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Colloidal Silver v/s the EPA Greenies: Understanding the Lies Behind the “Silver is Dangerous to the Environment” Con

A number of readers have written to ask what’s going on with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in relation to their proposed regulation of nanosilver products, including colloidal silver.

Unfortunately, the answer is that the EPA is still pursuing ways to regulate all products containing tiny particles of silver.

You can read more about this in my latest article at this link:

But Why Are Environmentalists So Dead-Set Against Safe, Natural Colloidal Silver?

That’s the million dollar question. And the answer may well be that they are being paid to push for the regulation of silver-based products, including colloidal silver.

Here’s an article that will help explain why I so strongly question the underlying motives of the radical environmentalists in their ongoing quest to force the EPA to regulate silver-based products as “environmental toxins”:

As you may be aware if you’ve been following my blog posts for any length of time, a group of radical environmentalists have been pushing the EPA to re-categorize products containing tiny silver particles – including colloidal silver – as “environmental toxins” or “toxic environmental pesticides” and then regulate them so heavily that no products containing silver will be able to be sold without expensive environmental impact reports.

This of course would sound the death-knell for most colloidal silver manufacturers  and many other businesses that use tiny silver particles in their products  as environmental impact reports can run into the millions of dollars.

The contention that silver is somehow "toxic to the environment" is ridiculous at face value, of course. After all, silver comes from the environment in the first place, and is about as “toxic” to the environment as, well, dirt.

For example, as I’ve pointed out many times, the world’s oceans are literally saturated with trace silver.

In fact, the seas contain an estimated two million tons of trace silver. Yet they’re absolutely teeming with wildlife ranging from uncountable trillions upon trillions of the tiniest microorganisms, to uncountable billions of tide pool creatures such as starfish, minnows, sand dabs and crabs, to innumerable varieties of fish, to uncountable numbers of huge mammals like whales, porpoises and dolphins.

And there’s no harm whatsoever to this incredible array of wildlife from those millions of tons of trace silver, even though it’s been an integral part of the ocean’s vast mineral makeup basically since the beginning of time.

Proof Positive Silver is Safe in the Environment

Contrary to the shrill cries of the environmentalists, the world’s oceans are proof positive that silver doesn’t "upset the ecological balance"... won't kill off “environmentally sensitive microorganisms” and set off a "domino effect" that will harm other wildlife…

…and in short it can't unleash the “inevitable environmental catastrophe” the radical sky-is-falling environmentalists are always warning of in their ongoing campaigns to have products containing tiny silver particles heavily regulated and even banned.

Fair Question, Honest Answer

Here’s the question everyone’s asking:

If silver is so toxic to infectious microorganisms that it can cure numerous serious infections and diseases in humans, how can it be harmless to tiny microorganisms in the environment?

Fair question. And the answer is easy: In the environment, silver particles bond rapidly with other minerals, salts, sulfur compounds, and more. And in so doing, they become essentially inert.

That’s how million of tons of trace silver, for example, can saturate the world’s oceans without causing any harm. It’s how tons of trace silver can saturate the lakes and streams in silver-mining states like Colorado, and those lakes and streams are still brimming over with wildlife from microbes to tadpoles and minnows and crawfish and trout and bass to just about every other form of aquatic life you can think of.

In other words, silver’s toxicity to microorganisms in the environment is neutralized by the process of agglomeration. As I stated earlier, it is the bonding of the tiny particles of silver with other materials makes it about as toxic as…dirt.

In nature, tiny silver particles become bound silver rather than free or raw silver, and essentially lose any toxic properties.

Agenda-Driven Junk Science

But the environmentalists completely ignore this well-known fact.

Instead of sending their researchers into the environment and testing lakes and streams for silver content, and then testing the health and longevity of the wildlife in those lakes and streams (which would prove their theories against silver to be dead wrong)…

…they purposely conduct experiments in controlled laboratory test-tube environments in which they can manipulate the factors of the experiment in order to bring about the results they want.

Yes, rather than test in real-life conditions, they instead saturate tiny minnows in an enclosed test-tube environment with unbelievably high levels of raw nanosilver particles, and then issue written reports on how “toxic” they found the silver to be to the tiny creatures!

These reports then get written up and published in science journals as “studies.” And voila’ – the environmentalists manufacture a “proof” that silver is toxic to wildlife in the environment!

As I’ve pointed out over and over again, this is pure, agenda-driven junk science at its very worst, because conditions like this in which test-tube environments are saturated with raw, unbonded silver simply don't exist in nature!

But the radical environmentalists don’t care. They're dead set on achieving their agenda of having the EPA so heavily regulate silver as a dangerous “toxin” that all silver-based products  including colloidal silver  will ultimately have to be pulled from the market in order to "save the environment."

Learn More About the
Environmentalist Campaign Against Silver

For well over a year now I've been watching the propaganda barrage being conducted against colloidal silver and other silver-based products by the radical environmentalists, and as many readers know, I’ve written a long series of articles and blog posts on this topic during this time.

Here's one of my latest articles on the subject, which you might want to read in order to get caught up:

Here’s my response to a recent official White Paper released by the environmentalist group Friends of the Earth, who called for all colloidal silver products to be banned or regulated as drugs:

Here’s an article explaining the ludicrous nature of the environmentalist claims against colloidal silver and other products containing nanosilver:

And here’s an article explaining why colloidal silver generators – the little machines used to make colloidal silver – will also soon be under the regulatory thumb of the environmental bureaucrats, and why you might want to get one now while they’re still legally available.

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The Colloidal Silver Assaults: A Week to Remember!

The EPA claims it’s a dire threat to the environment. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger claims it’s a “health hazard.” Environmental researchers at Purdue University claim it’s toxic to minnows and other wildlife. And Consumer Reports calls it a substance to be avoided at all costs.

All this, in one short week!

So what are they talking about? Plutonium? Depleted uranium? Mercury? Asbestos? Arsenic? Old lace?

Nope. They’re talking about tiny particles of natural silver found in products like colloidal silver. Yes, colloidal silver -- arguably one of the safest and most beneficial natural substances on the face of the earth. So what’s all of the sound and the fury about? Here’s my take on the subject…

Well, it’s been one heckuva week, hasn’t it?

The powers that be have really been slamming colloidal silver and other nanosilver products from every direction.

In fact, it’s been something of a slaughterhouse. Absolutely relentless. But has any of it been justified? Or even remotely true?

Not a bit. There’s clearly been a concerted, all-out media assault taking place, which has been designed to demonize colloidal silver and other nanosilver products.

Thankfully, these efforts have been so ham-handed in nature that only the most naïve and gullible observers will believe the shrill accusations being made against silver-based products.

As you’ll see when you read this article and check out some of the links below, the assault on colloidal silver is very simply…in the words of Shakespeare…“much ado, about nothing.”

Environmentalist Double-Talk

First, this week…we learned that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is still trying to find ways to regulate nanosilver products, including colloidal silver.

Indeed, the EPA is apparently being swayed by specious arguments from environmental groups that nanosilver is a “new invention” with “unique attributes” that are “potentially toxic to the environment.”

These groups are pushing the EPA to regulate silver-based products (including colloidal silver) as “toxic environmental pesticides,” claiming such products need to be taken off the market until they can be “further studied in relation their effects on the environment.”

But are tiny particles of silver really a “new invention” with “unique attributes” that pose a threat to the environment? Or have they been around for…oh…centuries…and with no more harm to the environment than…say, dirt?

Learn the truth here, and see how the newly formed Silver Nanotechnology Working Group puts all of this environmental clap-trap into proper perspective with the facts the environmentalists don’t want you to know.

Phoney Baloney?

Next, this week…we saw the release of a new “study” by a Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, who claims that colloidal silver poses a “health hazard” to users.

Upon further examination it turns out that Dr. Staninger has been pushing some weird health concoctions made out of an old railroad de-greaser and a handful of other ingredients, and selling them through a shill company to victims of so-called Morgellons Disease -- a debilitating condition which many people have experienced almost miraculous healings from by using, yes, colloidal silver!

Dr. Staninger’s new “study” turns out to be little more than a re-hash of the same, tired old charges against colloidal silver that have been refuted many times over – ad nauseum -- for decades.

The study seems to have been written for the sole purpose of scaring Morgellons victims away from using safe and effective colloidal silver products, so Dr. Staninger can sell them more of the strange concoctions she’s pushing.

You can read more about the entire brouhaha here. Take note that since the publication of our original incisive analysis of Dr. Staninger’s “study,” she has taken the printed version down from her web site, and, in fact, has removed all of her “studies” from the site. Indeed, her entire site seems to have disappeared into thin air.

Go figure.

The Fathead Minnow Study:
More Environmentalist Lunacy

Shortly after that, this week…another bunch of environmentalists – this time environmental researchers at Purdue University – released a new study claiming that silver is toxic to fathead minnows.

Yes…fathead minnows!

Apparently, this new revelation is supposed to prove that silver-based products need to be heavily regulated because once silver gets into the environment it will kill all life forms in its path.

Yikes! You’d think we were talking about Klingons, here.

What the environmental researchers utterly fail to point out, of course, is that silver comes from the environment in the first place. In fact, the world’s oceans alone contain millions of tons of trace silver. Yet they’re teaming with life!

So much for that argument.

Nevertheless, you’ll be shocked when you read about the deceptive tactics these environmental researchers used while conducting their study in order to produce the apparently pre-determined conclusions they came up with!

Unbelievable Bias from Consumer Reports…

Finally, this week…the prestigious Consumer Reports released an article claiming that colloidal silver is one of the “12 nutritional supplements you should avoid.”

The article contained no corroborating evidence whatsoever for the claims that colloidal silver can be harmful. And it quickly degenerated into a propaganda piece touting the need for additional regulation of all nutritional supplements by the Food & Drug Administration.

Hmmm. Who could be behind that, I wonder?

In other words, it was a carefully contrived scare piece – a literary “drive-by shooting” -- designed to make gullible readers believe nutritional supplements are “unsafe at any speed” and are desperately in need of drug-like regulation by the all-seeing, all-knowing federal authorities.

What’s more, it turns out upon further research into this matter that the good folks at Consumer Reports have been issuing these sensationalistic “nutritional supplements you should avoid” reports since the early 2000’s.

Interestingly, colloidal silver has never been named in their previous reports as a supplement to avoid…until now.

Does that mean colloidal silver was safe to use all of those previous years, but suddenly is not safe now? Or does it mean Consumer Reports simply ran out of scary-sounding supplements to write about, and decided to throw colloidal silver under the bus, along with the 11 other supplements they singled out this time around?

I’ll let you decide for yourself after you read my devastating critique of the Consumer Reports article here.

A Concerted Effort to Discredit and Destroy Colloidal Silver

When you see a concerted effort like this to discredit such a beneficial and even life-saving substance like colloidal silver (and other nanosilver products)…

… you can rest assured Big Pharma is lurking behind the scenes somewhere.

It was Big Pharma that tried unsuccessfully to have the FDA ban colloidal silver in the mid-1990’s. And today, they’re trying to get it done through the environmental angle, using the media and naïve environmentalists to scare the public into believing any product with simple, natural silver in it is a threat on par with terrorism, rap music and the Hillside Strangler.

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The time will come when colloidal silver will be banned, and even the little colloidal silver generators will no longer be legal to purchase. The laws governing devices that produce silver particles have already been slipped into the books. And all the EPA has to do is start widening and enforcing them.

That’s all the more reason to act quickly and decisively while these phenomenal little units are still available.

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Consumer Reports Lists Colloidal Silver as One of the Top 12 Supplements to Avoid!

The supposedly “unbiased” Consumer Reports has just issued one of its most biased reports ever. They've apparently joined the battle to have nutritional supplements more heavily regulated by the bureaucrats at the Food & Drug Administration. And, surprise, surprise, colloidal silver is featured prominently in their cross hairs!

