Sunday, November 22, 2009

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Soap and Colloidal Silver Gel – for Just Pennies!

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Soap and Colloidal Silver Gel – for Just Pennies!

Whenever someone in your household has a cold or flu, it’s definitely prudent to use a good, liquid antimicrobial soap as a topical disinfectant whenever you wash your hands, and then add an antimicrobial gel to your hands after washing them, for added protection throughout the day.

Why? Because as the experts are constantly pointing out, hand-to-hand spread of viruses and germs are the most common route of infection. So washing with liquid antimicrobial soap, and afterwards adding a good antimicrobial gel to your hands will give you some serious protection when you’re around anyone who is sickly.

Get a Liquid Disinfectant Soap in a Pump Dispenser Bottle and Add Colloidal Silver

I like to purchase liquid antimicrobial soaps that come in a pump dispenser bottle, because you can easily remove the lid, add an ounce or two colloidal silver (about two tablespoons per each four ounces of soap), then put the lid back on and shake it well until the colloidal silver is thoroughly mixed into the soap. This adds some serious antimicrobial fire-power to your disinfectant soap.

Commercial Topical Gels With Colloidal Silver

There are also some great topical antimicrobial gels available commercially, including some that contain colloidal silver. In other words, they have silver particles in the gel itself, so when you rub the gel onto your hands, you have the added protection of silver for hours on end to help stop viruses and bacteria from living on your hands and being spread by touch to your eyes, ears, nose or mouth.

In short, by using a good silver-based topical disinfectant gel at least several times a day (three or four times a day is preferable), you can dramatically decrease the spread of pathogens in your household, or at work.

You protect yourself, and everyone around you, to boot.

Beware of Exorbitant Prices!

But…have you seen the prices of those commercial silver gel products?

Some of them run $20 or $30 for a tiny tube of silver gel that wouldn’t last a small family even a day or two if everyone were applying it to their hands!

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this costly dilemma. All you have to do is make your own colloidal silver gel…for just pennies!

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Gel for Pennies!

That’s right. You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to enjoy the protection of a colloidal silver gel.

You can easily make your own powerfully disinfectant colloidal silver-based gel – quickly and inexpensively -- simply by adding a few tablespoons full of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver to 1/2 cup of pure, 100% aloe vera gel (available dirt cheap from Wal-Mart), and stirring it up thoroughly.

You can store it in an old cold cream jar, or any small, wide mouth glass jar with a lid. Or, for ease of application, use an empty bottle of liquid hand soap with a pump dispenser.

It’s quick, easy and it works like a charm.

Save Money By Making Your Own Colloidal Silver, Too!

And by the way, with a high-quality quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, the amount of colloidal silver needed for your germ-killing “silver gel” will cost you less than a penny per batch to make.

Frankly, it’s so inexpensive, you’ll be able to give the healing and potentially life-saving silver gel away to family members, friends, neighbors and even co-workers during a serious viral pandemic, and help prevent the spread of viral pathogens everywhere you go.

Use it at home, at work, and especially whenever you go to the supermarket. Or simply use it throughout the day no matter what you’re doing, and you’ll enjoy superior protection from viral and bacterial pathogens all day long.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Spencer,

I found your article on making silver gel interesting and quite simple to follow. In fact I have been eager to find a way to do just that. However I got some aloe vera from a nearby health food store and noted that the product had to be refrigerated after opening. That’s seems to make a colloidal silver gel rather impractical and inconvenient to use. On the other hand, I read somewhere that colloidal silver solutions should not be refrigerated because that will cause it to degrade.

Can you enlighten me?


Steve Barwick said...

Hi Robert,

A colloidal silver solution (i.e., colloidal silver in water) should not be refrigerated, because as the solution gets colder, the silver particles will tend to fall out of suspension and drop to the bottom of the glass storage container. That's because silver particles are kept in suspension in the water by a process called Brownian motion (they literally repel each other constantly, due to having like electrical charges). However, Brownian motion tends to slow down as a solution gets colder, which causes the silver particles to begin to "plate out," or fall out of suspension.

But once you put colloidal silver into a more solid substance, such as a gel (i.e., in this case Aloe Vera gel), the silver particles are no longer in Brownian motion. Instead, they bond to particles of the gel. You add the colloidal silver to the gel, and then stir it up thoroughly to mix the silver particles more or less equally throughout the gel, and then they stay right where they are. They can't fall out of suspension like they can in water. So you can refrigerate them. Refrigeration causes no harm whatsoever to the silver itself. Silver is found in nature in mountain streams that freeze over every winter, or on mountain peaks that have snowfall half the year or more, and the excessive cold temperatures cause no degradation to the silver. Your silver gel won't be harmed by refrigerator temps, either.

Finally, your colloidal silver gel only needs to be refrigerated for long-term storage purposes. In other words, make up a large batch and refrigerate it. Take out as much as you intend to use over a several day period and put it into a separate, smaller "carry around" container that you take with you wherever you go. Because of the silver particles in the gel, the aloe vera will easily keep for at least several days without any refrigeration. When you run out, simply refill your smaller "carry around" container from the larger refrigerated batch. It is so inexpensive to make this way, it doesn't really matter if you have to waste a little by throwing away any you haven't used in your "carry around" container every few days, and refilling it from your larger refrigerated batch.

By the way, if you want a hand gel that requires no refrigeration whatsoever, you can simply go to Wal-Mart and buy some commercial hand gel. Add a few tablespoons full of colloidal silver for every four ounces. It will add superior anti-pathogenic activity to the commercial hand gel. The only difference being there will be some non-natural substances (i.e., particularly chemical preservatives) in the commercial hand gel, whereas when you make the colloidal silver gel using pure Aloe Vera gel as recommended, it is 100% pure and natural.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Spencer. Your suggestions as usual make a lot of practical sense.


Anonymous said...

Hi-I purchased your machine in October 2009. I am currently in Houston, TX and it has been very wet/humid here the last 2 months. Caught a cold around Thanksgiving, started taking 4-6 oz of CS every day and was over cold in about 6 days. Caught another cold around Christmas and I am still taking at least 1-6 oz of CS per day for about a month. I have just gotten a huge fever blister on my lip and I don't understand why if CS kills 650 viruses/bacteria including herpes. I would think the amount that I have taken for 1 month would have killed all bugs. Can you please enlighten me? I have been a CS user since 1994. Thanks

Steve Barwick said...

Since I get that question from time-to-time, I'm going to answer your question in a blog post in the very near future. Please watch the blog posts for my answer. The bottom line is that...

A. You probably would be getting a heckuva lot sicker if you weren't taking the silver (for example, I notice the colds and other issues you've been dealing with haven't turned to pneumonia, so something is helping you

B. There are a number of pathogens that are silver-resistant. Please keep in mind that while a normal antibiotic is effective against only 15 or 20 species of microorganisms, and colloidal silver is effective against up to 650 different species (making it the most broadspectrum natural antimicrobial agent in existence), there are in nature well over 20,000 catalogued species of microorganisms and many tens of thousands more uncatalogued microorganisms. So, sooner or later you are going to run across microbes that are silver-resistant. It's just a fact of life. Silver is a godsend, but it is not "God." It works against more species of microbes than any other natural (or manmade) substance, but even with that it has its limits.

C. You may be the victim of an underactive or compromised immune system. If that's the case, you need to work on building up your immune system rather than simply trying to kill off the microbes that are causing your infections. Considering the fact that you're having repeated and varying infections, I suspect this may be the problem in your case.

I'll explain this more in an upcoming blog, so please stay tuned...


Dr Rajan PhD said...

Hi Spenser

I would like to use your silver colloid generator to mix with ethyl alcohol and alloevera to make an instant sanitizer. I would like to claim that the coat of sanitizer is much more effective than ordinary ethyl alcohol based sanitizer. Can you please confirm this claim is right?


Dr. Rajan PhD

Steve Barwick said...

Dr. Rajan,

You can find the Transmission Electron Microscopy slide from the independent testing we had done, at this link:

All that demonstrates, of course, is that the particle size is as low as .0008 microns.

You would have to demonstrate through your own clinical testing that your proposed product is superior to similar products containing no micro-particle colloidal silver.


Unknown said...

I make my own cold process soap...the old fashioned way with fat or oil, water and lye. Do you know of a way to use the colloidal silver solution to make soap in this immediate thought would be just to substitute the water for colloidal silver solution. What are your thoughts?

Steve Barwick said...

Dear Concerned,

I'm not a soap maker, so I haven't tried it yet. But if I were to try it, I'd do exactly what you have suggested. Simply substitute the colloidal silver solution for the water.