Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on EPA Petition to Regulate Silver as a "Pesticide"

First, I want to give a great big hearty "thanks!" to everyone who participated in the campaign to stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating products containing silver nano-particles as "pesticides."

As you already know if you've been following this blog since January, a coalition of radical environmental groups essentially sued the EPA in an attempt to force the agency into more heavily regulating all products containing silver nano-particles -- including dietary colloidal silver products.

They claimed these products have such powerful antimicrobial qualities that they actually constitute a grave danger to the environment, and must be regulated as "toxic pesticides."

This onerous new regulatory oversight would, in essence, put most colloidal silver companies out of business, because they would be unable to afford the costs of the required environmental impact reports and the consequent ongoing regulatory financial burdens.

It later turned out that the radical environmental groups behind the petition have been funded for years by major drug companies such as Merck and others, whose annual multi-billion dollar income depends in large part upon their sales of prescription antibiotic drugs.

The big drug companies have opposed the use of silver for years, because its broad-spectrum antibiotic qualities pose a distinct threat to their monopoly on prescription antibiotic drugs.

Hence, it appears clear that the major drug companies have been behind the petition to regulate silver as a "pesticide" all along, and that the radical environmental groups that filed the petition have been acting as their paid shills.

What's more, in the closing days of the campaign the radical environmental groups began promoting what they called a "major new study" demonstrating that silver nano-particles -- including colloidal silver -- cause harm to cells, and therefore products containing silver nano-particles need to be more heavily regulated.

Upon closer inspection however, it was discovered that a very small and practically unknown Chinese group was behind the study, and that it too was in cahoots with two major pharmaceutical companies. Stunningly, when the study was examined, all it demonstrated is the fact that very small particles of silver are harmful to e. coli bacteria!

In short, we have faced a number or dirty tricks by the radical environmentalists during the course of this campaign. Nevertheless, thanks to you, the EPA was inundated with public comments against the petition.

And while the radical environmental groups were able to tap their global membership bases in order to garner an incredible level of support on behalf of their petition (i.e., mostly by deceiving their members into believing that silver particles somehow pose a grave threat to the environment), your participation in this campaign played a large part in making sure the EPA got to hear the other side of the story before making their final decision on the matter.

Where Things Stand Now

At present, we have a phone call in to the office of the Administrator of the EPA, asking them for an update on the petition. We expect to hear back from them within 24 to 48 hours.

Now that the public comments period is over (as of March 20th) we are trying to find out from the EPA which way they are leaning in regards to accepting or rejecting the petition. At the very least, we want to know what kind of time-frame to expect in regards to when EPA will issue their final ruling on the petition.

Traditionally, bureaucracies like the EPA are slow-moving, and can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to analyze the results of public comments, to study the issue further, to consult with leaders on both sides of the issue, and to form a ruling on it.

You can rest assured that we will keep you fully updated in the pages of this blog as new information becomes available. So do be sure to check back frequently for updates. In the meantime, we will continue to post additional information on the many helpful and beneficial uses of colloidal silver. (See our list of archived articles in the right hand column.)

Email Updates

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Will Colloidal Silver Be Banned?

Products containing silver nano-particles -- including dietary colloidal silver products -- have been the target of the petition from the beginning. This, as evidenced by the fact that the radical environmental groups behind the petition included a special addendum naming 300 different products containing silver nano-particles as being in need of "investigation and regulation," including the top three brands of colloidal silver on the market today as well as many lesser-known brands.

When we contacted the main attorney for these environmental groups to inquire why their petition to regulate silver nano-particles as "pesticides" included the names of dietary colloidal silver products, he replied that any product containing small nano-particles of silver for antimicrobial purposes was in need of immediate investigation and regulation.

What's more, the environmental groups have repeatedly demanded that the EPA remove all nano-silver products from the market, while the potential impact of those products on the environment are investigated.

In other words, they are calling for a de facto ban on colloidal silver and other nano-silver products, until it can be proven to their satisfaction that these products won't somehow "harm the environment."

Your Best Solution

Your best solution at this point is to purchase a high-quality colloidal silver generator.

That way, even if the EPA ultimately drives colloidal silver vendors out of business through the proposed onerous new regulations, you'll nevertheless be able to make all of the safe, pure, natural colloidal silver your family could ever need, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for only pennies per batch, and there is not a darn thing the bureaucrats can do about it.

They key, of course, is to get a generator now, while they are still legally available.

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Alert! Alert! To all enviromental groups that are trying to stop the public access to collodial silver. Harvard University recently announced the conclusion of their study to identify the healthiest people in the United States - the answer was Colorado. Yes, the mountains are full of silver. The background mineral in Colorado streams and lakes is silver. The drug companies who are behind the push to conotrol lcollodial silver will have to get congress to close down the state of Colorado and declare it a "pesticide" danger zone.