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7 Good Reasons to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver

7 Good Reasons to Make Your Own High-Quality Colloidal Silver Rather Than Purchasing Commercial Brands

Most people don’t realize that making your own colloidal silver with a high-quality colloidal silver generator is actually superior to buying commercial brands. Here are 7 reasons why making your own colloidal silver gives you a dramatic edge over the use of commercial brands.

Reason #1: You can make colloidal silver so inexpensively you can literally afford to bathe in it!
That’s right. When you make your own colloidal silver, you’ll never get ripped off again by greedy colloidal silver vendors. A typical 4-oz. bottle of colloidal silver contains only about 6 to 12 cents worth of actual silver particles. Yet they charge you up to $30 for that tiny bottle. That's a 2,400% mark-up on every bottle!

But when you make your own colloidal silver you can do so for literally a few pennies per quart. Your only real costs are the distilled water (about 79 cents a gallon at Wal-Mart), and once each year or two you’ll probably have to spend somewhere around $25 to replace the set of pure, .999 fine silver wire that usually comes with your generator when you buy one. Yet with a high-quality colloidal silver generator, a single set of pure silver wire costing you about $25 will allow you to produce over $24,000 worth of colloidal silver (no kidding!) over the course of a year, based on typical health food store prices of up to $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle!

So when you factor in the cost of the silver wire, the tiny amount of electricity needed to run the generator (which is generally less than what’s required to run a tiny Christmas tree light bulb) and the cost of the distilled water, it comes out to about 36 cents a quart or less to make a high-quality colloidal silver solution that just blows away the conventional, commercially prepared brands. That’s about as close to producing colloidal silver for “free” as you can get!

Compare that to commercial brands costing up to $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle, and you’ll see why we say that when you make your own colloidal silver, you can literally afford to bathe in it. In fact, all you have to do is brew up a one-quart batch (total cost: 36 cents) and toss it into your bathwater before bathing. Its soothing and invigorating effects on the skin are beyond compare!

Reason #2: You won’t get ripped off with diluted colloidal silver solutions!

In recent tests only about 43% of the bottled colloidal silver products tested contained the actual concentration of silver listed on the label. Most commercial brands tested contained far less silver than stated on the label. And some contained no silver particles at all!

In fact, one manufacturer who got caught selling colloidal silver with no actual silver particles in the solution later claimed he had put the “vibrational pattern” of the silver in the water, and thus felt he had no need to add actual silver particles. Hey, that’s fine with me, as long as the product was advertised and labeled as containing no actual silver particles. But don’t expect too much from a product like that in terms of aiding your health and well-being!

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m a big fan of homeopathy. But even homeopathy starts with the actual substance, and then takes it through a multi-step dilution process. These guys later admitted that they “translated the vibrational pattern” of silver particles into music (yes, music) and then transferred the same pattern into the water by playing the music as the water was being bottled. Yes, they called this “colloidal silver.” But maybe they should have named it “musical water.” As Sponge Bob says, “Good luck with that!”

This is why it is so important to make your own colloidal silver. When you make your own colloidal silver with a high-quality colloidal silver generator, you control the concentration. Depending upon which type of colloidal silver generator you buy, you can make 5 ppm, or 10 ppm, or 20 ppm, or even hundreds of ppm if you prefer. But you always know exactly what you’re getting, every time you make it. You can’t get scammed, unless you plan on scamming yourself!

The bottom line is that in order to avoid being ripped off by greedy vendors, you have to control the means of colloidal silver production. And that’s exactly what happens when you own a high-quality colloidal silver generator. You become the colloidal silver manufacturer…which allows you to produce the concentration you want!

Reason #3: The freshness and potency of your colloidal silver is always in your hands rather than some vendor’s hands!

By making your own colloidal silver fresh, you can rest assured it has not been sitting in some hot warehouse for six months before being shipped to your local health food store, where it sits on the shelf for another six months losing potency before it is sold to you. When you make your own, it is fresh every time. The electrical charge on every particle of silver is at its peak.

