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Colloidal Silver Vanquishes Drug-Resistant Superbugs

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Here’s the big secret the FDA and the major drug companies don’t want you to know:  Colloidal silver quite handily destroys the pathogens behind the vast majority of antibiotic-resistant superbug infections.

And now that antibiotic-resistant superbug infections have become the fourth leading cause of death in the world, it’s more important than ever that this news is spread far and wide. 

Of course, the big drug companies don’t want people to know about colloidal silver’s astonishing effectiveness against antibiotic-resistant superbugs.  They have other plans – big, money-making plans -- which I’ll explain below. 

But I’ll also show you the latest eye-opening clinical research that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that silver is the key to stopping the scourge of antibiotic-resistant superbug infections.  And I guarantee you’ll be surprised when you see how powerfully effective silver really is…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

According to Dr. Garry Gordon, M.D., deaths from antibiotic-resistant infections are now the fourth leading cause of death, topped only by heart disease, cancer and stroke. 

And that’s not just in the U.S., but worldwide.

Of course, you’d think the big drug companies would be chomping at their bits to develop the new antibiotic drugs needed to save the lives of millions of people. 

Instead, they’ve altogether stopped research and development into new antibiotic drugs, claiming they’re too expensive to develop compared to drugs for…yes, you guessed it…heart disease, cancer and stroke. 

The reason? 

It’s because drugs for heart attack, cancer and stroke must be taken for the rest of one’s life, whereas antibiotics only need to be taken for a few short weeks or months at the most.   

So the big drug companies claim there’s not enough money to be made in developing new antibiotic drugs, but plenty of money to be made in developing new drugs for heart disease, cancer and stroke.

The Cold, Cruel Truth

What’s really happening, as I’ve documented numerous times in recent years – see here, here and here – is that Big Pharma is attempting to blackmail the U.S. and European governments into funding the development of new antibiotic drugs with taxpayer money

Yes, they want you and all other taxpayers to pay for the development of the new antibiotics.  And then they want us to pay for these newly-developed drugs again whenever we get an infection!

In refusing to fund the development of new antibiotic drugs, Big Pharma is purposely allowing the antibiotic-resistant superbug crisis to worsen at an exponential rate.

They know that as the death toll from antibiotic-resistant superbugs continues to climb, the governments of the world will have no choice but to reach deep into the wallets of the taxpaying public and pay the big drug companies the hundreds of billions of dollars they claim are needed to develop new antibiotics.

In short, the big drug companies are essentially murderers, purposely allowing people to die in the short term, so their pockets can be lined with even more billions of dollars in the long-term.

Colloidal Silver to the Rescue

While the big drug companies play this “Game of Thrones” with the governments of the world, people are dying of superbug infections by the hundreds of thousands worldwide.  But many if not most of these deaths could be completely avoided, if doctors would only recognize that silver is the cure. 

Of course, it’s been known since the 1970’s that silver kills even the most resistant of antibiotic-resistant pathogens.  As Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. wrote in 1977,

“What we have done was rediscover the fact that silver kills bacteria, a fact which had actually been known for centuries ...

…All of the organisms we tested were sensitive to the electrically generated silver ion, including some that were resistant to all known antibiotics...In no case were any undesirable side effects of the silver treatment apparent.”

But that inconvenient truth is largely ridiculed by the medical bureaucrats and their cronies in Big Pharma, because, simply put, there’s no money in developing silver-based drugs when people can make their own safe, natural colloidal silver for just pennies per batch, as I’m going to show you how to do in just a few minutes. 

But first, let’s look at the clear, scientific evidence proving silver’s ability to wipe out the drug-resistant superbugs.  Here are brief summaries of just three of the most recent clinical studies demonstrating silver to quite literally destroy numerous forms of drug-resistant pathogens:    

Clinical Study #1:  Colloidal Silver Kills up to 99.7% of Six Multidrug-resistant Superbugs! In this fascinating clinical study published in the World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology in 2010, it was found that antimicrobial silver killed up to 99.7% of drug-resistant bacteria, including some of the most virulent multidrug-resistant strains.  The study authors stated:  “In our study, antimicrobial silver nanoparticles exerted a bactericidal effect against six drug-resistant bacterial strains… the same nanosilver concentration inhibited 99.7% of erythromycin-resistant Streptococcus pyogenes, 95.7% of ampicillin-resistant E. coli and 92.8% of multidrug-resistant P. aeruginosa.”  The researchers further concluded that silver exhibited bactericidal effect rather than merely bacteriostatic effect.  That’s important news, because it means the use of antimicrobial silver is so effective against drug-resistant strains, it outright kills them rather than merely inhibiting their growth!

Clinical Study #2:  Colloidal Silver Kills Antibiotic-Resistant Staph, E. Coli, Pseudomonas and Salmonella! In this clinical study, titled “Colloidal Silver as a New Antimicrobial Agent,” published in the respected International Journal of Microbiological Research in 2010, the researchers demonstrated that colloidal silver effectively decimated antibiotic-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella typhi. The researchers concluded, “Resistant clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella typhi were used as the test organisms.  This study demonstrated powerful antimicrobial activity of colloidal silver against all multidrug-resistant clinical pathogens tested.”

Clinical Study #3:  Colloidal Silver Kills 49 Different Strains of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs! In this clinical study titled “The Antimicrobial Efficacy of Silver on Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Isolated From Burn Wounds,” conducted by researchers at the Department of Pathology at West Virginia University, and published in the International Wound Journal in October 2012, a total of 49 different antibiotic-resistant bacteria were isolated from burn wounds and tested against silver.  These deadly, drug-resistant pathogens included Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa, multidrug-resistant Vibrio sp, drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia, drug-resistant Escherichia coli, multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii and 42 others. After exposing these drug-resistant pathogens to antimicrobial silver the researchers concluded, “…all forty-nine antibiotic-resistant bacteria showed susceptibility to the antimicrobial activity of silver…”

As you can see, there’s hardly a superbug in existence that hasn’t been demonstrated by clinical research to be sensitive to antimicrobial silver.  And that includes the deadly MRSA pathogen!

Colloidal Silver Kills MRSA, Too!

Of course, the most famous of all antibiotic-resistant pathogens is MRSA, which is short for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureaus.  In other words, the MRSA superbug is resistant to almost all know antibiotics, including methicillin, known as the “last resort” of antibiotic drugs. 

MRSA, which infects some 94,000 Americans each year, and kills a staggering 20% (i.e., one in every five) of those whose infections go blood borne, has now moved out of the hospitals where it originally started, and into the community. 

In fact, the vast majority of new MRSA cases are referred to as CA-MRSA infections, or “community acquired MRSA infections,” because they’re acquired in the general public, i.e., by touching contaminated surfaces such as door knobs, shopping carts, counter tops, movie theater seats, supermarket meats (MRSA now contaminates up to 50% of all supermarket meats), or even simply shaking hands with your neighbor. 

But MRSA, too, is highly susceptible to the infection-fighting power of antimicrobial silver.  So much so that four more clinical studies have demonstrated silver’s astonishing effectiveness against the deadly MRSA pathogen. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Case Study #1: A Brigham-Young Clinical Study Proves Colloidal Silver Kills MRSA – In this study, conducted at Brigham-Young University, and published in the journal Current Science, it was found that a number of the antibiotic drugs which formerly killed drug-resistant pathogens such as MRSA could actually be restored to full efficacy against the deadly pathogens, but only if a liquid solution of colloidal silver was used in conjunction with the drug! Since these antibiotic drugs had previously lost their effectiveness against the super-pathogens, this study clearly demonstrates that the silver was the deciding factor in the deaths of the deadly drug-resistant pathogens!

Case Study #2: Iranian Clinical Study Proves Silver Increases Effectiveness of Antibiotic Drugs Against Staph – This study was conducted by the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Medical Nanotechnology Research Center at the University of Tehran, Iran, and published in the journal Nanomedicine. It demonstrated that the addition of silver to three specific antibiotics (vancomycin, amoxicillin and penicillin) almost magically renews their effectiveness against today’s most deadly pathogens, including MRSA!

Case Study #3: Taiwanese Clinical Study Proves Colloidal Silver By Itself Kills MRSA – This study was conducted by the Nanya Institute of Technology in Taiwan and published in the journal Colloids Surface B Biointerfaces. It demonstrated that colloidal silver kills both MRSA and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, another deadly and extremely opportunistic superbug. In this study, a special colloidal silver solution was tested on contact surfaces where the deadly pathogens are known to colonize, and from which they can spread to humans. The silver solution proved to be completely effective against both the MRSA and Pseudomonas super-pathogens!

Case Study  #4: Czech Clinical Study Proves Silver Particles Kill MRSA – This study was conducted at the Department of Physical Chemistry at Palacky University in the Czech Republic, and published in the prestigious Journal of Physical Chemistry B. The study demonstrated that “…silver particles with a narrow size distribution with an average size of 25 nm showed high antimicrobial and bactericidal activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, including multi-resistant strains such MRSA.” The study further demonstrated that very low concentrations of silver could be utilized to destroy MRSA, as long as the silver particles were very small, averaging 25 nm.

So there you have it:  Antimicrobial silver has been clinically proven over and over again to be effective against antibiotic-resistant superbugs, including the deadly MRSA pathogen that now kills one in every five people in which the pathogen goes bloodborne.

Unfortunately, the odds of ending up with a superbug infection at some point in your life are now astronomically high.  That’s why I believe it’s become critical for families like yours and mine to understand how truly effective colloidal silver is against these insidious pathogens, as well as how to use colloidal silver to stop such potentially devastating infections dead in their tracks.

High-Quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver
for Less Than 36 Cents a Quart!

By purchasing an inexpensive Micro-Particle Home Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you can produce your own safe, pure, high-quality colloidal silver any time you need it, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for about thirty six cents a quart or less!

That’s just a little bit over one cent per ounce, compared to health food store prices of $7 or $8 per ounce! 

At that price, you can literally afford to bathe in it.  Indeed, many people with chronic skin conditions (including MRSA eruptions) do just that, and to great effect.  They just add a quart or so to their bath water, and skin conditions begin to clear up rapidly!

You can also…

  • Spray your store-bought meats and other fresh foods with colloidal silver before refrigerating, to kill any nasty pathogens such as MRSA on the food surfaces 
  • Spray colloidal silver onto kitchen counter tops to kill germs, mold, mildew and other microbes 
  • Soak your store-bought fruits and vegetables in it to eradicate potentially harmful bacteria and fungus from the food surfaces 
  • Clean and decontaminate faucets, door knobs, and other contact surfaces such as your kitchen cutting board or that filthy blade on your kitchen can opener 
  • Add a couple of ounces to your daily laundry as a natural antiseptic agent that will keep clothes, bath towels, dish rags, and other fabrics fresh and germ-free for weeks on end 
  • Soak your toothbrush in it to prevent microbial contamination 
  • Spray it around sinks, bathtubs and other surfaces to stop mold and mildew in its tracks 
  • Spray it topically onto cuts and burns for prevention of infection and to stimulate rapid wound healing 
  • Add it to your pet’s water bowl to resolve internal infections and help prevent illness. 
  • Gargle with it to eradicate sore throats 
  • Put it into a spray atomizer and sniff it up your nose to eliminate sinus infections 
  • Add a drop or two into your eyes to stop Pink Eye or styes in a single afternoon 
And, of course, you can safely use colloidal silver internally to stop colds and flu in their tracks… alleviate intestinal infections…stop urinary tract infections…cure upper respiratory infections…wipe out infection-based prostate problems…and much, much more!

10 Million Colloidal Silver Users Can’t Be Wrong!

An estimated ten million people across North America now use colloidal silver regularly.

