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Luxury Colloidal Silver Soap…for $125 a Bar…Really?

The good news is that Big Business continues to move into silver-based antimicrobial products

-- the bad news is that it’s getting awfully darned expensive to purchase their infection-fighting silver-based products!

Wow…I’d never heard of this $125 a bar luxury bath soap before.

But it certainly didn’t surprise me to learn that the main touted ingredient is (drum roll, please) – antimicrobial SILVER!

But really…$125 a bar?

Granted, it’s a 120 gram bar. But how much silver could be in that bar? I’d wager about 20 or 30 cents worth, at best. Maybe less.

Now, it’s true a little bit of silver goes a l-o-o-o-n-g way. It doesn’t take much silver to heal irritated skin and give you a LOT of protection against infectious microorganisms, to boot.

So I’m not saying the soap doesn’t work. I’m sure it’s a great product.

But frankly, I’d rather purchase an inexpensive $25 set of .999 fine pure silver wire from The Silver Edge –

-- and use my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator to produce a whopping $24,000 worth of high-quality colloidal silver with it, that would last me for many years.

(Learn how you can do so, here.)

Luxury Body Wash for
A Fraction of the Cost!

Then I could drive over to my local health food store and purchase a bottle of organic body wash for $10 or $12, and simply add a tablespoon or two of my homemade colloidal silver to it, which costs me less than 36 cents a quart to make!

Presto! Instant silver-based luxury body wash for a tiny fraction of the cost of the commercial equivalent!

And I’ll bet my homemade version would contain far more actual silver particles in it than the expensive luxury bars!

Or, better still, skip the soap and just use a pump spray bottle to lightly spray your skin each day with pure, freshly made colloidal silver after you bathe or shower –

-- and allow it to air dry. This is what I’ve done each day for many years, and at 56 years old, my skin is still like that of a 25 year old!

The cost to do this?

No more than two or three pennies a day, at the very most, if you make your own colloidal silver!

You get all of the soothing, healing benefits of antimicrobial silver – but your cost is only pennies, and you can do this for the rest of your life without ever thinking twice about the cost!

Big Business and
Silver-Based Antimicrobials

To their credit, the distributors of these luxury soaps do offer more affordable and much smaller “travel size” mini-bars for $12, and medium sized bars for $36.

And apparently, another company called Nano Silver Cyclic is joining the fray, and offering a similar knock-off product for only $30.


I think it’s wonderful that big business continues to move into silver-based antimicrobial products. I was among the very first in the natural health field to write about this trend, over a decade ago.

(See my original article, here, detailing all of the incredible commercial products that now contain antimicrobial silver.)

And clearly, the move by big business to include antimicrobial silver in commercial products like soaps, toothpastes, underarm deodorants and much more –

-- has done more to bring news of the powerful healing and infection-fighting qualities of silver to the public’s attention than anything.

But with the prices they’re charging for these products, you’d think they were grinding up the rubies and diamonds from the Queen of England’s tiara, and adding them to the ingredients!

Environmentalism Will Eventually
Destroy the Market for Silver-Based Products

Unfortunately, the growing likelihood is that the costs for these commercial antimicrobial silver-based products are only going to rise exponentially.

Why? Because the radical environmentalists are still trying to have silver regulated as a toxic environmental “pesticide”.

The goal of these radical environmentalists is to force manufacturers of silver-based products to conduct expensive environmental impact reports costing millions of dollars a pop…

…which costs, of course, will have to be passed along to you, the consumer.

So what are the makers of silver-based products going to do at that point? Charge $200 for a bar of silver soap? Maybe $250?

Clearly commercial silver-based products are already becoming unaffordable for any but the very wealthy.

In this age of strange diseases and drug-resistant pathogens we now live in, this makes it all the more imperative to learn how to make safe, natural colloidal silver yourself --

-- for only a few pennies per quart -- so you’ll never be caught without it during a time of infectious illness or disease.

After all, by making your own high-quality colloidal silver, you’ll be able to:

· Spray colloidal silver onto kitchen counter tops to kill germs, mold, mildew and other microbes…

· Soak your store-bought fruits and vegetables in it to eradicate potentially harmful bacteria and fungus from the food surfaces…

· Clean and decontaminate faucets, door knobs, and other contact surfaces such as your kitchen cutting board or that filthy blade on your kitchen can opener…

· Add a couple of ounces to your daily laundry as a natural antiseptic agent that will keep clothes, bath towels, dish rags, and other fabrics fresh and germ-free for weeks on end…

· Soak your toothbrush in it to prevent microbial contamination…

· Spray it in your garden to prevent fungal and bacterial growth, and boost plant growth and fruit and vegetable productivity…

· Spray it around sinks, bathtubs and other surfaces to stop mold and mildew in its tracks…

· Spray it topically onto cuts and burns for prevention of infection and to stimulate rapid wound healing…

· Spray it on your hair to stop itching and dandruff almost instantly…

· You can even add it to your pet's water bowl to resolve internal infections and help prevent illness…

· Add a little to your aquarium tank to prevent fungal "ick" and other tropical fish infections…

· Put a drop or two into your ears to knock out a pesky earache without having to use prescription antibiotics...

· Gargle with it to eradicate sore throats…

· Put it into a spray atomizer and sniff it up your nose to eliminate sinus infections…

· Add a drop or two into your eyes to stop Pink Eye or styes in a single afternoon…

· And so many, many more astonishing healing, infection-fighting and disease-preventing benefits you'll ask yourself why you've never tried it before!

And, of course, you can safely use colloidal silver internally to stop colds and flu in their tracks…alleviate intestinal infections…stop urinary tract infections…cure upper respiratory infections…wipe out infection-based prostate problems…and much, much more!

If you truly value the health and well-being of your family, and understand the incredible benefits of safe, natural, immune-boosting and infection-fighting colloidal silver, you’ll check into it right away!

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