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Colloidal Silver v/s the EPA Greenies: Understanding the Lies Behind the “Silver is Dangerous to the Environment” Con

A number of readers have written to ask what’s going on with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in relation to their proposed regulation of nanosilver products, including colloidal silver.

Unfortunately, the answer is that the EPA is still pursuing ways to regulate all products containing tiny particles of silver.

You can read more about this in my latest article at this link:

But Why Are Environmentalists So Dead-Set Against Safe, Natural Colloidal Silver?

That’s the million dollar question. And the answer may well be that they are being paid to push for the regulation of silver-based products, including colloidal silver.

Here’s an article that will help explain why I so strongly question the underlying motives of the radical environmentalists in their ongoing quest to force the EPA to regulate silver-based products as “environmental toxins”:

As you may be aware if you’ve been following my blog posts for any length of time, a group of radical environmentalists have been pushing the EPA to re-categorize products containing tiny silver particles – including colloidal silver – as “environmental toxins” or “toxic environmental pesticides” and then regulate them so heavily that no products containing silver will be able to be sold without expensive environmental impact reports.

This of course would sound the death-knell for most colloidal silver manufacturers  and many other businesses that use tiny silver particles in their products  as environmental impact reports can run into the millions of dollars.

The contention that silver is somehow "toxic to the environment" is ridiculous at face value, of course. After all, silver comes from the environment in the first place, and is about as “toxic” to the environment as, well, dirt.

For example, as I’ve pointed out many times, the world’s oceans are literally saturated with trace silver.

In fact, the seas contain an estimated two million tons of trace silver. Yet they’re absolutely teeming with wildlife ranging from uncountable trillions upon trillions of the tiniest microorganisms, to uncountable billions of tide pool creatures such as starfish, minnows, sand dabs and crabs, to innumerable varieties of fish, to uncountable numbers of huge mammals like whales, porpoises and dolphins.

And there’s no harm whatsoever to this incredible array of wildlife from those millions of tons of trace silver, even though it’s been an integral part of the ocean’s vast mineral makeup basically since the beginning of time.

Proof Positive Silver is Safe in the Environment

Contrary to the shrill cries of the environmentalists, the world’s oceans are proof positive that silver doesn’t "upset the ecological balance"... won't kill off “environmentally sensitive microorganisms” and set off a "domino effect" that will harm other wildlife…

…and in short it can't unleash the “inevitable environmental catastrophe” the radical sky-is-falling environmentalists are always warning of in their ongoing campaigns to have products containing tiny silver particles heavily regulated and even banned.

Fair Question, Honest Answer

Here’s the question everyone’s asking:

If silver is so toxic to infectious microorganisms that it can cure numerous serious infections and diseases in humans, how can it be harmless to tiny microorganisms in the environment?

Fair question. And the answer is easy: In the environment, silver particles bond rapidly with other minerals, salts, sulfur compounds, and more. And in so doing, they become essentially inert.

That’s how million of tons of trace silver, for example, can saturate the world’s oceans without causing any harm. It’s how tons of trace silver can saturate the lakes and streams in silver-mining states like Colorado, and those lakes and streams are still brimming over with wildlife from microbes to tadpoles and minnows and crawfish and trout and bass to just about every other form of aquatic life you can think of.

In other words, silver’s toxicity to microorganisms in the environment is neutralized by the process of agglomeration. As I stated earlier, it is the bonding of the tiny particles of silver with other materials makes it about as toxic as…dirt.

In nature, tiny silver particles become bound silver rather than free or raw silver, and essentially lose any toxic properties.

Agenda-Driven Junk Science

But the environmentalists completely ignore this well-known fact.

Instead of sending their researchers into the environment and testing lakes and streams for silver content, and then testing the health and longevity of the wildlife in those lakes and streams (which would prove their theories against silver to be dead wrong)…

…they purposely conduct experiments in controlled laboratory test-tube environments in which they can manipulate the factors of the experiment in order to bring about the results they want.

Yes, rather than test in real-life conditions, they instead saturate tiny minnows in an enclosed test-tube environment with unbelievably high levels of raw nanosilver particles, and then issue written reports on how “toxic” they found the silver to be to the tiny creatures!

These reports then get written up and published in science journals as “studies.” And voila’ – the environmentalists manufacture a “proof” that silver is toxic to wildlife in the environment!

As I’ve pointed out over and over again, this is pure, agenda-driven junk science at its very worst, because conditions like this in which test-tube environments are saturated with raw, unbonded silver simply don't exist in nature!

But the radical environmentalists don’t care. They're dead set on achieving their agenda of having the EPA so heavily regulate silver as a dangerous “toxin” that all silver-based products  including colloidal silver  will ultimately have to be pulled from the market in order to "save the environment."

Learn More About the
Environmentalist Campaign Against Silver

For well over a year now I've been watching the propaganda barrage being conducted against colloidal silver and other silver-based products by the radical environmentalists, and as many readers know, I’ve written a long series of articles and blog posts on this topic during this time.

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