Friday, March 14, 2008

Homemade Colloidal Silver v/s Silver-Based Devices

Homemade Colloidal Silver v/s Silver-Based Devices

Did you read the recent article about the new home humidifier that uses silver to control microbial growth?
Here’s what the prestigious Silver Institute has to say about it:

New Silver-Based Humidifier

Many people use humidifiers in their homes during winter months because moist, warm air is healthier to breath than dry, heated air. This is especially true for infants and those with respiratory problems.

Unfortunately, humidifiers need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly because mold and mildew can build up in the water tank and other parts and disperse microscopic fungi and bacteria into the air.

One humidifier, the Air-O-Swiss 7142 uses two silver-based parts to reduce these problems. First, a replaceable demineralization cartridge reduces so-called ‘white dust,’ composed of lime scale and other mineral deposits from the mist output. The plastic housing of the demineralization cartridge is silver treated to inhibit microbial growth on the surface of the cartridge.

Second, a patented Ionic Silver Stick uses aqueous silver ions to control microbial growth for up to one year of continuous use. This optional accessory uses the antimicrobial action of silver to keep the unit safe and free of microbial growth. It is self-regulating and maintenance-free and should be replaced once a year, company officials say. A lifecycle replacement indicator lets users know when to change the Stick. The humidifier retails for $US199.

$199 for a Humidifier – You’re Kidding, Right?

Now I’m all for using silver in modern technology. But I’m not too sure about paying a whopping $199 for a humidifier just because it uses a cartridge of silver to help control microbial growth.

After all, you can get a really nice little countertop humidifier at Wal-Mart for about $29. And if you have a colloidal silver generator like the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you can make a full quart of high-quality colloidal silver for about 36 cents, and then add four or five ounces to your humidifier water to turn it into a phenomenal microbe-controlling device.

Here’s a Better Idea: A Poor Man’s Nebulizer

Last year I bought a machine called a “cool mist vaporizer,” which was on sale at Wal-Mart for under $30. And since that time, whenever I’ve felt a cold, flu sore throat, sinus congestion or sniffles of any kind coming on, I add four or five ounces of my homemade micro-particle colloidal silver to the water in the vaporizer’s reservoir, turn the unit on, put my face right over the cool mist spout, and breathe deeply of the gently flowing silver-laced mist.

And I’ve found that it knocks out budding infections in record time. It’s like having all of the benefits of an expensive medical nebulizer, but without all of the expense!

Plus, you can let it run in any room of your house to help prevent the spread of microbes. The cool mist from the vaporizer carries the microscopic particles of electrically-charged silver on the ambient air currents throughout your home, helping keep it germ-free and sanitized.

What’s more, if you’ve got sick kids home from school, and they’re coughing germs and viruses all over the place, I’ve found it to be one of the best things in the world to put into their bedrooms, to keep the spread of these nasty little microbes at bay, help them heal faster, and greatly reduce the chances of others in the home getting sick, to boot!

Hey, for me, it beats the heck out of forking out a whopping $199 for a silver-based humidifier when they can be purchased without the silver cartridge four under $30, and used with homemade colloidal silver that can be made for only pennies!

More Great Tips on Using Colloidal Silver

For more great tips on using colloidal silver more effectively and successfully, and building your health and immunity with this powerful natural infection-fighting agent, be sure to get a copy of the brand new, studio-quality, 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video, available at

It is available in both DVD and VHS formats. And right now, you can save a whopping $40, while the publisher has it on sale. You'll get dozens of hot new colloidal silver usage tips just like the one above. Plus, you'll get to see yours truly demonstrating how to make a homemade colloidal silver generator out of simple household implements in under 30 seconds! And yes, you can do it too!

