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Hospital Failure to Use Colloidal Silver Now Resulting in Newborn Babies Infected With MRSA

The despicable refusal of the medical authorities to bring the use of colloidal silver into the hospital setting has resulted in a staggering 1.7 million annual cases of hospital-acquired MRSA infection in the U.S. alone, and millions more cases in hospitals around the world. 

This has resulted in the deaths of some 94,360 people per year in the United States, and serious disfigurations and permanent health damage to tens of thousands more unwitting hospital patients who thought they’d be safe during their hospital stays.

Worse yet, now, even newborn babies in maternity wards are being infected with MRSA. Here’s what the medical authorities are not telling you…

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The information in this news article about 23 newborn babies being afflicted with potentially deadly MRSA infection in the maternity hospital really ticks me off.


Because there's simply no longer any excuse whatsoever for little newborn babies – or anyone else, for that matter -- to be infected with MRSA while in the hospital. 

If the hospitals would just examine the evidence on behalf of colloidal silver and its amazing ability to destroy the MRSA pathogen, they'd have the ever-growing problem of hospital-acquired MRSA infections solved virtually overnight. 

I’ve published the evidence for colloidal silver’s profound effectiveness against MRSA on the Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA website over two years ago.

I’ve documented some of the numerous anecdotal accounts of colloidal silver curing serious, life-threatening MRSA infections on website. 

And I've published the solution to preventing MRSA infections in hospitals (and homes) in an extensive article – all of this free for the reading, just by clicking the links above. 

Now if only the hospitals and doctors would catch on...

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

P.S.  MRSA Exposure Is Now An Everyday Event In Your Life! -- You may not know it, but the spread of MRSA is now so great, you’re exposed to the deadly pathogen virtually every day, and so are your children or grandchildren. 

It’s in the schools, churches, grocery stores, movie theaters – just about everywhere that people congregate on a daily basis. 

It thrives on touch surfaces like doorknobs and bathroom faucets, and can even contaminate fabric for weeks, including couches, chairs, bath towels, clothing and more.

Worse yet, just about every time you go shopping and touch the meat in the produce department, or come home and prepare it, you’re exposed to this deadly, flesh-eating pathogen.  (See my article 50% of U.S. Meat Supply Tested Now Contaminated With Deadly MRSA Pathogen.) 

So if you haven’t taken steps to obtain a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from, and learn how to use colloidal silver successfully, you’re way behind the game. 

MRSA is here to stay.  It’s not going away.  And MRSA contamination is only going to get worse, because the medical authorities continue to ignore the one thing that kills the deadly pathogen:  Colloidal Silver. 

So if you haven’t yet purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator because you’re afraid it would be too complicated to use, or because you’re unfamiliar with the proper ways to use colloidal silver, I’ve got some great news for you. 

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