Here’s a dirty little secret most commercial vendors don’t want to tell you: to get the best prices, people selling commercial brands have to purchase huge quantities of colloidal silver at a time from a manufacturing plant. These huge quantities are usually sold to them in 55 gallon drums that are later shipped to a contract manufacturing laboratory where the colloidal silver is bottled up in those tiny four-ounce or eight-ounce bottles, and then shipped back to the vendor in cases of 12 or 24 bottles.

This inventory then sits in a warehouse, through summer heat and winter cold, while it is slowly being sold off, case by case, or bottle by bottle to the various health food stores or internet vendors, who in turn sell it to colloidal silver users like you.

Since all electrical charges in nature dissipate over time, and do so even faster when exposed to hot or cold, you have no idea how much electrical charge is left on the silver particles once you’ve finally purchased a bottle. Why? Because you have no idea how long that colloidal silver sat in a 55 gallon drum before being bottled…or how long that bottle sat in a hot or cold warehouse…or how long it sat in a UPS truck in the depth of winter or the heat of summer during shipment…or how long it sat on a store shelf before you purchased it.

But when you make your own colloidal silver with a high-quality colloidal silver generator, you can make it fresh every time for just pennies per batch. You never have to be concerned about whether or not the product was already five months old, or ten months old, or fifteen months old or even 24 months old when it was finally sold to you.

You can make it fresh every time you need some, or you can simply throw out batches at three months, six months, or a year, or whatever makes you comfortable. (I throw mine out after a year, even if there is no evidence of silver particles settling out of suspension. But I don’t waste it. I toss it into our hot tub for added protection from microbial growth, or put it in the dog’s water bowl, or even use it in the laundry to help keep bedding, towels, dishrags and underclothing fresh and microbe-free longer.)

Obviously, throwing away colloidal silver is something one might be reluctant to do if you have paid up to $30 or more for a tiny 4-ounce bottle from a commercial vendor. But when you make your own high-quality colloidal silver for about thirty-six cents a quart, it is no big deal at all! If you’re unsure of the freshness or potency of a batch you’ve made previously, toss it out into the garden (yes, plants love it) and make a fresh new batch for yourself for just pennies, and use that instead!

Reason #4: You’ll have no hidden fillers, dyes, protein or gelatin coatings, or other additives in your colloidal silver!

When you make your own colloidal silver, you eliminate all hidden fillers, dyes, protein coatings, gel coatings or other additives and “stabilizers” used by commercial vendors. You get pure colloidal silver every time, because you’re in control of the entire colloidal silver production process.

Believe it or not, many unscrupulous commercial colloidal silver vendors actually add ingredients to their colloidal silver products that don’t appear on the label. For example, some add yellow food coloring. That’s because they know that novice colloidal silver users are under the misguided impression that “golden-colored” colloidal silver has more powerful infection-fighting qualities. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. There has never been a study demonstrating that golden-colored colloidal silver is superior in any way to colloidal silver that is crystal clear. But this little piece of conventional “wisdom” persists, and some commercial colloidal silver vendors try to capitalize on it by adding yellow food dye to their product, to make it appear golden-colored.

The problem is that any time you add an ingredient to your colloidal silver – whether it is any of the popular additives such as salt, baking soda, MSM, aloe vera or even food dye – you create a condition in which the silver particles begin to bond together in large clusters around the additive. That’s because the additive changes the electrical potential of the silver particle, allowing particles that would normally repel each other in the solution to bond with each other instead, forming large particle clusters. This generally causes premature precipitation of the silver particles (i.e., the silver particles begin to fall out of suspension and coat the bottom of the bottle), not to mention the fact that you are ingesting overly large silver particle clusters instead of the far more effective individual silver micro-particles you really need for maximum infection-fighting power.

In other documented cases, colloidal silver vendors have added protein or gelatin coatings to their silver particles, ostensibly in order to help stabilize them in the solution. The resulting problem is that those coatings so completely cover the silver particles that microbial growth begins to spread on the outer shell of the coating. The silver particles can’t kill the microbes because they are coated so thoroughly by the gelatin or protein! And therefore you actually get microbial growth inside of a colloidal silver product!

