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Colloidal Silver Tames the Dental Plaque Monster

Colloidal Silver Tames the Dental Plaque Monster

Are you aware that colloidal silver is extremely effective against periodontal disease (i.e., gum disease)?

It is. In fact, there is even a patent for the use of a new type of silver-based product that apparently destroys bacterial plaque on teeth and bacterial pockets under the gum line. Here’s a quote directly from the patent [emphasis ours]:

Periodontal disease can be treated by the administration of metal ions, preferably silver ions, to the site where the microorganisms that cause this disease reside. Administration can be to periodontal pockets or adjacent to exposed tooth roots or alveolar bone during periodontal surgical procedures.

The metal ions can be administered in polymeric microparticles, deformable films or microparticles embedded within deformable films. The metal ions are particularly microbiocidal to the bacterial pathogens that are the causative agents of periodontal disease.

Based on Previous Studies of Periodontal Disease in Animals

The patent inventors are Donald F. Roberts, Phillip M Friden, Peter Spacciapoli, and Eric Nelson. And their patent is apparently based upon previous attempts to use silver compounds to heal periodontal disease in animals. As their patent further states:

There appear to have been limited attempts to use silver compounds in the treatment of periodontal disease. Silver sulfadiazine, when applied topically to the supragingival tooth surface in a gel base, has been shown both to prevent and to reduce gingival inflammation and plaque formation in beagle dogs (T. H. Howell et al., J. Periodontal Res. 25:197-200 (1990) and T. H. Howell et al., J. Clin. Periodontal. 17: 734-737 (1990)).

However, these findings apparently have not been further pursued. Potential drawbacks to using silver compounds supragingivally in the treatment of periodontal disease are the staining of teeth and oral mucosa and the unpleasant taste that such treatment engenders. Thus, a potent, microbiocidally effective formulation that is locally applied subgingivally would provide a significant improvement in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Unique Delivery System: A Constant Flow of Silver Ions

The patent further states:

The present invention also pertains to delivery systems for use in treating or preventing periodontal disease in individuals. These delivery systems are solid or liquid formulations that release metal ions into an aqueous solution when the formulations are in contact with such solutions.

In particular, the formulations are the releasable metal ions in a deformable or non-deformable solid carrier, in a gel carrier or in a combination of a solid and a gel carrier. These formulations, in preferred embodiments, are depositable into periodontal pockets and/or adhereable to teeth at the root surface and/or to the gingival tissue below the gum line.

Advantages of the present invention are the manner of treatment and the efficacy of treating periodontal disease that is provided by the administration of metal ions to the actual or potential sites of periodontal infection. With the present invention, the administered metal ions are particularly potent in their microbiocidal activity against the microorganisms that are the causative agents of periodontal infection.

The invention is further described as:

A method of treating or preventing periodontitis in an individual comprising: administrating to a periodontal pocket or oral surgical site of said individual a polymeric film containing silver nitrate to deliver silver ion to said periodontal pocket or surgical site sufficient to exert an antimicrobial effect for at least fourteen days at or adjacent to said pocket or site.

In other words, the inventors have come up with a method of implanting a substance laced with metallic silver ions onto the tooth under the gum line, or into an oral surgical site, from which point it releases silver ions over a period of 14 days, wiping out the plaque and tooth decay-causing microorganisms colonizing the area.

Fascinating, But Is It Really Necessary?

Now this is no doubt a fascinating invention. And it is without a doubt one more exciting piece of evidence demonstrating the incredible infection-fighting power of silver, which is now being harnessed by Big Business in a startling array of applications, even while the FDA continues to harass colloidal silver vendors for making the very same claims made in this patent.

But while I have absolutely nothing against this invention, and wish the inventors nothing but success, I still can’t understand why they don’t just take a simpler route, i.e., rather than implanting their invention under the gums or into an oral surgery site for 14 days, why not just have the victim of periodontal disease rinse, brush and swish colloidal silver around in their mouths several times a day for a few weeks, instead?

With the advent of high-quality colloidal silver generators, colloidal silver can now be made at home, safely, quickly and easily, for only pennies per quart. And brushing with it, rinsing with it, and swishing it around in one’s mouth several times a day has got to be a lot more appealing than dental intervention and/or surgical implantation of a device impregnated with silver.

Another Potential Problem

Here’s another problem I see with this new invention: it depends upon the use of potentially problematic chemical complexes of silver, rather than safe, natural colloidal silver. Chemical forms of silver can sometimes be caustic. What’s more, it is the chemical forms of silver that are most often associated with skin-staining (i.e., argyria).

Once more, I quote directly from the patent:

A particularly preferred active agent is silver ions. In the formulations of the present invention, the silver ions are initially in chemical combination with an anionic species to form a salt or with a complexing substance to form a chemical complex. Thus, the silver ions are inserted in the formulations of the present invention as, for example, silver acetate, silver bromate, silver chlorate, silver perchlorate, silver chlorite, silver fluoride, silver lactate, silver permanganate, silver protein, silver nitrate, silver nitrite, silver sulfadiazine, silver sulfate or combinations of these chemical compounds and complexes. Of these chemical compounds and complexes, silver nitrate, silver chlorate, silver perchlorate and silver fluoride are preferred.

…It has been determined that the concentration of metal, e.g., silver, ions that is microbiocidal to the periodontal disease-causing microorganisms can be as low as 0.5 parts per million (ppm) (500 ng/ml) in the aqueous environment containing these microorganisms. Higher concentrations are also microbiocidal, of course, but this finding indicates that minimal amounts of the active metal agents can be administered with an expectation of microbiocidal activity.

While 0.5 parts per million (ppm) is a very low concentration of silver, and would probably not be overtly harmful, don’t you think you could achieve the same thing simply by swishing some safe, natural colloidal silver around in your mouth several times a day, brushing with colloidal silver several times a day, and rinsing with it?

Avoiding a Root Canal by Using Colloidal Silver

I ask that question out of personal experience. For nearly 12 years I was able to prevent having a painful root canal procedure done simply by using some homemade colloidal silver several times a day, whenever a flare-up would occur.

Indeed, back in 1996 my dentist had told me that my bottom right molar had a small hairline crack in it, and that microbes were penetrating the tooth and getting into the root system, causing an infection resulting in the excruciating pain I had been experiencing. After taking x-rays, he immediately recommended a root canal.

