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4 Effective Ways to Use Colloidal Silver to Deal with Pesky Sinus Problems

4 Effective Ways to Use Colloidal Silver to Deal with Pesky Sinus Problems (Including Sinus Cough)

A reader recently wrote me, describing a persistent cough she has been battling after coming down with a cold. She wrote:

I have a cough that I can't get rid of. This is a dry cough that came on after a cold and I can't get rid of it. This usually happens to me every winter. This winter I thought I was going to finally go a winter without the cough, but it came on about 1 ½ weeks ago. Is there a way to inhale the silver so it gets into my lungs to help?

I replied:
It sounds to me like a sinus issue, rather than a lung issue. I can't know for sure, of course. And since I'm not a doctor, I can't diagnose your condition, nor "prescribe" for you what to do.

However, I get pretty much the same thing every year during cold and flu season, and it almost always happens directly after a nasty cold. I don't know why. But that's the way it happens. I've been to doctors about it repeatedly over the past three or four years, and in every case the doctor tells me, "It's your sinuses. They're dripping down the back of your throat, triggering your cough. You need to start using one of the over-the-counter anti-allergy medications in order to stop it."

Well, I won't do that because I don't like the side effects of allergy or sinus medications. But thankfully, based upon my research for The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, I've found that there are four basic ways to get colloidal silver up into the sinus cavities and resolve the problem:

Method #1 -- Take an eye dropper (available in the pharmacy section of Wal-Mart) and fill it with colloidal silver. Lay on your back and then slowly, start dripping colloidal silver, drip by drip, into one of your nostrils allowing it to run down into your sinuses and down your throat. Once you let a full dropperful drip down into your nostril, do the other nostril. You may need to do this several times a day for a few days in order to notice the problem resolving.

This is probably the simplest method of resolving the sinus problem and related cough. But in my own personal experience it is not as effective as any of the other three methods below. So if that doesn't work for you, you might want to consider trying this:

Method #2 -- Go to the pharmacy section of Wal-Mart and purchase one of those little one-ounce or two-ounce nasal squeeze spray bottles full of saline solution that people use to spray a fine mist of saline solution up into their sinuses. They cost about a buck.

But what you're going to do when you get it home is grab the little nipple-nozzle and pull it right out of the bottle. Then dump the saline solution and wash the empty squeeze spray bottle out real good. Then rinse it out real good with distilled water.

Finally, fill it about half-way with colloidal silver (no more than halfway or it won't spray the fine mist you need) and put the little nipple-nozzle back in. Then start using it to spray a fine mist of colloidal silver up into your nostrils at least three or four times a day, while sniffing vigorously to get it up into the sinuses. That usually does the trick. But if not there's another method avid colloidal silver users use:

Method #3 -- Go to the pharmacy section of Wal-Mart and buy a small plastic pot with a long spout, called a "neti pot." The neti pot allows you to completely flush your sinuses. It usually comes with little packets of powder containing sea salt and baking soda.

Basically, you follow the directions that come with the neti pot, adding lukewarm water to the basin of the pot, while stirring in a packet of the powder. But you're going to add about a half ounce to an ounce of colloidal silver to the mix and make sure it's well stirred.

The general idea is to stand over a bathroom sink, lean forward, turn your head to one side, and insert the end of the long neti pot spout into one of your nostrils, and then literally start pouring the solution into your nostril. It will go straight to your sinus cavity, and then run out your other nostril. I know it sounds weird. But go to this web site and read more about using a neti pot and colloidal silver for sinus problems. Then follow the simple video instructions you'll find there on how to flush your sinuses using a neti pot.

Method #4 -- Finally, if all else fails, you can nebulize colloidal silver up into your sinuses. This is perhaps the most effective way ever devised of getting rid of sinus infections and related sinus problems, according to just about everyone I know who's used it (including myself).

It's a last resort for most people, because medical nebulizers are genrally hard to come by and they can be a bit pricey. Plus, they are considered to be medical devices, so most commercial outlets want a prescription from your doctor before they'll sell you one.

However, people often sell them on eBay. And you can easily pick one up for under $40 by going to eBay and using the eBay search engine. Just search under the term "Omron Nebulizer" (Omron is one of the top manufacturers of commercial nebulizers).

In case you don't know it, a nebulizer is a device generally used by asthmatics to get asthma medicine directly into their lungs. It has a small plastic well that usually holds about an ounce of liquid medication.

You simply fill the tiny plastic well with colloidal silver instead, and then turn the device on and it will rather quickly start turning the liquid colloidal silver solution into a very fine mist that closely resembles fog. Nebulizers have a spout through which the fog-like mist comes out, allowing you to lean forward toward the spout and gently inhale the mist into your lungs.

But when you're using colloidal silver in a nebulizer in order to deal with pesky sinus issues, you simply start inhaling the mist gently through your nostrils instead of through your mouth. That way the fine, fog-like colloidal silver mist coats your sinus cavities as you breathe it in.
Most people I know do this for anywhere from three to five minutes at a time, and then stop. You may have to do it several times throughout the course of the day, initially. But it doesn't take long to start healing your sinuses, and you can then judge how often you need to use it after that. For me, it generally knocks out a sinus problem (along with that irritating sinus cough) in two or three days, or less.

Okay, those are the four basic methods for using colloidal silver to deal with pesky sinus problems. Again, I'm not "diagnosing" or "prescribing." Just reporting what I've learned in the course of my research for The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.

Be sure to let me know how it works out for you, should you decide to try any of these methods!

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Susan said...

Thank you for this article. I am borrowing my acupuncturist's Omron for inhaling colloidal silver for my cold to prevent it from becoming a cough. I fought that part off, and it seems I have somewhat of a sinus infection. When I tried it first with water to see how it works (and before opening a $42 bottle of silver) I inhaled through my mouth with the mouthpiece and it made me cough with each in breath. I found this to be like smoking...too irritating. Is this normal? Any suggestions? I didn't know to inhale through my nose. But I'd like to know the way to use it through my mouth and lungs for my reference.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog on silver. About a year ago I had a terrible case of bronchitis. After failing to rid myself of the bronchitis through the usual natural remedies I went to a Dr who prescribed steroids. I knew that would only be a last and final resort and I was, in no way, there yet. A friend who is a bioenergetic practicioner gave me an incredible brand of nano colloidal silver, ACS200. I was so impressed by my bodies immediate response to it. However I knew I needed to get it IN my lungs. After a little thought I tried a nebulizer and instantly my cough stopped. I treated myseld 2 more times and had zero remaining issues. I couldn't believe it. My mom has been struggling with lung issues (constant cough, etc) for years. I called her and shared my experience. She tried it and had the same, immediate effect. This solved her lung issue she had been living with for years! My mom bought all of us mini personal nebulizers and even invested in a machine to make her own silver with the silver rods, etc. Although the full size machine works better than the mini one she bought and although I found the ACS200 to be a much better quality (by far!) Of silver, it is a testament to the positive, "miraculous" effect of top grade colloidal nano silver applied in this way. Thank you for sharing this info with the public.