Friday, February 15, 2008

Colloidal Silver and Mouth Sores

Colloidal Silver and Mouth Sores

My wife and I have been having some very extensive cosmetic dental work done, including new porcelain crowns in place of our older, metallic insert crowns. And in the course of this process, we noticed something our dentist has been unable to adequately explain, i.e., dozens of tiny, crystal clear blisters and sores have appeared on the insides of our lips directly after having the temporary plastic crowns put on while waiting for the new porcelain crowns to be made.

Our dentist is a relatively young lady, but she has an extensive education in cosmetic dentistry, and extensive experience in it to boot -- so much so, in fact, that she holds a teaching position in cosmetic dentistry at one of the most respected medical schools in southern California. Yet she has never seen these clusters of blisters and sores appear in any of her hundreds of other patients.

After consulting with her colleagues, the only conclusion they could reach is that perhaps my wife and I are both allergic to either the plastic used to make the temporary crowns, or the glue used to hold them onto the teeth. Whatever it is, something invariably causes these tiny blisters to form on the inside of our lips directly after each time the plastic temporary crowns are put in -- usually within three or four hours of leaving the dentist's office.

The dentist of course is extremely concerned about this. And she has given us a number of commercial liquid medical concoctions to swish around in our mouths in order to help stem the slight nagging discomfort caused by these blister clusters, and to help heal them.

Colloidal Silver to the Rescue!

Of course, we eschewed these chemical-laden liquid prescription drugs in favor of using colloidal silver. After all, silver is one of the most popular and effective remedies on the face of the earth for healing skin conditions and burns.

In fact, for decades now the medical community has been using a special silver-based cream called Silvadene on hospitalized burn victims in order to help soothe the pain, trigger healing of the burnt and blistered flesh, stimulate growth of brand new flesh, and stop infection from setting in during the healing process.

Indeed, before the advent of Silvadene cream, more burn victims died from the subsequent deep-seated infections that would set in after their skin was burned, than from the damage caused by the burns themselves. What’s more, before the advent of Silvadene, scarring of the skin of burn victims was much more severe than it is today. So silver's role in healing burns has been a life-saving one, to say the least. And because of silver's innate ability to stimulate growth of new tissue and reduce scarring, it has also been a cosmetic God-send for literally tens of thousands of burn victims.

But Can Colloidal Silver Heal Blisters?

That's why we went straight for the colloidal silver when we received these unusual clusters of blisters after our dental treatments. We knew if the soft flesh on the inside of our lips was blistering, then something the dentist was using was likely causing a slight burning reaction to the flesh.

To resolve the problem, we simply began taking an ounce of 10 ppm micro-particle colloidal silver (which we make with our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator) and swishing it around in our mouths for about 60 to 90 seconds at a time before swallowing. And we repeated the process about three or four times a day.

Fortunately, this simple process has done the trick magnificently each time we've had to use it. In our experience, the clusters of tiny blisters began to pop after the second or third use of the colloidal silver. Then, by the second day, the skin under them began to heal like magic. And by the end of the third day, you couldn’t tell the skin had been blistered at all.

Because of the extensive amount of cosmetic dentistry we've had done over the course of the past few months, we've each had to endure this process twice now. But each time the use of colloidal silver has worked like a charm. So if you ever end up afflicted with clusters of tiny blisters and sores on the soft skin on the inside of your lips after a cosmetic dental procedure, be sure to keep in mind that the best remedy we’ve found is safe, simple, all-natural colloidal silver.

Where to Get More Information on Colloidal Silver

Of course, we're not doctors. So please don't take any of this as being prescriptive in nature. We're just reporting on how well it worked for us. Always check with your own doctor first.

But if you would like additional information on the phenomenal healing qualities of colloidal silver, be sure to take a look at the brand new 60-minute studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video, now available inexpensively in both DVD and VHS formats at In this fast-paced video featuring yours truly, you’ll learn about dozens of unique and highly effective ways to use colloidal silver to boost immunity, fight infection, and prevent the spread of infectious microorganisms in your family and around the home.

FREE Information on How Much Colloidal Silver to Use

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Introducing: The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

Finally, if you’re interested in more comprehensive information on colloidal silver usage, be sure to get a copy of the newly updated 500-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, due out later this month from Life and Health Research Group, Inc. This blockbuster volume contains over 39 in-depth chapters on colloidal silver and its usage, including two in-depth chapters offering specific dosages for dozens of specific diseases. Plus you get a synopsis of every major medical study conducted on colloidal silver from 1897 to the present, demonstrating exactly why colloidal silver has been known as the world's most powerful natural antibiotic since its inception over 100 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

If my cat and dogs could talk, they would tell you they love colloidal silver!

I give my pets colloidal silver 2 times a week. I fill their water bowls full of it, they would rather drink it than water.

I thinks animals are very smart and they know when something is good for them.

I can see it their eyes, they love me for it.

Steve Barwick said...

A great big "amen" to that! Our pets love it, too. I mentioned this in my blog entry on colloidal silver and pets last week: every time we place a bowl full of colloidal silver next to their water bowls, our four big dogs (and our cat) will choose the colloidal silver over the water. They just seem to have a sense that it is good for them.

Anonymous said...

That's amazing, and it reminds me of the late Ann Wigmore's experiments with different grasses when she was looking for the most nutritious type. She grew several varieties, put them out for her cat(s) to inspect, and it/they (don't recall which) chose wheatgrass. From then on she kept a regular supply around for she and her pets, to the benefit of all.

I'll try colloidal silver with my cats and see what they choose.

Anonymous said...

Is there any information on weather the silver in colloidal form will oxidize or harm metal dental implants?

Steve Barwick said...

I've never seen any information saying silver will oxidize or otherwise affect metal dental implants.

I don't have implants, but for years I had metal caps/crowns on my back molars, and the silver never affected them.