Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nivea Adds Colloidal Silver to Its Skin Care Product Line for Men!

Now this is interesting, Nivea, one of the world’s leading skin care products manufacturers –

-- now has an entire line of men's skin care, deodorant and shaving products utilizing silver ions as an antimicrobial agent!

Their line of silver ion-based products includes:
      · A Silver Protect underarm deodorant spray

      · A Silver Protect underarm deodorant stick

· A Silver Protect underarm deodorant roll-on

· A Silver Protect after-shower body and hair splash

· A Silver Protect shaving foam

· A Silver Protect shaving gel

· A Silver Protect after shave lotion

· A Silver Protect after shave balm

I wonder how long before the environmentalists go bat shit crazy over this and try to have these Nivea products regulated or banned?

Antimicrobial Protection and Skin Support

Here's what Nivea says about the antimicrobial silver ions in their men's skin care line:

“How the formula with silver ions works

The antibacterial formula with silver ions is highly active and fights against bacteria rapidly:

Silver ions are able to enter the bacterial cells and to deactivate their vital functions. This leads to a loss in viability of the bacteria and the inhibition of bacterial replication.

The products of the Silver Protect Range contain highly active silver ions providing various benefits:

•The deo-shower and deo-sprays with silver ions are simultaneously tough on bacteria and gentle to the skin. The formulas reliably prevent the onset of body odour and keep the skin healthy and feeling refreshed.

•The shaving and after shave products with silver ions work as follows: They effectively protect from bacterial action in a gentle manner and the after shave products support skin recovery after shaving. Additionally the after shaves deliver a cooling, invigorating experience.

Irritations or redness? No chance with the new Silver Protect range!"

Gotta Love It!

Hey, folks, you gotta love it!

Anything that brings more publicity to the general public for silver's powerful natural antimicrobial qualities is good.

It’s just too bad Big Business can tell the public about the wonderful infection-fighting qualities of silver, yet people selling colloidal silver can get fined by the FDA up to $100,000 or more, and put out of business for doing the same thing!

You can learn more about how people use safe, natural colloidal silver to kill infections and heal diseases – straight from dozens of experienced colloidal silver users -- at this link.

Make Your Own
Colloidal Silver Skin Care Products!

Of course, there's not even one of these Nivea Silver Protect products that you can't mimic with your own colloidal silver.

For example, do you like the idea of Nivea's Silver Protect underarm deodorant?

Then get a glass pump spray bottle with a fine mist nozzle, and use that to spray under your arms with safe, natural colloidal silver each morning!

Do you like Nivea's Silver Protect gel shaving cream product?

Great! When you go to shave tomorrow, put some of your usual shaving gel in your hand and add a few drops of 7-10 ppm colloidal silver and mix it together with your fingers –

-- it's an instant silver-based shaving gel for smoother shaves and better protection against skin irritation!

The point is, why five times the price for commercial silver-based skin care products when you can achieve the same level of protection and benefits with a few cents worth of colloidal silver?

Unusual (But Effective)
Ways to Use Colloidal Silver!

For example, here's an article by Angela Kaelin about using colloidal silver to make your own natural health and beauty products.

Here's another article, on how to make your own colloidal silver soap and colloidal silver healing gel, for just pennies.

Here's an article on the top 12 ways to use colloidal silver on, and in, your body.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that safe, natural colloidal silver has a myriad of beneficial uses for the human body.

Big companies like Nivea understand this, and are working to provide the public with a variety of silver-based products.

If only the public knew they could mimic most of these products for themselves, for a tiny fraction of the price, simply by making their own colloidal silver for only pennies per quart!

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Chilli said...

Why should I make my own when I can't measure the quality? And when even companies have colloidal silver that is not potent enough? Shouldn't I be buying the highest quality silver because the home-made can't be as good as that made in a lab?

Steve Barwick said...

With the right colloidal silver generator you can produce just as high quality colloidal silver as any of the big online vendors. Don't fall for their propaganda. They charge up to $40 for those tiny 4-ounce bottles that cost them about 12 cents worth of silver and water to make. That's why they don't want you making your own. They know you'll never go back to buying theirs. If making your own colloidal silver produced such low quality, how do you explain all of the real-life testimonials at this we page, from people who make their own colloidal silver? See:

You might want to read my article "7 Good Reasons to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver," which I think will really open your eyes to this topic: