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U.S. Food Supply Now Contaminated with Deadly MRSA Bacteria; Colloidal Silver to the Rescue!

Here's another great reason to get acquainted with the infection-fighting power of colloidal silver, and to obtain a high-quality home colloidal silver generator for the protection of your family.

As the news article below explains, the deadly MRSA bacteria is now infecting the U.S. meat supply, being especially prevalent in pork and beef products.

Yes, this means every time you prepare pork or beef (and other meats, to a lesser degree) you are literally risking a potentially deadly MRSA infection.

What's more, the government doesn't want to test for this deadly, antibiotic-resistant pathogen, because they're apparently afraid of what they'd find, and of the economic impact it would have on meat producers, distributors and especially the U.S. meat export market were widespread MRSA contamination to be confirmed.

In other words, the risk of you contracting a potentially deadly MRSA infection from handling and eating contaminated meat is not considered to be as important as the money that could be lost by meat producers should it become widely known the meat supply is infected.
Colloidal Silver Decimates MRSA
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Therefore, having a good, high-quality home colloidal silver generator is now an absolute must in every American household.
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Read the below news article from Mitch Lipka’s Consumer Ally web site to learn more about the potentially deadly new threat to the health and well-being of every American family posed by the infection of our food supply with the MRSA pathogen…


Meat tainted with deadly MRSA bacteria is being sold to consumers; government forms 'work group'

Gergana Koleva

Sep 27th 2010

Meat contaminated by a potentially lethal infection is being sold to consumers -- creating a public health threat that has largely flown under the the radar due to powerful industry interests and lax accountability at the federal agency in charge of ensuring food safety, according to recent studies and a prominent investigative journalist.

"It makes salmonella look like a picnic," is how David Kirby, an investigative journalist who has written about MRSA, a life-threatening pathogen, described it in an interview with Consumer Ally.

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is an antibiotic-resistant staph infection that kills about 20,000 Americans -- more than the number of people who die from AIDS -- each year.
MRSA affects livestock and ultimately supermarket meat.

Previously associated mostly with infections acquired in hospitals, nursing homes or by people with compromised immune systems, for the past 15 years MRSA is increasingly being traced to industrial animal feeding operations, so-called factory farms, where much of the nation's protein comes from.

A number of clinical and academic studies bear this out:

A recent Canadian study showed nearly 14% of pork chops (about one in seven) and 6.3% of ground pork sold in supermarkets carried the contamination -- taken together, 9.6% of all pork samples.

Additionally, 5.6% of the beef and 1.2% of the poultry carried the bug. The bacterium was also found in veal, lamb and other meats.

Another report, by Louisiana State University, found 5.5% of pork samples and 3.3% of beef samples taken from local supermarkets were contaminated.

Yet another - this one out of the pork industry's lobby arm, the National Pork Board -- found MRSA in 3% of pork samples.

…So with MRSA approaching such dangerous proportions, why isn't a federal agency looking into the problem?

While some controversy exists about the particular strains of the infection and the likelihood that not all MRSA-contaminated meat is linked to the way the animals were raised, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees the meat industry, does not mandate or carry out any rigorous testing for MRSA in meat, nor does it issue recalls.

"I don't think the USDA wants to touch this. They know if they start testing for MRSA, they're going to find infected pork and that will force them to make a decision, one that would hugely impact the meat export industry," said Kirby, who has hit a brick wall when trying to get answers from the agency.

Kirby is the author of Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment, in which he says the meat lobby enjoys unrivalled access to government.

"It would be very cumbersome and the industry doesn't want it. So they just prefer not to deal with it, and in the meantime the FDA doesn't have to deal with it," he says.

The FDA does not have jurisdiction over meat products, but it can and is soon likely to regulate the prophylactic use of antibiotics, such as for growth promotion and disease prevention. Outside the U.S., Holland, Switzerland, and Egypt already test for MRSA in retail pork.

"The Food Safety Inspection Service is aware of and takes seriously the concerns related to MRSA and other emerging food safety threats. [We] have formed a work group to develop a risk profile for MRSA that will be used to guide potential future actions related to this matter," said a spokesman for the FSIS, the public health unit of the USDA, in an e-mail to Consumer Ally.

Scientists and animal advocates agree that the presence of MRSA and other drug-resistant "superbugs" in large-scale feeding facilities spring from the routine feeding of antibiotics to livestock.

About 100,000 Americans die each year after struggling with antibiotic-resistant infections, according to the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy, a public interest think tank.

With nearly 70% of antibiotics sold in the U.S. being used in factory farms, the findings add to already urgent questions about how animal-derived food in America is raised and brought to market.

From Mitch Lipka’s Consumer Ally blog.

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109 Documented Successful Uses for Colloidal Silver Before the Advent of Prescription Antibiotic Drugs

The following is a list of pathogens and conditions successfully treated with colloidal silver, as documented in medical texts prior to the advent of prescription antibiotic drugs in the 1940's.

Many of these citations are from the following books: The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease (1919) by Alfred B. Searle; Colloids in Biology and Medicine (1919) by H. Bechhold; and Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General’s Office United States Army (1931) U.S. Printing Office, Washington, D.C.

The more I discover different ways colloidal silver was successfully used before the advent of prescription antibiotics, the more convinced I am that the only reason it is denigrated by medical bureaucrats now is to protect pharmaceutical company profits from competition by effective natural supplements.

After all, if people discover the fact that in many cases they can cure their own infections and diseases with a few dollars worth of safe, natural colloidal silver, they will abandon Big Pharma and their toxic prescription medicines in droves.

Consider the following list of citations, and see if you can figure out any better reason than sheer greed why medical bureaucrats now claim there’s no evidence for the effectiveness of colloidal silver.

[Spelling as cited in the old medical texts. See Bibliography below for specific citation references.]

1. Adenovirus 5 (23)
2. Anthrax Bacilli (2,3)
3. Appendicitis (3)
4. Asper Gillus Niger (18)
5. Axillae and blind boils of the neck (10)
6. B. Coli (3)
7. B. Coli Communis (7)
8. B. Dysenteria (2)
9. B. Tuberculosis (7)
10. Bacilliary Dysentry (4)
11. Bacillius Typhosus (21)
12. Bladder Irritation (12)
13. Blepharitis (13)
14.Bovine Rotovirus (23)
15. Boils (10)
16. Bromidrosis in axillae (12)
17. Bromidrosis in Feet (10)
18. Burns and wounds of the cornea (13)
19. Candida Albicans (18)
20. Cerebrospinal Meningitis (3, 9)
21. Chronic Cystitis (10)
22. Chronic Eczema of anterior nares (10)
23. Chronic Eczema of metus of ear (10)
24. Colitis (4)
25. Cystitis (8)
26. Dacryocystitis (13)
27. Dermatitis suggestive of toxaemia (4)
28. Diarrhoea (4) Diptheria (3)
29. Dysentry (3, 6)
30. Ear Affections (5)
31. Endamoeba Histolytica (cysts) (24)
32. Enlarged Prostate (12)
33. Epiditymitis (12)
34. Erysipelas (3)
35. Endamoeba Histolytica (cysts) (24)
36. Eustachian tubes (potency restored) (8)
37. Follicular Tonsilitis (10)
38. Furunculosis (3)
39. Gonococcus (7)
40. Gonorrhoea (10)
41. Gonorrheal Conjuctivitis (10)
42. Gonorrheal Opthalimia (13)
43. Gonorrheal Prostratic Gleet (11)
44. Haemorrhoids (12)
45. Hypopyon Ulcer (13)
46. Impetigo (10)
47. Infantile Disease (16)
48. Infected Ulcers of the cornea (13)
49. Inflammatory Rheumatism (3)
50. Influenze (11)
51. Interstitial Keratitis (13)
52. Intestinal troubles (6)
53. Legionella Pneumophila (17)
54. Lesion Healing (12)
55. Leucorrhoea (8)
56. Menier's Symptoms (8)
57. Nasal Catarrh (5)
58. Nasopharyngeal Catarrh (reduced) (8)
59. Oedematous enlargement of turbinates without true hyperplasia (9)
60. Offensive discharge of chronic suppuration Otitis Media (10)
61. Ophthalmological uses (3, 12)
62. Para-Typhoid (3)
63. Paracmecium (1)
64. Perineal Eczema (12)
65. Phlegmons (3)
66. Phlyctenular Conjunctivitus (10)
67. Pneumococci (2)
68. Poliovirus 1 (Sabin strain) (23)
69. Pruritis Aani (12)
70. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (17, 18)
71. Puerperal Septicaemia (15)
72. Purulent Ophthalmia of infants (13)
73. Pustular Eczema of scalp (10)
74. Pyorrhoea Alveolaris (Riggs disease) (8)
75. Quinsies (8)
76. Rhinitis (9)
77. Ringworm of the body (10)
78. Salmonella (22)
79. Scarlatina (3)
80. Sepsis (16)
81. Septic Tonsilitis (10)
82. Septic Ulcers of the legs (10)
83. Septicaemia (5, 8)
84. Shingles (8)
85. Soft sores (10)
86. Spore-forming Bacteria (24)
87. Spring Catarrh (10)
88. Sprue (6)
89. Staphyloclysin (inhibits) (2)
90. Staphylococcus Aureus (17)
91. Staphylococcus Pyogenea (7)
92. Staphylococcus Pyogens Albus (2)
93. Staphylococcus Pyogens Aureus (2)
94. Streptococci (7)
95. Streptococcus Faecalis (17)
96. Subdues inflammation (12)
97. Suppurative Apendicitis (post-op) (10)
98. Tinea Versicolor (10)
99. Tonsilitis (8)
100. Typhoid (3)
101. Typhoid Bacillus (14)
102. Ulcerative Urticaria (4)
103. Urticaria suggestive of toxemia (12)
104. Valsava's inflammation (8)
105. Vegetative B. Cereus cells (24)
106. Vincent's Angina (10)
107. Vorticella (1)
108. Warts (12)
109. Whooping Cough (8)

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Source: The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, Life & Health Research Group, LLC, Copyright 2009.

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Colloidal Silver and Biological (Germ) Warfare

Our country recently passed the 9th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks of 2001, and the subsequent terrorist anthrax mailings that resulted in the deaths of five Americans and the infection of 17 others.

And while we all might rightfully wish to forget those horrific events – except for a passing prayer for the victims and their families -- and go on about our business as if nothing had ever happened…

…a prudent person would also quietly make sure he (or she) has taken at least a few protective precautions for their family, in case something like this ever happens again.

Crazy World

After all, you don’t need me to tell you that today we live in a crazy, volatile and sometimes very scary world.

Only a few short days ago, half the Arab world erupted into fits of violent anger when a controversial preacher from Florida threatened to burn a copy of the Koran in protest of the building of the proposed Cordoba Mosque near Ground Zero 9-11 attacks.

We have homegrown terrorists, too. And you just never know when some of our country’s older enemies – like Russia or China, or that lunatic midget running North Korea – might decide the time is ripe again to try to bring America to her knees.

The bottom line is that today, I don’t think anyone in the U.S. lives in an “it can’t happen here” fantasy world any longer. We all know it can happen here. And that it can take very little to set it off.

Therefore, after reflecting on these facts, I thought it might be high-time to revisit the idea of using colloidal silver as a means of protecting ourselves and our family members during a terrorist germ warfare attack.

A Quick Look at the Idea of Using Colloidal Silver
Against Germ Warfare Pathogens!

Will colloidal silver really work against germ warfare (i.e., biological warfare) agents like anthrax?

The truth of the matter is that while germ warfare experts might know the answer to that question, they’re not telling.

After all, our country also has a huge arsenal of germ warfare agents. And as you can probably imagine, we wouldn’t necessarily want our enemies to know the antidote if one existed – particularly if it was as easy to make and distribute as colloidal silver.

Nevertheless, we do have some strong indications that colloidal silver may very well be a valid first-line-of-defense against germ warfare pathogens.

So let’s take a quick look at a little bit of history, and some of the known facts about colloidal silver, and see if we can make a reasonable assumption as to whether or not colloidal silver might serve as a potent natural remedy against germ warfare agents.

Colloidal Silver and the Soviet Military

Author Mark Aarons discusses the idea of colloidal silver’s potential effectiveness against germ warfare pathogens in his 1994 book, The Secret War Against the Jews:

“There is little defense against [a biological germ warfare] attack, and what few antidotes exist are withheld from the public as military secrets.

One of the best examples of this is Movidyn, a substance that the Soviets discovered in their satellite state of Czechoslovakia way back in the 1950’s.

Movidyn is a form of colloidal silver, odorless, tasteless, and cheaper to produce than chlorine disinfectants. One part per billion of powdered Movidyn in water has a germicidal effect.