But that simply can’t happen when you make your own colloidal silver with a high-quality colloidal silver generator. Each of the literally billions of sub-microscopic silver particles in your solution are “raw,” meaning they are not coated by any substance or bonded to any substance. It is simply pure silver, and nothing else. And therefore microbial growth simply cannot take place in the solution.

Reason #5: You’ll always enjoy instant access to colloidal silver when you need it the most!

If you’ve been using colloidal silver for even a moderate amount of time, you’ve probably experienced a situation in which you really needed some quickly, but didn’t have any handy. So maybe you had to leave the house in a mad dash, and drive to your local health food store to get some, hoping they still had your favorite brand in stock. Or you had to order it over the internet and wait a week or longer to receive it.

But with a high-quality colloidal silver generator in your home, you’ll never again have to worry about running out of colloidal silver at an inopportune time, such as when you’re coming down with a cold, or one of your children have picked up a tummy bug, or you go out for dinner and come home with a nasty case of food poisoning.

Instead, you can simply break out your handy colloidal silver generator, plug it in, and start making colloidal silver right then and there, when it is needed the most! As a family man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thankful over the past 12 years that we’ve had our own home colloidal silver generator when unexpected health crises have struck, and we’ve been able to brew up a batch quickly and easily in order to nip a potentially serious health problem in the bud.

What’s more, because we’re in business and frequently eat out when meeting new clients, we are constantly exposed to pathogens far in excess of what you might be exposed to at home. As you likely know from the newspaper headlines, restaurant foods are notorious carriers of pathogens, and many tons of restaurant foods -- ranging from meat to lettuce to fruits and vegetables -- have been re-called by the FDA in recent years due to excessive microbial contamination. So we’ve had more than our fair share of battles with “tummy bug” infections and outright food poisoning over the years. It is much more common than you might think if you don’t eat out a lot.

But in each instance we’ve been able to brew up a nice, fresh batch of colloidal silver directly after the food poisoning symptoms started, and stop the problem dead in its tracks. This has saved us hours (or even days) of pain and turmoil and lost work, not to mention money saved from not having to incur doctor’s bills. And it has also allowed us to feel a lot safer when we have to travel on business and eat out. We know if anything goes wrong, we always have our handy colloidal silver generator to solve the problem!

Reason #6: You are not dependent on the manufacturer to control the silver particle size; instead, you control it!

When you purchase colloidal silver from a health food store or through an internet vendor, you have no way of knowing what the silver particle size is. Sure, there will probably be some label claims regarding particle size. But if nearly half of the commercial colloidal silver brands tested had lower concentrations than what was stated on the label (see Reason #2, above), then how many of those companies are also lying about the particle size? The truth is, even when the particle size is listed on the label, it is often an arbitrary, or even completely exaggerated figure.

In fact, in one recent case we discovered a company selling bottled colloidal silver that included a label claim of a .0007 micron particle size. Now that’s an unusually small particle size. And some very special equipment is required in order to make silver particles that small. So when we ran across this company at a health food show, we questioned them about the equipment used to make their bottled colloidal silver product. And guess what we found out? They didn’t know what equipment was used! That’s right. They were buying their colloidal silver in bulk in 55 gallon drums from a manufacturer on the east coast, and didn’t have a clue as to how it was made. In other words, they were simply making up their label claim in regards to the size of their silver particles. When we asked “How do you know the silver particles in your product are .0007 microns?” they answered, “We don’t. But you know how things are in the colloidal silver business. You have to tell the customers what they want to hear.” Arrrgh!

That’s one more good reason why it’s so important to own a high-quality colloidal silver generator, i.e., you can control all of the factors that determine particle size:

First of all, you control the water quality. By using only pure steam-distilled water when you make colloidal silver (available inexpensively at just about any Wal-Mart or large chain supermarket), you’ll dramatically reduce your particle size. That’s because any other form of water, including filtered water, alkaline water, structured water and even R/O (i.e., reverse osmosis) water all contain varying degrees of mineral content that will cause silver particles to agglomerate (i.e., electrically bond together) into larger particle clusters. By using only pure steam-distilled water, your silver particles won’t cluster or bond excessively into larger particle agglomerates.

