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Luxury Colloidal Silver Soap…for $125 a Bar…Really?

The good news is that Big Business continues to move into silver-based antimicrobial products

-- the bad news is that it’s getting awfully darned expensive to purchase their infection-fighting silver-based products!

Wow…I’d never heard of this $125 a bar luxury bath soap before.

But it certainly didn’t surprise me to learn that the main touted ingredient is (drum roll, please) – antimicrobial SILVER!

But really…$125 a bar?

Granted, it’s a 120 gram bar. But how much silver could be in that bar? I’d wager about 20 or 30 cents worth, at best. Maybe less.

Now, it’s true a little bit of silver goes a l-o-o-o-n-g way. It doesn’t take much silver to heal irritated skin and give you a LOT of protection against infectious microorganisms, to boot.

So I’m not saying the soap doesn’t work. I’m sure it’s a great product.

But frankly, I’d rather purchase an inexpensive $25 set of .999 fine pure silver wire from The Silver Edge –

-- and use my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator to produce a whopping $24,000 worth of high-quality colloidal silver with it, that would last me for many years.

(Learn how you can do so, here.)

Luxury Body Wash for
A Fraction of the Cost!

Then I could drive over to my local health food store and purchase a bottle of organic body wash for $10 or $12, and simply add a tablespoon or two of my homemade colloidal silver to it, which costs me less than 36 cents a quart to make!

Presto! Instant silver-based luxury body wash for a tiny fraction of the cost of the commercial equivalent!

And I’ll bet my homemade version would contain far more actual silver particles in it than the expensive luxury bars!

Or, better still, skip the soap and just use a pump spray bottle to lightly spray your skin each day with pure, freshly made colloidal silver after you bathe or shower –

-- and allow it to air dry. This is what I’ve done each day for many years, and at 56 years old, my skin is still like that of a 25 year old!

The cost to do this?

No more than two or three pennies a day, at the very most, if you make your own colloidal silver!

You get all of the soothing, healing benefits of antimicrobial silver – but your cost is only pennies, and you can do this for the rest of your life without ever thinking twice about the cost!

Big Business and
Silver-Based Antimicrobials

To their credit, the distributors of these luxury soaps do offer more affordable and much smaller “travel size” mini-bars for $12, and medium sized bars for $36.

And apparently, another company called Nano Silver Cyclic is joining the fray, and offering a similar knock-off product for only $30.


I think it’s wonderful that big business continues to move into silver-based antimicrobial products. I was among the very first in the natural health field to write about this trend, over a decade ago.

(See my original article, here, detailing all of the incredible commercial products that now contain antimicrobial silver.)

And clearly, the move by big business to include antimicrobial silver in commercial products like soaps, toothpastes, underarm deodorants and much more –

-- has done more to bring news of the powerful healing and infection-fighting qualities of silver to the public’s attention than anything.

But with the prices they’re charging for these products, you’d think they were grinding up the rubies and diamonds from the Queen of England’s tiara, and adding them to the ingredients!

Environmentalism Will Eventually
Destroy the Market for Silver-Based Products

Unfortunately, the growing likelihood is that the costs for these commercial antimicrobial silver-based products are only going to rise exponentially.

Why? Because the radical environmentalists are still trying to have silver regulated as a toxic environmental “pesticide”.

The goal of these radical environmentalists is to force manufacturers of silver-based products to conduct expensive environmental impact reports costing millions of dollars a pop…

…which costs, of course, will have to be passed along to you, the consumer.

So what are the makers of silver-based products going to do at that point? Charge $200 for a bar of silver soap? Maybe $250?

Clearly commercial silver-based products are already becoming unaffordable for any but the very wealthy.

In this age of strange diseases and drug-resistant pathogens we now live in, this makes it all the more imperative to learn how to make safe, natural colloidal silver yourself --

-- for only a few pennies per quart -- so you’ll never be caught without it during a time of infectious illness or disease.

