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How to Make a Colloidal Silver Generator

How to Make A Crude But Effective Colloidal Silver Generator

You’d be crazy not to own a high-quality colloidal silver generator in this new era of viral pandemic threats, bioterrorism and strange new infectious diseases.

But if you simply can’t afford one right now, here’s something you can do to help provide yourself and your family with at least a small measure of added protection in an emergency situation during which commercial brands of colloidal silver simply may not be available anywhere, at any price.

You can easily make a crude but effective emergency batch of colloidal silver with two 6" strands of pure .999 fine silver wire, and a simple 9-volt battery (the little square batteries that fit into the palm of your hand, available for a few bucks at any Wal-Mart). Be sure to use a new 9-volt battery, so it's fully charged.

You can get the pure .999 fine silver wire for about $20, here:

Just use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the ends of the silver wire so that they will fit tightly over the two small battery posts on your 9-volt battery.

The silver wire needs to hang down evenly spaced from the two posts. Next, place two popsicle sticks (or crafts sticks) across the top of a 16 oz. glass filled with pure steam-distilled water. (See photo at top of article.)

Lay the 9 volt battery on its flat side, on top of the two popsicle sticks, so that the two strands of silver wire hanging from the battery posts are able to drape down into the water. (See photo at top of article.)

The two popsicle sticks are used to keep the battery out of the water, while you submerge the two connected strands of silver wire into the water.You need to make sure that at least four inches or more of both silver wires are submerged into the distilled water. (See photo at top of article.)

Don't let the silver wires touch each other while they are hanging in the water, or it will short out the battery and drain it within a few minutes, and you won't get any colloidal silver.

As soon as the two strands of silver wire are submerged into the water, electricity will start flowing from the battery through the wires, and tiny particles of silver will be driven off the silver wire and into the water, where they will be suspended with an electrical charge.

50 Minutes to an Hour for a 5-10 ppm Batch

Leave the silver wires submerged for about 50 minutes to an hour. Then simply lift the battery off the popsicle sticks, pulling the silver wires out of the water.

Use a plastic spoon to stir the solution slightly, so as to evenly disperse the microscopic silver particles.

When using pure steam-distilled water, this will give you anywhere from 5 to 10 ppm in your 16-ounce ounce batch. And if you used high-quality distilled water as instructed, your batch should be perfectly clear in color. (If it turns out to be cloudy, this indicates excessive mineral content in the water you started out with. In such a case, you can use it for topical purposes, but you should not use it internally. Just find a better brand of pure, steam-distilled water, and start over with a fresh 9-volt battery.)

Don’t be concerned if your pure silver wires turn gray or even black during the colloidal silver-making process. That is simply silver oxide, from the reaction between the electricity, the water and the silver. It cannot hurt you. After you’re done, you can clean the silver oxide off the silver wires with a small kitchen scrubby pad.

And if any of the silver oxide residue comes off the silver wires and gets into your colloidal silver solution during the colloidal silver-making process, don’t worry. Just pour your solution into another glass container through a paper coffee filter in order to catch the visible silver oxide particles. That will solve the problem.

Storing your Emergency Batch of Colloidal Silver

To store your emergency batch of colloidal silver, just pour it into a dark colored glass bottle with a plastic lid or cork stopper. An old wine bottle, or even an old beer bottle, will do the trick nicely.

Some health food stores sell dark-colored amber glass bottles called Boston Rounds, for this purpose. You can even find them online by doing a Google search.

Once your emergency batch of colloidal silver is bottled, be sure to put it into a dark kitchen cabinet, away from bright lights.

The reason you’ll want to use a dark-colored glass bottle rather than a clear bottle, and also store your colloidal silver in a dark cabinet, is because silver made in such a crude fashion is very sensitive to light. If exposed to too much light it will tarnish and fall out of suspension in the water, making a gray looking coating at the bottom of the storage container. Using a dark-colored glass bottle for storage, and placing it into a dark cabinet, prevents this.

(One of the benefits of making colloidal silver with a high-quality colloidal silver generator, such as the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, is that you won't ever have this problem! Indeed, colloidal silver produced by a good, high-quality colloidal silver generator is so stable it can be stored even in clear glass bottles.)

If you don't have a dark colored glass bottle to store your silver in, simply use a clear glass bottle, and put it into a child's lunch sack to keep the light out. Then put the bottle and sack into a cabinet for storage.

You can use a plastic bottle instead of glass, if that's all you have available. But your colloidal silver will keep much longer if you store it in glass. Plastic tends to draw silver particles to it, due to the effects of static electricity. And when your silver particles start to stick to the sides of the plastic storage container they lose their electrical charge and become worthless, medicinally speaking. So glass storage bottles are always best.

If you need to make additional emergency batches, you can use the two strands of pure .999 fine silver over and over again.

Important Disclaimer

Colloidal silver made this way should be used for emergency purposes only, when store-bought colloidal silver is unavailable, and you do not have access to a high-quality, professionally manufactured colloidal silver generator such as the ones at The Silver Edge (i.e.,

That's because, when you make colloidal silver in this crude fashion, there are no rate-limiting electronics or other technology controlling the flow of electrical current, and the rate and size at which the silver particles leave the silver wire. And thus, the size of the silver particles you produce through this method will be rather large. The silver particles will also tend to agglomerate into larger particle clusters.

Colloidal silver of such a low-quality and large particle size is certainly not something you’d want to be ingesting on a daily basis for the rest of your life. After all, overly large silver particles are not easily processed by the human body. And if taken over long periods of time, they may increase your risk of argyria, or skin-greying.

That’s why, for regular usage, you want professionally manufactured colloidal silver – either purchased through a reputable health food store vendor, or made yourself with a professionally designed, high-quality colloidal silver generator.

Generally speaking, your emergency batch of colloidal silver won’t cause you any harm, as long as it is only used as a temporary, stop-gap measure until you can find some commercially prepared colloidal silver, or a high-quality colloidal silver generator to make it.

Indeed, your little emergency batch of colloidal silver could even help save your life, or the life of someone you love, during a crisis situation in which access to high-quality colloidal silver becomes problematic.

But if you plan on making and using colloidal silver regularly, as a means of boosting your family’s health and vitality and keeping them safe from infection and disease, this is definitely not the way to make it. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

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Sam said...

Swine flu is a type of virus. People do not normally get swine flu, but human infections can and do happen. The virus is contagious and can spread from human to human. Symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to the symptoms of regular human flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Colloidal silver should be used for emergency purposes, when store-bought colloidal silver is unavailable, and you do not have access to a high-quality. Thanks so much for sharing the information.

Anonymous said...

1 particle of colloidal silver will 'neutralize' any bacteria, fungus, parasite or virus it comes in contact with. The pure beauty is that it will only do away with the harmful ones. The other thing is, that as you are made up of 72-75% water, and that water is all thru you, taking 2oz of Silver 2x daily will keep all them critters from getting a grip on and getting you weak, sick, in hospital or dead. Lastly, because it is made with a 9v battery, it is a slow and precise process that creates super-tiny, in fact 'molecular' sized ions of silver that can also pass THRU cell walls, membranes and bone(!) and get to ALL of those nasties. Get some .9999 PURE Silver wire and a couple of 9v batteries and Drink Up!

Never use any other type 'Silver' wire, especially Sterling Silver which WILL make you very sick.