Now this same dentist had performed a root canal on one of my front teeth about six years earlier, and it was one of the most painful procedures I’d ever endured. It was, in fact, the one and only time I actually screamed out in pain in a professional office surrounding, such was the pain caused by the root canal procedure.

So instead of having the second root canal done, I went home and started soaking the tooth in colloidal silver each night. What I did was this:

Upon going to bed each night, I’d take about two ounces of colloidal silver into my mouth, and hold it directly over the offending tooth for as long as I could. I’d shoot for ten or fifteen minutes. While I was doing this, I’d read from a book, or watch television.

Occasionally, I’d forcefully swish the colloidal silver back and forth over the infected tooth, in an attempt to force some of the tiny silver particles under the gum line, and between the teeth, and hopefully even into the hairline crack my dentist told me was there. And after ten or fifteen minutes had passed, I’d swallow the colloidal silver, and then repeat the same process with a fresh mouthful of colloidal silver.

Furthermore, I’d repeat the same procedure several times during the day, while I was at work. It was no big deal. I just brought a small jar of my homemade colloidal silver to work with me. It was about 10 ppm in concentration. And whenever I knew I wouldn’t be talking to anyone at work for awhile, I’d take a nice big mouthful of colloidal silver and begin alternately holding it over the tooth, and then swishing it forcefully back and forth over the tooth. Again, I’d do so for ten or fifteen minutes. And I always swallowed the colloidal silver afterwards.

The result? The pain immediately began to diminish. And within only three days there was no more pain left whatsoever. Within a week, I went back to the dentist and had new X-rays taken. And you should have seen the look on his face when he saw that the infection was completely gone. Not a trace of it.

Occasional Flare Ups

Over the years since that event, that same tooth would occasionally flare up. I’d feel a light throbbing pain beginning. And I’d go home and get my colloidal silver out and start repeating the above process. Nine times out of ten, the pain was gone the same day it started. Of course, I’d continue the procedure for a few days just to make sure. But it always worked. Every single time.

Looking back, I’d have to estimate that the tooth acted up probably once a year. I attributed this to the hairline crack in the tooth allowing bacterial to get down into the root area and colonize. But each time it happened, I’d use the colloidal silver to eradicate the infection and clear up the problem.

Now that may be too much trouble for some people. Perhaps they’d prefer a root canal, or having their gums scraped, or whatever the case may be. Or maybe they’d prefer to try the invention described earlier in this article, in which a substance laced with a chemical silver compound is implanted under the gum line for 14 days. But not me. Simply brushing with colloidal silver a few times a day, rinsing with colloidal silver from time-to-time, or even holding a little bit of colloidal silver in the mouth and swishing it around vigorously a couple of times a day is simple and effective enough for me.

Again, I’d like to emphasize that I’m not putting down the invention described above. In fact, I’m very excited about it. Anything that puts the infection-fighting power of silver into the limelight is just dandy with me. But on a personal level, I’m a minimalist at heart. If I can avoid an overly-complex procedure such as implantation of a substance under the gums, or an invasive procedure, and get pretty much the same results with a simpler and more natural procedure, I will do so every time.

Can Colloidal Silver Really Cure Dental Plaque?

This brings up the questions as to whether or not colloidal silver can cure dental plaque.

According to a 1999 study conducted at Brigham Young University, the bacterium Streptococcus mutans, which is a major cause of dental plaque and tooth decay, was inhibited and destroyed using just 5 ppm of colloidal silver.

In fact, in the study colloidal silver was demonstrated to be as good at destroying the bacteria as five different classes of antibiotics, including: the tetracyclines, fluorinated quinolones (Ofloxacin), the penicillins, the cephalosporins (Cefaperazone) and the macrolides (Erythromycin).

Now that doesn't prove that colloidal silver cures dental plaque. After all, in addition to Streptococcus mutans there are over 500 other types of bacterial that can cause a buildup of dental plaque. But it does show that colloidal silver is highly effective against at least one of the most common causes of dental plaque.

What's more, the problem with using colloidal silver lies in getting enough of the tiny silver particles deep into the area where plaque is building up, and keeping it there long enough for the silver to do its job on the microbes causing the buildup.

This is why an invention like the one described earlier in this article could easily be perceived by many as being superior to simple usage of colloidal silver. Why? Because the silver-impregnated substance is implanted at the site of plaque buildup, or the oral surgery site, and for a requisite period of time it constantly releases a slow barrage of silver ions. This procedure pretty much assures that the plaque-causing or infection-causing microbes are constantly exposed to the silver ions being released from the substance, and are thus wiped out over the 14 day period the substance has been implanted for.

Colloidal Silver Can Provide the Same Profound Benefit

But many colloidal silver users have found that persistent and disciplined use of inexpensive homemade colloidal silver can accomplish the same health-enhancing result.

The simple method I described earlier in this article, in which colloidal silver is simply held in the mouth and swished forcefully around several times a day for ten or fifteen minutes worked wonders for eradicating both my tooth infection and plaque. And I’ve learned over the course of the past 12 years, while conducting over 2,000 interviews with regular colloidal silver users including doctors, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, medical researchers and laymen alike, that this same technique has worked equally well for many others who have used it, too.

Now I’m no doctor. I’m a natural health journalist. So I’m not “prescribing” here. I’m simply relating a process that has worked for me on more than one occasion over the course of the past 12 years. And it has worked very well for others I know of, too.

Here’s a quote from a letter we recently received from a long-time colloidal silver user who owns one of the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators from The Silver Edge:

I was recently scheduled for periodontal surgery, at a cost of $5,000 plus three months of misery. Instead, I chose to use a combination of CoQ10 ingested and the micro-particle colloidal silver as liquid ‘toothpaste’. The periodontal disease was no longer there at the next cleaning, six months later.”

What Happened to My Plaque?

I’ll conclude by quoting the well-known colloidal silver advocate Mark Metcalf, who once wrote, “I received a call from a man with a PhD in computer science who made some colloidal silver and applied it with an eye dropper to a chronic eye infection. He said the infection went away almost immediately. In the course of our conversation he mentioned in passing that colloidal silver also got rid of the plaque on his teeth. I had been wondering what happened to the plaque on my own teeth, but had not put the two together.”

Yes, colloidal silver can kill the bacterial responsible for the buildup of plaque on your teeth. And this is truly great news because plaque and the resulting dental infections it causes is a scourge that has brought nothing but pain and misery to literally hundreds of millions of people around the world, and has resulted in a box office business for dentists everywhere.

But don’t count on your dentist telling you about colloidal silver and its plaque-eradicating and infection-fighting properties anytime soon. He’d probably lose his license if he did. And of course, it would likely cost him a boatload of income if too many of his patients learned they could eradicate their own plaque or even heal certain dental infections on their own by using a few cents worth of colloidal silver each day.

Nevertheless, one day, when the above-mentioned invention finally comes to fruition and gets approved by the medical bureaucrats, your dentist might end up offering to implant a substance under your gums that releases tiny silver ions over the course of 14 days. Of course, that would be done after he has painfully scraped out the bacterial pockets and plaque out from under your gum lines. Just remember, you read about it here, first…but you also read about the less expensive and less invasive alternative!


Experienced colloidal silver users have long known that colloidal silver is an incredibly effective all-natural infection-fighter, and can be used successfully in a startling variety of situations.

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Colloidal Silver Freshness and Potency

Colloidal Silver Freshness and Potency

Recently I was asked “How do you determine the freshness and potency of colloidal silver you’ve had stored in a cabinet for a long period of time?”

My general rule of thumb is to watch for precipitation of silver particles in your storage bottle. If the silver particles are beginning to fall out of suspension and coat the sides or bottom of your glass storage container, then it is time to make a fresh batch.

Otherwise, if there is no precipitation of the silver particles, then your colloidal silver solution should be as good to use as the most freshly made colloidal silver.

Here's a good example...

Chicken Soup for the Colloidal Silver Soul?

Several weekends ago my wife and I attended the Mega Book Marketing Conference in Los Angeles with best-selling author Mark Victor Hansen, of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame. And soon after we arrived, I began to come down with a nasty case of the sniffles.

Mark's conferences are enlightening. But they can also be grueling. They generally run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day for three days, at breakneck speed and intensity. And I realized that between the long hours of preparation for the conference, combined with the travel to get there and the long high-intensity hours at the conference itself, I was growing not only more and more physically exhausted, but getting congested as well. That nagging feeling that a nasty cold was brewing began to take hold.

I also realized that in my haste to leave for the conference I had failed to bring any freshly-made colloidal silver. In fact, the only colloidal silver I had was some micro-particle colloidal silver made with one of the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators. It was stored in an old 8 oz. glass bottle with a plastic pump spray lid. And it had been in my travel shaving kit for the past nine months, going with me on various business trips across the country.

So I was concerned that the colloidal silver would be very helpful at all, due to the poor storage conditions and the age of the solution. But when I checked the solution by pouring it out into a clear drinking glass, I could see there was no precipitation of the silver particles whatsoever – which is to say, there was no gray film forming at the bottom of the glass.

This means the silver particles were all still suspended in the solution by their electrical charge. In other words, the micro-particle colloidal silver was still just as fresh and potent as the day I had first made it.

As usual, the micro-particle colloidal silver worked like a charm, in spite of the fact that it was nine months old and had been incorrectly stored for the vast majority of that time.

I drank several ounces of it. And knowing that many budding infections start at the eyes and ears, I also put several drops of the solution into each eye and ear at bed time. And I used the spray pump on the bottle to spray some colloidal silver into my throat while I inhaled deeply to get it down into my lungs (kind of like a makeshift nebulizer).

By the next day I was feeling like my old self again, relaxed and refreshed, with far less congestion, no more sniffling and no more exhaustion. And I was able to continue through the conference without further incident.

That's the beauty of owning a colloidal silver generator that produces true silver micro-particles. Loss of "freshness" and “potency” is practically non-existent because of the remarkable long-term stability of the colloidal silver produced by the generator.

What Causes Silver Particles to Precipitate Out of Solution?

There are many things that can cause precipitation of silver particles. Indeed, everything from storing your colloidal silver solution in bright light, to storing it near a magnetic influence such as a large stereo speaker or a micro-wave oven, can create conditions in which the silver particles begin to fall out of suspension and begin to coat the bottom of your storage container with a thin gray film.

For those who make their own colloidal silver, one of the most common causes of precipitation of the silver particles is the use of a colloidal silver generator that produces overly-large silver particles.

The larger the silver particles are in your colloidal silver solution, the heavier they are. And the heavier they are, the more highly electrically charged they have to be in order to remain suspended in a state of Brownian motion in the solution.

Brownian motion is, in part, what helps keeps your silver particles from precipitating out of solution. It is caused when the positive electrical charge on each of the billions of microscopic silver particles in the solution creates a condition in which the silver particles constantly repel each other, much as the positive poles on two magnets will always push the magnets apart and never let them join together.

Picture billions of tiny silver particles suspended in a solution of distilled water, with every one of the particles in non-stop movement because they are constantly being repelled by the next nearest silver particle. Each particle of silver acts like a “pong” paddle to the next nearest silver particle. Even though they never touch each other, they appear to “bounce” off of each other and propel each other in different directions. This goes on constantly, literally billions of times per second.

Agglomeration of Silver Particles

But when the electrical charge on some of the silver particles begins to weaken dramatically, those weakened particles will start to precipitate, or fall out of suspension.

And having lost their electrical charge, many of them will be attracted to more highly charged silver particles as they fall toward the sides or bottom of the bottle. And as the particles are attracted to each other they begin to bond together in clusters – a process called agglomeration, or aggregation.

Finally, as these silver particles begin to cluster, their size and weight is increased. And as more physical silver is added to the cluster, the electrical charge on the more highly charged particles is dissipated by virtue of the fact that the charge is now being shared by more and more silver particles.

Thus the electrical charge being carried by one silver particle now has to carry the weight of two, three, four, five, ten, or even more silver particles as the clusters begin to grow in size. And after awhile the remaining electrical charge on these growing particle clusters can no longer carry the sheer weight of the clusters, and they begin to fall completely out of suspension, eventually coating the bottom of the storage container with a thin gray film.

This situation is exacerbated when salt, baking soda or other additives are used during the colloidal silver-making process to boost the speed of production. The use of such additives actually causes particle clustering right from the beginning of the process, which in turn leads to premature precipitation of the particles from the solution as those overly large particle clusters slowly lose their electrical charge.

