Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Oprah Can’t Put a Responsible Colloidal Silver Advocate on Her Show

Ever since Oprah featured the so-called colloidal silver “blue man” on her show, a number of people have written to ask me why I haven’t contacted Oprah and asked to be allowed to go on her show in order to give the “other side of the story,” so to speak, about colloidal silver and its many benefits.

You can rest assured, I certainly will be sending her a copy of my new 500-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual (soon to be published by Life & Health Research Group, Inc.) along with a request to go on her show and set the record straight on colloidal silver usage.

However, I don’t expect to hear back from her. As well-meaning as Oprah may be, and as much as she may want to host a fair and balanced television show, the decision over whether or not to have a responsible and articulate colloidal silver advocate on her show is really out of her hands.

Limited Control

Why? You may not realize this, but television celebrities have only limited control over which guests they can have on their shows. They have even less control over what can be said on their shows. The truth is, in many cases a television show’s commercial sponsors (i.e., the companies who run their expensive commercial advertisements on the show) have more sway over the show’s contents than the host of the show does.

That’s because these big advertisers spend tens of millions of dollars annually to run their product advertising on those shows. And it is those millions of dollars in advertising revenues that pay the bills for the show.

Oprah’s salary, for example, is paid out of that advertising revenue. The broadcast time for the show is purchased from the major networks with that advertising revenue. The expensive sets and props are paid for with that advertising revenue. Transportation costs and lodging for all of her guests are paid for out of that advertising revenue. All of Oprah’s “giveaways” (free cars, anyone?) are paid for with that advertising revenue.

In short, that ad revenue pays for everything. Without it, the show could not be broadcast. So there is no way on earth the show’s producers are going to allow anyone or anything on that show if it conflicts with the message the show’s advertisers are trying to impart to its vast television audience. Mainstream America is only allowed to hear what the show’s advertisers want them to hear.

Sponsored by Prescription Drug Ads

The bottom line is that a good portion of all major network television programs are sponsored, at least in part, by prescription drug advertising. So there is no way Oprah or any of the other popular television shows the so-called “blue man” has appeared on recently can feature people on their shows who will stand up and present evidence demonstrating the fact that colloidal silver is frequently more effective, and actually much better for your health and well-being, than prescription antibiotic drugs.

Even if I were to offer to give away free colloidal silver generators to everyone in Oprah’s audience, or free copies of my new Colloidal Silver Secrets video (, I’d never get on that show.

Why? Because if a responsible and articulate colloidal silver advocate were allowed on her show, a good portion of her commercial sponsors (i.e., any drug company sponsors) would drop her show in a heartbeat. They simply would not stand still for anyone to appear on the show and discuss, for example, the four latest clinical studies proving that colloidal silver kills the deadly antibiotic MRSA infections.

In short, they would not allow anyone to appear on that show and point out that a safe, natural alternative to prescription antibiotic drugs exists, and that it can be made for 36 cents a quart, in the comfort and privacy of your own home with a tiny device called a colloidal silver generator, and that it can heal deadly infections better than many prescription drugs.

How I Learned “He Who Pays the Bills Makes the Rules”

When I was a young freelance writer just starting my career about 30 years ago, I wrote a magazine article for new parents on how to make your own baby food at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared baby foods. I interviewed experts for the article and learned everything there was to know about making safe, healthy baby food in your own kitchen, with a simple blender and a few other kitchen implements. And in my article, I explained that it would be ten times more nutritious to feed your baby healthy foods you had made yourself from scratch, than for the youngsters to be raised up on commercial preparations that are pumped full of sugar and salt and chemical preservatives.

When I finished the article, I sent it in “over the transom” (i.e., an old freelancer’s term meaning it was submitted without having been commissioned by any particular publication) to the ten largest magazines covering the subjects of new mothers, raising babies, and parenthood in general. And my article was quickly rejected by all ten magazines.

Fortunately, one of the editors who had rejected my article wrote back complimenting it very highly. She stated that if I wanted to submit additional articles to her magazine on topics that didn’t conflict with the magazine’s commercial advertising sponsors I should feel free to do so, as she liked my writing style a lot, and she appreciated the depth of information I provided.