But why pay anywhere between $19 to $39 at your local health food store for a tiny four-ounce bottle of colloidal silver that probably won’t last a week during a protracted health crisis, when you can make a full QUART at a time for about thirty six cents – over and over and over again for the rest of your life -- with a brand new Micro-Particle Home Colloidal Silver Generator from our good friends at The Silver Edge?

You’ll literally be able to afford to give it away to sick relatives and friends…gargle with it to stop a sore throat in its tracks...swish it around in your mouth to eliminate bacterial plaque on teeth and gums...drink a few ounces daily to resolve intestinal infections or cure food poisoning...knock out upper respiratory infections such as colds and the flu...eliminate urinary tract infections...beat Candida yeast infections with ease...and much more!

Cutting edge doctors have demonstrated that when used internally it even works on deep-seated infections that, left untreated, can result in chronic degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other serious conditions!

So be absolutely sure to read more about the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, and order one right away. There won’t be a day you’ll regret your decision, I promise!

Have You Been Hesitant?

If you’ve been hesitant about ordering a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator because you’re worried it might be too complicated to use, or because you’re unfamiliar with the proper ways to use colloidal silver, I’ve got some great news for you. 

First of all, it’s not in the least bit complicated to use.  We have 85-year old grandmas using it, and they swear they wouldn’t give up their generator for anything.  The bottom line is that if you can use a coffee pot, you can use a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator.  It’s really that easy. 

Here’s how simple it is to use:

4 Simple Steps to Colloidal Silver-Making Perfection!

1.) Just plug the two pure .999 fine silver rods into the two receptacles in the bottom of the generator box, one on each side of the plastic bubbler tube.

2.) Sit the generator box on top of a one-quart glass jar of pure steam-distilled water, so that the two silver rods and the bubbler tube are immersed in the water.

3.) Set the handy appliance timer for three hours, and plug it into any convenient grounded household electrical outlet.

4.) Plug the generator into the timer and then turn the timer wheel clockwise until you hear the generator start bubbling. The generator will shut off automatically after three hours.

It’s really that easy! You just “Set it, and forget it.” And you get a perfect batch of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver every time!

The machine simply runs on its own for three hours.  And when you’re finished, you’ll have a full quart of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver. And you can make quart after quart for the rest of your life, for less than 36 cents each! 

Why should you ever again pay $20 to $30 for a tiny, four-ounce bottle of colloidal silver at the health food store, when you can make your own superior-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for less than 36 cents per quart?

And if you’re not sure how to use colloidal silver safely and effectively, The Silver Edge has posted dozens of “how to” articles, short instructional videos and more on its website at

Plus, you can read dozens of real-life accounts from colloidal silver users, explaining exactly how they used colloidal silver to overcome infections and related diseases, ranging from MRSA infections to colds and flu, food poisoning, earaches, eye infections, tooth and gum infections, fungal infections, viral infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, skin cancers, chronic sinus infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, acne breakouts, pet infections, farm animal infections, athlete’s foot infections, punctures and wounds, toenail fungus infections, allergies, pneumonia, catheter infections, and even cancer.

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This means your new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator will completely pay for itself the very first time you use it, when compared with store-bought colloidal silver.  You see, a typical 4-ounce bottle of high-quality store-bought colloidal silver costs about $30.  So a quart (i.e., 32 ounces) would cost you about $240! 

By purchasing a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, at the special $100 savings price of only $239, your very first one-quart batch will pay for the entire unit

After that, you’ll be able to make high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for less than 36 cents a quart -- which is about as close as you’ll ever come to having FREE colloidal silver for the rest of your life!

Colloidal silver is the safe, all-natural superbug-killer Big Pharma simply doesn’t want you to know about.  The clinical research proves it works beyond any shadow of a doubt.  But you’re never going to hear about it from the drug purveyors.  They’re too busy playing games with your life, and the lives of your family, friends and loved ones. 

That’s why you must take matters into your own hands, and purchase a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge today, while you can still save $100 off the regular cost

What People Are Saying

The bottom line is this:  Superbug infections are here to stay.  They’re not going away.  Big Pharma’s mercenary, money-grubbing attitude assures you of that. 

And not only are you in danger, but your children and grandchildren are, as well.  And that’s mostly because the medical authorities continue to ignore the one thing that kills the deadly pathogen: Colloidal Silver

So if you haven’t taken steps to obtain a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from, and learn how to use colloidal silver successfully, you’re way behind the game. 

Listen to what one mother recently told me about the value of owning a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator when MRSA superbug infections were running rampant in her family:

“Healing Our MRSA Boils and Topical Fungal Rash – Hallelujah!”

“Greetings from a new colloidal silver user - my family has been battling MRSA plague for the past 3 months my oldest son being hospitalized and my daughter having a number of boils lanced by the doctor. 

My internet research led me across colloidal silver and I ordered your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. We've been taking daily doses, and applying the colloidal silver topically, as well, and to great effect. 

For example, my oldest son had a boil the size of a fist causing extreme stabbing pain and the doctor gave him a low grade antibiotic and refused to lance it despite appearance looking ready to explode. I received the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator in the mail the next day and immediately made a batch and soaked large gauze pads in the colloidal silver to cover the boil.

The next morning a hole had opened the size of a nickel and a mass of infection pulled out with the gauze (also all swelling was gone) – I reapplied this treatment several times a day for the next 2 days and the hole that had been a inch deep completely healed over.

I have also personally suffered for 8 years of a constant topical fungal rash under my breasts, weeping and blistered and sometimes bleeding, that numerous doctors said I would have to learn to live with, and it too is almost completely cleared up. HALLELUJAH!!!!! I am making colloidal silver for everyone I know and giving it to them.” 
-- Beth H.

Yes, colloidal silver works wonderfully for superbug infections like MRSA and many others.  Here’s another example, from a happy colloidal silver user who beat a nasty MRSA infection:

“MRSA Totally Cured By Colloidal Silver With No Recurrence For 3 Years!”

About 3 years ago, my husband had triple bypass surgery where he acquired MRSA in all the incisions on leg, thigh, and chest. 

In the hospital, I carried in a squirt bottle of micro-silver solution, and he drank it all through the day. We applied micro-silver solution to his packing material, and bandages 3 times a day after he got home from the hospital. 

It still took about a month to heal up, but in 4 subsequent tests after that, there is NO further signs of MRSA. CURED totally with no recurrence for the last 3 years.”  -- Kathy W.

And here’s another recent example of a nasty case of MRSA being cured by colloidal silver, from one of my readers:

“My Doctor Let Out a Big ‘Wow!’;  MRSA Count Way Down, Blood Work Returning to Normal”

I’ve been wanting to say thank you for some time now...I just get so!!!

You have provided us/me with an actual healing machine...that works!!!  I also have a very highly regarded surgeon here in the town I live in (my specialist) who said outright... "colloidal silver does kill MRSA" This was at my recent check-up where he let out a big "Wow!" as he was reading my monthly blood-work report.

You see...I got MRSA about six weeks after my hip replacement. I had to go through months of discomfort while the meds tried to kill off the MRSA. They got it down to a lower count but I realized I just might be disabled the rest of my life because they couldn’t get rid of it, and no way could I have another hip put in with any active MRSA.

Well....I had just received my Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator about six weeks earlier and I had just gone up on the amount I was taking. For the last two weeks I began taking three ounces a day, which was still low for what I needed. But even at that amount my blood-work had made a dramatic improvement. All the numbers for the various tests they do had dropped down to the "normal" zone which is why the Doctor let out a big “wow”!

There was still a slightly elevated count in one area that had dropped dramatically but still needed some treatment (so to speak). So I began researching the testimonials and after reviewing a number of success stories I was able to determine what an effective dose would be for my situation. I had to go up considerably on the dosage, but it’s only about a thirty day process. Then I can go back down to a normal maintenance dose.

