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Using Colloidal Silver in Your Swimming Pool

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Let’s face it:  Chemicals like chlorine and bromine are potentially toxic. 

And if you’re being exposed to such chemicals regularly in your swimming pool, then you’re taking a lot of unnecessary risk to your health and well-being.

Thankfully, now that ion generating technology is available for swimming pools, it’s now easier than ever to replace chlorine and bromine disinfectants with safe, natural silver and copper ions, instead.  It’s like having a large colloidal silver generator for your swimming pool. 

Here’s what you need to know…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

Several weeks ago I published a short article on how to use colloidal silver in your hot tub or spa, in place of harsh and potentially toxic chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.

That article spurred a lot of questions from swimming pool owners who want to know if they could also use colloidal silver as a chlorine/bromine replacement in something as large as a swimming pool. 

The answer is yes.  But you’re not going to want to use homemade or commercially purchased colloidal silver.  Here’s why:

18,000 Tablespoons a Week?

The general rule-of-thumb that’s been circulating on the internet for years is one tablespoon of colloidal silver for each gallon of water in the pool, once a week. 

Now, depending upon the size of your swimming pool that can be a LOT of colloidal silver. 

For example, a typical, small, in-ground 18,000 gallon swimming pool would require 18,000 tablespoons of colloidal silver (70 gallons) once per week.

Like I said, that’s a LOT of colloidal silver.  But thankfully, there’s a much better (and easier) way to go. 

The Best Way to Go

When I've spoken with pool experts about using colloidal silver, most of them have told me the same thing: 

You need both silver AND copper for large swimming pools so that both the bacteria and fungus, as well as the algae and other "plant"-like growths (which are actually multi-cellular organisms) are prevented from growing. 

Silver kills the pathogens, copper kills the algae and other organic growths.  These two safe, natural minerals have to be constantly replenished in the pool water, because light from the sun tends to degrade them, and over time they’re also filtered out by the pool filters. 

Fortunately, pool manufacturers have come out with commercial copper/silver ion generators made especially for swimming pools

These are professional units designed to release very small amounts of copper and silver ions into your pool on a continuous basis, 24-hours-a-day. 

They're like a large, commercial-grade colloidal silver generator, designed specifically for swimming pools, aquatic animal habitats and large water fountains.

Not too long ago these units cost around $3,000.  But the costs have come down pretty dramatically to about one-third of that amount or less, depending upon the brand and the model needed based on your pools size. 

With these units, you'll still have to lightly "shock" your pool every once in a while with chlorine/bromine, in order to oxidize things like body oils, suntan lotion, dead skin and other substances that would otherwise build up and get trapped in the pool filter, resulting in sooner-than-normal filter cleaning or replacement. 

But if you keep your pool filters cleaned regularly, you should only have to use the chlorine/bromine “shock” once every month or two, at most, resulting in a barely detectable daily level. 

The bottom line is that using a silver-copper water disinfection system in your swimming pool allows you to keep infectious microbes, fungus, algae and other critters at bay, while dramatically limiting your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. 

Does It Really Work?

Silver and copper ions have been used in swimming pools for decades. 

But do they really keep the water pathogen-free?  At what levels must they be used to keep the pool water disinfected?  And how do the silver and copper ions work in comparison to the more toxic chemicals such as chlorine or bromine? 

Thankfully, testing has been conducted that’s answered most of those questions. 

In fact, according to The Silver Institute, an organization that tracks the use of silver in consumer products, one of the most dramatic of the earlier purification tests occurred in 1976 in a 20,000 gallon swimming pool in Nebraska.

There was no disinfectant of any kind in the water. Fifty gallons of municipal sewage plant effluent was placed into the pool. That produced a dangerous concentration of 7,000 e. coli bacteria cells per 100 milliliters (half a cup) of water.