I wrote back and asked her, “What do you mean when you say I should submit articles that don’t “conflict with your magazine’s commercial advertising sponsors?” And this kind editor responded by telling me to get a copy of her magazine, and go through it very carefully looking at all of the advertisements. So I did. And I found that a good 30-40% of the ads in that magazine were for commercially prepared baby foods, such as Gerber’s. I was slowly beginning to understand why these magazines had rejected my article on how to make your own baby food.

She further explained that her magazine made millions of dollars a year in advertising revenue by running those advertisements for companies that manufacture and sell commercially prepared baby foods. And she revealed that it was the money made from those advertisements that paid everybody’s salaries at the magazine, and allowed them to have nice offices and perks, and occasional pay raises, etc. So the magazine simply could not print any articles that would conflict with their commercial advertising sponsors, or they would risk losing the sponsors, and thus losing all of that money.

That’s why my “how to make your own baby food” article was rejected by every single parenting magazine I submitted it to. Even though the article was well-written and informative, and the readers of the magazine would have benefited greatly from learning how simple it is to make your own baby food at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared baby foods, no magazine wanted to incur the wrath of even one of their advertising sponsors by publishing it.

It is Exactly the Same With TV Shows And Television Networks

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much exactly the same with television shows and their networks. It is the commercial sponsors of the shows – i.e., the advertisers -- who have the real power to decide what can be broadcast, and what can’t.

For example, we all think Oprah decides who is going to be on her shows. But that is only true to a certain extent. She can have any guest she wants, as long as that guest’s basic message does not conflict with the messages being promoted by her commercial advertising sponsors (such as drug companies).

If Oprah, or any other big television star for that matter, rebelled against an advertising sponsor and did a show on a topic that might cause one of them to suffer loss of sales from their advertisements, that sponsor would in turn pull millions of dollars worth of advertising revenue away from the show, and give it to some other competing show that is more willing to “play ball,” so to speak.

Another Dirty Little Secret

Another dirty little secret most people don’t realize is that from time to time, commercial advertisers strongly “suggest” to a show’s producer that a certain story needs to be covered.

In other words, if there’s a story that would benefit a commercial advertiser, that story is brought to the attention of the show’s producer. And the show’s producer is, shall we say, persuaded to run that story.

You can bet your bottom dollar the show’s producer is going to do whatever it takes to please the advertiser. If there is any way possible, the story being “suggested” by the advertiser will be run. And the slant given to that story will be designed to bring maximum benefit to the commercial advertiser, who, of course, will be running his commercial advertisements during the breaks while that highly beneficial story is airing.

Now, Simply Follow the Money

So when people ask me, “Why are all of these big network shows, like Oprah and the Today Show, and others, running this blue man story?” I answer very simply, “Follow the money.”

Or better stated, ask yourself “Cuo bono?” (i.e., Who benefits?).

The blue man story is beneficial to absolutely no one but the major drug companies. Why? Because this story makes colloidal silver look bad. It frightens the average mainstream American away from using it.

After all, colloidal silver is one of the main all-natural competitors to the prescription antibiotic drugs being produced by the major pharmaceutical companies. And big pharma is not about to allow a substance that can be made for 36 cents a quart with a simple home colloidal silver generator interfere with the sales of their expensive prescription antibiotic drugs.

The manufacturing and sales of prescription antibiotic drugs is a multi-billion dollar per year business. And the big drug companies are not going to let anything get in the way of those kinds of profits.

Drug Companies on the Ropes?

The reality is this: the big drug companies are reeling from the effects of a long string of medical journal reports revealing that their prescription antibiotic drugs are no longer working against even some of the most common pathogens, such as staph.

Thirty years ago, for example, it took very little penicillin to kill a serious staph infection. Then the staph germ began to mutate, and started becoming resistant to penicillin. Soon, it took many times the normal dosage of penicillin to kill a serious staph infection. And now, penicillin no longer works at all against staph.

So the drug companies had to come up with stronger forms of penicillin, which they called ampicillin and amoxcillin. And both of these worked great against the mutating microbes, for awhile. But now these drugs too are becoming increasingly ineffective against many microbes, including staph.

