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A Colloidal Silver Recipe for Serious Sunburn Relief

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If you’ve ever wondered if colloidal silver can be used successfully on burns and sunburn, here’s the anecdotal information you’ve been waiting for. 

And as an added bonus, you’ll learn a simple recipe for making your own silver salve burn treatment. 

According to the author, this easy-to-make salve has provided similar beneficial effects to prescription silver sulfadiazine cream (one of the most popular prescription burn creams in the world), but without the need for a prescription.

[Notice:  The following copyrighted guest article, "A Recipe for Serious Sunburn Relief," is reprinted with permission from the Grow Your Own Groceries blog, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs for do-it-yourself and self-sufficiency (aka prepper) information. -- Steve] 

I’ve been a fan of colloidal silver ever since I had an unfortunate run-in with a burst radiator hose. I suffered 2nd degree burns all over the right side of my face, neck, shoulder, chest, and arm. I had several smaller areas of 3rd degree burning on my collar bone and armpit.

A nearby urgent care clinic prescribed me a miracle salve called silver sulfadiazine 1%. This salve almost immediately gave me relief from the overwhelming pain of my burns.

I had many concerns at the time – the volume of skin I had lost, the potential for infection, the certain scarring I would have, and the ever-present pain. But all I could do was go home and apply the silver salve according to the directions on the label.

I applied the salve with extreme care several times each day. After less than a week I lost a layer of skin that was basically dead and dry. I was left with the sensitive pink skin underneath, but no open wounds, no infection, and only minimal scarring!

It seemed that there was very little actual damage. I kept applying the silver salve for another week, and that was that. Completely healed. I avoided some pretty unthinkable pain and complications.

Within about four months, you couldn’t even see any evidence of scarring. Although to this day, when I get sun on the area, certain portions of the skin never get color – that’s really no big deal.

Ever since this happened, I have been looking for silver sulfadiazine 1%, but it is only available with a prescription. I do not want to grapple with another radiator hose to get a prescription – the hose always wins. Moreover, the prescription salve runs for more than $69 for a tiny 4 oz jar, and insurance doesn’t always cover it.

But this stuff is superb – it knocks out severe sunburns overnight. I used the remainder of my prescription on various minor burns and skin issues with 100% success.

I did some internet research and spoke with some chemists from a local university, and I came up with a “DIY” formula that has proven to have effects similar to the prescription silver sulfadiazine 1%, without the need for a prescription.

The formula is below, but please note that you should talk to your doctor before putting anything on or in your body. The prescription for silver sulfadiazine 1% comes with a warning that pregnant women ad anyone with allergies to silver should not use it, so I would imagine the same goes for this homemade stuff, or any colloidal silver products for that matter.

Homemade Silver Salve Burn Treatment


In a small (4 oz) jar, add:

·       2 Tablespoons virgin, raw coconut oil
·       1 Tablespoon 100% Aloe vera gel
·       1 Tablespoon colloidal silver (15ppm – 28ppm recommended)
·       4 drops of essential oil for fragrance

Put the lid on the jar and shake the heck out of the mixture to blend it completely. That’s it!

For the essential oil, I recommend doTerra Lavender because it is good for skin irritation and it smells awesome, but you can use peppermint or whatever you like to give it fragrance.

If you have an Aloe vera plant available, I highly recommend squeezing the juice of a full leaf into the mix. This is what I did, and I think that contributed to this salve’s awesome effectiveness. The batches I have made turn white when mixed, which is cool because the separate ingredients are all totally clear.

Note that you should always keep colloidal silver out of direct sunlight, and you shouldn’t refrigerate it because the silver ions will re-bind and then sink to the bottom.

However, since this solution is thicker than straight colloidal silver, I’m guessing that it won’t be an issue. I opted to refrigerate my latest batch because it’s hot in AZ and I want the fresh ingredients to last the summer. I’ve used this salve several times to conquer even blistering sunburns on my nephew’s nose, and I can’t say enough about it.


I hope you've enjoyed the guest article from the Grow Your Own Groceries blog. 
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