After all, by making your own high-quality colloidal silver, you’ll be able to:

· Spray colloidal silver onto kitchen counter tops to kill germs, mold, mildew and other microbes…

· Soak your store-bought fruits and vegetables in it to eradicate potentially harmful bacteria and fungus from the food surfaces…

· Clean and decontaminate faucets, door knobs, and other contact surfaces such as your kitchen cutting board or that filthy blade on your kitchen can opener…

· Add a couple of ounces to your daily laundry as a natural antiseptic agent that will keep clothes, bath towels, dish rags, and other fabrics fresh and germ-free for weeks on end…

· Soak your toothbrush in it to prevent microbial contamination…

· Spray it in your garden to prevent fungal and bacterial growth, and boost plant growth and fruit and vegetable productivity…

· Spray it around sinks, bathtubs and other surfaces to stop mold and mildew in its tracks…

· Spray it topically onto cuts and burns for prevention of infection and to stimulate rapid wound healing…

· Spray it on your hair to stop itching and dandruff almost instantly…

· You can even add it to your pet's water bowl to resolve internal infections and help prevent illness…

· Add a little to your aquarium tank to prevent fungal "ick" and other tropical fish infections…

· Put a drop or two into your ears to knock out a pesky earache without having to use prescription antibiotics...

· Gargle with it to eradicate sore throats…

· Put it into a spray atomizer and sniff it up your nose to eliminate sinus infections…

· Add a drop or two into your eyes to stop Pink Eye or styes in a single afternoon…

· And so many, many more astonishing healing, infection-fighting and disease-preventing benefits you'll ask yourself why you've never tried it before!

And, of course, you can safely use colloidal silver internally to stop colds and flu in their tracks…alleviate intestinal infections…stop urinary tract infections…cure upper respiratory infections…wipe out infection-based prostate problems…and much, much more!

If you truly value the health and well-being of your family, and understand the incredible benefits of safe, natural, immune-boosting and infection-fighting colloidal silver, you’ll check into it right away!

Helpful Links:

How Dr. Robert O. Becker’s Pioneering Work on Silver and Wound Healing Puts the Lie to the Anti-Silver Claims of the Radical Environmentalists

Radical environmentalists seeking to force the EPA to regulate silver as a human and environmental “toxin” continuously claim that silver is harmful to human cells.

But way back in the 1970’s Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., a pioneering surgeon at Syracuse Medical University, made a startling discover after he started using electrically generated silver ions to heal severe cases of osteomyelitis, a bone infection that can open up large wounds in a patient’s flesh.

By generating silver ions directly into open infected wounds through the use of a small, battery operated colloidal silver generator operating at 0.9 volts –

-- he found that not only did the silver effectively kill the infectious microorganisms responsible for the disease, but it also triggered amazing and quite unexpected re-growth of human tissue and bone at the site of the infection.

In other words, far from damaging human cells, Becker discovered that silver caused astonishing cellular repair, resulting in dramatic healing of damaged tissues.

Becker became the first researcher to discover that electrically generated silver ions have the power to not only kill pathogens and heal infections, but also to stimulate tissue and bone re-growth.

Study Quote

Here is a pertinent quote from his study, “Effects of Electrically Generated Silver Ions on Human Cells and Wound Healing,” published in the journal Electro- and Magnetobiology 19(1), 1-19 (2000), describing what he discovered when he used small micro-currents of electricity to drive silver ions directly into damaged and infected wounds:

“A standardized technique was evolved using silver nylon fabric placed as the anode in open osteomyelitic lesions with the application of 0.9 volt DC between the fabric and a cathode of carbon-impregnated rubber.

The electrical current was provided by a simply battery-operated DC generator limited to 0.9 volts output. Initial treatments were limited to 4-hour periods twice a day.

As the bacteriologic monitoring revealed useful results and no overt local or systemic side effects were noted, the treatment time was gradually extended to be continuous, with once daily electrode removal and replacement with a new silver nylon anode.

…As the clinical study progressed, improvements in electrical generator design and the silver nylon fabric were made, with a resulting increase in antibacterial effect and the appearance of several unexpected clinical phenomena.

A profuse, sterile exudates began to appear in the wound during the second and fourth day of treatment.

Shortly thereafter it became evident that an enhancement of wound healing was occurring beyond that which could be attributed to infection control. Open cavities began to fill with abundant, healthy granulation tissue, producing rapid coverage of exposed bone surfaces.