Finally, if you are looking for colloidal silver usage information that is absolutely encyclopedic in scope, check out the brand new 547-page Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual at

You'll be glad you did, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve:

Thanks brother - good info. I've been using CSW in my humidifiers for a long time. Same with the second rinse in washing clothes. I spray and use it all over the house to disinfect everything. Good info.
I'll be on tonight at 6:00 p.m. EST to discuss more about alternative cancer cures and CSW will be mentioned on the "Unzipping Reality" radio program. I'll probably recommend your micro-particle CSW maker to the entire audience. It's the very best that I'm aware of. Take care Steve.


Steve Barwick said...

Thanks so much, John! We really appreciate it. As you know, our goal is to put the means of colloidal silver production into the hands of as many Americans as possible, before the medical bureaucrats ban the sale of commercially produced colloidal silver at health food stores and through online sources. Once people own the means of colloidal silver production, it won't matter if the bureaucrats ban the bottled products, because you can always make your own high-quality colloidal silver, any time you want, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for just pennies per batch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update spot on using silver in the humidifier. We have done that. I do not know the affect of heated nebulizers on silver, which we have one of, but we have a cartridge type of humidifier which blows water from the filter. At least the filter stays pathogen free. We did buy a nebulizer or humidifier by Vicks (Kaz is also mentioned on the unit) which seems to 'throw' miniscule droplets of water into the air. I think that is the closest to one that would be best use of the humidifier we have.

I will go and invest in a standard nebulizer humidifier which does not heat the water.

We supplement our wood heat with natural gas forced air. It is uncomfortable at times and I sure do get a lot static around here. I think that is the entertainment part of living in the northeast during winter.

Thanks for the micro-particle generator and tech support guy George. He is so willing to share what he has whenever I call. I think of using c. silver and a picture of Christ comes to my mind, as silver kills the pathogen even more so Jesus removes sin from me. selah.

Steve Barwick said...

The new "cool mist" vaporizers can be found at Wal-Mart, and they are very inexpensive. I think Kaz was one of the least expensive brands.

Anonymous said...

very nice article

I have been a user of colloidal silver for over 15 years.

no...I have not turned blue! I just stay healthy...

I will bookmark your site, and will become a customer very soon

Thanks for the article on the "poor man's nebulizer"...

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, good advice. Our humidifier wore out after five kids. We used to smear Vicks mentholated balm to the children's chest in conjunction with the humidifier mist. I was ignorant of the colloidal silver water at the time. Now during the winter we put a metal tea pot on top of one of our natural gas stoves and one metal zucchini bread pan that originally was lined with Teflon to put moisture in the air. The tea pot interior is now crusted with scale as was the bread pan.

The other night I tried the trick I use to use in Alaska while tent camping in the winter time hunting for the white goats in the Wasenesky (SP ?) Glacier. Food would always stick to the bottom of the aluminum cook pan. So after the food was removed from the hot pan, I would push the pan bottom down into the snow.

The difference in coefficient of expansion and contraction between the pan and the food, caused the food stuck to the pan to be easily dislodged. Well I tried this trick on the ugly scale crusted bread pan. I would freeze the pan then pour hot water over the pan to dislodge the scale. I found that the scale was more tenacious than food. Some scale dislodged after several trys including filling the pan with water and freezing it followed by the hot water treatment. Much of the scale dislodged but carried with it some of the teflon coating.

What do you think of the idea to use new pans coated with teflon and colloidal silver water in the pan. The distilled colloidal silver water would not have the minerals to deposit out on the pan and perhaps the silver particles would not be attracted to the teflon coated walls and bottom of the pan.

What do you think?

Hum! Now that I think more about it, that scheme would consume a lot of silver water unless it is diluted quite a bit. Your ideal may be more efficient by using a couple of cheap humidifiers. At least they would also be providing the moisture when the gas stoves are not on.

Steve Barwick said...

I think that for about $30 the cool mist vaporizer at Wal-Mart is about the best deal going for using c.s. You can let it run in any room, or you can put your nose right up to the mist and breathe deeply for 30 to 60 seconds or so, to get some of the c.s. mist down into your lungs and up into your sinuses.