Secondly, as mentioned in Reason #4 above, you control the additives. If you want the smallest silver particles possible, you should never use any additives when making colloidal silver. This includes salt, MSM, cayenne pepper, aloe vera, flavor enhancers, color enhancers, or any of the other popular additives that have been used by various commercial colloidal silver vendors. This is a very simple yet vital maxim: Additives cause the formation of larger silver particles and particle clusters. By making your own colloidal silver, you can eliminate all additives and thereby dramatically reduce the production of larger silver particles and particle agglomerates!

Third, by making your own colloidal silver you are in control of the electrical current and therefore you control the rate and size at which silver particles leave the silver electrodes and enter the solution. Generally speaking, commercial colloidal silver manufacturers are all about speed-to-market. In other words, the quicker they can get their product made and get it to market, the faster they can make money. Therefore, they frequently use excessively high electrical currents that “blow” silver particles off the silver electrodes quickly, often resulting in overly large particles. But by making your own colloidal silver with a high-quality, low-voltage DC colloidal silver generator such as the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from, the silver particles trickle slowly and gently off the silver electrodes over a period of hours rather than being “blown” quickly off of the electrodes by excessive electrical current. And this allows you incredible control over the size of your silver particles. The bottom line is that overly high electrical currents can create colloidal silver quickly, but they also produce overly-large, chunk-like particles of silver. But a low, gentle electrical current produces extremely small silver particles that the body can absorb, utilize and excrete afterwards with amazing efficiency and effectiveness.

And finally, you can control the electrolysis, which means the build-up of electrical current in the water over time as more and more silver particles enter the solution. Excessive electrolysis presents a two-fold problem: One, it causes silver particles to bond together into large clusters. And two, it causes silver particles to be “pulled” (for lack of a better word) from the silver electrodes at a faster pace and a larger particle size. So you’d think commercial vendors would do everything possible to limit electrolysis when making colloidal silver. But most don’t. Why? Again, it’s because commercial vendors are all about speed-to-market. They don’t bother to limit electrolysis because it dramatically slows down the colloidal silver-making process. But it is the right thing to do if you are concerned about controlling the particle size in your colloidal silver solution.

That’s why we recommend making your own colloidal silver with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from It has specifically been designed to automatically limit electrolysis during the entire colloidal silver-making process. In fact, it comes with a built-in “bubbler” that thoroughly aerates the solution during the colloidal silver-making process. You see, air is one of nature’s least electrically conductive substances. By thoroughly aerating your solution during the colloidal silver-making process, you dramatically reduce electrolytic buildup in the water, and thereby prevent the formation of excessively large silver particles and particle clusters. It takes a little longer to make a good batch of colloidal silver (about three hours, with a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator), but it is well worth the wait!

Unfortunately, we have not found a single commercial manufacturer of colloidal silver that aerates their solutions during the colloidal silver-making process.

Reason #7: You’ll always be able to produce the superior ionic form of colloidal silver, which is up to 1,000 times more potent than silver particulates being sold by commercial colloidal silver vendors!
It has recently become quite a fad among many commercial colloidal silver vendors to sell silver particulates, which are also known as “metallic” colloidal silver or “particulate” colloidal silver. These vendors frequently use the patently false claim that particulate silver is the only “true” colloidal silver in existence, and that it is superior to ionic colloidal silver in every way. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, the particulate form of colloidal silver, while faddishly popular thanks to the marketing hyperbole that goes along with it, has in reality been demonstrated to be one of the weakest forms of colloidal silver available, particularly in terms of microbial killing power.