This was followed by rapid ingrowth of full thickness, innervated skin and healing of bony non-unions. These observations have been under evaluation since 1979.”

Becker concluded his study by stating:

Exposure of normal human cells in wounds to electrically generated free silver ions results in the production of an exudate containing approximately 10-15% of cells with the same primitive morphological characteristics (as stem cells).

Healing rates in these wounds are significantly accelerated and are accompanied by enhanced healing of bone, soft tissue, nerve and skin, with replacement of missing tissues by histologically normal tissues.”

In other words, tissue damaged by the infection was repaired, and grew back normally, in the presence of the electrically generated silver ions.

In a later study, “Induced Dedifferentiation: A Possible Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cell Transplants,” Becker wrote of his results:

“Induction of local tissue regeneration in humans would best be accomplished if the patient’s own cells at the desired site could be caused to dedifferentiate into the required embryonic stem cells.

A system involving the electric iontophoretic introduction of free silver ions into human wounds for their antibiotic effect has been in clinical use since 1975.

…The technique was found to produce the regeneration of all local tissues, apparently by stimulating dedifferentiation of mature human cells.

…Both silver ion treatment methods used have been shown to be safe and lacking significant side effects.”

In short, Becker proved that even when silver ions were electrically driven straight into damaged tissues, massive healing took place as mature human cells were triggered to become healing stem cells, resulting in the complete regeneration of injured tissue!

Becker’s Work

Becker continued to carry out his work on using electrically generated silver ions to stimulate wound healing and trigger re-growth of tissue throughout the 1970’s and 80’s.

This work included the development of astonishing new methods using electrically generated silver ions to trigger the re-growth of tissues, limbs and even organs in living creatures such as rats.

Becker later published two books documenting his amazing research, including his successes using electrically generated silver ions to heal wounds and re-grow tissues and bone, as well as his research into limb and organ regeneration.

The first book, titled The Body Electric, became a national bestseller in the 1980’s, as did his second book, Cross Currents.

Both books are highly recommended for anyone wanting to know more about the astonishing regenerative capabilities of electrically generated silver ions in regards to tissue growth and wound healing.

Environmentalist Flim-Flam

Were Becker alive today, he would probably roll his eyes in disgust at the environmentalist flim-flam taking place, in which silver is now being cast as a “dangerous toxin” to human and animal cells and tissues.

Neo-Luddite environmentalists who seek to remove silver-based products from the market and have them regulated as “dangerous environmental toxins,” completely ignore Becker’s studies --

-- because they demonstrate beyond any shadow of a doubt that even when silver ions are slowly generated directly into a wound site, on a constant basis, for days on end, there are no apparent toxic effects.

As Becker noted in the study excerpt above, “…no overt local or systemic side effects were noted…” and “the technique was found to be a useful and safe clinical treatment.”

And as Dr. Becker would later state regarding his unique treatment method:

"All of the organisms that we tested were sensitive to the electrically generated silver ion, including some that were resistant to all known antibiotics…In no case were any undesirable side effects of the silver treatment apparent."

Yet the radical environmentalists who are out to have silver products – including safe, natural colloidal silver -- removed from the market place and hyper-regulated by the EPA as dangerous environmental “toxins”…

…continue to claim that silver is so toxic it is now “killing the planet” and causing “climate change.”


Who should you believe? Hyperbolic environmentalists who latch onto the silliest ideas to promote their far-flung theories? Or a bona-fide man of medical science with direct hands-on experience using silver to heal wounds and save lives?

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Using Colloidal Silver to Heal Eye Infections

Can colloidal silver be used safely in the eyes, to treat eye infections, sore eyes, itchy red eyes, sties, cataracts and more?

According to Dr. James Balch, M.D., author of the bestselling book Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing, you can indeed use colloidal silver directly in your eyes for Pink Eye and other eye infections (i.e., conjunctivitis).

In his newsletter, he recommended a few drops in each eye, several times a day, of 5 ppm to 10 ppm colloidal silver.

Many years ago, when our son Ron was sent home from school with Pink Eye, the school nurse called to tell us it was a particularly virulent strain and was going around the school. She asked us to keep him home for several days so as to help prevent the spread of the infection.

