Thursday, March 21, 2013

Video: How to Prove Colloidal Silver Kills Bacteria

Here's a video demonstrating a very simple test you can perform in the privacy of your own home to demonstrate conclusively that colloidal silver eradicates bacterial growth. 

There's no need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to hire a fancy laboratory to test your colloidal silver for you. 

In fact, you can do it quickly and easily in your own kitchen, over a matter of a few short days.  And the results are irrefutable, as you'll see when you watch the accompanying video!

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Over the years I’ve had quite a lot of people ask me how to prove colloidal silver kills bacteria. 

Of course, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of clinical studies demonstrating the astonishing ability of colloidal silver to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

This remarkable ability to kill pathogens has earned colloidal silver the nickname “the world’s most powerful natural antibiotic.”

You can find a whopping 80 different clinical studies and white papers on colloidal silver and its ability to kill pathogens at this link

However, if you can’t take the words of literally hundreds of medical researchers spanning a period of over 100 years worth of clinical research, and you want to prove for yourself that colloidal silver eradicates bacterial growth, it’s quite easy.

In fact, all you need are a couple glasses of milk, a plastic stirring spoon, and a small bottle of 10 ppm, or preferably 20 ppm, colloidal silver!

Just click this link and watch my new, three-minute video demonstration showing you exactly how to do it.    

I think you’ll be surprised at how conclusive the proof is, and delighted that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to hire a clinical researcher to do the test for you. 

Finally, if you’d like to learn how to make your own high-quality colloidal silver in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for less than 36 cents a QUART, just click the link in this sentence. 

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

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Anonymous said...


I use colloidal silver for numerous things, all with excellent results. However, this experiment seems to lend credence to the question as to whether CS actually "kills" good bacteria in the gut or elsewhere. Since theoretically the bacteria that causes milk to curdle is "good" bacteria and beneficial, one wouldn't necessarily want to kill that bacteria, but rather, only bacteria that has negative effects on health. Can you comment?

Steve Barwick said...

Colloidal silver actually DOES kill good bacteria in the gut, if you use enough of it. But you'd have to be using it in prodigious quantities, because you have close to seven POUNDS worth of beneficial bacterial in your guts, and a tablespoon or an ounce of colloidal silver simply isn't going to put a worthwhile dent in them. You might want to read my article on this topic at this link: