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Silver Induces Cervical Cancer Cells to Destroy Themselves

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More and more test tube clinical research is being conducted, demonstrating that silver in a variety of forms is able to cause cancer cells to destroy themselves. 

In the following article, you’ll see that researchers have found both ionic silver and metallic silver to cause cervical cancer cells to commit cellular suicide through a process called apoptosis.

This, in my opinion, could ultimately have profound implications for women diagnosed with abnormal cell growth in the cervix caused by Human Papillomavirus. 

Here’s the story…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge…

Here's a brief abstract for a test tube clinical study once again demonstrating that silver kills cancer cells. 

As usual, the authors use the study to claim silver is harmful to human cells in general, which of course is a crock, as silver has been repeatedly demonstrated to protect normal, healthy human cells.

(To learn about colloidal silver’s demonstrated and quite dramatic cell-protective effects see the previous articles here and here.)

In this study, a HeLa cell line was used, which is a cell line composed of human cervical cancer cells – the same kind of cancer known to be caused in women by Human Papillomavirus. 

According to the study abstract, the researchers found that silver nanoparticles caused the cervical cancer cells to self-destruct, in a process called apoptosis

What's more, the researchers discovered that silver ions (i.e., ionic silver) had even greater toxic effects against the cancer cells than silver nanoparticles (i.e., metallic silver). They stated:

Nanosilver has well­-known antibacterial properties, and is widely used in daily life as various medical and general products.

In comparison with silver ion, there is serious lacking of information concerning the biological effects of nanoAg [i.e., metallic silver -- ED].

In this study, we observed the cytotoxic effect of nanoAg in HeLa cells.

The nanoAg­-induced cytotoxicity was lower than that of AgNO(3), used as a silver ion source.

Apoptosis…was associated with this cell death.

In other words, in this test tube study, when a source of silver ions was used on the HeLa cells line (i.e., cervical cancer cell line) the cancer cells committed cellular suicide (apoptosis) at a higher rate than when the same cancer cells were exposed to metallic silver. 

Nevertheless, both types of silver – ionic and metallic – worked against the cancerous cells.

(For a more in-depth understanding of the differences between ionic and metallic colloidal silver products, see the True Colloidal Silver Facts website.)

This could ultimately have important ramifications for women diagnosed with abnormal cell growth in the cervix caused by Human Papillomavirus.

More Information…

Keep in mind this was strictly a test tube study, and not an animal or human study.  So it does not “prove” that silver in any form would “cure” cancer. 

But it’s certainly one more piece of evidence in a growing body of recent clinical and anecdotal evidence indicating that silver destroys a wide variety of cancer cells.  For example, see:

Also, see Another Bogus Study Claims Nanosilver Harms Human Cells for a more in-depth expose’ of the ongoing drive to mis-portray silver as being harmful to human cells, when instead the studies are clearly demonstrating silver’s profound anti-cancer properties.

Obviously, if you’re interested in reading more about this topic, you’ve now got your reading cut out for you. 

The above links constitute an exciting overview on the growing body of evidence from clinical research indicating that antimicrobial silver is also anti-cancerous.

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