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Big Pharma, the Coming Silver-Based Antibiotic Drugs and the Growing Attacks on Safe, Natural Colloidal Silver

As Big Pharma works to develop silver-based antibiotic drugs, a growing global move is afoot to remove safe, natural colloidal silver products from the natural health marketplace…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge...

Have you noticed the rash of clinical studies over the past five years about the infection-fighting qualities of "silver nanoparticles"?

Here's a 
clinical study which demonstrates silver's profound effectiveness against deadly drug-resistant bacteria…

…including multi-drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa, ampicillin-resistant Escherichia coli O157:H7 and erythromycin-resistant Streptococcus pyogenes.

You can add this one to the plethora of studies that have been coming out in recent years, demonstrating silver’s effectiveness against drug-resistant pathogens.

But folks, I'm telling you now…

…there’s a REASON for this incredible flurry of new clinical research into "silver nanoparticles."

After all, somebody is paying for all of these expensive clinical studies.

And nobody pays that kind of money unless there’s a nice, fat payoff for them somewhere down the road.

What’s Going On?

What’s going on is that the medical bureaucrats are ultimately planning to push colloidal silver nutritional supplements off the market…

…and Big Pharma intends to replace them with expensive new silver-based drugs you'll need a doctor’s prescription for.

This is why the European Union (i.e., which basically makes up the entirety of western Europe) has now banned colloidal silver from being sold as a nutritional supplement…

…even as European drug-maker Jansenn is developing new a new silver-based Franken-drug composed of manufactured silver particles and bacteria!

And this is why our own medical bureaucrats in the FDA are working to "harmonize" (with emphasis on "harm") U.S. supplement laws with those of the European Union.

It’s why Australian medical bureaucrats have recently ruled against colloidal silver.

And it’s why Canadian health authorities are actively seeking “adverse events” reports against colloidal silver.

As Meleni Aldridge, Executive Coordinator of the Alliance for Natural Health International pointed out in a recent alert to natural health advocates:
There are moves all round the world, not just in Europe, to make it difficult to sell silver as a food supplement because it directly competes with the antibiotic market.”
And that’s the entire point. Big Pharma is now rapidly moving into silver-based antibiotic drugs in a BIG way.

As the above-linked clinical study on using silver nanoparticles against drug-resistant pathogens (see the link in the first paragraph of this article) explains in its Abstract:

"Our data suggest that silver nanoparticles are effective broad-spectrum biocides against a variety of drug-resistant bacteria…

…WHICH MAKES THEM A POTENTIAL CANDIDATE FOR USE IN PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS that may help to prevent the transmission of drug-resistant pathogens in different clinical environments."

In other words, Big Pharma now understands the fact that silver kills even drug-resistant pathogens, and that these pathogens don't develop resistance to silver.

And they are funding all of this research to justify the development of silver-based prescription drugs, such as Jansenn’s new silver-based Franken-drug, mentioned above!

Why Didn’t You Just Ask Us?

Heck, we could have told them 30 years ago that silver kills drug-resistant pathogens, right?

After all, researchers like Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., formerly of Syracuse Medical University, practically screamed it from the rooftops back in the 1980’s.

But instead of listening to him, they pulled his grant money and practically destroyed his medical career.

In fact, he had to write two best-selling books, The Body Electric, and Cross Currents, in order to bring public attention to his studies…

…which demonstrated the incredible power of electrically generated silver ions against drug-resistant pathogens, and in the healing tissues, bone and organs.

But today, everything has changed.

Suddenly, instead of destroying the efforts of researchers who conduct research into silver’s infection-fighting qualities, Big Pharma is funding the studies left and right.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Big Pharma is running out of options with their failing synthetic antibiotic drugs. So they're finally turning to silver in order to beat drug-resistant bacteria.

But instead of doing the much-needed studies on safe, natural colloidal silver (which CAN’T be patented, monopolized and sold as prescription drugs)…

… they are instead focusing on developing new forms of "nanosilver" which CAN be patented, monopolized and sold as "drugs."

What to Expect Next

So what’s coming next?

Watch for more announcements in the very near future regarding brand new "breakthroughs" in silver-based drugs.

And watch for the drumbeats in the news media against safe, natural colloidal silver to grow louder and louder.

As the old song says, "I can feel it coming in the air..."

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