Not So With the New Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator

The new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator produces silver particles so small there is usually no particle agglomeration and no precipitation whatsoever, except perhaps under the most extreme of conditions, such as sending a solution through a strong electro-magnetic field at an airport checking station.

Even then, micro-particle silver is usually so stable, there is very little if any precipitation of the silver particles.

In fact, I have stored a quart of micro-particle colloidal silver in my kitchen cabinet for well over three years now, and there is still zero precipitation of the silver particles. This means it is still just as fresh (and potent) as the day I made it.

If you tried this with a conventional colloidal silver generator, you’d probably get visible precipitation of the silver particles within six weeks, maybe a little bit longer, depending upon the generator and the quality of silver it produces.

That’s one of the huge benefits of producing micro-particle colloidal silver with a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. Because it is composed of very small silver particles (as small as .0008 microns), and because they are very highly electrically charged, they almost never fall out of suspension in the solution. They remain just as fresh and potent as the day you make them, literally for years on end.

Plus, during the colloidal silver-making process, each tiny silver micro-particle becomes attached to an oxygen molecule, thanks to the built-in air bubbling action of the generator. This further adds to the stability of the silver particles, and helps makes micro-particle colloidal silver completely unique from any other form of colloidal silver.

To Learn More…

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Homemade Colloidal Silver v/s Silver-Based Devices

Homemade Colloidal Silver v/s Silver-Based Devices

Did you read the recent article about the new home humidifier that uses silver to control microbial growth?
Here’s what the prestigious Silver Institute has to say about it:

New Silver-Based Humidifier

Many people use humidifiers in their homes during winter months because moist, warm air is healthier to breath than dry, heated air. This is especially true for infants and those with respiratory problems.

Unfortunately, humidifiers need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly because mold and mildew can build up in the water tank and other parts and disperse microscopic fungi and bacteria into the air.

One humidifier, the Air-O-Swiss 7142 uses two silver-based parts to reduce these problems. First, a replaceable demineralization cartridge reduces so-called ‘white dust,’ composed of lime scale and other mineral deposits from the mist output. The plastic housing of the demineralization cartridge is silver treated to inhibit microbial growth on the surface of the cartridge.

Second, a patented Ionic Silver Stick uses aqueous silver ions to control microbial growth for up to one year of continuous use. This optional accessory uses the antimicrobial action of silver to keep the unit safe and free of microbial growth. It is self-regulating and maintenance-free and should be replaced once a year, company officials say. A lifecycle replacement indicator lets users know when to change the Stick. The humidifier retails for $US199.

$199 for a Humidifier – You’re Kidding, Right?

Now I’m all for using silver in modern technology. But I’m not too sure about paying a whopping $199 for a humidifier just because it uses a cartridge of silver to help control microbial growth.

After all, you can get a really nice little countertop humidifier at Wal-Mart for about $29. And if you have a colloidal silver generator like the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you can make a full quart of high-quality colloidal silver for about 36 cents, and then add four or five ounces to your humidifier water to turn it into a phenomenal microbe-controlling device.

Here’s a Better Idea: A Poor Man’s Nebulizer

Last year I bought a machine called a “cool mist vaporizer,” which was on sale at Wal-Mart for under $30. And since that time, whenever I’ve felt a cold, flu sore throat, sinus congestion or sniffles of any kind coming on, I add four or five ounces of my homemade micro-particle colloidal silver to the water in the vaporizer’s reservoir, turn the unit on, put my face right over the cool mist spout, and breathe deeply of the gently flowing silver-laced mist.

And I’ve found that it knocks out budding infections in record time. It’s like having all of the benefits of an expensive medical nebulizer, but without all of the expense!

Plus, you can let it run in any room of your house to help prevent the spread of microbes. The cool mist from the vaporizer carries the microscopic particles of electrically-charged silver on the ambient air currents throughout your home, helping keep it germ-free and sanitized.

What’s more, if you’ve got sick kids home from school, and they’re coughing germs and viruses all over the place, I’ve found it to be one of the best things in the world to put into their bedrooms, to keep the spread of these nasty little microbes at bay, help them heal faster, and greatly reduce the chances of others in the home getting sick, to boot!

Hey, for me, it beats the heck out of forking out a whopping $199 for a silver-based humidifier when they can be purchased without the silver cartridge four under $30, and used with homemade colloidal silver that can be made for only pennies!

More Great Tips on Using Colloidal Silver

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You'll be glad you did, I promise!

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Using the Colloidal Silver "Blue Man" to Discredit Colloidal Silver Usage

Using the Colloidal Silver “Blue Man” to Discredit Colloidal Silver Usage

People have written to ask me what I think will happen next, in regards to the colloidal silver "blue man" story.

Undoubtedly, the saga of the colloidal silver “blue man” will likely continue to play out, as long as the corporate controlled news media are getting what they want out of it.

As mentioned in previous blog posts on this site, the corporate controlled media are using this single example of a man with a very unusual side effect, which he got from taking excessive daily dosages of colloidal silver for years on end, in order to completely discredit colloidal silver usage.

Indeed, it is obvious to everyone but the most myopic of viewers that the only beneficiaries of the colloidal silver “blue man” sideshow are the major drug companies and the corporate controlled media who rake in hundreds of millions of dollars a year running prescription drug ads for them.

Battling Against Colloidal Silver Since 1999

The drug companies have battled against colloidal silver usage for years, through their front men in the FDA. In 1999 they even tried to have colloidal silver banned by the FDA, but failed.

And every time they have attacked colloidal silver, it has only served to shine the spotlight of truth on this remarkable natural infection-fighting and immune-boosting substance. As a result, to date, the drug companies and their bureaucratic enforcement arm (FDA) have failed to stop the colloidal silver juggernaut. Indeed, today there is now an estimated 10 million colloidal silver users throughout North America alone, and millions more around the world. And the numbers are growing daily.

This is why the medicrats have switched gears. They have finally figured out that they have to be more subtle (actually, more subtil, i.e., sneaky) in their approach if they are to ever get their ban on colloidal silver through.

Emotionally-Laden Propaganada Tactics

So now they are now using emotionally-laden corporate propaganda tactics. They know they have to reach the public emotionally in order to scare them away from colloidal silver, so that once they propose to ban this powerful natural infection-fighting agent again, there won't be much resistance to the idea from the general public.

As part of this new tactic, several years back the various media shills for the medical bureaucrats started pushing the story of the Montana "blue man," Stan Jones -- even going so far as to doctor photos of him to look blue, when in reality he merely had some small patches of skin graying on his face and under his fingernails at the time.

You can read an interview with Mr. Jones on my web site which we conducted with him several years ago. Just click on the "Did Colloidal Silver Turn This Man Blue?” link, and you’ll see how the news media purposely distorted the story for their own ends, and caused Mr. Jones to lose the election to the Montana Senate seat he was running for at the time, as the Libertarian Party candidate.

Gray Skin, No Eyes

Then, shortly afterwards, the bureaucratic medical shills for the drug companies began posting photos of a small handful of argyria victims on certain medical web sites across the internet. But they purposely cut the eyes out of the people in the photos so that the argyria victims looked a hundred times more ghastly than they otherwise would have.

There was absolutely no reason to doctor those photos by cutting out the people's eyes except that it made them look like they came right out of some horrific zombie movie. It increased the emotional impact of the photos by a hundred fold.

If they had wanted to simply preserve the personal privacy of the argyria victims in the photos, they could have easily used the traditional black bar across the eyes, or used pixelation on the face to hide the people's identities. But instead, they did what had the most emotional impact on the viewers of those photos.

Then, they got certain “quackwatch”-style web sites to post links to these photos, publicizing them and claiming the argyria portrayed was the direct result of colloidal silver usage. A little detective work, however, reveals that these particular cases of argyria were caused by the usage of chemical-based prescription silver compounds such as silver nitrate, rather than properly made, electrically generated colloidal silver.

How to Manipulate the Public

Tactics like this are right out of the "how to manipulate the public" propaganda handbooks. And so today, on mainstream internet sites such as the Yahoo "Ask" pages, and many others, you can see people linking to those scary-looking photos of argyria victims, while posting wild warnings about the "dangers" of using colloidal silver. Yet not one of those victims of argyria portrayed in those photos had used properly made, electrically generated colloidal silver.

Now the drug companies have the benefit of the new "blue man," Paul Karason. He's an affable fellow. In fact, after listening to him for awhile, you can’t help but like him. And it is certainly very cool the way he continues to advocate colloidal silver.

But it is also clear the corporate media is using him to promote the idea that colloidal silver usage is dangerous, will "turn you blue," and only "kooky" people like Paul would ever dare risk using it, much less continuing to use it after they turn blue from it.

Kooks and Recluses

Have you noticed, for example, that in every single television interview with Mr. Karason, the host inevitably leads him to talk about his life-long tendency toward reclusiveness?

This is very purposeful, and a very powerful tactic. In fact, it is an emotionally-laden public relations propaganda tactic designed to impact the public psyche. It is like the "lone nut" killers they always trot out for public consumption when there are assassination attempts against major public figures, such as the JFK assassination.

By constantly harping on Paul Karason's lifelong "reclusiveness" the general public is left with the impression that only kooky "recluses" use things like colloidal silver, and they get what they deserve for not joining in with the multitudes and trusting in mainstream medicine.

And of course, the television hosts always conveniently fail to mention the fact that there has never been a recorded death or serious injury, or even a serious adverse event, from colloidal silver usage, other than the half dozen or so people every few decades who take it in excessive amounts and stain their skin.

And they certainly won't tell the public that in contrast, over 120,000 people a year are flat out killed (some would say murdered) by mainstream medicine's prescription drugs, and hundreds of thousands more are injured or suffer from serious adverse events (i.e., side effects), oftentimes permanently.

Scare Tactics: They Use Them, Because They Work

The entire idea behind the "blue man" propaganda saturation campaign is to leave the public believing that mainstream medicine is for "normal" people and is always good for you, whereas natural health is for "nuts," "kooks" and "recluses," and will ultimately hurt you.

They know they have to scare people away from even trying natural health remedies, if they are to stop the growing exodus of people from mainstream medicine. And to do so, they must portray natural health advocates as "nutty" and "kooky" and "reclusive."

And so they use these emotional P.R. and propaganda tactics, because they work better than raw force (i.e., such as outright product bans) which always triggers public resistance and resentment.

The Coming Ban on Colloidal Silver

Ultimately, however, the colloidal silver ban will come. They are just softening up the public, first. They are reducing resistance to a ban on colloidal silver, by portraying it as a substance only mentally challenged "lone nuts" would partake of.

Right now, Health Canada (the Canadian version of the FDA) is sending out public warnings about commercially sold colloidal silver products, and actively soliciting "adverse events" reports on colloidal silver from the public.

This means two things: One, they don't have any significant adverse events reports on colloidal silver in their files, so they have to actively solicit them. Two, once they have compiled some "adverse events" reports, they are planning on using them. In short, they are planning a ban on colloidal silver, and are trying to amass the "evidence" they need in support of a ban, in advance.

Of course, under normal circumstances product bans are usually the result of real "adverse events" reports that come in spontaneously and unsolicited from the public over a period of time. These reports are then investigated, and if there is evidence that the substance in question poses a danger to the public, then action is taken against that substance. But in this case the medical bureaucrats in Canada have no significant evidence against colloidal silver. So they are actually prodding the public to provide them with some.

Here in the U.S. things are getting equally dodgy behind the scenes. For example, the medical bureaucrats are going after our friends over at Utopia Silver, trying to set them up and use them as a test case in order to go after other colloidal silver vendors later.

This is called "setting up a precedent," and it is almost always the harbinger of additional bureaucratic harassment and legal maneuvering to come.

The bottom line is that colloidal silver is once again under attack. Only this time, it is from a completely different angle than the outright strong-arm attempt to ban it in 1999. This time they are using a combination of long-term emotional public relations and propaganda tactics combined with seemingly unrelated "enforcement" actions.

Codex Alimentarius and the Global “Harmonization” of Supplement Laws

My personal belief is that ultimately, this all has to do with the Codex Alimentarius process of globally "harmonizing" bureaucratic regulations concerning nutritional supplements, as well as with the coming so-called "North American Union" in which the economies and laws of Canada and the U.S. are to be merged, followed by Mexico, then Central and South America, until the corporate globalists have achieved a complete economic "Union of the Americas" that can compete with the European Union.

I know it is difficult for most people to widen their views and see things from a larger global perspective. Most people are too caught up in their daily personal lives, or in trying to figure out who is going to lose in the next episode of American Idol, to see the bigger picture. But the corporate globalists – particularly the big international drug companies -- want complete control over you, as well as your personal health and medical choices. And they are simply taking it, one step at a time.

I've stated this before, but it bears repeating: Only ten short years ago, when I used to attend the big health shows in major cities where all of the natural health companies came together to display their wares, most of the companies who came were run by former hippies, or herbalists, or were little "mom and pop" natural health care operations, or were otherwise really laid-back individuals who had a sincere interest in promoting natural health as a means of changing the world for the better.

Today, when I attend these same big health shows, they are filled with nothing but corporate suits and stuffed shirts. I'd wager that half of the companies displaying their wares at these big "natural health" events are subsidiaries of the major drug companies.

The old-timers, and the mom-and-poppers, and the sincere "Dr. Christopher" herbalist types are all being squeezed out of the picture.

Soon, the very people responsible for today’s institutional medical nightmare are going to be responsible for your natural health care choices, too. And you will only be able to get what they want to offer you. And they won't offer you anything that competes with their pharmaceutical industry "upline."

Okay. Enough ranting. The handwriting is already on the wall for those who care to see it.

In the meantime, my personal goal is to help put the means of colloidal silver production into the hands of as many American families as possible, before commercially sold colloidal silver preparations are banned altogether.

And believe me, that ban is coming.

But once you own the means of colloidal silver production, the medical bureaucrats can never take colloidal silver away from you. You can make all you want, any time you want, for just pennies per quart. In fact, you can make it so cheaply, you can literally afford to give it away to people around you who may be in need, such as friends, family members, co-workers, members of your church or fellowship, etc.

That's why I urge everybody to own a colloidal silver generator, whether you buy one from The Silver Edge, or from someone else's company. Just do yourself a favor, and get one.

As Dr. Bob Beck used to say, the only way to "take back your health" is to own the means of production. That's why he invented so many self-treatment devices. Same with Hulda Clark. Once you own the means to protect your health, you are no longer completely dependent upon the whims of the medical bureaucrats who can ban any substance, at just about any time.

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A Dirty Little Secret About Colloidal Silver

A Dirty Little Secret About Colloidal Silver

This week I took some time out to visit several local health food stores and online sources, to check on colloidal silver prices. Interestingly, I found that prices for commercial colloidal silver products – all claiming to be “the best” – ranged anywhere from $2.50 an ounce to $8 an ounce.

GNC, for example, sells a popular colloidal silver product offering 8 oz. of 10 ppm colloidal silver for $24.95. That’s $3 an ounce. Not too bad, huh? And another health food store – a small regional chain – was selling tiny four-ounce bottles for $29 – a little over $7 an ounce.

An online source was offering their 8-oz. bottles of colloidal silver for $59, plus $4.95 shipping and handling – adding up to about $8 per ounce. And another online source was offering 16 ounce “samples” of their colloidal silver for $29 plus $6.95 shipping and handling – about $2.25 per ounce.

Overall, the average price was about $5 an ounce. Sounds pretty good, right?

But the problem is this: During a common health crisis such as a cold, flu, sore throat, earache, tummy infection, upper respiratory infection, or other infection, experienced colloidal silver users might take anywhere from an ounce to four ounces a day or more. So you can see that it’s pretty easy to end up spending some pretty hefty fungolas to cure a simple infection with colloidal silver, when all is said and done!

A Dirty Little Secret

In spite of its high costs, colloidal silver has become one of the most popular nutritional supplements in America over the last two decades. By some estimates it is now used regularly by roughly 10 million Americans to help cure infections, fight disease and restore health and immunity.

But there has been a dirty little secret lurking in the background, and the big colloidal silver manufacturers hope you’ll never find out about it.

What’s that dirty little secret? It’s quite simple. Manufacturers of this powerful natural infection-fighting agent have been grossly overcharging you for decades. In fact, a tiny 4-ounce bottle of store-bought colloidal silver contains only about six cents worth of colloidal silver.

6 Cents Worth of Colloidal Silver for $29?

Yes, that’s right. It costs them about six cents to make four ounces worth of colloidal silver, yet greedy colloidal silver vendors charge you as much as $29 for that
same tiny amount!

That’s a whopping 2,400% mark-up on every bottle sold. No other nutritional supplement on earth is so cheap to make, yet so expensive to buy.

Outraged? You ought to be. But it gets even worse. According to one recent study, only about 43% of the commercial colloidal silver products tested contained the actual concentration of silver listed on the bottle. Some contained no silver particles at all!

In other words, not only have colloidal silver manufacturers been grossly overcharging you for this powerful natural infection-fighting agent, but many of them have apparently been short-changing you even further by selling you severely diluted solutions!

The Good News!

Here’s the good news: Thanks to a recent breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology, you can now completely bypass the unfair price monopoly held by colloidal silver manufacturers. In fact, you make your own fresh, pure, unadulterated, therapeutic-quality colloidal silver – in the comfort and privacy of your own home – for about 36 cents a quart!

Yes, that’s under $1.50 a gallon for a product many health food stores and internet vendors are charging an average of $5 an ounce for!

And believe it or not, because of the brand new innovation in colloidal silver-making technology we’re going to tell you about, the homemade stuff is now higher in quality than most of the commercial brands!

How can this be possible? First, a little background:

How Commercial Colloidal Silver Manufacturers
Tried to Sabotage the Use of Home Colloidal Silver Generators!

It all started about 15 years ago when a brilliant physicist named Dr. Robert Beck figured out how to produce a miniature version of the larger machines used by colloidal silver manufacturers to make colloidal silver.

Dr. Beck’s little device, while admittedly crude, was very effective. In size, it was only slightly larger than a deck of cards. And it was powered by three 9-volt batteries. Best of all, this nifty little device allowed users to make 16 ounce batches of colloidal silver at a time, for just pennies!

Soon, tens of thousands of colloidal silver users had purchased these little generators and began making and using their own colloidal silver. This threw the big commercial manufacturers into a royal tizzy. The saw their lucrative monopoly on colloidal silver sales falling apart right in front of their eyes, and all of the exorbitant profits they’d been making going right down the drain. After all, if even a fraction of the roughly ten million colloidal silver users across North America began making their own colloidal silver, the big commercial manufacturers would face millions of dollars in sales losses annually.

So, in order to protect their profits and help cripple the sales of the little home colloidal silver generators, some of the big commercial colloidal silver manufacturers did something quite underhanded. So underhanded, in fact, it would have made any crooked politician proud. They began floating nasty rumors throughout the natural health community, stating that the colloidal silver solutions made with the tiny, battery-operated colloidal silver generators were somehow “toxic” or even “poisonous” because a compound called silver chloride was formed in the process.

The Big Lie

Of course, the fact that silver chloride has never been demonstrated to be “toxic” or “poisonous” was completely irrelevant to them. And the fact that silver chloride was first produced commercially by Dr. Leonard Herschberg of Johns-Hopkins University in 1923, and was used for decades in hospital settings with no ill effects, was completely ignored.

Also ignored was the fact that silver chloride is so harmless it has no significant toxicology ratings listed in the various government toxicology registries such as the ATSDR, NIOSH-RTECS, the HSDB, or the EPA.

None of this deterred the big colloidal silver manufacturers from making such a bogus claim. The only thing that mattered to them was bringing the sales of the popular little home colloidal silver generators to a screeching halt.

Of course, the tens of thousands of users of these little devices knew better. They continued making and using their own colloidal silver for only pennies per batch, curing their own infections and significantly boosting their health in the process.

But unfortunately, many people who were not as familiar with colloidal silver actually believed the carefully orchestrated campaign of rumors and lies being promulgated by some of the big colloidal silver manufacturers. Out of fear of ingesting harmless “silver chloride,” they refrained from purchasing the little generators. And as a result, they continued to pay through the nose for those tiny four-ounce bottles of colloidal silver sold by the big commercial manufacturers.

The Battle Continues

Since that time, the battle between commercial manufacturers of colloidal silver, and manufacturers of the little home colloidal silver generators, has continued unabated. But now, thanks to a brand new innovation in colloidal silver-making technology, that battle is finally about to end for good. And the big colloidal silver manufacturers don’t like it one bit.

Why? Because we’ve discovered a brand new kind of colloidal silver generator that not only makes fresh, pure, unadulterated colloidal silver without producing silver chloride, it also makes highly electrically charged silver particles that are smaller in size than anything the big colloidal silver manufacturers have ever been able to produce.

More on that in just a moment. But first...

What’s Really Wrong With Conventional Colloidal Silver Generators?

Since the time Dr. Beck invented that first, relatively crude little battery-operated home colloidal silver generator some 15 years ago, things have changed. Many new types of home colloidal silver generator have been developed. The market is practically flooded with them. Some run on batteries. Some run on household AC power. Some use complex computer technology. One model even plugs into a standard household phone jack, and runs on phone power!

And while these new units have brought home colloidal silver-making technology out of the dark ages and into the realm of relatively modern technological sophistication, there is still one problem that has not (until now) successfully been resolved: all too often these nifty little home units produce overly-large silver particles that are difficult for the human body to absorb, utilize and afterwards, excrete.

Frequently, the particles are so large they do not stay properly suspended in the distilled water they are made in for extended periods of time. Instead, in a very short period of time the overly-large silver particles begin to lose their electrical charge, fall out of suspension in the solution and slowly drop to the bottom of the storage bottle (it’s called “precipitation” of the silver particles), leaving a thin silvery-grey coating on the bottom. This of course vastly decreases the potency and effectiveness of the colloidal silver solution.

Interestingly enough, the big commercial colloidal silver manufacturers have known about this little problem all along, and have never mentioned it in spite of their utter animosity toward colloidal silver generators.

Why have the commercial manufacturers not capitalized on this flaw and spilled the beans on conventional colloidal silver generators? The answer is simple: It is because all too frequently their expensive bottled brands of colloidal silver – sold in health food stores throughout the nation – have the very same problem. They are filled with overly-large silver particles!

Why Is Particle Size So Important?

So why is particle size so important in colloidal silver usage? In order for colloidal silver to do its job – which is to help wipe out infections and restore a state of health and sustained immunity in the human body – the silver particles in a colloidal silver solution have to be small enough for the body to properly absorb, transport, utilize and excrete. Thus, the smaller they are, the more effective the colloidal silver solution will be.

In other words, smaller silver particles are absorbed better. They are much more easily transported deep into the cells and tissues, just like minerals from the foods you eat. They are utilized by the body with far greater efficiency. And they are much easier for the body to excrete afterwards, which means your risk of excessive silver buildup in the tissues and organs is virtually nil as long as you are using colloidal silver in proper moderation.

Conversely, the larger the silver particles are, the less effective the colloidal silver solution will be! Larger particles are harder for the body to absorb…harder for the body to transport into the cells and tissues…harder for the body to utilize…and more difficult for the body to excrete afterwards.

So it stands to reason that a colloidal silver solution consisting chiefly of tiny sub-microscopic silver particles is far more effective than one consisting chiefly of overly-large silver particles.

In fact, the only way to get at truly deep-seated infections – such as those caused by “stealth pathogens” that tend to hide deep within the cells and tissues of the human body – is if the silver particles are small enough for the body to absorb deep into the cells and tissues in the same way it absorbs other needed mineral nutrients such as iron, copper, chromium, zinc, etc.

What’s more, the silver particles have to be small enough for the body to excrete after they have done their work, so you don’t get an excessive buildup of silver in the body over time.

Unfortunately, most colloidal silver – whether produced by a conventional home colloidal silver generator, or sold in health food stores by the big commercial manufacturers – simply does not contain small enough silver particles to handle the tough infections. The vast majority of the particles are too large to do the body any good at all, particularly when it comes to fighting the tougher, deep-seated infections.

Introducing: The Brand New Micro-Particle
Home Colloidal Silver Generator!

That’s one reason why I continue to be the biggest booster in the world for the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from our good friends at It’s a unique new kind of colloidal silver generator that is truly unlike anything that’s ever been produced.

In fact, this new generator can only be described as a bona-fide breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology. In my opinion, it is literally destined to help put greedy commercial colloidal silver manufacturers completely out of business.

Why? Because unlike most other colloidal silver generators that produce silver particles in the range of 10 to 200 microns or larger (by comparison, a normal red blood cell is about 7 microns) the new Micro-Particle unit has been specially designed to produce tiny, highly absorbable sub-microscopic silver particles, many of which are only a fraction of a single micron in size!

