Monday, February 8, 2010

A Quick Look at My Daily Colloidal Silver Regimen

Here are just a few of the many different ways I use colloidal silver each and every day.

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8 Simple But Effective Ways I Use Colloidal Silver Every Day

1.) I spray my hair with colloidal silver after showering -- no more dandruff! (Dr. James Balch, M.D., says many cases of dandruff are simply low-level topical candida yeast infections. Colloidal silver works wonders against candida yeast fungus. Ever since I started using colloidal silver on my head, my dandruff has vanished!)

2.) I spray colloidal silver lightly onto my face after showering, and let it air dry. Now, my hair stylist, who is 20 years younger than me, keeps asking me "What do you use on your face each day to keep the skin so young and soft?" When I tell her the only thing I use is colloidal silver, she just can't believe it. But Dr. Robert O. Becker's work with electrically generated silver demonstrated time and time again that it was one of the best remedies for the skin, keeping skin cells supple and young and healthy.

BTW, our teenage friend who had severe acne found that spraying his face each morning with colloidal silver reduced his acne by over 70%. Drinking a few ounces of homemade colloidal silver each day took care of the other 30%! Why? Again, many cases of acne are simply staph infections under the skin, and colloidal silver works wonders against staph!

3.) I spray colloidal silver lightly into my eyes every morning after showering. Yes, I know this sounds weird but I haven't had a stye in years now, whereas I used to get them quite often. (Dr. James Balch, M.D. says many cases of stye are simply staph infections in the eye. Colloidal silver tends to decimate the staph pathogen --even antibiotic-resistant staph such as MRSA. See the four recent studies on colloidal silver's ability to wipe out MRSA infections at this link.)

4.) I spray colloidal silver directly onto my toothbrush along with my toothpaste each time I brush -- now, bleeding gums are a thing of the past!

5.) I also rinse my toothbrush with warm water after each brushing, and then spray it lightly with colloidal silver before putting it into the toothbrush holder. I just let it air dry in the toothbrush holder, so the silver particles stay on the toothbrush bristles. That way, there's no germ buildup on the toothbrush when I go to use it next. Experts say that your toothbrush is one of the filthiest implements in your home. But not when you spray it after each use with colloidal silver!

6.) After brushing my teeth, I briefly rinse the bowl of my sink out to get rid of any yucky toothpaste residue. Then I lightly spray the sink -- including the bowl, handles, faucet, etc. -- with colloidal silver and allow it to air dry. There's never any nasty bacterial buildup on or around my bathroom sink!

7.) At night, I run a cool mist vaporizer in our bedroom because here in the southwest U.S., humidity is very low and I often wake up in the middle of the night with a dry, scratchy throat. The cool mist vaporizer eliminates that problem. However, I found that by adding a few ounces of my homemade colloidal silver to the vaporizer's water bowl, it has cut down on colds and other respiratory ailments by at least 60% over the last few years!

8.) I take a "colloidal silver shooter" just before breakfast. That's a regular-sized shot glass full of micro-particle colloidal silver (about an ounce a day). If I feel I need more, I take more. But generally speaking about an ounce a day keeps me feeling healthy as a horse and infection-free!

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That's just a few of the many ways I use colloidal silver on a daily basis to boost my immunity, prevent infection and disease, and increase my overall health and well-being.

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Anonymous said...

I have an unusual way I use colloidal silver: I give it to my desert tortoises when they come down with upper respiratory infections. Desert tortoises are very sensitive to excessive moisture, particularly in the winter when they are supposed to be hibernating. They can get sick easily if their habitat is not just right. You can tell, because you can actually hear them wheeze when they breathe. And if they are really sick, they'll literally blow bubbles out their nostrils. Anyway, I put the colloidal silver into their water bowls, and it generally only takes a couple of days to clear up any infection.

Kieran Alexis said...

great article....

this is pretty much how I use it myself....eyes, face, cuts, skin....
mouth.....lungs.... I breath it in, and it really clears the lungs.

[i smoke]

it's the most amazing stuff....
and I make it myself....
high quality 10-14 ppm....with a totally home-made rig....

Love Silver!

Anonymous said...

Have you gotten argyria yet? Colloidal Silver is known to turn skin permanently blue is used enough.

Steve Barwick said...

No, anonymous, I have not "gotten argyria yet." And I've been using colloidal silver for nearly 20 years now. You might want to read my article "How Much Colloidal Silver Can You Take Safely Each Day?" at