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How Much Colloidal Silver Can You Take Safely Each Day?

The most frequently asked question I get is “How much colloidal silver can I take safely each day?” 

Of course, the answer varies from person to person.  It depends upon a number of factors, including body weight, overall health, and even antioxidant levels.

I personally like the Silver Safety Guideline published by the Silver Safety Council, which I discuss below. 

They have a very conservative method for calculating your maximum daily safe dosage level for a lifetime of colloidal silver usage.

Here’s what they recommend…

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According to the Silver Safety Council, the formula for determining your maximum safe dosage level if you plan on using colloidal silver DAILY as a nutritional supplement is as follows:

First, multiply your body weight by 12.  And then divide that total by the ppm of the colloidal silver solution you're using.

This will tell you how many DROPS (i.e., from an eye dropper) of colloidal silver you can take each day, safely, for a lifetime, without fear of ending up with argyria (i.e., skin-staining).

For example, if you're 125 pounds, and you're using a 10 ppm colloidal silver solution, you'd multiply 12 times 125 = 1,500.  Then divide 1,500 by 10 (ppm), which is 150. 

So at a body weight of 125 pounds, you can safely take 150 drops of colloidal silver per day, for your entire life, according to the Silver Safety Council. That's a little bit over a teaspoonful a day.

My Personal Daily Dosage

Obviously, people have taken more colloidal silver than that, daily, for years on end – and have done so without incurring any harm. 

For example, I'm tall and nearly 240 pounds.  So my daily dosage should be about two teaspoons full, based upon the Silver Safety Council’s conservative calculation. 

But I take about an ounce of colloidal silver daily, and I've done so for nearly 20 years as part of my ongoing nutritional supplement regimen. 

However, I also take regular "colloidal silver holidays" during which I purposely abstain from colloidal silver usage for a week or two – sometimes even for a month or two.

And regardless of whether or not I’m taking colloidal silver, I always drink plenty of fresh, pure water each day to help flush any excess silver from my system. 

What's more, I always take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that includes 400 IU of Vitamin E, 200 mcg of selenium, and about 500 mg of NAC (N-acetyl cysteine).

Why?  Because cutting edge medical practitioners like Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D. say these particular antioxidant supplements are necessary to help process silver out of the body effectively.

As Dr. Wright has written previously:

"Silver belongs to the family of metals that also includes copper and gold (both of which can also have numerous health benefits when they're used properly).

One of the primary concerns people tend to have about using these metals is the risk that they'll accumulate in the body and lead to heavy metal toxicity.

But if you have plenty of antioxidants in your diet, such as selenium, vitamin E, and amino acids like N-acetyl cysteine, you're safe from any harmful effects from this family of metals. Germs, however, are not."

-- Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD

Naturally, Dr. Wright is not saying you can take all of the colloidal silver you want, as long as you have plenty of antioxidants in your diet. 

He’s simply saying the body requires antioxidants in order to process silver effectively.  And if you’re low on antioxidants, you’re at greater risk of silver accumulation, even at normal daily dosage levels.

The bottom line is that I take great pains to make sure my regular colloidal silver usage – though slightly above average for my body weight – does not become abusive

Just Trying to Make a Point

So please understand: I'm not trying to dictate how much colloidal silver anyone can use. It's not my business. 

Some people tell me they’re taking anywhere from four ounces, to six ounces, to eight ounces, or even 16 ounces of colloidal silver a day.  If you want to abuse your body and take big risks by ingesting astronomically larger than recommended dosages like that, that's up to you.

Just be sure you're willing to take personal responsibility for it. Once you end up with argyria – the blue-gray skin-staining that typifies long-term excessive usage of colloidal silver – you can't switch gears and start blaming others for it. 

So what I am trying to do is this:  Make the point that when people say they're taking 4 ounces, or 6 ounces, or 8 ounces or in some cases even 16 ounces of colloidal silver per day…

…and they've been doing this for months on end when a responsible daily dosage would be closer to somewhere between a teaspoonful and an ounce a day…

…then it's clear to me they're operating WAY outside of the bounds of safety (and sanity) in terms of the very real risk of ending up with argyria. 

Those kinds of overly-high dosage levels – which are 400%, 600%, 800% and even higher than normal levels – are not just excessive. They're downright abusive, particularly when taken regularly, over long periods of time.

Another Colloidal Silver Blue Man

I spent nearly a half hour on the phone today with an elderly colloidal silver user who's face and neck are now colored, in his own words, "pastel blue." 

It was heart-breaking. He says children snicker at him in the stores.  People stare at him in wonderment everywhere he goes and point fingers at him.

And nurses have actually stopped him on the street and asked if they can call him an ambulance, thinking he's suffering from cardiac hypoxia -- i.e., lack of oxygen to the body when the heart isn't pumping strongly enough, which can cause the face to turn blue. 

How did he end up in that condition?  Well, his heart is just fine.  But he drank a quart of colloidal silver a day, he told me, for two years straight. 

And why?  Because someone told him you can drink all of the colloidal silver you want and it can't hurt you.

Listen to me, please.  Argyria from excessive, daily long-term colloidal silver usage is very real.  It’s not a joking matter.  And it will change your life forever, and most definitely not for the better. 

What’s more, it doesn't matter what kind of colloidal silver you're taking. Don't let anyone ever tell you they have a special kind of colloidal silver that "can't cause argyria."  It's a crock. 

There’s simply no such thing as a form of colloidal silver that can’t cause argyria if used at excessive levels for long periods of time. 

They key to successful colloidal silver usage – regardless of which kind you use -- is the responsible use of the substance.

Safe, Sane and Responsible Usage

I've been a very vocal advocate for the safe, sane and responsible usage of colloidal silver for nearly 20 years now, ever since colloidal silver saved my wife’s toes from amputation after she came down with a nasty bone infection called osteomyelitis.

Colloidal silver has also been a very successful mainstay in my daily nutritional supplement regimen for chronic fatigue syndrome – a condition I had previously suffered horrifically from. 

What’s more, I’ve seen colloidal silver used as a nutritional adjunct to help the body heal literally hundreds of incidences of infection and disease over the past 20 years, like those you’ll find at the Colloidal Silver Success Stories website.   

But over these past 20 years, I’ve also seen a handful of cases of arygria – sometimes in people who drank as little as four or five ounces of colloidal silver a day, for only a few short years in a row. 

Listen, there’s ZERO need to take such excessive daily amounts of colloidal silver for months and years on end.  A few days here and there, when really needed, perhaps

But if you have a health condition and you're taking huge amounts of colloidal silver as a nutritional adjunct for it, and you’re doing so for months and years on end, and it hasn't helped your body heal itself of that condition...guess what?  It ISN'T going to! 

You're taking the silver for NOTHING.  And you're putting yourself at big risk for argyria.  And if you’ll just be honest with yourself, you’ll see that you really need re-evaluate your obsessive desire to take so much of this otherwise very beneficial substance.

I’m Staggered

I don't know what else I can say. 

I'm absolutely staggered by some of the things I've seen posted on the internet lately from people taking huge amounts of colloidal silver on a daily basis for months or even years on end, and worse yet, urging other people to do the same.

When I gently chastised one of these abusive users of colloidal silver, recently, I was brusquely informed by him, “I’ve done my research.  I know what I’m doing.  I’m convinced taking this much colloidal silver is safe for me.”  

Well, so be it.  As Forest Gump says, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

In another instance, a man who was clearly in the beginning stages of argyria on his face and neck was confronted by a friend of mine and handed a copy of the Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report.  The man threw the report down and, after admitting he was taking high daily dosages of a super-concentrated colloidal silver solution, said, “I’ve read that report.  It’s crap.  I know what I’m doing.”

Well, I know what he’s doing, too.  He’s turning himself blue from taking huge daily dosages of colloidal silver.

Very Real Dangers

As a long-time vocal advocate of responsible colloidal silver usage, I’ve written emphatically about the dangers of excessive colloidal silver usage over and over and over again. 

And I’ve even posted the well-known clinical study on argyria, titled “Exposure-Related Health Effects of Silver and Silver Compounds: A Review,” here

I’ve also repeatedly tried to make the point that if you started taking two vitamin tablets a day, and they helped you feel better, you're not going to increase your dosage to half a bottle of vitamin tablets a day, right? 

I think just about everyone would agree it would be crazy to take such an excessive amount of vitamins.  So why in the world would you take 100 or 200 times the normal amount of colloidal silver each day?

That’s NOT safe, NOT sane, and NOT responsible.  It’s obsessive

So if you’re one of those people who are taking such large daily amounts of colloidal silver, and intend to keep on doing so, please reconsider.  That's all I can ask of you.

If you haven’t done so already, you can learn more about the safe, sane and responsible usage of colloidal silver by obtaining a FREE copy of the Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article on colloidal silver.  

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

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