean and bacteria-free longer after each washing.

And the construction industry is adding silver-impregnated coatings to doorknobs, sinks and faucets, toilet seats, countertops and many other contact surfaces, in a bid to help homeowners keep the spread of bacteria at bay.

Such products are wonderful innovations, of course. But they are very costly. For example, a Samsung washing machine with the feature that injects silver ions into the rinse cycle can cost upwards of $1,400 or more. Silver-laced socks can cost $14 a pair. And a toothbrush with silver-embedded bristles can cost up to $9 or more.

Recently, Curad Bandage company even came out with a new type of band-aids that have silver impregnated directy into the padding, in order to help prevent cuts from becoming infected before they have a chance to heal. But the cost is five to ten times the cost of regular band-aids.

I tell you all of this because there is a much simpler and far less inexpensive solution for those who understand the incredible infection-fighting and antimicribial/antiseptic power of silver-based products. And that solution is to make your own colloidal silver, and use it regularly around the house.

For example, with a new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge ( you can make a full quart of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for about 36 cents, as opposed to paying exorbitant health food store prices of $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle. And when you can make high-quality colloidal silver that inexpensively, you can afford to use for just about everything.

For example, instead of buying a $1,400 Samsung washing machine to keep your clothing, linen and bedding, dishtowels, and other laundry bacteria-free, you can do what we do. We simply make up a quart batch of colloidal silver and pour three or four ounces into the rinse cycle at the end of each washload. Our total cost is about three or four cents per load, as opposed to forking out $1,400 to Samsung for what amounts essentially to the same thing. In fact, their new washing machine is basically just a regular washer with a very expensive colloidal silver generator built into it!

Another example: Why pay $9 or more for a toothbrush that has silver particles embedded in the bristles, when you can simply put some colloidal silver into an old pump spray bottle (I use an old Chloraseptic bottle) and give your toothbrush a couple of good sprays after each brushing? I do this every day, and my total cost is probably about a penny or two a day, at the most. And my toothbrush is kept pretty much bacteria-free for its entire lifetime.

Another example: Why on God's green earth would I want to pay Curad Bandage company five to ten times the regular cost of band-aids, just to gain the protection of their new silver-paddings? After all, if I get a cut that needs a band-aid, I can simply spray it with a few cents worth of pure, high-quality colloidal silver, and then put a regular, inexpensive bandage over it.

You see, once big business gets involved, costs go through the roof. That's because big business needs to pay all of that overhead. They have employee salaries, health benefit plans, perks, sales commissions, manufacturing costs, insurance costs, transportation costs, storage costs, you name it. And it is all added to the price of the product, to be paid by the consumer, which is you and me.

But by owning the means of colloidal silver production, you'll never have to pay through the nose for the extraordinary antimicrobial protection offered by silver. You can make your own liquid colloidal silver with a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from for just pennies, quickly and easily, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

And you can use it for so many things, it will make your head spin. For example, you can...
  • Add four or five ounces to your bath water, to help rapidly clear up irritating or pesky skin conditions

  • Spray colloidal silver onto kitchen counter tops to kill germs, mold, mildew and other microbes

  • Soak your store-bought fruits and vegetables in colloidal silver to eradicate potentially harmful bacteria and fungus from the food surfaces

  • Clean and decontaminate faucets, door knobs, and other contact surfaces such as your kitchen cutting board or that filthy blade on your kitchen can opener, simply by spraying a little colloidal silver on them from time to time

  • Add a couple of ounces of collloidal silver to your daily laundry as a natural antiseptic agent that will keep clothes, bath towels, dish rags, and other fabrics fresh and germ-free for weeks on end

  • Soak your toothbrush in colloidal silver to prevent microbial contamination

  • Spray colloidal silver directly onto the plants in your home or garden to stop fungal and bacterial outbreaks

  • Spray colloidal silver around sinks, bathtubs and other surfaces to stop mold and mildew in its tracks
    Spray colloidal silver topically onto cuts and burns for prevention of infection, and to stimulate rapid wound healing

  • Spray colloidal silver on your scalp each day to stop itching and dandruff almost instantly

  • You can even add colloidal silver to your pet’s water bowl to resolve internal infections and help prevent illness

  • Add a little colloidal silver to your aquarium tank to prevent fungal "ick" and other tropical fish infections

  • Put a drop or two of colloidal silver into your ears to knock out a pesky earache without having to use prescription antibiotics

  • Gargle with colloidal silver to eradicate sore throats

  • Put colloidal silver into a spray atomizer and sniff it up your nose to eliminate sinus infections

  • Add a drop or two of colloidal silver into your eyes to stop Pink Eye or styes in a single afternoon

And there are so many, many more astonishing healing, infection-fighting and disease-preventing benefits you gain from using colloidal silver regularly, you’ll ask yourself why you’ve never tried it before!

What's more, because colloidal silver is safe to use internaly (see FREE "safe dosage" report at you can actually drink it in order to alleviate intestinal infections…stop urinary tract infections…cure upper respiratory infections…wipe out infection-based prostate problems…stop colds and flu in their tracks...and much, much more!

