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Researchers Prove Nanosilver Kills Toenail Fungus (Dermatophyte Fungus)

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Fungal infections of the nails (i.e., toenails, fingernails) are some of the most stubborn and problematic of all infections, usually requiring months of treatment with costly and potentially toxic antifungal drugs that can cause liver damage and other serious side effects.

Thankfully, researchers have demonstrated that safe, natural antimicrobial silver is powerfully effective against the dermatophyte fungi behind nail fungus.  Two different studies – one published in 2008 and one in 2011 – have demonstrated this to be true. 

Of course, natural health advocates have known for years that colloidal silver is highly effective against numerous forms of pathogenic fungi, including toenail fungus.  Here’s the straight scoop you won’t find anywhere else…

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In this clinical study published by the 2011 International Conference on Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, researchers examined the effects of silver nanoparticles on the dermatophyte fungi Trichophyton rubrum, which causes nail fungus.

The study is titled “Antifungal Effects of Silver Nanoparticle alone and with Combination of Antifungal Drug on Dermatophyte Pathogen Trichophyton Rubrum.”  And as its authors wrote:

The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of silver nanoparticles alone and in combination with the anti-fungal drugs Fluconazole and Geriseofulvin on dermatophyte pathogen T.rubrum.”

What were the results of this study? 

The study authors found that “the growth of T. rubrum was inhibited at concentration of 10 µg/ml silver nanoparticles alone.” (That's 10 ppm.)

The study authors also found that the antifungal activity of the drugs Flocunazole (aka Diflucan) and Geriseofulvin (aka Gris-PEG) were “increased in the presence of silver nanoparticles.

In other words, silver nanoparticles worked fine, alone, against the nail fungus.  And when the silver nanoparticles were combined with popular prescription antifungal drugs, the effectiveness of the drugs was appreciably increased.

Powerful Antifungal Agent

Of course, silver has been known for decades to be a powerful antifungal agent, ever since Dr. Robert O. Becker conducted his studies on the antifungal qualities of silver ions back in the 1970s (see one such study by Dr. Becker, here).

And modern researchers have repeatedly confirmed silver’s astonishing effectiveness against fungal pathogens; for example, see the 2010 study “The Silver Nanoparticle:  a New Model for Antifungal Agents” at this link.

But the study on dermatophyte fungus above is only the second one I’m aware of to be conducted on pathogenic nail fungi.

The other study I’m aware of that looked at silver’s powerful effects against dermatophytes was titled “Antifungal Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on Dermatophytes,” and it was published in the Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology back in August, 2008. 

In that study, researchers also documented silver nanoparticles to be highly effective against both dermatophytes (nail fungus) and Candida yeast species of fungus.  You can view a copy of the study, here.

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The bottom line is that older research, as well as modern-day research, has clearly demonstrated that colloidal silver is highly effective against nail fungus, as well as other pathogenic fungi such as Candida yeast.

Of course, colloidal silver users have known for years that silver is one of nature’s most powerfully effective antifungal agents.  As reader Nancy S. from Topeka, KS recently wrote:

“My 25 yr old daughter had been treating a foot fungus with many different over-the-counter products, with no luck in clearing up the fungus.

She had suffered with the pain and itching for almost a month. I encouraged her to dab on some silver water. She did and immediately the itching stopped.

I sent her home with a small bottle. The next day she called me....she had applied it several times that day. The pain was gone and the deep redness had changed to a pale pink. In 3 days after first application.....fungus was gone!!

I am no longer skeptical about it.”

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