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Using Colloidal Silver to Cure Parvo in Dogs

Here’s a new video explaining how people use colloidal silver to cure dogs infected with Parvovirus, including puppies and large dogs alike.  Plus, some anecdotal insights on keeping your dog properly nourished and hydrated during a Parvo infecton.  

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While there's no clinical or published veterinary evidence that colloidal silver can be used to cure Parvovirus in dogs, there's TONS of anecdotal evidence.

Indeed, people have been using colloidal silver on their "Parvo puppies" (and grown dogs with Parvo, as well) for many years, and often with great success, as this video attests.

Anecdotal Insights…

Based on anecdotal accounts, the key seems to be to keep the puppies (or grown dogs) well hydrated, because they don't like to eat or drink when they have Parvovirus. So Pedialyte for animals (available from the veterinarian, or local pet store), or some other hydrating fluid is given orally throughout the day.

Because a Parvo-infected dog likely won't eat or drink voluntarily due to the deleterious effects of the virus on the dog’s stomach, most of the time an eyedropper must be used to orally administer such hydrating liquids to small puppies.

Or, for larger dogs a 10 cc plastic syringe (without the needle, of course) can be used. Even a simple turkey baster can be used for larger dogs if you can't find a plastic syringe at your local pharmacy (where they’re often sold to administer over-the-counter medications to children; check with your pharmacist).

Some people recommend pouring a capsule full of Lactobacillus acidophilus (a beneficial digestive microorganism available at any health food store) into the veterinary Pedialyte before administering it to the dog. That's because the beneficial digestive microbes will compete for space in the puppy's tummy with the Parvovirus (i.e., called "competitive inhibition") and will also help prevent some of the diarrhea, as well as help heal the damage to the stomach lining being done by the virus.

Some people also recommend trying to feed a Parvo-infected dog with strained baby food (i.e., well-strained chicken, for example) in order to get some nourishment into them, since their tummies will not be able to tolerate regular food.

Others recommend a commercial product called Nutristat (available online), which is a gel-like paste that can easily be applied to the dog's gum line above the teeth, if he or she won't eat at all. Nutristat contains nutrients, electrolytes, fats and protein, and is used to help nourish the dog while eating is problematic due to the virus.

Colloidal Silver  Dosage

Finally, colloidal silver is also administered orally, multiple times throughout the day until the dog's appetite returns and the Parvo symptoms are gone. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

While anecdotal accounts vary in terms of the dosages used, for "parvo puppies" in which the disease is caught early, some people administer up to five eyedroppers full of 10 ppm colloidal silver, up to five times a day, until the puppy’s appetite returns and Parvo symptoms abate.

And for larger dogs some people use up to five, 10cc plastic syringes full (again, no needle) of colloidal silver, orally, up to five times a day, until the dog's appetite returns and Parvo symptoms are gone.

So be sure to watch the video on using colloidal silver to cure parvo in dogs, at this link.

And watch my previous video at this link on how to administer colloidal silver orally, to dogs and other pets when they’re sick.

In conclusion, colloidal silver is not a "guaranteed" cure for Parvo in dogs, as even veterinary-treated dogs often die of Parvo (up to 80% of the time). But the anecdotal evidence for its efficacy is significant, as the example in the above video attests, particularly if you also keep the infected dog hydrated and nourished.

Finally, if you’d like to learn how to make your own high-quality colloidal silver, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for less than 36 cents a quart, just click the link in this sentence.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article on colloidal silver…

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