We started putting a few drops of colloidal silver into each eye periodically throughout the afternoon, and by the next day it was completely cleared up and he was back to school. The school nurse called asking us what in the world we had done, because she had never seen a case that bad clear up that quickly.

According to Robert O. Young, PhD, author of the bestselling book The pH Miracle, colloidal silver works wonderfully for both eye and ear problems. He states:

“Eye or ear problems, including cataracts, glaucoma, redness, blurred vision, poor eyesight, ringing in the ears, earaches, soreness or swelling of the ears, eardrum damage, hardness of hearing, and (in rare cases) loss of hearing: Use 1 drop of colloidal silver topically (directly in the eye or ear) 3 times a day.”

So Simple to Use – Read These Real-Life Examples!

As you can see, colloidal silver is very simple to use in the eyes. Here are some real-life examples of how people have healed eye infections and other eye issues with colloidal silver:

A colloidal silver user on the Colloidal Silver Success Stories web site says she uses it to help clear up eye allergies and sties:

Relieves Itchy Eyes Due to Allergies
in One Dose; Heals Sties!

I put a drop or two in my eyes 1-3 times a day whenever they feel itchy due to allergies. It's amazing how fast your eyes feel better, and sometimes all it takes is one dose!

My daughter felt a sty coming on so she put 2 drops of colloidal silver, twice a day in her eye for a couple days, and the sty never developed!

For eye infections due to irritants or a scratched eye, I use 1-2 drops 2 times a day for 2-3 days (longer if needed). The eye will be noticeably better after only 1 treatment!

A colloidal silver user from Canada wrote in, saying:

Healed Boil on Eye and
Stopped Infection in One Day!

I had an eye infection starting. My right eye was red, itchy and had a bit of yellowish discharge. There was a small boil right on the eyelid. So I dunked my eye into some micro-particle colloidal silver water several times over the course of the evening.

The next morning the pus and redness was gone but the boil was still there. So that day I dunked my eye every hour and drank several ounces 3 times. The next day everything was absolutely normal…no redness, no pus, no boil.

And colloidal silver user “Sherry” from Johnson City, TN wrote to say:

Healed Infected Eye

My eye started draining one night, which is very unusual for me. I thought great I'm getting an eye infection.

That night I put 2 drops of colloidal silver in my eye. The next morning my eye was better. I was thrilled and hooked on the benefits of colloidal silver.

M. Jansen from Scottsdale, AZ wrote to say:

Healed Swollen Face
and Pink Eye in ‘a Couple of Days!’

I've also used colloidal silver for a bad case of Pink Eye. It was so bad my whole face was swelling up & my daughter who is an ophthalmologist said I needed to go into the doctor's office right away.

I just added a couple of drops of the silver into my eye every 30 minutes or so until it was on the mend, which was a couple of days.

Steve C., from Toronto, Canada wrote to say:

Healed Pink Eye Overnight!

I had Pink Eye over a year ago, and I sprayed it right on my eye, perhaps 3 or four times, and my Pink Eye was gone the next morning!

My daughter got it a year later and it worked as easily for her as well. I guess we are just getting used to the everyday miracles this stuff can do!

Another avid colloidal silver user, from Michigan, wrote to say:

Healed Swollen Infected Eye
In Just 20 Minutes!

One morning my 8 year old granddaughter Breanna woke up with her left eye all swollen and full of pus, it was almost totally closed up.

Her mother soaked a wash cloth in the colloidal silver I keep them generously supplied with, made with my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator.

Breanna held the wash cloth on her eye for 20 minutes, when she removed it the swelling was gone and her eye was all cleared up and the problem did not return.

Our old friend Gramma Bea Riley from Riley Farms in southern California wrote to say:

Heals Eye Infections in
Our Pets and Farm Animals!

Our dog tangled with a bear. Its eye was bloody - we sprayed colloidal silver - within minutes she was prancing around the barn as if nothing had ever happened.

The goat had pink eye – a couple of sprays of colloidal silver took care of it, too.

A reader from Charleston, West Virginia wrote to say:

“No More Blurred Vision”

In the mornings, sometimes there is way too much "gook" in my eyes, and my vision is blurred.

I will clean off the gook and spray one quick spray of colloidal silver into each eye, close them for about ten seconds, blot the dry with a tissue, then there is no more blurred vision.

And a very good friend from southern California wrote to say:

Healed Sticky Yellow Fluid
From Eye in One Day!

"I woke up Friday morning with my eyes oozing a sticky yellow fluid. I don't think I had a cold and my eyes were not pink like they had pink eye. But I had maybe the beginning of it.

I poured colloidal silver from my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator into a shot glass, put enough pressure on the glass around my eye to seal it, tilted my head back, opened my eye in the silver solution.

Then I did the same with the other eye with fresh colloidal silver.

The yellow fluid was gone and hasn't come back. Colloidal silver saved me a trip to the Dr.'s and time off from work. I love this stuff!"

Ann R.D. from Alabama wrote to say:

Pink Eye Gone In 48 Hours!

I make batches for all family members, all of whom have different purposes for it. For example, our grandson got pink eye. A few drops of silver in each eye had an immediate effect and the pink eye was gone in 48 hours.

I recommended it to a friend whose son’s eyes were swollen shut with pink eye and within 48 hours, his eyes were clear.

Wynona Sue Hill from California wrote to say:

Relieves Eye Discomfort
For Pekinese!

I use it for many things, not the least is to keep my little Pekinese dog healthy. His eyes sometimes bother him. I keep spray bottles handy and use it. It immediately relieves his discomfort.

Jan, from Northglenn, Colorado writes to say:

Relieves Itchy Eyes Fast!

I have several favorite ways to use silver from my Micro-Particle Colloidal Generator - I usually drink an ounce daily which helps keep me pretty healthy.

BUT sometimes, my eyes will itch with a potential eye infection which can be a very serious problem. So out comes a liqueur glass into which I pour some silver for an eye wash and the itching soon disappears.

And a Registered Nurse from Highland, Utah wrote to say:

Nurse Cures Own
Eye Infections!

I’m an RN with a BSN from a large university. My father is a retired dentist. We are a medical family. So the biggest hurdle for me was to let myself experiment with colloidal silver and give it a chance.

My father had begun researching 'silver' and using it a few years ago. At the same time I was experiencing repeated eye infections. I grew tired of paying for doctor visits and medication, and used the ‘silver' (as my family and I call it). And I found I could cure the infections myself.

A 78-year old lady from Michigan wrote with an astonishing story about avoiding cornea transplants thanks to her daily colloidal silver usage:
Eyesight Improving at 78 Years Old!

I drink about 2-oz portions per day…Another wonderful and unexpected bonus I attribute to these four years of colloidal silver treatments is that my eyes have improved greatly over that period. My eye specialist had been preparing me for blindness with some help possible with cornea transplants.

Colloidal silver user Christina M., wrote to say:

Pink Eye Cured in Several Days!

Months ago my son-in-law-to-be had pink eye so I told him to purchase some CS and put it in his eye. He was amazed that it was completely gone in about 3 days.

He recently got Pink Eye again so I gave him some of my home brewed colloidal silver and he said in minutes the irritated feeling was gone and by the end of the second day after using it only twice per day the Pink Eye was completely gone.

Dale W., wrote to explain how he used colloidal silver to eliminate eye infections in his family’s kittens:

Healed Kittens With Infected Eyes!

"One of the uses that we use colloidal silver for is on our cats. We have outside cats that have never seen a vet. Before colloidal silver was being used their health was marginal.

Kittens in the past would have these serious eye infections shortly after birth, but by using colloidal silver spray on the 2 most recent litters of kittens the infections were under control on the 1st group (they were born just before we got our generator) and the second, most recent litter, there were no infections at all.

We started spraying their eyes about 2 weeks after birth. BTW -- the females are spayed now---no more litters----but we use colloidal silver in all of the cat’s food (about a tbsp. per bowl) twice a day. They are looking great!!!!!"

Jenn F. wrote to say:

Healed Infected Eye
In Just One Day!

My step son flew out for a visit in the summer, and when he got off the plane his eye was so infected that he couldn't open it…

…I immediately put silver drops into his eye, and by morning it was fine.

