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Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Soap and Colloidal Silver Gel – for Just Pennies!

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Soap and Colloidal Silver Gel – for Just Pennies!

Whenever someone in your household has a cold or flu, it’s definitely prudent to use a good, liquid antimicrobial soap as a topical disinfectant whenever you wash your hands, and then add an antimicrobial gel to your hands after washing them, for added protection throughout the day.

Why? Because as the experts are constantly pointing out, hand-to-hand spread of viruses and germs are the most common route of infection. So washing with liquid antimicrobial soap, and afterwards adding a good antimicrobial gel to your hands will give you some serious protection when you’re around anyone who is sickly.

Get a Liquid Disinfectant Soap in a Pump Dispenser Bottle and Add Colloidal Silver

I like to purchase liquid antimicrobial soaps that come in a pump dispenser bottle, because you can easily remove the lid, add an ounce or two colloidal silver (about two tablespoons per each four ounces of soap), then put the lid back on and shake it well until the colloidal silver is thoroughly mixed into the soap. This adds some serious antimicrobial fire-power to your disinfectant soap.

Commercial Topical Gels With Colloidal Silver

There are also some great topical antimicrobial gels available commercially, including some that contain colloidal silver. In other words, they have silver particles in the gel itself, so when you rub the gel onto your hands, you have the added protection of silver for hours on end to help stop viruses and bacteria from living on your hands and being spread by touch to your eyes, ears, nose or mouth.

In short, by using a good silver-based topical disinfectant gel at least several times a day (three or four times a day is preferable), you can dramatically decrease the spread of pathogens in your household, or at work.

You protect yourself, and everyone around you, to boot.

Beware of Exorbitant Prices!

But…have you seen the prices of those commercial silver gel products?

Some of them run $20 or $30 for a tiny tube of silver gel that wouldn’t last a small family even a day or two if everyone were applying it to their hands!

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this costly dilemma. All you have to do is make your own colloidal silver gel…for just pennies!

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Gel for Pennies!

That’s right. You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to enjoy the protection of a colloidal silver gel.

You can easily make your own powerfully disinfectant colloidal silver-based gel – quickly and inexpensively -- simply by adding a few tablespoons full of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver to 1/2 cup of pure, 100% aloe vera gel (available dirt cheap from Wal-Mart), and stirring it up thoroughly.

You can store it in an old cold cream jar, or any small, wide mouth glass jar with a lid. Or, for ease of application, use an empty bottle of liquid hand soap with a pump dispenser.

It’s quick, easy and it works like a charm.

Save Money By Making Your Own Colloidal Silver, Too!

And by the way, with a high-quality quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, the amount of colloidal silver needed for your germ-killing “silver gel” will cost you less than a penny per batch to make.

Frankly, it’s so inexpensive, you’ll be able to give the healing and potentially life-saving silver gel away to family members, friends, neighbors and even co-workers during a serious viral pandemic, and help prevent the spread of viral pathogens everywhere you go.

Use it at home, at work, and especially whenever you go to the supermarket. Or simply use it throughout the day no matter what you’re doing, and you’ll enjoy superior protection from viral and bacterial pathogens all day long.

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Antibacterial Nanosilver and Those Sneaky Environmentalists

Antibacterial Nanosilver and Those Sneaky Environmentalists

As a journalist and a natural health advocate, I constantly watch how the "other side" makes their case against antibacterial silver, colloidal silver, nanosilver, and other silver-based antibacterial products. In other words, I watch how they use clever propaganda techniques to promote their anti-silver agenda.

For example, one of the most interesting tactics the environmentalists are now taking in their quest to have nanosilver products (including colloidal silver products) regulated as "pesticides" is to write articles that initially admit products containing nanosilver have beneficial qualities.

In these articles, the environmentalist author generally starts out appearing to be a moderate advocate for silver-based products. This sneaky tactic sucks you into the article, making it appear the author is unbiased and is going to present an even-handed case regarding the use of antibacterial silver in commercial products.

But then, as the article winds to its conclusion, the true agenda of the environmentalist author shows up. He (or she) suddenly turns against silver-based antibacterial products, and starts using exaggerations, hyperbole and sensationalistic claims to smear the use of silver as “potentially harmful to human health.”

Advocates, or Master Propagandists?

In short, these master propagandists begin their articles sounding like advocates for the use of silver as an antimicrobial agent, and end their articles denigrating silver as a "danger" to society.

Here's one recent example, from the so-called Cold Truth blog:

As you'll see, the author begins his article as if he’s a passionate advocate of the use of silver for antimicrobial purposes in commercial products.

He seems to be defending a manufacturer of silver-based antibacterial food packaging who can't get his product approved by the FDA.

But that's just the tactic the author -- a well-known environmentalist journalist -- uses to lure readers into his article, and to create the illusion that he’s being even-handed in his treatment of the subject.

By the end of the article, the author reveals his true motives. He reverts to the same hyper-exaggerations and sensationalistic tactics the environmentalists always revert to. He begins making up claims against antibacterial silver out of whole cloth, and using hyperbolic language to scare readers into believing silver is a threat to the environment and to human health as well.

This same environmentalist author, by the way, used this very same tactic some months back, in an article entitled, "Health Risks from Silver Nanoparticles is a Growing Threat to Consumers and Workers." When I commented on his article on his web site, and pointed out the exaggerations and inconsistencies, he removed my comment. So I wrote about it, exposing his questionable propaganda tactics here.

My Answer to His Latest Anti-Silver Propaganda Rant

Here then is my answer to this author's latest drive-by-shooting against products containing antibacterial nanosilver:

Dear Mr. Schneider:

Because you’re an investigative reporter who claims to publish the “cold truth” about health and environmental issues, I’d like to point out that there are several demonstrably untrue statements in your recent post entitled "Nano packaging of food kills deadly bacteria, but government says no go."

In addition to the rather serious untruths in your article, which I’ll cover briefly below, you also failed to tell the truth by way of omission. Which is to say, the information you left out of your article is in some cases more indicative of the truth than the information you included in your article.

Those Dreaded Nanosilver Panties – Oh My!

For example, when you wrote about the issue of nanosilver being embedded into the fabric of clothing for antimicrobial purposes, you railed against it, claiming that "frivolous products containing nanosilver particles" have now reached "absurd levels," including "nano-infused bras, panties, athletic supporters, socks, pants and scores of other products."

What you failed to point out is that the vast majority of such silver-impregnated clothing items are medical in nature, for example:

  • Special nanosilver stockings for diabetics, which help prevent diabetic foot, ankle and leg ulcers from becoming so infected that amputation is the only way to resolve the situation...

  • Special nanosilver socks for the U.S. military, to help prevent "foot rot," athlete's foot and other serious fungal infections for our troops stationed in war zones and other areas where there are often less than sanitary conditions...

  • Special nanosilver imbedded sports clothing for athletes to help prevent the spread of MRSA infections and other serious bacterial infections now commonly associated with close contact sports.

I could go on and on, but I don't think it really matters to you.

Instead of pointing out that nanosilver impregnated clothing was a medical Godsend for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, you hyper-exaggerated the situation. Oh, my! Those dread nanosilver panties are clearly threatening the health of millions.

Or so you’d have your readers believe. (I truly hope they’re not that gullible.)

The Old Lie About Nanosilver In the Water Supply

You then stated, "It didn’t take long for environmental scientists to find community water treatment plants loaded with nanosilver washed from these clothing items."

Sir, where is your evidence for that statement? If that is indeed the “cold truth,” please enlighten me. Where’s the proof?

While the news media has been rife with reports of the contamination of the community water supplies of this nation with dozens of potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, I have not seen a single news report about overly high levels of silver particles being found in community water treatment plants.

Indeed, to my knowledge, there have been ZERO reports of community water treatment plants being "loaded" with nanosilver, as you so sensationalistically claim.

What Really Happened…

What you failed to tell your readers is that several preliminary laboratory tests were performed in which items of clothing embedded with nanosilver were repeatedly washed until the silver particles began coming loose from the fabric. The so-called environmental "scientists" who conducted these studies then leaped to the conclusion that nanosilver from antibacterial clothing is contaminating water treatment plants and community water supplies.

But to my knowledge, to this day they have provided no significant or realistic evidence whatsoever for this kneejerk conclusion. No testing of community water treatment plants have demonstrated rising levels of nanosilver.

Agglomeration of Silver Particles

Most people who have studied the situation carefully, and with an unprejudiced eye, understand that nanosilver does not maintain its "nano" characteristics once it is released into the environment.

Instead, it rapidly agglomerates, or bonds, with other minerals such as alkaline salts, forming large particle agglomerates, and becoming virtually inert in terms of its previous antibacterial qualities.

In other words, once nanosilver enters the environment, it loses its “nano” qualities. It becomes like any other mineral substance found in water (also known as “dirt”).

Contrary to the wild assertions of some environmentalist groups like the International Center for Technology Assessment and Friends of the Earth, this poses no danger whatsoever to our nation’s waterways, or to the flora and fauna that depend upon the waterways, or to water treatment plants, or to people in general.

In fact, it is no different than the hundreds of streams in Colorado that are naturally brimming with billions of tiny silver particles, thanks largely to the abundance of mineral silver in the soil there. Some of my favorite trout fishing streams, ponds and lakes in Colorado are full of mineral silver, both naturally, and due to silver being leached from surrounding silver mine tailings. Yet these streams are rich with micro-flora and macro-flora. And the fishing is wonderful.

So it’s ludicrous to assert that simply because silver is found in waterways or water treatment plants that it is somehow "dangerous" or "toxic." In reality, when it is found, it is generally bonded with other minerals, and is relatively inert.

More Environmentalist Exaggerations

You also ominously intoned, "Most filtration systems can’t stop these nano-sized particles from entering the water supply. More importantly, very little research has been done on the health effects from the resulting exposure to humans and animals."

If "these nanosilver particles" you speak of actually remained in their "nano" state once introduced into the environment, I could understand your concern. But they don't. As I stated, they agglomerate with other minerals and essentially become "dirt."

These large, agglomerated particles are then filtered from the drinking water before it is passed along to the consumer, just like dirt is. There is absolutely ZERO evidence that nanosilver from clothing or other sources is reaching consumers in any significant amounts through the water supply.

In fact, please, show me even one study documenting a significant uptick in the silver content of drinking water in any major city’s drinking water, from clothing embedded with nanosilver partticles, or for any other reason, for that matter.

What’s that you say? You can't? So much for the “cold truth,” huh?

And even if there were such evidence (which there is not), there is still ZERO evidence of any negative health consequences to humans from it. Zero is a far cry from the potentially serious health consequences you imply in your propaganda piece disguised as a news article.

Cracks and Crevices

Like most environmentalists, the foundation of your entire case against nanosilver is full of cracks and crevices. Indeed, environmentalist outcries against nanosilver have been hysterical at best. For example, recent calls by Friends of the Earth to ban colloidal silver products or regulate them as drugs (see here) were ludicrous at face value, being based on the idea that commercial nanosilver products are now so prevalent in American households they are preventing little children from being exposed to all of the germs needed to stimulate their budding immune systems.

I don't know about the kids being raised by the people who run Friends of the Earth, but my kids roll in the dirt, crawl across dirty floors, climb trees, swim in muddy ponds, play with the neighbors dogs and cats, catch bugs and lizards and frogs, suck on candy they’ve dropped on the floor, and last week I even caught one of them digging for "treasure" in a local dumpster. So I don't think they’re in any danger of failing to come into enough contact with germs to stimulate their budding immune systems.

And I certainly don’t think owning a "Benny the Bear" plush toy with fabric that's embedded with particles of nanosilver is going to create too sterile of an environment for them. Nevertheless, that's exactly what Friends of the Earth contend in their sensationalistic 26 page position paper on nanosilver (read about it, here), released in June of this year. It’s ludicrous. Hysterical. And utterly misleading.

Do the Right Thing!

Since you claim to be an award-winning (Pulitzer, yet!) investigative reporter who reveals the “cold truth” and "exposes health issues the corporations don't want you to know about," I'd like to see you write about far more serious problems, such as the literal cornucopia of pharmaceutical drugs now contaminating many of the community water supplies in our nation.

The fact that so many environmental groups are taking a pass on the very real issue of our nation's drug-polluted water supplies, and are instead making the ludicrous claim that simple, natural nanosilver poses a serious environmental threat, has led many people to conclude that the funding these groups are taking from foundations connected with major drug companies such as Merck and Pfizer (see here) is tainting their vision at best, and utterly corrupting them at worst.

What say ye? Some actual “cold truth” on this subject would be a welcome change of pace.


Spencer Jones

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Colloidal Silver, Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Disease

Colloidal Silver, Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Disease

In the excerpts below from a medical study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (2008: 101: S51–S52. DOI 10.1258/jrsm.2008.s18012)we see some very strong evidence indicating that colloidal silver may turn out to be a successful treatment for the debilitating chronic lung infections associated with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

In this particular case, a young boy was first diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at age two, and over the ensuing nine years grew worse and worse in spite of intensive medical treatment.

By the time he was 11, physical exertion left him struggling for breath due to the severity of his lung infection and his condition had deteriorated to the point that his doctors referred him for heart/lung transplant assessment.

Because doctors had documented serious infections in the boy’s lungs, and because aggressive IV antibiotic therapy administered by the boy’s doctors had proven to be futile, his parents began to look into alternative remedies for the infection.

Small Daily Amounts of Colloidal Silver Eliminated His Lung Infections and Restored His Life

On the internet, his parents found information about colloidal silver and began treating their son with small daily amounts, approximately 1/2 teaspoonful, twice a day.

According to the study authors below, “Over the next three months the patient achieved a sustained improvement in symptoms, which persisted following weaning from oral steroids, nebulized antibiotics and regular asthma medications.

In other words, thanks to the success of the colloidal silver usage, the boy’s parents were able to start weaning their child off of the harsh prescription antibiotic drugs.

The boy enjoyed what his doctors called “a sustained improvement in symptoms,” and was able to enjoy a skiing holiday, full participation in school rugby matches and even “significant improvements in his golf handicap.”

In other words, the boy went from being barely able to breathe, to returning to an almost normal, active boyhood life!

The child apparently had one further relapse after experiencing a “temporary interruption of colloidal silver [usage] for a month.” Then, according to the doctors, “He has remained well for a further six months after resuming colloidal silver, with no other changes in his routine care.

Doctors Cautious About Recommending Colloidal Silver for Cystic Fibrosis in Spite of the Evidence

The doctors, of course, are duly cautious about recommending colloidal silver usage for Cystic Fibrosis patients, even though it was they who documented the child’s startling recovery from the severe symptoms of the disease.

Nevertheless, the case represents another pointed example of what colloidal silver users have been saying for decades, i.e., Colloidal silver kills many infections better than prescription antibiotic drugs.

For example, you can read my wife’s story of how colloidal silver usage saved her toes from surgical amputation when she contracted osteomyelitis, a serious bone infection, back in 1994. She too had been aggressively treated to no avail with antibiotics, including IV antibiotics, before discovering colloidal silver.

On the internet, there are numerous other accounts of astonishing recoveries from serious, antibiotic-resistant infections using colloidal silver, including 82-year old David Sharman’s account of curing a potentially deadly, hospital-acquired MRSA infection with colloidal silver after doctor’s sent him home from the hospital with no hope. (You can read about four other medical studies documenting the powerful infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver against antibiotic-resistant MRSA at the link in this paragraph.)

What’s more, numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of colloidal silver against a variety of serious viral infections, too.

And a recent study documents colloidal silver effectiveness against fungal infections, even demonstrating it to be more powerful than two of the most popular prescription anti-fungal drugs.

Colloidal Silver is Readily Available, Or Make It Yourself for Pennies Per Quart

Colloidal silver is readily available at health food stores across American for about $20 to $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle.

One of the best things about colloidal silver, however, is that it can be made at home, very inexpensively, with a simple device called a colloidal silver generator.

For example, thousands of people around the world use the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, which allows them to make high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for about 36 cents a quart.

You can watch a video of how it works, here.