In fact, today, even the strongest form of penicillin – methicillin – is losing the battle against staph. That’s what all the talk in the medical journals regarding the deadly MRSA infections is about. You see, MRSA stands for “methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureaus.” In short, even powerful methicillin can’t kill these deadly staph infections any longer. Tens of thousands of people are now dying of these infections annually. In fact, annual deaths from MRSA infections recently surpassed annual deaths from AIDS infections! And the drug companies are scared.

One More Big Problem for the Big Drug Companies

On the other hand, four recent clinical studies have demonstrated that certain forms of silver -- including colloidal silver -- absolutely slaughters staph. Even the deadly methicillin-resistant form (MRSA) is killed by silver!

You can read about these four studies by looking through the Blog Archive on this page and finding my previous article titled, “Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA Infections.”

What’s more, these new clinical studies have demonstrated that silver kills a number of other antibiotic-resistant pathogens too!

The drug companies are well aware of the fact that over the past 20 years colloidal silver has gone from being a fringe “nutritional supplement” used by a relatively small handful of people across North America, to a major powerhouse of a supplement with an estimated 10 million users across North America.

In short, people are flocking to colloidal silver usage in droves, and walking away from antibiotic usage, particularly as antibiotics continue to lose their power over a wider and wider number of deadly pathogens.

Think Blue Man “Freak Show”

That’s why the corporate-controlled media is now playing up the so-called colloidal silver “blue man” story. And that’s why even Oprah has had to feature him on her show, along with the Today Show and a half a dozen other shows from the major networks.

They are parading the poor guy around like a carnival sideshow freak. And in his zeal to gain his 15 minutes of fame, he seems to be oblivious to the fact that he is being used.

The major drug company advertisers on these television networks have insisted that the blue man be trotted out over and over again, on every network. They want mainstream America to think “freak show” any time they hear about colloidal silver.

The bottom line is that they want to bring to a screeching halt the explosive growth in the sales of colloidal silver. But only time will tell whether their “blue man” strategy is working.

Make Your Own High-Quality Colloidal Silver for Pennies

If you can see the handwriting on the wall, then you know this is all part of a larger campaign to eventually ban the sale of colloidal silver – a campaign that started back in 1999 when the FDA wrote their notorious “Final Ruling” on colloidal silver, which in effect stopped distributors from telling their customers about the profound infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver.

Distributors of colloidal silver products had to remove phrases such as “natural antibiotic” or “infection-fighting agent” from their labeling. And the FDA has since that time even extended the ban to conventional advertising, issuing threatening “compliance” letters to colloidal silver vendors who dare mention the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver in print advertisements or on the internet.

What’s more, only recently, Health Canada, the Canadian equivalent of the FDA, began a campaign designed to take colloidal silver off the market in that country. And the FDA is beginning to make noises about re-visiting their 1999 “Final Ruling” to see if its strictures against telling Americans about the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver need to be toughened even further.

That’s why I urge you to put the means of colloidal silver production into your own hands by getting a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator today. With a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, you’ll be able to make all of the colloidal silver you want, any time you want, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for about 36 cents a quart.

You’ll never again have to pay exorbitant prices for bottled colloidal silver from health food stores and internet vendors. And when the FDA finally tightens the noose on colloidal silver vendors, you won’t be affected in the least.

Why? Because when you own the means of colloidal silver production, you own it for life. You can make gallons and gallons of the stuff. And you can make it so inexpensively, you can literally afford to give it away to sick neighbors, friends, co-workers, church members, or whoever is in need. (Many of our customers do exactly that. We even have customers who are missionaries operating in the deepest reaches of South America and Africa, who have selflessly dedicated their lives to helping heal thousands of natives of serious infections. And they are able to do so because our line of high-quality colloidal silver generators allows them to produce all of the colloidal silver they could ever need, any time they need it.)

You see, the colloidal silver generator represents one of the last bastions of freedom against governmental interference in the colloidal silver marketplace, and particularly against government interference in your right to make your own decisions about your personal and family health care issues.

I urge you to check out the web site at and read our story.

Then check out our entire line of high-quality home colloidal silver generators, and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

More Comprehensive Information on Colloidal Silver

And if you need more comprehensive information about colloidal silver usage before you make your decision, please consider getting a copy of the brand new studio-quality 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video (available in both DVD and VHS formats) while it is still on sale for under twenty bucks.

You can read more about it at

This is the very information Oprah will never – in fact, can never – allow on her show. But rest assured, when you’ve finished watching this comprehensive and eye-opening one-hour video, you’ll know more about safe, sane colloidal silver usage than all of Oprah’s millions of viewers put together.

The anti-colloidal silver propaganda machine is now in full swing. But the true facts about the profound healing and infection-fighting benefits of colloidal silver are available if you really want them.

So don’t let the propaganda barrage scare you away without hearing the other side of the story. Find out what Oprah can never let her millions of mainstream American viewers know about the healing power of colloidal silver. Do yourself a favor, and get a copy of the Colloidal Silver Secrets video today! You’ll be glad you did, I promise!


Anonymous said...

I do not watch Oprah so I did not see this. But from what I see with the whole medical thing,religion etc. I think the truth is some where in the middle on most issues. I know silver does have antibiotic properties. The whole truth here is which type infections will it improve. Also one question one would have to keep in mind. Is there a better drug or course of treatment in lieu of silver or will silver do it.

Steve Barwick said...

Agreed. There have been times when I’ve had an infection that colloidal silver simply would not touch. And so, I had to trot straight down to my local M.D. and get a script for whatever antibiotic he thinks is most appropriate. There have been other times, however, that I’ve had an infection, and have been put on three different courses of antibiotics to no avail. And then have tried colloidal silver and had it work like a charm. In the Colloidal Silver Manual ( we list hundreds of pathogens that silver has been clinically proven to be effective against. And there are about eight pathogens listed that have been proven to be silver-resistant, i.e., silver has no effect on them whatsoever. Of course, there are 20,000 catalogued pathogens in existence, and probably 20 million more the researchers don’t even know about. And because of lack of research, nobody knows how many of these are sensitive to silver (i.e., silver would kill them) and how many are not sensitive to silver. So no doubt sooner or later you will come across a pathogen or two which colloidal silver is not effective against. In Dr. Larry C. Ford’s work at UCLA medical labs, he found silver to be effective against 650 different pathogens. That’s about as broad spectrum as you can get, considering the fact that most prescription antibiotics are good for anywhere between four and twenty different pathogens, at best.

Steve Barwick

Anonymous said...

I worked from home the day the show aired and had every intention of watching it. I turned it on, did one last thing and when I got back the segment was over. But I do watch Oprah and think she has a very heavy influence on some of her viewers' thinking....her way is the BEST way-- in her mind. She is a huge advocate of Dr. Oz....what he says is gospel and as you mentioned, he is a conventional medicine man and would never entertain alternative health care. I think people who have an open mind about alternative health care will not be phased by the Oprah show. In my opinion, those that were influenced would not be your target market anyway.

From my perspective and limited experience, conventional healthcare in this country is questionable. I believe we should have an open mind when it comes to our health....and research all options. I also believe more and more people will come around to this way of thinking as time progresses.

The "Blue Man" story was a means to increase ratings.....a hook to pull in the viewers. I don't think for one minute Oprah would present unbiased research to balance the story because "Dr. Oz" would be opposed, and he's her man.

Steve Barwick said...

Yes, I agree. Can’t expect unbiased info from the media, regardless of who it is. Everything is corporate-controlled these days. My personal physicians used to run ads that said “Tired of big corporate medicine? Come visit us.” Now, he IS big, corporate medicine. In short, they have all crossed over to the dark side.


Anonymous said...

I made the same opinion.... it was a worthless tribute to the C-Silver... It really said much of nothing... like you said it only made the man a
sideshow freak... how so very cancerous of Oprah...very bad display .. no facts... whatsoever... far as I am concerned their loss.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Spencer: Even if fruitless, why not send "O" the correct info or ask your customers to flood her with requests to examine the situation better?

Steve Barwick said...

I will indeed send her a copy of the new 500-page Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual ( as soon as it is published -- probably another few weeks.

Meanwhile anyone that wants to give Oprah their opinion can email her from her web site or join one of the discussion forums and post their opinions.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the awful looking glass of silver Oz showed the audience!

