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Colloidal Silver, MRSA, Football Fields and You!

Now that football players are coming down with deadly MRSA infections from contaminated Astroturf, how will they protect themselves from this deadly pathogen?

The answer is simple: Colloidal silver is the solution for protecting the football players, and it is the solution for protecting you and your family from MRSA, too!

The Toledo Blade reports that a prominent NFL charity has given a grant to the University of Toledo to study "how long a certain nasty bacterium might live in artificial turf systems."

They are, of course, speaking of MRSA, the deadly, drug-resistant pathogen now spreading throughout society, even to the point of contaminating our food supply.

MRSA can live on just about any contact surface – including Astroturf – which is why it spreads so easily from person to person as each comes into contact with the same contaminated surface.

Several years ago, Texas football games actually had to be cancelled until the Astroturf on MRSA-contaminated football fields could be disinfected –

-- this after several football players in other parts of the country became infected, and had to be hospitalized.

Several football players have even died from this insidious infection (which now kills more people annually than AIDS), including a college football player and a high school football player.

So, it is a very real and very serious problem.

Indeed, wherever people congregate, MRSA can spread from person to person as they touch contaminated contact surfaces such as…

…shopping carts, movie theater seats, church pews, gym equipment, public toilet seats, subway trains, hotel rooms, classroom seats, you name it, are all potential MRSA vectors.

Misguided Study?

But to my mind, the NFL grant to study how long MRSA can live on Astroturf is misguided.

The solution is NOT to study how long this "nasty bacterium" can live on contact surfaces, but instead –

-- to study what can be used to disinfect those contact surfaces quickly, easily, safely, and most importantly, without using harmful chemicals or potentially toxic materials.

And the answer to the dilemma, of course, is to use safe, natural COLLOIDAL SILVER.

Hospitals Testing a
$250,000 “Silver Bullet Machine”

Colloidal silver has been demonstrated in clinical studies to literally decimate the MRSA pathogen. (See this web site for a great overview of these studies.)

And since colloidal silver is so easy to aerosolize and spray, it would be the perfect, non-toxic, all-natural answer to the problem of MRSA-contaminated contact surfaces.

Companies are already producing textiles impregnated with silver nanoparticles, which can be used to create virtually MRSA-free contact surfaces in hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories, homes, office buildings and other public places.

What’s more, hospitals in Britain are testing a machine that sprays an aerosol silver mist throughout high-traffic areas of the hospital in order to stop the spread of MRSA.

According to the popular British newspaper, The Sun, this $250,000 machine sprays a special aerosol silver mist that lightly coats contact surfaces throughout the hospital, and thereby prevents MRSA from spreading.

The newspaper reveals:

“Experts have long known silver is deadly to the superbug and is highly toxic to some other bacteria as well. It is already used in plasters and hospital dressings.

But now medics from Leicester University have created a generator that divides pieces of silver into billions of tiny particles. It then suspends them in liquid glycerol to be put into aerosols.

The particles are small enough to pass inside bacteria but do not kill human cells.

The $250,000 machine’s inventor, Professor Chris Binns, said medical trials will start within the year.

He also believes the silver ‘bullets’ produced by his machine could be used to fight HIV.”

Could the same idea be used on football fields before big games or before practices?

Of course it could!

Indeed, colloidal silver can be made inexpensively – for just a few pennies per gallon –

…and large commercial-sized pump sprayers similar to the type used to spray insecticides could easily be utilized to spray the football fields before and after games.

This would end the problem with MRSA-contaminated Astroturf once and for all.

You Don’t Need a $250,000 Machine
to Protect Yourself From MRSA!

As I mentioned earlier, MRSA is very serious, and it is easily spread throughout any area where the general public comes into contact with touch surfaces.

Shopping carts, toilet seats, movie theater seats, church pews, gym equipment, subway train seats, hotel room furnishings and classroom seats are just a few of the types of contact surfaces in public areas on which the MRSA pathogen has been known to flourish.

But thankfully, you don’t need a $250,000 machine in order to spray colloidal silver onto such contact surfaces.

In fact, you can accomplish the same great results achieved with that overpriced hospital machine, but using a tiny pump spray bottle costing a couple of bucks and filled with a few cents worth of colloidal silver, instead.

Pump spray bottles like the one pictured here hold a few ounces of liquid and can be purchased through a variety of online vendors.

A tiny pump spray bottle full of colloidal silver can easily be carried in a woman’s purse, or even a man’s pants pocket. Or it can be kept in a car glove box or other convenient place.

And it can easily and discreetly be used to spray a fine aerosol mist of silver onto any touch surface before you come into contact with it, such as shopping cart handles, door knobs, bathroom faucets in public places, public toilets, exercise equipment at your local gym, subway train seats, and much more.

Two Quick Lessons…

So two quick lessons to be learned here:

First, don’t succumb to the growing MRSA hysteria. The MRSA contamination problem is truly very easily solved…

…All you need is a high-quality colloidal silver generator that will allow you to make all of the colloidal silver you could ever need, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for just a few pennies per quart batch –

-- and a simple pump spray bottle for aerosolizing and spraying colloidal silver onto public contact surfaces whenever needed. It’s truly that simple.

Which brings me to the second lesson:

Don’t let the propensity for overly-expensive solutions like the hospital’s $250,000 colloidal silver machine described above drive you away from using colloidal silver.

Indeed, the old adage “keep it simple, stupid” works great in this case.

Something as simple as being able to make your own colloidal silver and using a tiny pump spray bottle filled with colloidal silver can provide you and your family with all of the protection you need in public places.

The Undisputed King
of Natural Infection-Fighting Substances

There are so many additional infection-fighting uses you’ll discover for colloidal silver, it will boggle your mind to learn of them all.

You can learn more at the following links:

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There’s much, much more. But I don’t want to overload your donkey cart.

Suffice it for now to say colloidal silver is simply the safest and most effective natural infection-fighting agent the world has ever known.

What’s more, colloidal silver will ultimately prove to be the answer to the deadly MRSA crisis –

-- especially as more and more people take matters into their own hands in order to protect themselves and their families naturally –

-- and not depend upon Big Brother (or Big Business) to do it for them!

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