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Stop Sinus Infections Using Colloidal Silver and a Neti Pot

Breathe Clearly Again, Using Colloidal Silver and a Neti Pot

by Angela Kaelin

All too often, sinus sufferers find themselves in a vicious cycle of despair when they rely on pharmaceutical drugs and dubious surgeries in hopes of ending their misery.

Unfortunately, these methods do not cure sinusitis (i.e., chronic sinus infection), but only treat the symptoms. Indeed, using drugs and surgeries to treat sinusitis can actually make matters worse, as you’ll learn in this article.

The good news is that a simple, all-natural mineral substance with powerful antibiotic qualities known as colloidal silver can be used instead of risky drugs and surgery to quickly and effectively heal chronic sinus infections.

In this article we’ll examine some of the reasons sinusitis is so hard to treat effectively with conventional over-the-counter or prescription drugs, and we’ll take a look at the most effective way to use colloidal silver to rid yourself of this troublesome condition once and for all.

What Causes Sinusitis?

One of the most common precursors of sinusitis is allergy-induced irritation of the sinus passages. Common allergens that can induce a sinus infection include mold spores, pollens, dust mites and man-made chemical pollutants.

When the sinus passages become irritated by allergens, the body tries to protect the nasal membranes from further irritation by creating mucous. But, if this mucous fails to drain correctly, it quickly becomes a warm, moist, cozy habitation for infectious microorganisms, including funguses, bacteria and even viruses.

This in turn induces the typical symptoms of inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses, pain and pressure in the face caused by the internal inflammation, an uncomfortable stuffy nose and frequently thick yellow or greenish nasal discharge.

The Vicious Cycle

That’s when most people turn to sinus medications, and the vicious cycle begins. You see, sinus medications – whether over-the-counter or prescribed – provide only temporary relief of symptoms. And they tend to dry the sinuses and nasal passages, preventing mucous from draining by thickening it and making it even more difficult for the body to expel.

This buildup invites further growth of the colonies of pathogens that have already taken up residence in the sinuses, resulting in a dramatic worsening of the symptoms. In turn, this triggers the need for larger doses of the medication in order to obtain temporary relief. And the cycle goes on and on.

Surgeries Fail, Too

Surgeries, as well, often fail to provide long-term relief from sinusitis. That’s because they’re designed to remove blockages or correct internal nasal imperfections in order to increase the amount of air flowing through the sinuses, rather than cure the underlying sinus infection.

Frequently, after a nasal surgery, the patient feels much better for awhile. But that’s often because he or she was prescribed an antibiotic after the surgery “to prevent infection at the surgical site.” This antibiotic often heals the underlying sinus infection, leaving both doctor and patient believing the surgery was “successful.”

But, in due time, the allergens that caused the initial sinus irritation kick back into play, inducing the same tired old cycle of mucous deposits which lead to sinus infections, which lead to sinus medications, which cause thicker mucous deposits, which lead to a worsening of the sinus infection.

What’s more, even the simplest of surgeries can be dangerous these days, particularly considering the fact that more people are now leaving hospitals and surgical clinics with iatrogenic (i.e., hospital acquired) antibiotic-resistant infections such as MRSA than at any time in modern history.

Dynamic Duo: Colloidal Silver and the Neti Pot

So why put your health and well-being at risk? Why endure this vicious cycle of suffering and disease when it is completely unnecessary? And why put money into the hands of Big Pharma and its minions when you don’t have to?

You have the power to heal yourself of chronic sinus infections quickly, easily and effectively, using colloidal silver - the world’s most powerful natural antibiotic - and a simple device called a neti pot. Indeed, with this dynamic duo in your corner, you can breathe free of sinusitis once and for all.

The neti pot is a painless, safe and highly effective device for applying colloidal silver to the sinus passages that will provide both instant and long-term relief.

While there are merits to using a nasal spray bottle or a dropper to apply silver to the sinuses, both of these methods can cause unpleasant sensations of burning and stinging. The neti pot is a much more effective method because it actually cleanses, soothes inflammation and unblocks the sinus passages, thereby allowing for a more thorough administration of nature's antibiotic.

What’s more, it does so without discomfort. It leaves you with a fresh, clean feeling. Indeed, regular use of this method, combined with your usual daily dosage of colloidal silver, will yield long-term positive results you’ll be very pleased with.

What Is a Neti Pot?

The neti pot is simply a small pot with a handle and a long spout (see photo) that can be used to pour a steady stream of specially prepared water directly into your sinuses in order to clean them out and soothe them. It has been used as part of the daily hygiene regimen in parts of India for thousands of years.

Neti pots come in a variety colors, and decorative-looking designs. They are most frequently made out of either ceramic or plastic.

Ceramic neti pots like the one featured in the photograph are not only aesthetically pleasing, but these instruments are “balanced” for enhanced ease of use. They can be purchased through a variety of internet vendors (just do a Google search on the term “neti pot”), and at most pharmacies and health food stores. If you purchase one of these pots, there will usually be an insert with explicit instructions for basic usage.