In a study of infected wells, it completely destroyed typhus, malaria, cholera, and amoebic dysentery. Drinking containers washed in Movidyn retained their germ-fighting abilities for several weeks.

Movidyn seems to be a cost-effective prophylactic for most of the water-borne diseases that infect the Third World.

To the astonishment of the Soviet military, Movidyn also disinfected every germ warfare bacteria in the Soviet arsenal, even their newest designer poisons.

In other words, Movidyn was too good.

The Czech factory was disassembled and carted back to the Soviet Union. To this day, the Movidyn formula seems to have been suppressed from the world.”

-- Mark Aarons, The Secret War Against the Jews, 1994, pages 293-294

Microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris
On Colloidal Silver and Germ Warfare

In the most recently revised edition of my 547-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, I also discuss the very real possibility that colloidal silver will turn out to be a valid defense against germ warfare agents during a terrorist biological attack…

…at least, for those who are prepared in advance and have plenty of colloidal silver stocked up, or who are foresighted enough to own the means of colloidal silver production so they can make their own colloidal silver whenever needed.

Here’s what I wrote:

When former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris was asked on national television whether there were any natural substances that could protect the population against anthrax and other germ warfare agents, he responded:

‘The only natural substance I know of that is effective against these microbes is colloidal silver. I tested that myself when I was with the CIA, and found it effective against both anthrax and the bubonic plague pathogens.’
After leaving the CIA, microbiologist Larry Harris is said to have re-tested colloidal silver against anthrax in his private laboratory in1997, and again found it to be highly effective.

According to Harris confidant Mike Seiler:

‘Harris definitely confirmed colloidal silver kills the anthrax pathogen. He used the minimum inhibitory test, in which he took ten vials of anthrax and put correspondingly higher concentrations of colloidal silver in each vial until he determined which concentration gives an effective kill rate. Harris discovered the kill rate was at 100 parts per billion an amazingly small amount of colloidal silver.’
It is also important to note that colloidal silver was one of the few substances on earth that was successfully used against anthrax and other plague-like pathogens in the early 1900s prior to the advent of modern-day prescription antibiotic drugs, as verified by the 1919 book Colloids in Biology and Medicine by H. Beckhold, pages 364-376.

In fact, according to researcher James South, M.A., as early as 1887 a number of researchers had discovered that silver both in liquid solution and as an airborne aerosol was toxic to deadly anthrax spores. [Ref: N. Grier, Silver and It’s Compounds in Disinfection, Sterilization and Preservation, S. Block, ed., Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger, 1983, pages 380-428; H. Bechold, Colloids in Biology and Medicine, N.Y.,: D. Van Nostrand, 1919, pages 364-376; Anti-Aging Bulletin, International Antiaging Systems, Vol. 4, Issue 3. Apr/May, 1999, “Hi Yo Silver, Away!” by James South, M.A.]

Considering that anthrax is said to be the all-time favorite biological warfare agent of Islamic terrorists and is one of the infectious biological agents intelligence experts claim terrorist cell teams are known to be in possession of it would seem to be a prudent precaution indeed to have the ability to make your own therapeutic-quality colloidal silver at home in order to help protect yourself and your family in the event of a terrorist biological attack on U.S. cities.

-- from The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, 2009, pages 313-314

The above chapter goes on to discuss theoretical dosage levels of colloidal silver for use against germ warfare pathogens.

Later in the above chapter, I also quote microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris as saying that in order for colloidal silver to be effective during a germ warfare attack, you’ll need to have certain levels of colloidal silver already built up in your bloodstream, cells and tissues, well before a terror attack occurs. Harris stated:

“In the event of outbreaks of biological plagues, those who have already been taking sufficient levels of colloidal silver will have an automatic resistance in their bodies…

If, however, a person has not been taking colloidal silver for 30 to 50 days prior to exposure to a plague, silver will have little effect. This is because invading bacteria can kill within several days, while it takes weeks for colloidal silver to be spread through your entire body’s millions of cells.”
I don't know about you. But for me, the idea that colloidal silver would only work during a germ warfare attack if you've already been using it daily for one to two months before being exposed to germ warfare agents, is not a very appealing one.

After all, many people who are experienced in colloidal silver usage only use it periodically -- for example, if they feel a cold coming on, or whenever they’ve actually come down with an infection and they want to deal with it naturally.

