Monday, February 4, 2008

Why Take Colloidal Silver?

Why Take Colloidal Silver?

Most people take colloidal silver to cure infections, boost immunity and prevent colds, flu and other infections.

Colloidal silver is a completely natural, liquid mineral supplement found in almost every health food store in North America. It is much like mineral water, except that in this case, the only minerals in the water are tiny, sub-microscopic particles of pure silver.

Pure silver, by itself, has been known for thousands of years to have powerful, broad-spectrum infection-fighting qualities. So when the process for making colloidal silver was discovered in the late 1800's, shortly after Edison harnessed electricity, it immediately became a popular natural infection-fighting agent, used both topically on cuts, burns and infections, and internally as a remedy for a wide variety of infectious diseases.

Numerous medical studies were conducted on colloidal silver throughout the early 1900's, and the substance was used in hospitals and laboratories around the world, in a wide variety of forms, to help fight infection and disease. Studies documenting its phenomenal infection-fighting qualities were written up in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the British medical journal Lancet, and many others. Indeed, as far back as 1919, Alfred Searle, founder of the giant Searle Pharmaceuticals firm, had written, "Applying colloidal silver to human subjects has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful has the advantage of being rapidly fatal to parasites without toxic action on its host. It is quite stable. It protects rabbits from ten times the lethal dose of tetanus or diphtheria toxin."

How Is It Made? - Colloidal silver is made through a simple electromagnetic process that pulls microscopic particles of silver from a larger piece of pure silver immersed in water. These tiny silver particles are held in suspension in the resulting solution by the electric charge on each atom. When ingested, these tiny particles of silver travel throughout your body like any other mineral before being excreted through your normal channels of elimination.

100 Year Medical History - The simple process for producing colloidal silver was developed shortly after Edison harnessed electricity in 1892. It was then used for decades by doctors, in a variety of forms and under a variety of brand names, as a natural infection-fighting agent. But it fell out of widespread usage after the advent of prescription antibiotics in the 1940's.

Then, in the mid-1970's colloidal silver experienced a dramatic resurgence in popularity after doctors discovered that many pathogens were developing immunity to prescription antibiotics, but not to pure, elemental silver. According to science writer Jim Powell in the March 1978 issue of Science Digest, "Thanks to eye-opening research, silver is re-emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non-toxic."

Where Can It Be Found? - Colloidal silver is widely available through health food stores and on the internet. There are literally thousands of vendors across the United States and Canada, offering a variety of colloidal silver products for about $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle. That's quite expensive, when you consider how quickly a tiny four-ounce bottle might be used up.

Fortunately, you don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the phenomenal benefits of colloidal silver. Why? Because you can very easily make your own high-quality colloidal silver, at home, for about thirty six cents per quart, using a safe, simple electronic device called a colloidal silver generator. These tiny devices, frequently ranging from palm-sized models for travel and home use, to more sophisticated counter-top models, are available through a number of companies, including The Silver Edge Health & Nutritionals (

With a colloidal silver generator, there's no reason to pay upwards of $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle of colloidal silver, when you can make your own - for the rest of your life -- for just pennies per quart! In fact, with a colloidal silver generator, you can make colloidal silver so inexpensively that you can actually afford to give it away to friends, family members or neighbors. You can even afford to bathe in it. In fact, many users simply throw a quart or so of colloidal silver into the bathwater, for its soothing effects on the skin and scalp! Others use it in their spas or hot tubs, in place of chlorine, bromine and other harsh chemicals.

The Bottom Line - For thousands of years silver has been recognized as one of nature's most powerful natural infection-fighting agents. And today, colloidal silver is one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world.

What's more, if current medical research on silver itself continues to demonstrate how effective it is against drug-resistant pathogens, it may well turn out to be an important part of the solution to today's frightening infectious disease crisis in which multiple drug-resistant pathogens simply no longer respond to traditional prescription antibiotics.

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Anonymous said...

I can't think of one good reason why not to take colloidal silver!

Steve Barwick said...

Me either. Just don't take it in excess. When taken in moderation, it helps build immunity and fight infection. And a recent study indicates that it is also a powerful antioxidant in its own right. (By the way, that study is discussed in detail in the soon-to-be-published 500-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, which will be available at

Anonymous said...

I have always been very skeptical about using alternative products like colloidal silver but after reading your Colloidal Silver manual I am anxious to try it. I rememeber when my husband had a very bad burn and the medicine they gave us to use had silver in it for infection fighting and it was great. They even said that when people had really bad burns they used sheets soaked with it to cover thier bodies for healing. It just makes so much sense!

Kristin said...

Thank you for this great information-- I'm looking forward to reading more of the articles on your blog! I've just found out I have MRSA and a friend brought be some colloidal silver this morning.

Steve Barwick said...

Kristen there is a web site on colloidal silver and MRSA infections you should probably read:

Anonymous said...

I first learned about CS when reading on a cat forum of all things. My cat's paw pad was infected and someone had mentioned to give the cat CS (I won't mention a brand) but I bought some 10 ppm at the store, poured some in a bowl and she drank it like it was water. The next day I noticed the infection smell of her paw was much less.....I was shocked! After three days of giving her CS, the infection was completely gone and the swelling was starting to go down. I couldn't believe she liked drinking it! (LOL)

Since then, I've been making my own. I drink about a shot glass per day (for like 4 years now) and I have given it to my cats when they are sick. It always seems to help.

Sometimes I do get paranoid thinking (am I taking too much) or an I not taking enough etc.