And finally, Sheila S. wrote to explain how she cured her horse’s bad case of moon blindness with colloidal silver:

Healed “Moon Blindness” in Horse

"My list of uses for colloidal silver are long. I started reading about colloidal silver when my horse acquired moon blindness. The vet said there was no cure and she would probably eventually lose both eyes. I couldn't accept it so I went looking for a cure.

I suspected the mare had some auto immune issues and I read the people had used colloidal silver for this. I first purchased colloidal silver from an individual that made it. The eye went from being blue and nasty (she couldn't see out of it) to eventually becoming clear.

We used colloidal silver off and on for about a year and a half. We haven't given her any for over a year and a half and you would never know that she ever had had issues with moon blindness!"

(All of these testimonials are from real people, and they can be found along with dozens and dozens of others at the Colloidal Silver Success Stories web site.)

Powerfully Effective

As you can see, colloidal silver is simple to use in the eyes, and is powerfully effective.

Only a few drops in the affected eye, as many as three times a day, and eye infections seem to be resolved almost overnight!

What About Cataracts?

Here’s an interesting discourse between myself and a member of the Colloidal Silver Secrets Group on Facebook, regarding colloidal silver and cataracts:

Group Member: “Interesting thing, I had a retinal detachment in May of this year and had surgery. My surgeon said that I would probably develop cataracts in that eye and need cataract surgery.

Unfortunately, I started to develop a small cataract which was getting increasingly bothersome. I knew he would recommend surgery when I go to see him again this spring.

However, since I began taking the silver orally, I believe my cataract may be clearing up. So I googled ‘colloidal silver and cataract’ and came up, yet again, to your website! I am blown away and had no idea that colloidal silver could clear cataracts.

I have been praying to avoid another eye surgery. And since my eye surgery, I am terrified to put anything directly into my eye, even silver (although I have done it in the past, before the surgery).

Do you think if I continue to take colloidal silver orally that it will have enough power to clear my cataract totally? Many thanks!”

Steve: To be completely frank with you, Jessica, the information on our web site about colloidal silver and cataracts is a quote from Dr. Robert O. Young's bestselling book, The pH Miracle," and it is the only place in the world I've seen that recommends using colloidal silver for cataracts.

Dr. Young does not explain the mechanism through which he believes colloidal silver could help cataracts. I personally don't understand his reasoning, unless he believes there is an underlying infection of the eye that allows cataracts to form.

In such a case, the silver would destroy the infectious agent, and then I suppose the cataract formation would stop.

But...I've seen no clinical studies to justify this supposition. So, I'm not disagreeing with Dr. Young. I’m just still trying to find a "second witness," so to speak, to his contentions.

There are lots of anecdotes on the internet offering supportive information to the contention that colloidal silver can be helpful against cataract development, including this one in which a dog was supposedly cured of cataracts.

Group Member (a week later): “Well, I don't know how it works either, but it apparently does, because my cataract is now almost completely gone.

Granted, it was small to begin with, but it was growing and becoming increasingly annoying.

I only detect a very... small piece of it when I close my eyes now...of course, I will have to see what my doc says in the spring, but I am hoping that my daily dose will keep whatever was developing there at bay.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that thousands of people use colloidal silver successfully in their eyes, with amazing results.

Some say it cures their eye infections, such as Pink Eye infections and sties (staph infections of the eyes).

Others say it helps them with allergies, itchy eyes, morning eye “crust,” and other similar problems.

Some even say it helps them with more serious eye problems, like cataracts.

Of course, my position is that when it comes to your eyes, you should always tell you doctor what you’re doing so he can monitor your situation carefully. That way, you’ll know for sure if colloidal silver is helping, or not.

And of course, never overdo it. As you can see from the above real-life accounts, there are a number of ways to use colloidal silver in the eyes:

· Most people simply put a few drops into their eyes at a time.

· Others used a pump spray bottle with a fine mist to lightly spray a bit of colloidal silver into their eyes.

· Some used colloidal silver in a shot glass as an eye wash.

· And some soaked a cloth in colloidal silver and simply held it over their eye, for excellent results.

Silver is very powerful, and in the eyes, a little bit appears to go a long way.

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