The bottom line is that big business wants to sell you their over-priced silver-laced products, but you can gain ten times the protection simply by owning a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from

And of course the drug industry wants you to continue to use their failing prescription antibiotic drugs, rather than using the safest and most effective all-natural infection-fighting agent known to man. (See previous articles in this blog for additional information on the incredible infection-fighting power of colloidal silver.)

But as I have emphasized over and over again for the past thirteen years, once you have the means of colloidal silver production in your own hands, you own the power to stop numerous forms of infections and disease almost at will -- quickly, easily and inexpensively.

With a safe, simple, Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from, you can produce colloidal silver for the rest of your life, for only pennies.

You’ll literally be able to afford to give it away to sick relatives and friends…gargle with it to stop a sore throat in its tracks... swish it around in your mouth to eliminate bacterial plaque on teeth and gums...drink a few ounces daily to boost health and immunity, or whenever needed to resolve intestinal infections or cure food poisoning...knock out upper respiratory infections such as colds and the flu...eliminate urinary tract infections... beat candida yeast infections with ease...and much more!

Cutting edge doctors have demonstrated that when used internally it even works on deep-seated infections that, left untreated, can result in chronic degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and many other serious conditions! (For more comprehensive information on this topic, see the newly updated, 500-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, at

In this age of strange diseases, widespread infections and antibiotic-resistant super-pathogens, I hope you will consider the many dramatic and potentially life-saving benefits of owning a colloidal silver generator. By putting the means of colloidal silver production into your own hands, you guarantee yourself access to this remarkable natural antibiotic for life. And you'll be able to prepare it so inexpensively, you can use it without ever having to worry about the cost.

If you have any questions, please visit our web site at, or call our Technical Support department at (760)-253-2988 and talk to George (M-F west coast time, during regular busines hours).

You'll be happy you checked more deeply into this fascinating and beneficial topic, I promise!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Colloidal Silver for a Compromised Immune System

A Compromised Immune System and Colloidal Silver

I know a man who had a dual-organ transplant (kidney/pancreas) about four years ago. He has to take anti-rejection drugs daily to keep his immune system from rejecting the transplanted organs. That's because the human immune system views transplanted organs as "foreign bodies," and targets them for attack.

So because of the anti-rejection drugs he has virtually no immune system, which means he is basically a walking target for just about any kind of opportunistic infection that comes along.

What's more, because of the nature of the business he runs, he is in constant contact with the general public during the course of the day, and has very little choice but to be around people who are sick with colds, flu, sore throats, coughs, etc. This is a very dangerous situation for any transplant patient, because, generally speaking, their immune systems are so weak from the immune-suppressing anti-rejection drugs that even the slightest infection can become life-threatening.

However, my friend tells me that each morning he washes down his anti-rejection medication with an ounce or two of colloidal silver. And in the four years since his transplant, he has not had a single serious infection. He's had a few minor colds and sniffles, but that's about it. (You can hear all about it, in his own words, in the newly released Colloidal Silver Secrets video, available inexpensively in both DVD and VHS formats at

His lack of serious infections is, of course, very unusual given his circumstances. Normally, it is quite common for transplant patients on immune-suppressing anti-rejection drugs to be afflicted with a number of infections every year, any of which can become quite serious. In fact, many transplant patients become so afraid of catching an infection, they carry doctor's face masks with them wherever they go, in case they end up in the presence of someone who is coughing and choking with some kind of infection. Other transplant patients simply won't go out in public very much during certain times of the year when colds and flu are prevalent. But my friend doesn't let fear of infection stop him. He does what he has to do to run his business and make a living. And he depends on colloidal silver to keep him relatively infection-free all year long.

It makes me wonder if colloidal silver would help with other immune-compromised individuals as well. For the past 14 years, I've personally used small amounts of colloidal silver daily in order to keep chronic fatigue syndrome at bay. And I've heard from a number of colloidal silver users who are afflicted with more serious conditions, such as AIDS, that while it has done very little to lower their HIV count, it does seem to help prevent opportunistic secondary bacterial and fungal infections from taking hold. It is these secondary opportunistic bacterial and fungal infections that kill many AIDS patients each year.

Of course, there are no medical studies to demonstrate that colloidal silver can protect immune-compromised individuals. Just anecdotal information such as the examples above. But it is interesting to ponder, and you have to wonder why the medical authorities don't look more closely at colloidal silver as a possible solution to at least some of the very serious problems encountered by immune-compromised patients.

There is more information on colloidal silver at (including a FREE downloadable "safe dosage" report).

And you can obtain more comprehensive information on the topic by getting a copy of newly updated, 500-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, which is available at

Pets and Colloidal Silver

We live on a couple of acres way out in the middle of the southern California desert. And our cat, whose name is Scaredy Cat, is strictly an outdoor cat. He is also a great mouser. But he occassionally gets sick, probably from some of the things he eats when he is on the prowl. (We feed him very well, but from some of the things he's brought home, you'd think we were starving him.)