The main thing is...WOW!!!This colloidal silver is healing me right before my eyes! My sister began using it and her kidney infection cleared right it made the few liver spots on her arm disappear. So...THANK-YOU!!!

          -- Chip S., Jonesboro, AR

As you can see, both the clinical research and a growing body of anecdotal accounts demonstrate colloidal silver’s astonishing effectiveness against the superbugs – including extremely dangerous ones like MRSA!

Order Today and Save $100!

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  • Runs on standard household electricity, but uses less power than a tiny Christmas tree bulb - you won't even see a blip on your electric bill!  
  • Produces uniform, crystal clear batches every single time that store for months, or even years, without losing potency!  
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PLUS, when you order you’ll also get a handy plastic zipper pouch carrying case so you can keep all of your colloidal silver-making supplies together. (It also makes it a breeze to travel with your new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator!)  AND in addition to the carrying case, you also get the following:

  • A FREE 16-page Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator Operating Instructions Guide with lots of handy hints and tips for making, storing and using your high-quality homemade micro-particle colloidal silver! 
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  • A FREE 16-page "Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Making and Using Colloidal Silver Guide," which gives you a quick overview of the questions most frequently asked by our customers, and the easy answers you need to understand most. 
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  • FREE! -- Handy Wall Timer, so you can set your generator for the proper amount of time and not worry about being there when it's finished "brewing" your colloidal silver! 
  • FREE Technical Support by phone for the life of your generator! 
It's all designed to have you making and using high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver like a pro, the very first day you get your new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator! 

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Best yet, by acting within the next 10 days you’ll save a whopping $100 off the usual $349 cost of the generator and supplies.  Yes, instead of paying the usual $349, you pay only $249 during this special get-acquainted offer. 

This means your new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator will completely pay for itself the very first time you use it, when compared with store-bought colloidal silver.  You see, a typical 4-ounce bottle of high-quality store-bought colloidal silver costs about $30.  So a quart (i.e., 32 ounces) would cost you about $240! 

By purchasing a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, at the special $100 savings price of only $239, your very first one-quart batch will pay for the entire unit.  After that, you’ll be able to make high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for less than 36 cents a quart -- which is about as close as you’ll ever come to having FREE colloidal silver for the rest of your life! To order today, just call the following toll-free number right away: 
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Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

Steve Barwick, author
The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual 

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Think About This:  If you made a one-quart batch each day during your 30-day risk-free period, you’d have 30 quarts of colloidal silver stocked up! That’s the equivalent of 240 of those little 4-oz. bottles of colloidal silver sold in your local health food store for between $20 and $30 each! (Honest…do the math!) In other words, you could make well over $4,800 worth of colloidal silver while deciding whether or not to keep your generator!

And if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just return your generator, the timer, the silver wire and the plas­tic zipper pouch carrying case for a refund of the full purchase price! And of course you keep the FREE Colloidal Silver Success Stories book and the FREE 101 Powerful Household Uses for Colloidal Silver special report, -- worth a bona-fide $49.90 – with my compliments!

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P.P.P.S. – Two years ago I warned you that an average of 14% of the meat you buy at your local supermarket or grocery store was contaminated with the deadly superbug known as MRSA, which evades almost all known antibiotic drugs.  

Then, last year, I warned you that the figure had jumped to 50% of all tested supermarket meats being contaminated with MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant superbugs.  

Now, according to new findings published by the FDA, an average of 61% of ALL meat sold in local supermarket is contaminated with MRSA and other deadly, antibiotic-resistant superbugs That includes an astonishing 81% of all turkey meat sold in supermarkets…69% of all pork…55% of all beef and 39% of all chicken!

Quite frankly, this means, it’s only a matter of time before someone you know – perhaps a good friend, perhaps a member of your own family, even one of your own children of grandchildren – will end up with a potentially deadly super-bug infection.

And that’s just one more good reason why it’s so critically important to own the means of colloidal silver production by obtaining a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, so you can keep yourself and your family protected at all times. 

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