Indeed, the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator produces silver particles as small as .0008 microns in size. That’s only eight ten-thousands of a single micron!

Generally speaking, even bottled colloidal silver products produced by the major commercial colloidal silver manufacturers do not contain silver particles that are anywhere near this small, though they may claim to. Unlike bottled colloidal silver in which the suspended particles can clearly be seen by shining a tiny laser pointer light through the solution, micro-particle silver is so small it is barely visible even under laser light.

About As Close to Being “Dissolved” As You Can Get!

That’s because it is so small, it has virtually no reflective surface. This is just about as close to “dissolved” silver particles as you can get. And because the silver particles are so small, the solution is crystal clear, even though every batch you make is literally teaming with billions of microscopic silver particles.

In fact, these silver particles are so small, to measure them requires the use of a powerful multi-million dollar piece of laboratory equipment called a Transmission Electron Microscope, operating at a whopping 175,000x magnification!

Compare that to commercially manufactured colloidal silver, the particles of which can generally be seen at a mere 20,000x or 30,000x magnification, and you will see that we are talking about a breakthrough in home colloidal silver-making technology that is so phenomenal, nothing else like it has ever been produced!

Vastly More Effective Than Conventional Colloidal Silver!

Indeed, micro-particle silver is thought to be vastly more effective than conventional commercial colloidal silver against hard-to-kill viruses and other deep-seated microorganisms such as those in the insidious mycloplasmas family of pathogens which are now implicated in the onset of numerous forms of chronic degenerative disease including cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s colitis, Type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, Wegener’s disease, and collagen-vascular diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

In fact, experts say the micro-particle silver produces literally phenomenal healing results, particularly in “acute care” situations involving serious deep-seated infections where prescription antibiotics or even standard colloidal silver has failed to work, or in situations where some form of chronic degenerative disease associated with mycoplasmas infection has set in.

For example, it has been widely reported that Dr. Darryl See, M.D., former co-director of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Clinic at the University of California at Irvine has been having incredible success treating patients with micro-particle colloidal silver. According to Health Sciences Institute, Dr. See says he has witnessed the DNA-PCR tests of many of his patients with known mycoplasmas infections turn from positive to negative with the use of these tiny silver particles (see Mycoplasmas as agents of human disease, Health Sciences Institute, Vol. 2, #10, April 1998.)

This offers profound hope to millions who suffer from such debilitating hidden infections and the subsequent chronic degenerative diseases these insidious microorganisms can cause.

In Summary

In summary, the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator has been specifically designed to produce a dramatically smaller range of silver particles than anything that’s ever been available. This means it can do everything standard colloidal silver has become famous for in terms of killing infection and restoring health and immunity. But because the particles are so small, they are far more easily utilized by the human body, and far more easily excreted. Therefore, it can be used with phenomenal success in cases of acute, long-term chronic degenerative diseases where deep-seated infections caused by “stealth pathogens” such as those from the mycoplasmas family are suspected.

You can read more about the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator by going to the following link:

Say ‘Goodbye!’ to Over-Priced Commercial Colloidal Silver Forever!

Finally, the big commercial manufacturers of colloidal silver have met their match. Now there is no longer any reason to allow them to continue gouging you with exorbitant prices.

With the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, you can make all of the high-quality colloidal silver you want, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for only about 36 cents a quart. And you can do so for the rest of your life!

When you consider the fact that many commercial brands of colloidal silver cost as much as $29 or more for a tiny four-ounce bottle, you can see that your very first one-quart batch of micro-particle colloidal silver literally pays for the entire cost of the unit!

After that, your only real costs are the distilled water (about 79 cents a gallon at Wal-Mart), and once each year or so you’ll need to spend $25 to replace the set of pure, .999 fine silver wire (12 gauge) that comes with your generator. (Additional sets of the pure .999 fine silver wire can be purchased at any time directly from The Silver Edge either by phone at 1-888-528-0559, or online at

Indeed, with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, a single set of pure silver wire costing you only $25 will allow you to produce over $24,000 worth of colloidal silver (no kidding!) over the course of a year. And your only other cost is the distilled water.

That’s about as close to producing colloidal silver for “free” as you can get! With a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, you can literally afford to bathe in colloidal silver if you want. Indeed, many users brew up a one-quart batch and add it nightly to their bath water for the soothing and invigorating effect it has on the skin.

When you factor in the cost of the silver wire and the cost of the distilled water, it comes out to about 36 cents to make a full one-quart batch of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver that just blows away the commercially prepared brands costing up to $29 for a tiny 4-ounce bottle. And that’s worth a LOT, I think you’ll agree!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Colloidal Silver "Blue Man" Returns to Today Show

Colloidal Silver "Blue Man" Returns to the Today Show

The so-called colloidal silver "blue man," Paul Karason, was back on the Today show this week. He had previously appeared on the show and had promised to allow blood tests to be administered to himself in order to ascertain if his excessive colloidal silver consumption had caused any health or medical problems other than the argyric skin staining.

While it is still available, you can view the video replay of the "blue man's" return to the Today show at

According to Today show host Matt Lauer, Mr. Karason's blood tests were all within normal limits, meaning so far no damage to his organs have been found. Blood cell counts were all normal, and heart, lung, kidney and liver function were all perfectly normal, to boot.

This turns out to be a far cry from the "silver toxicity" and "silver poisoning" some of the medical talking heads on various television shows have recently assured their viewers Mr. Karason would have. Based upon these blood tests, he actually seems to be as healthy as a horse.

It is also a testament to the general safety and lack of toxicity in silver-based products such as colloidal silver. Even when overdosing for years on end, as Mr. Karason obviously did, there has still been no apparent damage to his blood cells, and no disruption whatsoever of heart, liver or kidney function.

His blood tests were performed by Dr. Seth Uresky at St. Luke's Hospital in New York. According to the doctor, "Based upon these results, I would say that Mr. Karason is in good physical and medical condition. However, final judgement should be reserved until blood silver level results are available."

Host Matt Lauer stated that the Today show would have Mr. Karason back on when the results from his blood silver level tests were available. And he asked Mr. Karason whether or not he was worried about the remaining test results. The "blue man" replied that he was not in the least bit worried because all previous tests for silver levels in his blood have turned out to be normal as well.

For a FREE special report on safe daily colloidal silver dosage levels based upon your weight, go to and download it.

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