Thursday, April 17, 2008

Colloidal Silver v/s the Flu Vaccine

Colloidal Silver v/s the Flu Vaccine

The CDC has now announced that 2007-2008 was the worst flu season in three years (see news article below), chiefly because the flu vaccine didn’t work very well.

That’s odd. My wife and I didn’t get the flu this year, nor did we get it during the last flu season, either. And we never take the flu vaccine.

We got the sniffles a few times this winter. But each time we started feeling a bit under the weather, we powered down some home-made micro-particle colloidal silver along with some extra nutritional supplements such as D-Ribose and Dimethylglycine, and knocked the bug out before it could even get started.

Plenty of people around us got the flu, however, including a number of our family members. (Can you guess which ones got sick? Yes, it was the ones who constantly tell us we’re “crazy” for taking colloidal silver and other nutritional supplements. And they’d all been vaccinated!)

No Lies

Now I’m not going to lie to you. There have been a few times over the past 14 years when certain flu strains came around that even colloidal silver couldn’t stop. After all, colloidal silver isn’t perfect. But it generally beats the pants off of the chemical alternatives offered by the orthodox medical establishment.

For example, I can remember when the Hong Kong flu strain reared its ugly head about seven years ago, and I got sick as a dog, in spite of taking prodigious quantities of colloidal silver and other nutritional supplements at the time. Of course, I was pretty worn down from a rigorous 16-hour a day work schedule at the time. And I probably wasn’t eating as healthy as I should have been, either.

But the very next year the Sydney flu strain came around with a vengeance. This was a particularly virulent strain, which killed a number of elderly folks throughout the central and eastern U.S., as well as a number of youngsters in the southern states.

And even though my wife and I were repeatedly exposed to that potentially deadly flu virus when a number of our family and friends came down with it, we sailed right through that winter flu season completely unscathed.

What’s more, I was right in the middle of interviewing literally hundreds of experienced colloidal silver users for an early version of my book on colloidal silver usage (now called the The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual), and every one of them seemed to have the same story: They bypassed the flu, often entirely, while their family members and friends who had refused to try colloidal silver suffered in misery.

Colloidal Silver Made the Difference

Once again, the only difference between my wife and I, and those of our family and friends who suffered for several weeks at a time from that nasty flu, was the fact that they refused to take colloidal silver and we were taking our regular one ounce a day of homemade micro-particle colloidal silver, and increasing the dosage to three or four ounces a day if we felt the sniffles coming on. Plus, we increased our intake of other nutritional supplements such as the D-Ribose and Dimethylglycine mentioned above.

The bottom line is that I’ll take my colloidal silver and other nutritional supplements over the flu shot any day. I like the safety of using a completely natural infection-fighting agent such as colloidal silver rather than being jabbed with a chemical cocktail composed of “killed” viruses and chemical agents such as thimerserol (mercury), Triton X-100 (a detergent) and formaldehyde, among others.

The Darn Flu Vaccine Doesn’t Work, Anyway

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, DO, a well-known vaccine critic, recently pointed out the utter futility of depending upon flu shots for protection. She wrote:

…The Cochrane Collaboration produced a series of articles in 2005 reviewing the published literature to determine the effectiveness of the flu shot. Nothing substantiating its usefulness was found. In a review of 51 studies involving more than 260,000 children…researchers concluded that there was “No evidence that injecting children 6-23 months of age with flu vaccines is any more effective than placebo.”

For healthy adults, the results were similar. A total of 25 studies were reviewed that included more than 60,000 study participants. Again, The Cochrane Group found that vaccination reduced risk of influenza by a meager 6% and reduced the number of days missed from work by less than one (0.16) day. Researchers concluded, “Universal immunization of healthy adults was not supported by the results of this review.”

For the elderly population, the prime target group for flu shots, The Cochrane Group reviewed 64 studies and chided that, “The runaway 100% effectiveness that's touted by proponents [of the flu shot] was nowhere to be seen…What you see is that marketing rules the response to influenza, and scientific evidence comes fourth or fifth.”

A new study, soon to be released in the prestigious medical journal, Vaccine, resulted in the same conclusion. The study was undertaken to determine whether the incidence of influenza had decreased in Ontario, Canada following the introduction of the Universal Influenza Immunization Campaign (UIIC) in 2000. All laboratory-confirmed influenza cases—diagnosed between January 1990 and August 2005—were analyzed. It was determined that, “…despite intensified vaccination distribution and the increased financial resources used to promote vaccination,” the incidence of influenza had not been decreased by the national flu shot campaign.

Well, that’s not saying much for the flu vaccine, is it?

Alzheimer’s from Flu Vaccines?

