Friday, February 8, 2008

Colloidal Silver for a Compromised Immune System

A Compromised Immune System and Colloidal Silver

I know a man who had a dual-organ transplant (kidney/pancreas) about four years ago. He has to take anti-rejection drugs daily to keep his immune system from rejecting the transplanted organs. That's because the human immune system views transplanted organs as "foreign bodies," and targets them for attack.

So because of the anti-rejection drugs he has virtually no immune system, which means he is basically a walking target for just about any kind of opportunistic infection that comes along.

What's more, because of the nature of the business he runs, he is in constant contact with the general public during the course of the day, and has very little choice but to be around people who are sick with colds, flu, sore throats, coughs, etc. This is a very dangerous situation for any transplant patient, because, generally speaking, their immune systems are so weak from the immune-suppressing anti-rejection drugs that even the slightest infection can become life-threatening.

However, my friend tells me that each morning he washes down his anti-rejection medication with an ounce or two of colloidal silver. And in the four years since his transplant, he has not had a single serious infection. He's had a few minor colds and sniffles, but that's about it. (You can hear all about it, in his own words, in the newly released Colloidal Silver Secrets video, available inexpensively in both DVD and VHS formats at

His lack of serious infections is, of course, very unusual given his circumstances. Normally, it is quite common for transplant patients on immune-suppressing anti-rejection drugs to be afflicted with a number of infections every year, any of which can become quite serious. In fact, many transplant patients become so afraid of catching an infection, they carry doctor's face masks with them wherever they go, in case they end up in the presence of someone who is coughing and choking with some kind of infection. Other transplant patients simply won't go out in public very much during certain times of the year when colds and flu are prevalent. But my friend doesn't let fear of infection stop him. He does what he has to do to run his business and make a living. And he depends on colloidal silver to keep him relatively infection-free all year long.

It makes me wonder if colloidal silver would help with other immune-compromised individuals as well. For the past 14 years, I've personally used small amounts of colloidal silver daily in order to keep chronic fatigue syndrome at bay. And I've heard from a number of colloidal silver users who are afflicted with more serious conditions, such as AIDS, that while it has done very little to lower their HIV count, it does seem to help prevent opportunistic secondary bacterial and fungal infections from taking hold. It is these secondary opportunistic bacterial and fungal infections that kill many AIDS patients each year.

Of course, there are no medical studies to demonstrate that colloidal silver can protect immune-compromised individuals. Just anecdotal information such as the examples above. But it is interesting to ponder, and you have to wonder why the medical authorities don't look more closely at colloidal silver as a possible solution to at least some of the very serious problems encountered by immune-compromised patients.

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Anonymous said...

My husband is a multi-organ transplant patient (small intestine, liver, pancreas). He has taken a teaspoon or two of colloidal silver daily for the 7 years since his transplant, and is rarely sick. He may have been sick once or twice since the transplant in 2005. It's a beautiful thing...

Anonymous said...

That's great to hear. My daughter has liver and kidney transplant and the colloidal silver helps TREMENDOUSLY, especially because it doesn't interfere / boost her immune system directly.

However my only concern was since her immune suppression meds are derived from soil fungus (prograf) that colloidal silver might also destroy it as well and lower the effectiveness of it and thus allow her immune system to become more powerful and attach her organs.

However I really don't know about that and since the med is derived from the fungus (I THINK it's just chemical structure that was found in the fungus, so it probably doesn't effect it).

I guess one way to find out is to take a lot of the colloidal silver within a short time and get lab results to see if the prograf level was dramatically lowered from the previous test.

she only needed a transplant after going into kidney failure 2 weeks after her 14 month set of vaccines activating a very rare gene mutation, which also required a new liver to fix, before the vaccines she was perfectly healthy. F**k the stupid ignorant doctors who know nothing about curing or healing ANYTHING, their extremely broken medical system, and their corrupt pharma drug masters who control their every move.

If anyone knows more about what I just talked about or has additional information / insight, please don't hesitate to contact me at alvarezcyberx AT (typed this way to prevent spam bots).

Anonymous said...

I am also extremely interested in this topic. I had a double lung transplant earlier this year. I am currently following my dr.'s instructions to a T, but prior to transplant I was a 'hippie' so to speak, using my herbs, tinctures and other natural remedies to heal colds, etc.

Now I'm dealing with the whole new "disease" of immuno-suppression, where natural stuff is a no-no (mainly because there's no research on it!). Does anyone know of any groups online somewhere for people with transplants (specifically lungs) who use natural things?

I'd love to hear from anyone who has used CS with lung transplants, or has seen any research or articles about it. You can contact me at berryheather at gmail dot com. Best of luck to the rest of you with transplants as well!