Is There Some Other Way To Get
Colloidal Silver Into the Body, Quickly and Effectively?

Fortunately, there is a way to get colloidal silver into the bloodstream and the body’s cells and tissues quickly and easily.

And we have the prestigious Health Sciences Institute (HSI) to thank for bringing this to our attention.

You see, HSI addressed this very topic in an e-alert to their members, back in October 2001, shortly after the 9-11 terrorist attacks and subsequent anthrax attacks on our nation.

As the HSI pointed out at the time, one of their well-known health symposium panelists, Dr. Marcial-Vega, had discovered while dealing with pneumonia patients the fact that colloidal silver can be quickly and easily carried into the human blood stream and from there into the body’s cells and tissues, simply by nebulizing it.

Nebulizing is a process by which colloidal silver is run through a small medical device called a nebulizer (inexpensively available on e-Bay) which turns the colloidal silver solution into a fine mist. This fine mist can easily be breathed into the lungs as its produced by the machine. And from the lungs the body can efficiently and effectively distribute the colloidal silver straight into the blood stream, cells and tissues.

Here’s what the Health Sciences Institute told their members:

“Based on his experience treating other types of bacterial lung infections, Dr. Marcial-Vega believes he has discovered a way to prevent anthrax from developing even if you've already been exposed.

He's currently talking with government health authorities about testing his hypothesis on live anthrax spores, but asked us bring this information directly to you now.

Just in his last decade of medical practice, Dr. Marcial-Vega has treated hundreds of people with a variety of viral, fungal, and bacterial pneumonias. And of all the available treatments, he has seen the greatest success with nebulizer treatments using a colloidal silver preparation.

Silver has long been known for its anti-bacterial properties, and the nebulizer allows the mineral to reach the lungs and kill harmful bacteria. Now, in the face of the anthrax threat, he believes it can do the same thing with anthrax spores.

'We are constantly filtering all kinds of bacteria through our lungs,' explained Dr. Marcial-Vega. Normally, a healthy body is able to kill off any dangerous bacteria on its own. But in the case of illness, like pneumonia, or an especially lethal bacteria like anthrax, the body may need some extra help.

For anthrax prevention, he recommends a daily nebulizer treatment with 4 cc's of colloidal silver. By following this protocol, Dr. Marcial-Vega says your body can likely kill off the anthrax spores before you even know you were exposed. Colloidal silver may even be useful to treat cutaneous anthrax with the preparation being directly applied to the affected skin.

Dr. Marcial-Vega says there are no concerns about using this treatment because colloidal silver has no toxicity and no side effects. He has used the colloidal silver nebulizer treatments on infants, the elderly, and AIDS patients with pneumonia and has seen great results. All have responded quickly to the treatment even when no other approach seemed to help, and no one reported any adverse reactions.

Nebulizers are widely used to treat asthma, and are readily available at drug stores nationwide. The cost generally runs between $50 and $120 for the machine. Each member of the family should have their own mask, and both adult and pediatric sizes are available for a few dollars each. But the entire family can share the nebulizer machine and the tubing."

If you’re interested, you can read a more recent article here on using what I call a “poor man’s nebulizer.” This is simply an inexpensive “cool mist” vaporizer from Wal-Mart or any other drug store. These inexpensive little devices do pretty much exactly what a medical nebulizer would do as long as you're using full-strength colloidal silver in it.

No Clinical Evidence…

The bottom line is that there’s no real clinical evidence for colloidal silver’s potential effectiveness in humans against germ warfare agents such as anthrax and others.

That’s chiefly because no one is going to allow themselves to be infected with such deadly biological agents in order to test the colloidal silver hypothesis.

Even if they conducted animal tests to see if colloidal silver would be effective against germ warfare agents, it’s likely the results would be kept secret due to national security. Again, we wouldn’t announce to our enemies the antidote to one of the most potent (albeit non-humanitarian) weapons in our own “weapons of mass destruction” arsenal.

Nevertheless, there’s plenty of historical and circumstantial evidence to indicate that colloidal silver may very well be a first-line-of-defense remedy against germ warfare pathogens.

And for that reason alone it’s worth owning a high-quality colloidal silver generator so you can make all of the colloidal silver you could ever need, quickly and easily, any time you need it, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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