Worse yet, according to Dr. Tenpenny, more than one prominent researcher has linked flu vaccines to Alzheimer’s disease. Hugh Fudenberg, MD, an immunogeneticist and biologist with nearly 850 papers published in peer review journals, has reported that “if an individual had five consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 (the years studied), his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is ten times higher than if they had zero, one, or two shots."

Whoa! That sounds pretty serious to me.

What’s more, it turns out that Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, who has done extensive research in the area of mercury toxicity and the brain, has established a likely connection between toxic mercury (such as that found in flu vaccines) and Alzheimer’s disease. In a paper published in collaboration with researchers at University of Calgary, Haley stated that “seven of the characteristic markers that we look for to distinguish Alzheimer's disease can be produced in normal brain tissues, or cultures of neurons, by the addition of extremely low levels of mercury.”

Well, that’s enough for me. I’ve never taken the flu vaccine, and I never will.

Stubborn, Yes. Stupid, No.

Now I have to admit, I’m stubborn about it. I’d rather get sick for a week to 10 days with the flu, than risk Alzheimer’s disease eight or ten years down the road from a vaccine that doesn't appear to work anyway, based upon the available data. Now I don't expect everyone else to feel thhe same way about it. It's the difference of opinion that makes horse races, as they say. And everyone has to take care of themselves the best way they know how.

And to be perfectly honest with you, I used to come down with the flu just about every year. But ever since my wife and I started taking colloidal silver some 14 years ago, we have had very few full-blown incidences of the flu. We’ve pretty much avoided it completely over the last three or four years (i.e., ever since the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator was developed). And even before then we noticed that our bouts with the flu were far less frequent than in the past, and were of shorter duration and lower intensity than ever before.

In my most recent round of interviews with regular users of colloidal silver while updating The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual from 252-pages to over 540-pages, I continued to hear the same thing from just about everyone I interviewed.

As 90-year old Bea Riley told me, “Steve, I haven’t even had a cold since 1998 when I purchased my first colloidal silver generator and began using colloidal silver. Every time I feel one coming on, I just start taking a few ounces a day, and it never seems to get past the sniffles stage.”

Bea’s story is pretty much typical. Regular colloidal silver users report less frequent colds and flu. And when they do get sick, the duration is generally shorter than usual, and the intensity less than what they’ve experienced in the past.

Some people say it’s stupid not to take the flu vaccine. But based on my own personal experience, and what I’ve heard from over 2,000 experienced colloidal silver users over the past 14 years, I’d say it’s stupid not to use colloidal silver instead.


CDC says 2007-2008 worst flu season in 3 years; vaccine didn't work well

Apr 17, 12:17 PM (ET)


ATLANTA (AP) - This year's flu season has shaped up to be the worst in three years, partly because the vaccine didn't work well against the viruses that made most people sick, health officials said Thursday.

The 2007-2008 season started slowly, peaked in mid-February and seems to be declining, although cases are still being reported, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Based on adult deaths from flu and pneumonia, this season is the worst since 2003-2004 - another time when the vaccine did not include the exact flu strain responsible for most illnesses.

Each year, health officials - making essentially an educated guess - formulate a vaccine against three viruses they think will be circulating. They guess well most of the time, and the vaccine is often between 70 and 90 percent effective.

But this year, two of the three strains were not good matches and the vaccine was only 44 percent effective, according to a study done in Marshfield, Wis.

The CDC compares flu season by looking at adult deaths from the flu or pneumonia in 122 cities. This year, those deaths peaked at 9 percent of all reported deaths in early March, and remained above an epidemic threshold for 13 consecutive weeks. In 2003-2004, they peaked at more than 10 percent of all deaths, and surpassed the epidemic threshold for nine weeks.

"Our season is not quite as high but is lasting a little longer," said Dr. Dan Jernigan, deputy director of the CDC's influenza division.

Pediatric deaths are another way flu seasons are compared. So far this year, 66 children died, including 46 who were not vaccinated. In 2003-2004, 153 children died.

This year, the CDC started working with the Marshfield Clinic in central Wisconsin to get a better gauge of vaccine effectiveness while a flu season was in progress. Almost the entire population gets health care at the clinic, which has complete vaccination and electronic medical records.

This year, a Type A H3N2 Brisbane strain not in the vaccine has been responsible for most of the illnesses. A Type B Florida strain, also absent from the vaccine, has also been causing illness. Marshfield data showed that the vaccine didn't work at all against the Type B virus, and was 58 percent effective against the Brisbane virus.

Jernigan acknowledged that some people may lose faith in the flu vaccine and skip it next year. But he noted even this year, when the vaccine was not a good match, the vaccine still offered 44 percent protection overall.

