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Silver-Impregnated Clothing v/s Adding Colloidal Silver to the Laundry

On Monday a member of the Colloidal Silver Secrets Group on Facebook sent me a private message…

…pointing out that Cabela’s – the well-known outdoor clothing catalogue company – has silver-impregnated X-Static short-sleeve crew shirts on sale at better than 50% off right now.

Silver-Based Fabrics That Fight Infection!

X-Static is the silver-embedded fabric I first wrote about a number of years ago in my article “Big Business Goes Into Silver-Based Antimicrobials in a BIG Way.”

In that article, I pointed out that X-Static is the same brand of silver-impregnated clothing that famous sports cyclist Lance Armstrong, six-time USPS Tour De France champion, wore during his last Tour De France win.

According to Dr. Jeff Spencer, a former champion cyclist who served as the chiropractor for the USPS Cycling Team, Armstrong’s special silver-impregnated suit was designed to "provide both antimicrobial action and the ability to promote healing while allowing the cyclist to remain active on his bicycle, both very important considerations."

Expensive Stuff…Interesting Beneficial Qualities!

It’s generally very expensive to purchase clothing using the “X-Static” technology, which imbeds real, honest-to-God silver directly into the fabric.

But as Colloidal Silver Secrets Group member Todd points out about the new Cabela’s sale, “They’ve marked these items way down from $30 to $13" -- which truly makes them a real, once-in-a-lifetime bargain…

…particularly considering the fact that silver prices are going through the roof right now and so are the prices of most silver-impregnated clothing.

Todd also points out, "These things are great as I work in a hot glass making factory, and the silver in these shirts reflects a ton of heat off your skin when working near the hot glass production side of the factory. They are also great in the cold.

Indeed, because of the unique qualities of silver, this kind of silver-impregnated clothing works great in the summer or winter. As the Cabela’s advertisement says, this silver-based fabric clothing …

“…helps regulate body temperature by conducting heat away from the body when it’s hot, and reflecting heat back toward your body when it’s cold.”

Plus, the silver inhibits bacterial growth on your body, dramatically reducing body odor, topical infections, etc.

At this link on the Cabela’s web site, their silver-impregnated X-Static crew shirt is shown, which I’d consider using as an undershirt during the cold winter months ahead.

But I notice Cabela’s has some other styles of silver-based X-Static clothing on sale at half off also. So check out some of their related links, too, if you’re at all interested in this silver-based clothing technology.

I think I’ll order a couple of these X-Static crew shirts to wear beneath my regular clothing during the cold winter months ahead, and see what happens. At this price, it really makes it worth trying out.

By the way, I have ZERO relationship with Cabela’s. I don't get a thing out of posting this information. I'm just letting you know this is a great price for silver-impregnated X-Static clothing and you might want to look into it at the link below if it’s something you’ve ever considered trying.

Simple, Effective Alternatives
to Silver-Impregnated Clothing!

Meanwhile, I just use a pump spray bottle to spray a light mist of colloidal silver onto my face, underarms, upper body, feet and private parts each morning after showering and drying off. Then I let it air dry before getting dressed.

The results? No more underarm odors. No more need for expensive deodorants. No more pimples, boils or rough skin from aging. No more external infections.

By the way, for those on a budget right now, you'll get good antimicrobial protection from clothing simply by adding a cupful of homemade colloidal silver to the rinse cycle of your laundry each time you wash. This is especially good for dish rags, towels, sheets, etc. but works for clothing too!

If you have children, keep in mind cold and flu season is upon us. At school, your younger kids will be playing and wrestling with one another, etc., transferring bacteria and viruses from kid to kid – and bringing it home with them. (Ahh…the constant joys of parenthood!)

One thing you can do to help keep the nasty little microbes at bay is add a little colloidal silver to the laundry rinse cycle whenever you wash your children’s clothing, so their clothing has silver temporarily embedded in the fabric.

Because this method is only temporary, and needs to be repeated with every wash, it is simply not as effective as wearing clothing with silver particles permanently embedded into the fabric, such as the X-Static clothing mentioned above.

But…it is nevertheless very helpful. I've had a ton of good reports over the years from readers who have made it a habit to add colloidal silver to their rinse cycle – including reports that kids bring home fewer colds and flus from school!

More great hints and tips coming soon…

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