Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 12 Ways to Use Colloidal Silver On (and In) Your Body for Maximum Infection-Fighting Benefits

1. You can drink a few teaspoons full a day to help boost immunity and prevent infections

You can drink a few ounces at a time to rapidly eliminate food poisoning or other “tummy bugs” (see FREE downloadable “safe dosage” report here)

You can brush your teeth with it to prevent decay and bacterial plaque buildup

You can put it into a spray bottle and “huff” it deeply into your lungs to help quickly heal nasty upper respiratory infections

You can soak your feet in it to eliminate athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

You can lightly spray it on your hair after washing and drying, to eliminate dandruff (Dr. Balch says many cases of dandruff are simply topical Candida Yeast infections; and silver is astonishingly effective against this fungus.)

You can put a few drops in your eyes to eliminate sties, Pink Eye and other eye infections virtually overnight

You can put a few drops in your ears to eliminate earaches in a single day or two

You can spray it on cuts and scrapes to prevent infection and stimulate rapid healing

You can spray it on burns to soothe the skin and stimulate rapid healing

You can spray it on shingles infections to quickly relieve the pain and trigger rapid healing

You can spray it on insect bites to soothe and relieve the pain, and help prevent infection from setting in

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Anonymous said...

You can also gargle with it for sore throats -- it works great. I used to get sore throats that would last for weeks. Now I just gargle twice with colloidal silver and they're gone.

Mary B

Steve Barwick said...'re right! I completely forgot about gargling with it for sore throats. We've done that so many times I'm surprised at myself for forgetting!

Anonymous said...

You can get an ultrasonic vaporizer and inhale it through your nose to combat a sinus infection or deep into your lungs when you need it. This has been working very well for me.

Steve Barwick said...

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, I've used that method (i.e., ultrasonic vaporizer, or "cool steam" vaporizer) and it works great!

In fact, I wrote about it in a blog post quite some time back, which is located on this web page:

Anonymous said...

I have two little tricks I do with my Homemade Colloidal Silver. After I make it, I strain it through a coffee filter to remove the large particles before I store it. If you do this, don't throw the paper away. Let it dry and save it. Use a piece of the paper dampened with your silver or even water along with some tape and you have a pretreated, supercharged bandage for cuts and scrapes.

Another thing I do is to keep a spray bottle with a mixture of 75 percent colloidal silver and 25 percent DMSO. It makes a very good topical spray for skin rashes and acne. I use it for aftershave lotion and have not had a razor burn in almost a year. Be aware that when you mix the two ingredients, there is a chemical reaction that does cause the bottle to get slightly warm and gives off a little bit of a rubber like smell. The solution still works well and the smell goes away quickly.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where to find a list of the 650 bacteria the colliodal silver is effective against? I am wanting to find if it is effective in treating bacterial lung infections in horses. I have the names of the bacteria found to be present.Need to know for sure so they dont end up with pnemonia. Also recommended dose rate for this would be helpful. Thanks. EK NZ

Steve Barwick said...

The article at the following web link will give you a little over 100 of them. I don't of any other single source that lists all of the pathogens for which colloidal silver is effective.


Anonymous said...

Can any one tell me how to make Colloidal silver gel including what strengh.
I suffer an enfection that effects both my elbows going red causing them both to be sore with trhe skin cracking open and contiuasly want to be itched.


Steve Barwick said...

Charlie, you can make your own colloidal silver gel pretty easily. Here's a link to an article about it:

However, ASAP Ultimate Skin and Body Care Gel by American Biotech Labs (contains 22 ppm colloidal silver) is excellent, and you can purchase it inexpensively in 4 oz tubes at