Medical Monopoly Continues to Shun Colloidal Silver

The medical monopoly continues to shun colloidal silver usage in favor of their own orthodox treatments and prescription drugs. Some news reports even claim that there is no medical evidence for the effectiveness of colloidal silver against infections and disease, in spite of all of the published studies which prove such a ludicrous assertion to be untrue. The truth is, medical study after medical study continues to confirm the amazing infection-fighting power of this safe and highly-effective all-natural substance.

Excerpts from “Colloidal silver for lung disease in cystic fibrosis”

Here then are some excerpts from the study “Colloidal silver for lung disease in cystic fibrosis,” published in the prestigious Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine in 2008 (J R Soc Med 2008: 101: S51–S52. DOI 10.1258/jrsm.2008.s18012):

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) families commonly consider alternative or complimentary therapies of questionable value. We report the case of a 12-year-old boy with severe CF lung complications who was treated by his family with colloidal silver.

The child was diagnosed aged two (homozygous _F508) following investigations for faltering growth. He had extensive left lower lobe bronchiectasis and positive Pseudomonas aeruginosa cultures at diagnosis. This organism persisted despite aggressive IV antibiotics, long term nebulized colomycin, bronchoscopy and a prolonged in-patient stay.

Aged three he developed pseudomembranous colitis requiring prolonged intensive care. Aged six he developed severe, steroiddependent, relapsing allergic broncho-pulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) and right mid-zone bronchiectasis. Atopic asthma also proved increasingly problematic, with evidence of sensitization and wheezing in relation to several aeroallergens, including house dust mite and cat. He had a significant step up in FEV1 after a trial of rhDNase (pulmozyme) and this drug was added to his treatment regime.

Spirometry plateaued around 60%, with frequent deteriorations caused by wheezing episodes and infective exacerbations. Aged 10 his FEV1 deteriorated to 40% predicted with severe episodic wheeze. A Brompton referral was made to consider monthly IVIG therapy (not given) and regular IV antibiotics and aggressive ABPA treatment were recommended.

Aged 11, the patient isolated Burkholderia multivorans and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. Pulmonary status deteriorated to an FEV1 of 24%.

In March 2006, he was treated with prolonged IV and oral antibiotics, steroids and antifungals. Lung function recovered to around 40% but he remained markedly symptomatic, with persistent cough, breathlessness and wheeze after physical activity. Because of these complications he was referred for heart–lung transplant assessment.

Colloidal Silver

At the same time, the family discovered websites promoting colloidal silver for CF and purchased the product from their local health food shop. They independently commenced 2.5 mL b.i.d. of the solution in July 2006.

Over the next three months the patient achieved a sustained improvement in symptoms, which persisted following weaning from oral steroids, nebulized antibiotics and regular asthma medications.

He has continued rhDNase treatment. FEV1 peaked at 60% (Figure 1). The family declined transplant assessment.

He remained well for a year, enjoying a skiing holiday, full participation in school rugby matches and significant improvements in his golf handicap. He required only one further course of IV antibiotics until a recent deterioration coinciding with temporary interruption of colloidal silver for a month.

Whereas sputum samples had consistently isolated B. multivorans before receiving silver, there had only been one further positive isolate during the year when he received it. He has remained well for a further six months after resuming colloidal sliver, with no other changes in his routine care.

…In our case we have documented significant improvements in well-being that were temporally associated with the use of the drug [i.e., colloidal silver –ED]. However, this is a single anecdote and caution should be used in interpreting the significance of these observations.

If there was a direct clinical effect of the silver we speculate that this might have been as a result of a bactericidal action on CF pathogens, as suggested by the decreased occurrence of B. multivorans on sputum cultures. Researchers in Denmark have shown that silver is highly effective as a bactericidal agent against biofilm and planktonic models of Gram-negative organisms, including P. aeruginosa.

Currently there is no evidence to support the use of silver products in CF but their potential benefits might be worthy of further exploration. An American study has shown benefits for silver in the treatment of Burkholderia dolosa infection in a murine model of severe lung sepsis.

Further in vitro studies of the effects of silver on the organisms within CF sputa and a better understanding of safe dosaging are essential first steps in exploring the potential for this use of this treatment option.

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