I've been getting a ton of emails, phone calls and other communications about the new Yahoo/Consumer Reports article that lists colloidal silver among 12 nutritional supplements that, according to the authors, should be avoided at all costs due to potential health dangers.
For those who are angry about the inclusion of colloidal silver in this ridiculous article, I couldn't agree with you more.
Centuries of Safe, Successful Usage!

After all, silver’s long and successful history in health and medicine dates back to well before the time of Christ. And colloidal silver’s long history as a safe, natural infection-fighting agent dates back to the late 1880’s when it was first discovered and manufactured by members of the medical community shortly after Thomas Edison harnessed electricity. None of this was mentioned by the Consumer Reports authors.

Indeed, most of the supplements listed in the Consumer Reports article – including colloidal silver – have a history of many decades of safe and successful usage. And some of the listed supplements have actually been used safely and successfully for centuries.

Pardon Me, Ma’am, but Your Bias is Showing…

But instead of providing some balance to their article by discussing the long and well-known historical uses of the supplements they featured, Consumer Reports instead focused solely on a small handful of negative reports from the past in which the listed supplements were misused by consumers.

The Consumer Reports authors could have equally as well claimed that water is dangerous, by only pointing out cases in which people have drowned. Or that sugar is dangerous by only pointing out cases in which people have contracted diabetes.

What’s more, Consumer Reports didn’t even quote a single advocate of the 12 nutritional supplements they listed as being “dangerous.” No colloidal silver expert was brought in, for example. And apparently no experienced nutrition-oriented doctor was even consulted for the article. Supplement industry experts were completely ignored.
In short, Consumer Reports, which proudly claims to be an “unbiased” source of information, wrote one of the most biased articles I’ve ever seen. It was little more than a journalistic drive-by shooting disguised as a “consumer alert,” pure and simple.
The Usual Claptrap…

And to make matters worse, the Consumer Reports authors wove through their article the usual claptrap about the nutritional supplement marketplace not being “as safe as it should be” due to lack of oversight by the FDA.

In reality, of course, nutritional supplements are among the safest substances on the face of the earth.

In fact, according to the U.S. National Poison Data System, last year there was not a single death from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs or any other nutritional supplement (including colloidal silver).

No mention of that inconvenient little fact in the "unbiased" Consumer Reports article!
Yet in comparison, each and every year there are an average of 106,000 people who die from FDA-regulated prescription drugs…in the U.S. alone!
That’s only the deaths from Big Pharma’s drugs. It doesn’t include the additional hundreds of thousands of debilitating “adverse events” caused by FDA-regulated drugs.
So where’s the Consumer Reports article on the top 12 most dangerous prescription drugs? Hmmm. Nowhere to be seen.


Far from unbiased, the article was thoroughly biased against nutritional supplements and the nutritional supplement industry in general.

What’s more, it was heavily biased in favor of the very regulatory authorities who have for so long now miserably failed to protect the public from the death and carnage being wreaked by Big Pharma, all the while whining about the supposed “dangers” of herbs and vitamins and other nutritional supplements.
The Campaign Against Colloidal Silver Continues Unabated

As I mentioned earlier this week in a post on the Discussion board at the Colloidal Silver Secrets Group on Facebook, the main thing to understand is that there's a concerted campaign going on right now (most likely backed by the pharmaceutical drug industry) to label colloidal silver as a "health hazard" and an "environmental toxin" and have it removed from the market or regulated as a drug.

If you go to our articles page and look at some of my most recent articles, you can see the ridiculous lengths the naysayers are going to in order to denigrate colloidal silver.

· In the last few weeks we've seen Dr. Hildegarde Staninger come out with a new "study" labeling colloidal silver a "health hazard."

· We've seen Purdue University come out with a "study" claiming colloidal silver (i.e., nanosilver, as they call it) harms "fathead minnows" and other creatures in the environment, and thus should be labeled an "environmental toxin."

· We’ve recently seen that the Environmental Protection Agency is still taking steps to re-categorize nanosilver products, including colloidal silver, as “new inventions” with “unique attributes” so they can be regulated as “environmental toxins.”

· And now we see the Consumer Reports article with its shrill exaggerated warnings against colloidal silver and other supplements that have been used safely for decades or even hundreds of years.
Whenever you see a concerted campaign in the media like this, you can almost always bet it has pharmaceutical industry backing.

Why? Because the pharmaceutical industry has long considered colloidal silver to be its #1 rival to their expensive and potentially toxic prescription antibiotic drugs.

Nothing New…

So this is nothing new. The Consumer Reports article is just another potshot in a long series of potshots directed at colloidal silver, in an effort to have it removed from the market.
Back in the mid-1990's the FDA attempted to ban the sale of colloidal silver, at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry.
This action, too, was preceded by a large number of news articles planted throughout the controlled media in order to turn the public against colloidal silver.

But instead of public support for the ban, the FDA was met with a barrage of protest from thousands of average people who had been using colloidal silver for years with significant positive benefits, and no problems.

After studying the issue for three full years, the FDA could find no evidence that colloidal silver, when used in moderation and with common sense, caused any harm.
Forced to backpedal on their claims against colloidal silver, they issued their "Final Ruling" in July 1999 allowing colloidal silver to remain on the market, with a few small restrictions in labeling and advertising (i.e., they basically ruled you could not make "drug claims" for the product i.e., you couldn't label it a "natural antibiotic" or claim in your advertising that it cured anything).
So as you can see, this is indeed part of a long-running battle the natural health community has been fighting since the mid-1990's.

The Battle Heats Up

Last year the battle heated up again when several radical environmental groups who had been taking collectively millions of dollars in funding from foundations associated with major pharmaceutical companies sued the EPA to pull products containing silver nanoparticles (i.e., colloidal silver) off the market and regulate them as "pesticides." (See this link and this link for two of the many articles I wrote on this topic at that time.)
Of course, they were soundly trounced in their efforts when once again public opinion turned against them, forcing the EPA to back off.

Unfortunately, today, environmental bureaucrats continue to try to regulate colloidal silver into oblivion, by re-categorizing it as “nanosilver” and claiming it’s “potentially toxic to the environment” and thus in need of being strictly regulated.
Of course, it’s the same old battle, but with new tactics. They simply won’t let up until they finally achieve their heavy-handed regulatory goals.

Faltering Faith?

If you find your faith in colloidal silver faltering in the face of this onslaught of false and misleading information, you might want to read the article "How Do We Know Colloidal Silver Actually Works?" at this link, and follow through on some of the links there to important recent medical studies demonstrating the astonishing power of colloidal silver against deadly viruses and other serious diseases such as MRSA.

And also, be sure to read the article "8 Prevalent Myths and Misconceptions About Colloidal Silver" at this link, as it answers most of the charges against colloidal silver referred to in the Consumers Report article.

There are tons of great articles on the benefits of safe, natural colloidal silver at this link.
You can read what some of the world’s top expert say about colloidal silver at this link.
You can read an overview of some of the many safe, effective uses for colloidal silver at this link.
I decimate the “colloidal silver will turn you blue” argument here and here.

And, if you haven’t done so already, you can get a FREE "Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage" report at this link.

Finally, be sure to take look at this extremely interesting Testimonials Page and read through some of the hundreds of testimonials from real-life colloidal silver users who have successfully and safely used this miraculous natural substance for everything from curing common colds and the flu to curing eye, ear, nose and throat infections, to curing food poisoning, to curing deadly cases of MRSA, skin cancers, etc.
At some point, you just have to ask yourself, are the estimated 10 million people throughout North America who use colloidal silver crazy, or is the controlled media lying about this substance?
The Bottom Line…

The bottom line is that the moderate, common-sense usage of colloidal silver has never harmed anyone, and according to the vast majority of colloidal silver users its well-documented benefits are often dramatic and even life-saving.
Which is all the more reason why you need to own the means of colloidal silver production by obtaining a high-quality colloidal silver generator, such as the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.

Owning a high-quality colloidal silver generator is now the only way left to assure yourself that you’ll always have access to all of the safe, natural colloidal silver you could ever need. It’s your #1 best defense against the relentless efforts of the bureaucrats and their lackeys to regulate colloidal silver completely out of existence.
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