They had to some pretty weird stuff to make it look that black.

Steve Barwick said...

Yes, it looked like MesoSilver, a brand of colloidal silver that is very dark. It’s purveyors claim it is the only “true” colloidal silver. But it’s so dark, you couldn’t convince me to drink it if you had to.

Anonymous said...

It would be funny is you phoned in the Oprah show and stated you wished to rebut the thing, Tape the call. If they say no you can use this as publicity. Then if they accept be careful not to give any recipes of cures or you will have the FDA after you. Just repeat as Bob Beck did “I do not sell anything” I am just reporting what the people who are doing research say. Then say that the research done by hundreds of people that report results all have been using this at concentrations 100 times less than the one reported by the “Smurf” (don’ use that word ho ho ho) and ask the good doctor what would happen if some person took 100 times more Ibuprofen than the maximum dosage recommended… would he be in the Oprah show?

Wouldn’t this be fun

In my next mail I will send you protocol for curing internal hemorrhoids, bleeding gums, and an eye infection the best ophthalmologist in Argentina could not cure and the patient was losing an eye.

99 % of the people can not handle truth even if it comes for free (or should I say particularly?) They feel insecure stepping out of the box. Othes feel defensive because “how could it be I do no know about this” particularly doctors who have to admit they are ignorant in their own field and engineers and chemists turn out doing their job. What a world.

Anonymous said...

We have known about the miracle of Colloidal/ionic Silver for a number of years. For years we used Silver 100 from Invision. When we moved to Arkansas, we met our first tick bite. I removed the tick from my husband, and because it had only been there an hour or two, I didn’t expect a problem. When my husband started to run a fever and ache all over, we didn’t connect it with the tick bite from the previous week. The fever would go down, and then flare again – this went on for weeks. He was taking small doses of silver until one week I went to the local Farmer’s Market. One of the growers there realized that they hadn’t seen my husband for a while. When I explained what had been going on, she said “It sure sounds like tick fever!” Her husband had it several times, and each time ran for antibiotics. By this time, my husband was doing much better. I got on the Invision web site and even talked to Jay Newman to get more information on dosage. That was over 4 years ago, and Tom is doing well.

We finally decided to get our own generator. Our newest use for the silver has been to ship some to my sister in Washington State. She has recently developed asthma. I read that there could be a microbial element to asthma. I sent her 4 pints of our silver, and within a couple of weeks, she is starting to see some improvement. She has been able to stretch the time between nebulizer treatments, and she has shortened their duration as well. I will send her the link on how to use it in a nebulizer. She tried it, but had some problems. She wondered if it could cause harm. She’s been pumping the standard asthma medications into her system 5 times a day, and she’s worried about the silver hurting something!

As for Oprah and Dr. Oz – I picked up on the same things you did. The first thing I thought was that it was not a fair and balanced presentation. Dr. Oz is hilarious, but he is a traditional allopathic physician – and so full of himself. What he did is a sad comment, because so many people respect and trust him. I think that much of what was said may have gone over the heads of the Oprah/Dr. Oz devotees, but it was certainly a missed chance to pass on some valuable information. So many people just brush off anything to do with natural alternatives to “cut, poison and burn”. The Dr. Oz’s of the world are sincere, but wrong just the same.

I have been giving away to friends and family silver by the quart. Eventually, I hope to incur a small charge to cover replacement of my silver wire and shipping costs to my sister. I recently gave a quart to a friend whose daughter was given a young calf who had an umbilical abscess. They are lancing the infection and washing out the pocket with silver. It is draining well, and hopefully will heal from the inside out.

Thanks for the links in your letter. There isn’t a lot of helpful information out there.


Steve Barwick said...

Thanks for your note, Carole. We are clearly on the same wavelength on this subject!

Anonymous said...