Getting Started

If your nasal passages are very clogged, you will want to clear the blockage before you apply colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is relatively inexpensive, but there is no need to waste it. So, we’ll begin with an explanation of the basic preparation of the neti pot and the initial clearing of sinus blockages. Then we’ll proceed to the instructions for applying colloidal silver to the sinuses with a neti pot.

The Basic Procedure

To start, place about one cup of lukewarm water in your neti pot and add a heaping ¼ teaspoon of the purest salt you can find. Do not use iodized salt. Non-iodized sea salt will work. Kosher salt is highly recommended. Dissolve the salt in the water thoroughly, by stirring it with a small plastic spoon or by covering the snout of the neti pot and gently “swirling” the water in a circular motion.

The right proportions of salt and water will break up mucous blockages and soothe the sinus passages. Too much or too little salt can cause discomfort. So follow the above instructions carefully, and make sure that your neti pot solution is lukewarm. Test a drop on your wrist for comfort.

The basic method for administering the contents of the pot is to stand over the sink. First, position your face so that it is parallel to the sink (i.e., you are staring down into the sink), then rotate your head to the right 90 degrees (now your left ear is parallel to the sink).

Holding the prepared neti pot in your right hand by its handle, you then apply the spout to your right nostril (see photo), and tilt the pot upward slightly until you feel the warm water flowing gently into your nostril. You will probably be amazed the first time that the lukewarm preparation painlessly, if not pleasantly, runs into one nostril and begins coming out the other.

You will then turn your head to the other side and follow the same procedure. Alternate using the pot with one nostril and then the other until the blockage clears.

Be sure to blow the water out of your nostrils in between the alternating applications. You'll want to have some paper towels handy. Continue using the neti pot and blowing until your sinus passages feel cleared. This is paving the way to the next step, where you thoroughly flood the sinus passages with the real healing agent - the colloidal silver.

Finally, “take a bow” over your bath tub (exactly as if you had just completed an on-stage performance) and water will run out of both of your nostrils and drain into the tub.

You can watch a video of the basic procedure here:

Using Colloidal Silver with a Neti Pot

Once you are breathing freely through both nostrils, prepare the pot again. This time, you will do it a little differently, and include the colloidal silver.

According to medical studies, a concentration of 10 ppm of colloidal silver kills most bacteria in six minutes or less. So you will need to use a solution composed of 10 ppm concentration.

To use colloidal silver in the neti pot, prepare the pot with just a ¼ cup of warm water. Add a pinch of salt. (See photo.) Then apply 15 to 30 drops (one to two droppers) of colloidal silver to the pot. (See photo.) Make sure the salt is completely dissolved. Then, administer half of the solution through one nostril and half through the other, as described in the “Basic Procedure” section above.

(If all of this measuring sounds a little tedious, don’t worry. After a few tries, you’ll be able to quickly estimate the proper amounts of salt, water and colloidal silver to add to your net pot.)

If you’ve followed the instructions above, you should be feeling as if your sinus passages are somewhat clear of mucous at this time. Wait six minutes for the colloidal silver to do its job before “taking a bow” over your tub to let the excess moisture drain out. It is important to dry your sinuses this way.

For stubborn cases of sinusitis, repeat the above procedure two or three times a day until the condition disappears. After that, you can use the basic neti pot procedure with non-iodized salt and water daily. Once or twice a week prepare your pot with colloidal silver to kill any lurking pathogens in your sinuses. Keep taking your regular daily dosage of colloidal silver.

Soon, sinusitis will be a thing of the past. You’ll never have to consider taking potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs or resorting to risky surgery. You’ll have mastered your condition, rather than having it master you.

The use of colloidal silver and the neti pot will not only allow you to cure a chronic sinus infection, but it will improve your sense of smell, and aid in deeper, easier breathing which oxygenates the bloodstream, improves circulation and helps rejuvenate the cells and tissues.

As an added benefit, it also provides noticeable relief to sufferers of sleep apnea, particularly when it is used before retiring at night.

Breathing Free At Last

So, now you’ve learned a safer and more effective way to end sinus suffering and breathe more freely than ever before without the use of any dangerous chemicals or surgeries.

This simple, yet little-known technique puts an end once and for all to the vicious cycle of chronic suffering most victims of sinusitis know all too well. Indeed, once you’ve mastered the above technique, you will find that your neti pot and colloidal silver is as indispensable as your toothbrush.

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Anonymous said...

You also need to post information on here about the side effect called Argyria from using colloidal silver. It's an irreversible condition where the skin turns grey or blue and a person basically spends the rest of their lives looking like a walking corpse.

Steve Barwick said...

Anonymous, I have numerous articles on this site about the potential of argyria (skin staining) from excessive usage of colloidal silver. You should use the search function to read some of them.

L. said...

Hi, I use silver colloidal and love it and I also use a neti pot. May I suggest though that you warn people not to use tap water with a neti pot. Someone in the States recently did that and got a fatal infection (it was in the news) because of impurities in the water. They should be using distilled water and not using it straight from the tap. Thanks.

Steve Barwick said...

Thank you, L. That's a good point. And while such an infection is very rate, it has happened several times. So use of distilled water when using a neti pot is a good precaution. See my video on using colloidal silver in a neti pot, at this link: