Monday, December 27, 2010

The Therapeutic Value of Soluble Silver

An excerpt from a very old treatise on colloidal silver titled "The Therapeutic Value of Soluble Silver," from the May 6, 1899 issue of the medical journal, Medical Review...

Excerpt: "From Crede’s practice scores of cases have been reported in which this treatment attained marvelous results in various forms of septic infection. Werler, of Berlin, regards it as almost a specific in acute and chronic sepsis. Wolfran, of Magdeburg-Buchan, finds it a valuable agent in acute and chronic infections. In chronic furunculosis particularly have the results been most gratifying. Dr. Shirmer, of New York, reported several cases of cerebro-spinal meningitis cured by daily inunctions. Seabury Jones has reported a remarkable case of puerperal sepsis which rapidly subsided under this treatment. Crede states that he has had no deaths from sepsis in his surgical hospital since the introduction of silver salts and colloidal silver. There seems, therefore to be quite a large number of clinical cases reported to induce the clinician to give this medicament a trial. It is stated that eight to twelve hours after the inunction the temperature falls and all symptoms of sepsis become ameliorated.”

-- The Therapeutic Value of Soluble Silver, John Zahorsky, M.D., Medical Review, May 6, 1899

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