I make my colloidal, and it's a blessing. Today as things get stranger, here in Tennessee tornado's now spread scarlet fever?? Go figure. When Tylenol wouldn't touch the fever, and a rash is covering most of their body, silver is the only thing that worked. After Opera several people that needed some, changed their mind because of the blue man. Their still sick. My silver stopped the fever of 103 (for 3 days) in 4 hours, and stopped the rash instantly, disappearing in 2 days with just 6 0z' People are COWS ( short for cowards) who listen to cult personalities, when the truth stares back at them in the reflection that they see in their own toilet bowl. Perhaps if I gave them a new car or a million dollars they would open their eyes........Thanks

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment completely. I taped the show and watched the part about the "blue man" last evening.
I was so annoyed (to put it mildly) that they didn't have the other side of the story. But I wasn't surprised.
It was especially aggravating to see Oz bring out that glass of badly made CS and act as if that is all there is available.


Steve Barwick said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am total agreement with you.
I believe in the colloidal silver. I strongly feel that people are afraid to be in agreement with something that they don't understand. And it is too bad that people like Oprah and Dr. Oz don't have a more open mind especially when they preach health and stay off of medications.

I strongly believe that if it is taken properly and if it is the proper strength it can cure so
many ailments without medications.

Unbelievable Totally unbelievable that some people especially high profile people can be so close minded. I guess it has to be their idea huh??

Steve Barwick said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for writing.

I think the producers of these shows simply cater to the corporate line most of the time. And as far as colloidal silver goes, the corporate line is that it’s “kooky.” So the producers of the shows put guests on that fit whatever the corporate categorization is, and pretty much tell the celebrities, “this is the angle we’re going to be taking on this story.” In cases like this one, the celebrities have very little say over the slant of the show.

Another thing most people don’t realize is that all of these shows are rehearsed. They are made to look spontaneous. But they are completely rehearsed beforehand with the guests. Johnny Carson used to joke with his guests about that from time to time. He would ask a guest a question that they appeared to be completely unprepared for, and when they looked at him as if they were struggling for an answer, he’d say “If you hadn’t missed rehearsal earlier today you’d have known I was going to ask you that.”

That’s why it’s so hard to get a knowledgeable advocate of colloidal silver on these shows. They have already decided what they want to say about the topic in advance, and they only allow guests who will stick with what’s already been decided.


Anonymous said...

I had not seen Oprah's show but several of the folks I have referred to Colloidal Silver contacted me. I asked if Oprah's show had asked the blue man how he made his Colloidal Silver. They said no, so I proceeded to re-educate them that proper production was essential.

I said if this man had made it-- improperly-- he could have gotten more concentration than is recommended and it is just ignorance on his part even though he said he would still use it and was happy with what ever he had used it for.

They had been swayed away from use however, till I talked with them. I also told them that prescribed Rx in our country has killed over 100,000 people every year but you never hear about this.

I often show them your book "The New Colloidal Silver Manuel."


Steve Barwick said...

Thanks for your comments, Donna. And double-thanks for recommending my book, The New Colloidal Silver Manual!

Don't forget the newly updated version will be ready soon. I have doubled the number of pages to over 500. And it will now be called The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual. It will be available in about 14 more days from Life & Health Research Group, Inc. It will be listed online at, or can be purchased through the toll-free number: 1-888-846-9029.

It’s difficult at best to convince people that not everything they hear on TV is true. They assume their favorite celebrities are “in the know” about these things, but the reality is, most celebrities really don’t know much beyond the skills needed for their own craft.

On offbeat topics like colloidal silver, they simply repeat what their producers and directors tell them to say. Whatever makes for “good television” is what they do. The truth isn’t necessarily the most important thing for them.

And honestly, I don’t think Oprah even knows there are an estimated 10 million colloidal silver users out there who have never had any problems at all with their colloidal silver usage, but only benefits.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dr Oz is an allopathically trained physician, but he is open to many alternative therapies. For instance, his wife is a Reiki master, and she works on him energetically. He believes clay baths, aroma therapy, accupuncture and more have a credible base. He recently stated on his show that integrated medicine is becoming more accepted, and is the future of medicine. That certainly has been my wish for decades. I know it's frustrating when so called authorities misrepresent things, but give him time, he's learning :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for this great information. I am new to this colloidal silver stuff. Do you know where to buy it?

Steve Barwick said...

Of course, Kosal. You can buy it from, or on, or any number of other sites. I personally prefer Sovereign Silver brand colloidal silver, but there are a LOT of good brands. You can even make it yourself with a small, kitchen countertop machine called a colloidal silver generator. See for one good example.