The Marshfield study and a flu season update are being published this week in a CDC publication, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.


Anonymous said...

The best way to fight viruses is to use a good quality 10 ppm ionic/colloidal silver/silver hydrosol product. Read these excellent articles written by a couple of MD's who have lots of experience from treating patients with silver in this form.

These articles actually verify that silver is an essential mineral that the body needs to be able to handle several physiological functions of the immune system. ROS - Reactive Oxygen Species is one function.

There are certain viruses that surround themselves with fatty cells - lipids. These viruses are known as lipid viruses and can unfortunately tolerate colloidal silver fairly well. This is because the water based silver does not penetrate the lipid barrier of the virus. However, if you mix equal parts colloidal silver with whisky or vodka and squeeze some fresh lime or lemon juice in too - you have a recipy that will take care of lipid virus infections very efficiently. Both the alcohol and the acid from the citrus will do its part of dissolving the lipid based defence system of the virus. Take a teaspoon every five to ten minutes for a couple of hours - as soon as you feel you have cought something - and the cold or influenza will be gone in a matter of hours. Keep it under your tongue for 30 seconds and the sublingual part of your mouth will absorb the silver directly into your bloodstream. Small doses at this frequency makes sure that your body will have a good supply of active silver to fight viruses - as the silver ions are removed by the kidneys in a matter of minutes. The influenza virus is a lipid virus.

Anonymous said...

The flu vaccine is evil, wait all vaccinations are evil. It is an easy choice to make when choosing between something healthy like collodial silver and a toxic vaccination filled with harmful materials such as mercury.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is great. I've never known that Colloidal has such great effect. Thanks for sharing. This is a very good testimonial!

Anonymous said...

I have just landed in colloidal silver heaven! It will take me days to check out all the awesome info. you have on your blog!

I have use it now for around 10 years, and boy do I have some stories of how it worked. There are the skeptics out there, but the people I have recommended it to always come back to, it worked! Thank you so much for caring enough to put your blog together. I would like to link to your blog, on mine, if you approve. I blog for the fun of it, but many people read it. I am about to start a health and wellness section on my blog and Colloidal Silver will the the first thing I share! You are a blessing! Finding your blog was no coincidence...and I am thankful I found it.

Blessings ~ Jennifer

p.s. ~ what do you know about using CS in a small pool? We have an 1800 gallon pool....I cringe when I think about having to continue using harsh chemicals! I did find one place that said to use 1/2 t. (5 ppm) per gallon. We would be broke! Besides...we have 5 children and 2 cats to feed! LOL We are looking into using food grade hydrogen peroxide as well.


Steve Barwick said...

Hi Jennifer,

I would be honored to have my blog linked to your blog. What a great testimony to the Lord you provide…I am very impressed!

Regarding the 1800 gallon swimming pool, yes, it would take a lot of colloidal silver to be able to replace chlorine. We have an 800 gallon spa, with a built-in ozonator. You might look into adding an ozonator to your pool, as ozone in the tiny quantities put out by these units is harmless, and kills bacteria and fungus extremely well. Colloidal silver is the only other substance we use in our spa. We simply throw in one quart a week; but it only costs us 36 cents a quart for colloidal silver when we make it ourselves with a colloidal silver generator like those described in the blog. If we did not have the built-in ozonator, we would add a couple of ounces of household hydrogen peroxide a week along with the colloidal silver. But the ozonator makes that unnecessary.

S. Spencer Jones

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve, You had recommended that your clients use an electronic humidifier and breathe the vapors to clear up certain conditions.

I recently used a nebulizer in lieu of the humidifier to do this and it worked great, even better than the humidifier. The minute droplets from the nebulizer can reach every part of your lungs.

This is especially good for people who have COPD (asthma or emphysema) because the phlegm retained in the lungs gets infected easily. The nebulizer with colloidal silver clears up the infection overnight!

This would probably be good for pneumonia also.

Keep up the good work,

Lowell Flowers

Steve Barwick said...

Thanks, Lowell! We’ve been using a nebulizer also, off and on for five or six years now. And I have to agree with you that it is superior to the humidifier method. However, not everyone can afford a decent nebulizer, and in many states you have to have a doctor’s prescription to purchase one because they are designed for use with prescription medications. So we mention the humidifier as a “poor man’s nebulizer” for the sake of those who don’t have access to an actual nebulizer.


Anonymous said...

I just afraid of these kind of diseases.

Anonymous said...

I bought my nebulizer off of Ebay, it works a treat with CS in it. I use it approx 2-3 times a year if I feel any bug is trying to get a hold in the lungs etc.