Contents of the pool were pumped through a tank containing alternating anodic and cathodic silver electrodes for disinfection. Within three hours the pool was entirely free of e. coli bacteria and the water contained only 3.2 parts of silver per billion parts of water -- an amount that is completely safe for humans.

In another dramatic test of silver's anti-microbial killing power, the Allegany County Health Department in Pennsylvania conducted tests in a 152,000 gallon pool which previously had been disinfected by a 50 pounds-per-day chlorinator. The system was replaced by a silver system for the swimming seasons of 1974 and 1975. Pool water circulated through a filter of activated carbon impregnated with metallic silver.

The county Health Department took up to 50 daily samples and found that silver ions remained in the pool at a low, steady rate of 20 parts per billion with water free of coliformpseudomonas and staphylococcus bacteria through-out the two seasons.

In contrast, 65 water samples from 30 other pools having a mean concentration of 700 parts per billion of available chlorine for disinfecting, showed a mean of 1.3pseudomonas and7.3 staph cells per milliliter of water.

"This data", the Health Department reported, "indicates that silver is equal to chlorine in maintaining essentially coliform-free pool water, and is somewhat better than chlorine in destroying pseudomonas and staph aureus organisms..." 

Commercial Brands

If this sounds to you like a viable alternative to soaking in high levels of chlorine and bromine in your swimming pool each day, you can read about two of the most popular commercial silver/copper ion generation units designed specifically for pools, at these links:

·       Up to 90,000 gallons

·       Up to 200,000 gallons

There are a number of other commercial copper/silver ion generators made for pools on the market, as well.  So if you’re going to look into this option for your own swimming pool, be sure to remember the axim, “Google is your best friend” (or whatever your preferable search engine is.) 

Here are a few more manufacturers of silver-copper ion water disinfection systems for swimming pools, which you might want to look into:

·       Superior Aqua System

·       Caribbean Clear

·       Zodiac Pool Systems

And of course, be sure to talk to the good folks at your local swimming pool service and accessories store, and ask them if they’ve ever installed these silver/copper ion units, as well as which brands did they find worked best. 

After you’ve been using silver/copper ions in your swimming pool water for a few weeks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how soothing to your skin the water becomes, as well as how quickly stubborn skin irritations tend to disappear!

Your body will thank you for it.  And more importantly, you’ll be surprised at how sparkling fresh and clear the silver/copper ions will keep your pool water as long as regular maintenance (i.e., filters cleaned, pool “vacuumed,” etc.) is performed.

Learn More…

The antimicrobial power of silver ions have been used for over 100 years, not just in swimming pools and aquatic habitats, but in municipal water purification systems, on cruise ships, and even on the Space Shuttle to help keep the drinking water fresh and pure for the astronauts. 

According to Jeffrey Ellis, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Florida International University in Miami, millions of ounces of pure silver are now being used by business and industry each and every year for water purification purposes.  Even soft drink bottlers now use silver to sterilize the water used to disinfect the bottles before they’re filled with soda.

Silver is also used in hospitals, in the form of prescription silver-based creams that help stop topical infections from breaking out in burns, cuts and abrasions.  And it’s also used in hospital bandages that help stop infections from breaking out in surgical wounds.

One of silver’s most popular uses is as a nutritional supplement, in the form of colloidal silver, which is widely known for its powerful, infection-fighting qualities.  It can be applied topically to cuts, burns, scrapes, and even to outbreaks such as acne, MRSA boils, or even shingles and herpes outbreaks.

It can also be used in the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat to stop common infections in their tracks. 

And it can be used internally, as well, to help stop active infections such as food poisoning, colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, Candida yeast infections, urinary tract infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and much more.

Indeed, it’s estimated that some ten million people worldwide now use safe, natural colloidal silver to help heal their own infections and related diseases.  

So even if you don’t want to use silver in your swimming pool, you might want to take a look at how colloidal silver is being used by millions of people worldwide to heal infections of all sorts – safely and naturally -- without the need for Big Pharma’s toxic drugs and chemicals:
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Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

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