Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Simple, Effective Colloidal Silver Fruit and Vegetable Wash

When you can't grow your own fruits and veggies, protect yourself from potentially harmful pathogens by cleansing your produce in a colloidal silver fruit and vegetable wash.

Use a solution of at least 5 to 10 ppm colloidal silver.

Combine the following:

1 cup of water
½ cup of vinegar
2 tsp. salt (dissolve completely)
¼ to ½ cup homemade colloidal silver

You can soak your fruits and vegetables in this solution or you can put it in a spray bottle and spray them.

Either way, let the solution remain on your food for at least five minutes before rinsing and preparing as usual.

The vinegar in this solution helps to break down any waxy substances that are applied to fruits and vegetables. Water alone will not penetrate them, in fact, many pesticides are designed to be water-resistant. Salt helps to pull out any microscopic bugs. The colloidal silver will safely kill any harmful fungal, bacterial or viral pathogens.

Avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen by washing your hands after each different food you prepare, and by taking care to sanitize any surfaces that have come in contact with raw meat or poultry. You can easily do that by spraying or washing your counter tops, cutting boards and other surfaces with this same solution, or even by using straight colloidal silver.

This colloidal silver vegetable wash is a safe, highly effective way to destroy disease-causing pathogens on your store-bought fruits and vegetables at an economical price.

Commercial fruit and vegetable washes are expensive, may not effectively kill bacteria and sometimes contain sodium laurel sulfate, a corrosive agent that degenerates human tissues.


Amy Morris said...

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Anonymous said...

I am here to do a service to the poor people n the third world ok?

***A Solar Garden Light Colloidal Silver Maker.

now to the matter at hand.

i tested the output of solar garden lights and they give out an output voltage from 7 v to 13 volts depending on model and this is usually pulsed rapidly.( i used a diode capacitor smoothing filter to measure voltage.

(optional:- you can either smooth it using a diode/capacitor or just leave it as is.)

simply remove the led and attach your 2 silver wires which should be spaced by 1 inch to 2 inches apart.

insert parallel silver wires into a glass beaker filled with boiled water.

colloidal silver will be produced very slowly and of very high quality by a solar garden light.

the whole thing can be build out of the garden solar light including attaching the silver wires to it!

only costs $2 for solar garden light plus silver rods which cost $20 i think...

it can be left next to the window...MAKE SURE WATER FILLED BEAKER IS SHIELDED FROM THE SUN to avoid degrading colloidal silver.use silver paper or cardboard,etc.

the pulsed very low current 7 to 13 voltage spikes will produce very small particles of silver.

some solar lights produce about 7 or 8 volts and some 13 volts.

but in any case this very cheap and effective way of doing it.

also instead of removing the led altogether just cut one the led's legs and use the output from their to connect to the silver wire rods.

in effect the led will be in series with one of the rods and will give a visual indication of current flowing through the water.

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