Sunday, March 2, 2008

Colloidal Silver "Blue Man" Returns to Today Show

Colloidal Silver "Blue Man" Returns to the Today Show

The so-called colloidal silver "blue man," Paul Karason, was back on the Today show this week. He had previously appeared on the show and had promised to allow blood tests to be administered to himself in order to ascertain if his excessive colloidal silver consumption had caused any health or medical problems other than the argyric skin staining.

While it is still available, you can view the video replay of the "blue man's" return to the Today show at

According to Today show host Matt Lauer, Mr. Karason's blood tests were all within normal limits, meaning so far no damage to his organs have been found. Blood cell counts were all normal, and heart, lung, kidney and liver function were all perfectly normal, to boot.

This turns out to be a far cry from the "silver toxicity" and "silver poisoning" some of the medical talking heads on various television shows have recently assured their viewers Mr. Karason would have. Based upon these blood tests, he actually seems to be as healthy as a horse.

It is also a testament to the general safety and lack of toxicity in silver-based products such as colloidal silver. Even when overdosing for years on end, as Mr. Karason obviously did, there has still been no apparent damage to his blood cells, and no disruption whatsoever of heart, liver or kidney function.

His blood tests were performed by Dr. Seth Uresky at St. Luke's Hospital in New York. According to the doctor, "Based upon these results, I would say that Mr. Karason is in good physical and medical condition. However, final judgement should be reserved until blood silver level results are available."

Host Matt Lauer stated that the Today show would have Mr. Karason back on when the results from his blood silver level tests were available. And he asked Mr. Karason whether or not he was worried about the remaining test results. The "blue man" replied that he was not in the least bit worried because all previous tests for silver levels in his blood have turned out to be normal as well.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you think he's blue? Thanks - Deb

Steve Barwick said...

It’s simply because as he continued to take more colloidal silver than his liver and kidneys could expel each day, his body began pushing the silver particles out to his skin, which is your third major organ of elimination (which is why kids get pimples, for example).

And after enough silver got pushed out to his skin, any light he was exposed to began to tarnish the silver.

That’s why he says he slowly turned blue, and that at first it was difficult to tell. Only over time did it become more and more apparent. That’s because as more and more silver particles began to accumulate just under his dermal layers, and began to tarnish when exposed to light, he became darker and darker.

But it apparently has not affected his health or well-being at all. – Steve

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should interview him,ask if he has ever been sick since taking CS,and why did he ignored directions. Post that interview.

Steve Barwick said...

Agreed. Right now, the only colloidal silver company that has been able to get through to him has been SOTA Instruments of Canada. He is on such a whirlwind schedule with the TV media he is almost impossible to get through to.

We interviewed the first “blue man,” Stan Jones of Montana (see the interview on our web site at under the link “Interview With A Blue Man”).

And as soon as we can pin this new guy down, we will interview him, too.

BTW, he has stated on previous television interviews that he rarely gets sick since he started taking colloidal silver over a decade ago, and that many of the previous health conditions he suffered with for years miraculously cleared up.

Anonymous said...

The reason this idiot is blue he rubbed it on his skin. silver comes from blue rocks.

Steve Barwick said...

Actually, I’ve been spraying colloidal silver on top of my balding head for nearly 12 years now, and my head hasn’t turned blue. It is just as white as ever. But I don't have any more dandruff. I started spraying the colloidal silver on after reading that sometimes dandruff is caused by a topical candida infection. That's why certain anti-dandruff shampoos contain anti-fungal ingredients.

So I kinda doubt his problem came about by rubbing colloidal silver on his skin. I know he says that’s how it happened. But he would have had to have been mixing it with some kind of carrier agent like DMSO for it to have penetrated and stained the under layer of his skin like that.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this guy hasn't been drinking blue dye given to him by some drug company? I have taken colloidal silver for years, but only when I needed it, not all the time. It works very well and I have not turned blue nor am I tinted. What person would overdose on it unless he was out of his mind and should be committed? And perhaps he will take a heavy dose just before the silver level test just to get the readings up. How much is he being paid?

Steve Barwick said...

All good questions. He told our friends over at SOTA Instruments that he was taking 20 ounces a day for years on end, and that he was using salt and baking soda to make high concentrations. So in my opinion he was obsessed with colloidal silver and was overdosing on it daily for years. Not a sign of someone fully in their right mind. Which is exactly my point about why the corporate controlled media is trotting him out all over the place; they want the general public to view colloidal silver as something only whacky people take.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the public is being prevented from using good nutritional products. I just heard today that a student in a college died of bacterial meningitis who I assume could have been saved with colloidal silver.

Steve Barwick said...

The problem is, doctors won't even try to use colloidal silver on their patients, even though it couldn't hurt in the least.
In my view, in cases where prescription antibiotics are failing, it borders on malpractice not to try something different, like colloidal silver, even if it seems to be an extraordinary stretch at the time.

Brigham Young recently did medical studies showing that when colloidal silver was added to the antibiotics that used to be effective against some of today's toughest drug-resistant pathogens, the kill rate against the pathogens returned to normal levels.

Of course, the medical researchers involved interpreted this to mean that the silver restored the effectiveness of the antibiotics. But any nitwit can see that it was the silver that did the job on the drug-resistant pathogens, not the antibiotics.

This demonstrates the mentality we are up against, i.e., even when studies show that adding colloidal silver to antibiotics increases the kill rate against deadly pathogens, doctors still won't try colloidal silver on their patients, even if they have life-threatening infections that prescription antibiotics cannot control.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Rebecca Carley ( states on this radio show that the "Blue Man" was using copper, and that was probably what turned him blue. She suspects that he was paid to do that. The "Blue Man" is being paraded around the mainstream media to discredit Collodial Silver and scare people.

Steve Barwick said...

I've never heard of copper contributing to skin discoloration such as that displayed by the so-called "blue man."

However, copper is a by-product of silver mining, so if this idea is true it could be that he was using improperly refined silver electrodes that contained high levels of copper.

I always recommend pure, .999 fine silver electrodes, which are of course available inexpensively at

Another thought: A lot of people who use colloidal silver also use other colloidal minerals. He could have been using colloidal copper, too.

I'd have to see more documentation on the idea that copper can cause this kind of skin discoloration, of course.

Perhaps Dr. Rebecca Carley will say more about this on her radio show.

Anonymous said...

Not to step on any toes but, I watched the special on the "blue man" and doctors did prescribe the silver for a vast array of illnesses in the 40s, 50s and into the 60s. There was a woman with the same affliction as "blue man" and she had been prescribed a silver based nasal inhaler.

There were many, many people that were on the silver for long periods of time without any ill effects. They advised it is a rare thing to turn blue and it is all in regards to each persons chemical makeup.