Anyway, whenever he is sick we put a bowl of colloidal silver out next to his regular water bowl. And without exception, he will drink from the bowl of colloidal silver rather than the water bowl. And it always does the trick, fast. He is back up and about in no time. There is something about colloidal silver that animals just love. It cures their stomach infections very quickly.

We also give it to our dogs when they are sick. We have four large outdoor dogs, a male black Lab, a big red male Chow, a beautiful female German Shepherd (our newest addition), and a male mixed German Shepherd/Boxer.

All of them except for the Shepherd/Boxer were rescued, meaning they had either run away from their homes and gotten lost out in the desert, or their owners abandoned them in the desert and left them to fend for themselves. You wouldn't believe how many abandoned dogs we've come across out here, and have had to find homes for. Once, we found five tiny puppies out in the middle of the desert. They had already been weaned, so it was clear someone had actually driven them out into the middle of the desert away from any houses, and simply left them to die. We rescued them and found good homes for them, of course.

Since there are roving packs of coyotes out here, and summer temperatures can get as high as 115 degrees, lost or abandoned animals don't last very long. Over the past 14 years we've come across a number of dog carcases within just miles of our home in the desert. So when we find a live one, we do our best to find a good home for him (or her). And short of that, we keep them ourselves and take good care of them.

What's really neat is that all four of our big dogs instinctively know to drink the colloidal silver we set out for them any time they are sick.

It is amazing to put it next to their water bowls, and see that they will go straight to it rather than to their water. It is as if they sense there is something healing in it. That's probably the only thing Scaredy Cat and our four big dogs have in common.

The black Lab -- which we found two years ago -- is particularly prone to infections in the winter months. But colloidal silver clears them right up. He is the oldest dog of the four. And when we found him some years back he had tumors (soft and watery, as opposed to hard) on his sides and chest, and was already having trouble with arthritis in his hindquarters, which is common to older Labradors. What we have noticed is that if we give him his colloidal silver regularly, he is able to get out and run with the other dogs when we go on our long walks through the desert together. And his tumors seem to shink up substantially. But if we fail to give him the colloidal silver for a two or three weeks in a row, his back haunches become more arthritic and he has a bit of trouble getting up from a lying position. He is not able to keep up with the other dogs on our long walks. And his tumors actually begin to grow larger.

So it is the colloidal silver that keeps him in good shape, and he knows it. There has never been a time in which we've brought him a bowl of colloidal silver that he has failed to drink from it, usually until it is gone. He absolutely loves the stuff.

We always give our animals homemade colloidal silver -- made with one of the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators -- at about 5 to 10 ppm in strength. If they seem really sick, we give it to them straight, i.e., we'll set out a bowl with about eight to 10 ounces of colloidal silver in it, and let them drink as much as they please at their own pace. From time to time we also mix an ounce or two of 10 ppm strength colloidal silver into their regular quart-sized water bowls. During the hot summer months, we buy small plastic children's pools for them and fill them with water, so they can drink from them, or even go dip themselves in the water when they get too hot. We usually add a quart of micro-particle colloidal silver to the pool water every week, to keep it free of potentially infective microbes.

I learned about colloidal silver nearly 14 years ago after my wife suffered from a very serious infected toe which the doctors wanted to amputate. You can read the story about how colloidal silver saved the day for her, by going to my web site at We have been using colloidal silver successfully ever since that time for a variety of infections and illnesses. In fact, we've used it successfully for everything from Pink Eye and styes, to sore throats, earaches, food poisoning, colds, the flu, topical skin infections and much more!

Of course, we don't overdo it and take large amounts daily, like that so-called colloidal silver "blue man" you may have seen recently on television (see previous post on that subject, below). We are very careful to use moderation in every aspect of our nutritional supplementation regimen. And I have long been a very vocal advocate for the responsible usage of colloidal silver.

For my personal usage, I take about an ounce of 10 ppm colloidal silver a day, on average, to keep illnesses at bay and to help boost immunity. And my wife only takes it when she feels a bit under the weather and needs a boost. But she might take as much as four or five ounces a time for a couple of days if she is not feeling well. We have done so for nearly 14 years now with no side effects and no problems. Nothing but positive, and very beneficial results. In fact, though I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for many long years before we found out about colloidal silver, I have not had a serious chronic fatigue crash since I first started using colloidal silver nearly 14 years ago.

Because of my personal experiences with colloidal silver, which led to an enthusiastic curiosity about it that later turned into a journalistic crusade, I have helped develop some very fascinating and helpful products for making colloidal silver. And I've started a web site about colloidal silver at There is lots of good information on the web site, and a FREE downloadable colloidal silver "safe dosage" report, too.

I have also written a 500-page book about colloidal silver usage, called The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, which I am happy to say is now the #1 best-selling book on colloidal silver in the world. For more information on it, see

While you are there, be sure to check out the information on the brand new Colloidal Silver Secrets video, which is available very inexpensively, in both DVD and VHS formats.

And by the way, while you are reading this blog, be sure to check out the short, 3-minute video on How to Operate the New Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, located on the right-hand side of this blog under "Video Bar" near the article links.