Keep in mind that colloidal silver has been around since Edison harnessed electricity in the late 1800’s. And many hundreds of tests and studies on colloidal silver have been conducted over the past eleven decades by legitimate laboratories, well-known research facilities, hospitals, major university medical departments, and even by the U.S. military and the U.S. government. And to my knowledge, no one…and I repeat, no one…has found particulate colloidal silver to be superior to ionic silver, except for the internet promoters who constantly claim their bottled particulate colloidal silver products are superior to all others. Isn’t that interesting?

In the newly updated, 547-page edition of my book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual ( I list over 158 different medical studies conducted over the past thirty years demonstrating the incredible effectiveness of the ionic form of colloidal silver. These include studies by the U.S. Army Burn Center, major medical universities, famous scientists, respected doctors, and more. But the only studies I’ve been able to find on the so-called particulate form of colloidal silver have been the one’s conducted by a single, supposedly “independent” laboratory that, upon further examination, turns out to be owned by the main company that manufactures and sells the particulate form of silver. That’s hardly what I’d call “independent.”

On the other hand, a respected company called Natural Immunogenics recently hired scientists to test the two forms of colloidal silver -- ionic v/s particulate – against each other using stringent FDA testing standards. The results were astonishing. In these tests, the ionic form of colloidal silver was demonstrated to be up to 1,000 times more effective than the particulate form when tested against pathogenic microorganisms. The study showed that virtually all claims of effectiveness made for the particulate form were the exact opposite of the truth. Far from being more effective, the particulate form of colloidal silver turned out to be a small fraction as effective as the ionic form.

While these results shocked some people, they should not have been surprising. After all, when Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. did his groundbreaking work at Syracuse Medical University on the infection-fighting and tissue-regenerating power of electrically generated silver in the 1970’s and ‘80’s, it was the ionic form he used. If you read his two New York Times bestselling books, The Body Electric and Cross Currents, you will see that he constantly refers to the silver ion as being the major infection-fighting and tissue-regenerating factor in all of his well-known medical studies.

What’s more, Albert T. McManus, MD, the Chief of Microbiology at the U.S. Army Burn Center, which is operated by the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research, states forthrightly regarding silver’s ability to prevent infections in burn patients, “…conversion of silver to silver ions is necessary for efficacy”.

In short, it is the silver ion that produces the microbial “killing power” of colloidal silver. And the good news is this: When you make your own colloidal silver with a high-quality colloidal silver generator you will always get the ionic form of colloidal silver. Don’t let commercial colloidal silver vendors lead you down Primrose Lane with their marketing hyperbole. When you make your own colloidal silver with a high-quality generator, you are producing the same type of colloidal silver proven over and over again in medical studies to be the most effective!

One Final Important Thought…
Of course, not all colloidal silver generators are the same. There are high-quality units, and there are some real stinkers out there, too. And therefore, while just about any colloidal silver generator will allow you to enjoy the 7 dramatic benefits spelled out above to some extent, not every generator is specifically designed to maximize them.

For example, many colloidal silver generators don’t include the special electronics that properly balance the voltage against the amperage during the colloidal silver-making process in order to produce an electrical current that allows the silver particles to trickle slowly and gently off the silver electrodes over a period of several hours, rather than being blasted off the electrodes in larger chunks over a shorter period of time. Other generators require the use of additives such as salt or baking soda in order to get the colloidal silver-making process started, which of course, always results in the production of overly large silver particles which can dramatically reduce the infection-fighting power of your colloidal silver solution. And finally, most colloidal silver generators don’t come with a built-in aeration device that allows you to limit the buildup of electrolysis in your colloidal silver solution, and produce billions of tiny silver micro-particles for maximum effectiveness in the human body.

In short, to truly enjoy each of the 7 benefits above you need to use a colloidal silver generator that is specifically designed to maximize them. That’s why we recommend the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from It’s a bona fide breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology, and as you’ll see, there is nothing like it anywhere. In fact, since its inception it has rapidly become the #1 best-selling colloidal silver generator in the world!

So if you wish to take advantage of all of the health-boosting, money-saving benefits of making your own high-quality colloidal silver, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from You’ll be glad you did, I promise!

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