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A Tale of Two Pregnancies: Can Colloidal Silver Help Resolve Infertility?

A Tale of Two Pregnancies: Can Colloidal Silver Help Resolve Infertility?

Even though this brief video features a photo of the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator distributed by The Silver Edge (a company I am intimately associated with), I don’t know who produced the video, and can’t vouch for the contents of it.

Based on information on the site I found the video posted to, it appears to have been made in Hungary. But I couldn’t tell for sure.  I suspect the dialogue was originally done in a foreign language, and then translated through a computer-based language translator, which explains the robotic voice.

I found it interesting that the people who made the video are basically saying they were married for two years, but even though they wanted desperately to have children the wife could not get pregnant.

Then the wife got pneumonia, and when several courses of prescription antibiotics failed to work, her husband did online research and discovered information about making and using colloidal silver.

He apparently purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and began making micro-particle colloidal silver and giving it to his wife. And it apparently cured her pneumonia.

A Surprise Added Benefit!

But…there was a surprise added benefit: Shortly afterwards the wife was able to get pregnant!

One of their doctors told them that a low-level, deep-seated infection could have been preventing the wife from becoming pregnant, and that when the wife began using the micro-particle colloidal silver for the pneumonia, it may have also cured the underlying infection that was preventing their pregnancy.

Again, I don’t know who this couple is, nor can I vouch for the contents of this video. But I thought the video and related information (see below) was worth posting, particularly considering the number of couples in the world today who are having trouble getting pregnant. Could a low-level, deep-seated infection be the cause of infertility, at least in some cases?

Colloidal Silver and a Little Miracle

Another story (edited slightly for space) which I found on the internet while researching the topic of infertility, infections and colloidal silver tells a very similar tale as the story in the video:

"My husband and I have been married almost 18 years and have always wanted and tried to have children. We have been waiting on the Lord for many years!

When I had walking pneumonia for 2 months earlier this year, my husband searched desperately for something besides the two antibiotics I had taken without much help. He found colloidal silver (made with a generator) and it not only helped build up my immune system, but within two months of us both taking it, I got pregnant! Praise the Lord!

Not only did God bless us with a baby we will be having soon, but He gave us a wonderful way to get better ourselves and help others! We are truly thankful. I would also like to note that it researching, my husband found numerous times that it is not only safe but beneficial to the baby being formed in the mother's womb and to the mother to take colloidal silver while pregnant.

Since we felt this to be true, plus we believed this was how God blessed us with our pregnancy and what helped us get pregnant, we knew it was the best thing for me as the mom-to-be to stay on colloidal silver - for our baby and for me.

The first doctor absolutely said no. So after praying, we found a wonderful doctor -- one of the best in our surrounding area -- that not only was excited for us and with us, but he even offered a possible explanation of what might have happened. He said one or both of us could have had a low grade infection not even detectable by clinics, but enough to prevent pregnancy.

He felt 5ppm - fine; no problem; that is so minimal. He felt it was safe to take, after he looked over the information we gave him (info. off Internet re colloidal silver and pregnancy). I am 43 now and due in 2 mo. I feel great. We both thank God for our baby and for finding Colloidal Silver.”

I find it extremely interesting that here we have two internet stories of infertile women becoming pregnant after using colloidal silver to stop a pneumonia infection. And in both cases, it was approximately two months after the colloidal silver usage that the child was conceived.

Another Colloidal Silver Pregnancy Story...

After publishing the original version of this post, I received the following email report from a midwife named "Jimmie":

…I wanted to tell you of an experience I had with the colloidal silver and infections, in this regard.

I worked for ten years in an Amish community over in Kentucky. The women all have home births, and I am a midwife, so I helped with a lot of them.

One family had had several babies that didn't make it to term, as well as a couple more babies that did make it to term, but came out 'wrong,' as they say; meaning there was something wrong with the babies congenitally, and they didn't live.

When I happened on the scene, there was one more spontaneous abortion which caused a BAD hemorrhage, and the doctor told the woman, once again, that she had a cervical infection and needed to see a specialist, which she was not going to do, and I knew it. So I suggested that she try douches with the colloidal silver.

The poor dear didn't even know what a douche was, so I had to explain it to her. I told her to get into the tub, and put her hips up as high as they could go and to try to hold the silver in the vaginal tract.

I went on about my business, and thought no more about it, only giving instructions to avoid pregnancy for a couple of years to give her body time to heal.

Several months later, I had occasion to be out at the farm, and it was fairly evident that there was another baby under that apron. So I asked if they had used the douches, and she replied that they had only used them about five times, "because the silver wouldn't stay in her…it kept running out."

Inwardly, I groaned, thinking, "Here we go again, another dead baby, and another run to the emergency room for hemorrhage." I got fooled though. A few more months and I delivered a live healthy baby. Five colloidal silver douches. Like a miracle. Need I say that for that family, I can do no wrong?

And, she is still having babies. The last I heard, there were three more since I left the area.


Dr. Gary Null: Use Colloidal Silver When Chlamydia is Causing Infertility

I also find it interesting that Dr. Gary Null, PhD., author of the Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, says on page 241 that colloidal silver can be used by women, “to help cleanse the system when chlamydia is causing infertility.”

Similarly, in his book Get Healthy Now, he states on page 715, “When chlamydia is causing infertility, colloidal silver helps to clean up the system.”

To my knowledge there is ZERO medical or scientific evidence for using colloidal silver as an infertility treatment.

But the concept that a low-level, deep-seated infection (Chlamydia, or otherwise) could be preventing pregnancy from taking place is an interesting one. And the extrapolation that taking small oral doses of colloidal silver might help eliminate the underlying infection and allow infertile women to conceive is an exciting one.

Taking Colloidal Silver During Pregnancy?

As far as taking colloidal silver during pregnancy goes, I personally always prefer to err on the side of caution and warn women not to take colloidal silver when pregnant, as there are no studies to tell what happens when the growing fetus is exposed to silver.

But from what female readers of my newly updated 547-page book The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual have told me, a lot of women apparently take small amounts of colloidal silver during pregnancy, to good effect. They claim it helps with morning sickness, and also prevents colds.

And so far none of the women I’ve spoken to have said there was any apparent harm to the child.

I’m not sure what to make of all of this. So I’ll leave it up to you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions, and make your own decisions on this issue.

P.S. Please let me know what you think about the idea of colloidal silver being used to resolve infertility, by posting a comment below.

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Anonymous said...

Sure would be funny if it turns out that colloidal silver could put all of those expensive infertility clinics out of business!

Unknown said...

Actually, I recommend ionic colloidal silver for pregnant women, from my experience. I used it repeatedly during my last pregnancy to overcome the frequent infections (colds) that kept cropping up (the iron pills I was taking made me highly suceptible to infection). If not for that colloidal silver, I would have been ought of commission with my pregnant, sick self a lot more often!

By the way, the baby boy was born one day before the due date, healthy, happy, active, and a very easy baby. But that's also due to my NT pregnancy diet.

Steve Barwick said...

Thanks for telling us about your experience, Jenny. Probably one of the most often-asked questions I get from younger women is "Is colloidal silver safe to use if you're pregnant?"

Jo said...

I just wanted to tell my story and give some hope to those out there trying to conceive.

My husband and I have been trying for 5 years to have a baby (from 2007). We went for fertility testing in around year 2 (2009) and discovered that my husband's sperm was a mess. As most couples do, we changed our diet to a much healthier, vegetarian one, and started exercising and relaxing more. But still I was not getting pregnant. Then last year Dec (2011), I discovered I had a 5cm cyst on my ovary. A friend of mine suggested I take colloidal silver as it helped her with hers. I started doing some research on CS, came across this page and read the story about the Amish lady. So I decided to try the CS douches and both hubby and I started taking CS every morning and evening.
With tears in my eyes, I am so excited to say, that after about 2 months of taking it, I am now 5 weeks pregnant! I can't begin to describe the feeling! Oh, and my cyst is completely gone!!!

I really hope this will help others who have been struggling. There is hope, I promise you.

Love and light to all of you :)

Steve Barwick said...

What a wonderful testimony, Jo! This is wonderful news...I'm so happy for you!